Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath saying I thought Sita will explain Ram, but even she is leaving, how will I leave with this sorrow, and for whom will I live Ram. Ram says Raghukul’s customs, prestige and my duty towards you will get ruined if I don’t go to van, shall I let all this fail by the fear of just 14 year long vanvaas. Ram says I m your eldest son, its my Dharm to protect the Maryada of my kul, how can I be let this kul stained. Dasharath says let it get stained, so that no one in this kul give promises without thinking again, its custom that what we sow is what we reap, but its opposite here, its someone’s crime and someone else is bearing punishment, you are equal to my life son, I don’t want to lose you, if I lose you, you can’t get me back…. Because if I lose you, it would

mean losing life…. he cries. Ram rests in his lap and says none can make your Ram away from you…. I have this belief in my heart, does your heart has this belief.

Dasharath nods. Ram says then what to gain or lose, I promised Mata Kaikeyi that I will leave before the departure time, allow us to leave. Wherever we stay, we will always have your love in our heart, Karm and vachan… before we leave from Ayodhya, we take sankalp, that we will protect Raghukul customs, traditions and prestige. Raghukul riti….. plays………… Ram says permit me to leave Pita ji…. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Ram, Sita and Laxman turn to leave. Dasharath cries and Sumanta holds him from losing balance. Everyone go after Ram, Sita and Laxman. Dasharath says don’t go Ram… and sits in shock. He asks Sumanta to convince Ram and get him back, tell him that nothing is more important for Dasharath and Ayodhya than him…. Sumanta complies and leaves.

Devi Parvati says Swami, Dasharath’s love for his son Ram is ready to break all traditions and customs of Raghukul, does such love for a son suit Ayodhya’s king. Mahadev asks her not to see Dasharath’s love as king’s love or a father’s love, we have to understand it as Bhakt/devotee’s love for Lord. Long time ago, Dasharath was Vishnu’s Bhakt and that’s why he has got a chance to become Narayan’s human avatar’s father, that Bhakti/devotion in his heart is born and reflected as love for his son Ram. He smiles.

Sita tells Shruthkirti and Urmila that they role changes with time, they have to fulfill their role’s duties with sincerity. She wipes their tears. She tells Mandvi that you are second eldest among us, you have more duties than rest, you have to manage Shruthkirti and Urmila, and even Bharat, he will not accept Ram’s vanvaas, it will be painful for Bharat, you have to become his strength. Mandvi nods. The sisters cry. Sita says being the eldest bahu, I give the responsibility of three Matas to you three, always take care of them and respect them always, remember that you three are representing me. The sisters cry and assure that they will do their duty. Urmila says we will wait for the day when 14 years get completed, and you will re-enter Ayodhya with Ram. Sita hugs them and cries.

Ram, Laxman and Sita are leaving and fold hands to greet everyone. They proceed and Kaikeyi calls out Ram. Ram, Laxman and Sita stop. They turn and see Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi recalls Mantra’s words. Ram says Maa, its our good luck that you came for our farewell. Kaikeyi says I did not come for your farewell, I came to remind you that Sita is going with you. She says Ram, vanvaas has some rules, the clothes you have worn has some maryada/limits…. I hope that you will obey that rules and limits, only then your 14 year long vanvaas will be regarded fulfilled. Laxman looks on angrily. Ram and Sita see each other. Ram smiles. Kaikeyi says I m waiting for your answer Ram….

Sita answers from Ram’s side. Sita says Mata, we decided to go for van, it will be first Dharm to obey vanvaas rules, but to assure you, I promise to you that we husband and wife will obey the rules of sanyaas, and lead a Brahmachari/pure celibate life. Ram says Maa, you are making us leave for van and placing such vanvaas and Dharm’s importance in our life, thanks for this, but while leaving, I want to ask a promise from you….. Kaikeyi looks on. Ram says Dasharath loves you a lot, I just have one request that you take care of his happiness and sorrow. Ram Ram…. Plays………… Ram greets Kaikeyi for the final time. Ram, Sita and Laxman leave from Raj bhavan…..

Kaushalya says I did not imagine this day that I would have to bless my son and vadhu on their departure to van, immediately after their marriage. Sita you have sworn to support your husband, this shows your values. She blesses Sita. Sumitra asks Laxman not to do anything less to serve Ram and Sita, all men have this duty in world to obey elder brother, you regard him as your father Dasharath, and Sita as your mother. Always protect Ram and Sita and do such work that Ram does not have any problem in the van/jungle, this is my motive son. Kaushalya and Sumitra bless Ram, Sita and Laxman. Sita’s sisters cry. Urmila cries seeing Laxman. Ram, Laxman and Sita greet Guru Vashisht and Sumanta. Guru Vashisht blesses them. Praja comes for their farewell. Ram, Sita and Laxman look at the Praja and greet them.

Praja/citizens tell Ram that if you decided to leave for van, we all will come along, we can’t imagine staying in Ayodhya without you. Praja stops Ram…. Ram, Sita and Laxman look on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanjana

    Sisters scene was touching and lovely
    Ram and Sita don’t hesitate to make a sacrifice
    They see only positivety in others

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx for the fast update mam and one news to all syr fans!! My ff of matsh going to reach 100epi soon!!!? if u are free pls try to read it and it came to 83rd epi now I will soon make it to 100 and 200 and goes on becoz I am big fan of ishveer Na?…. I am waiting for u r replys…..


      oh wow…..that sounds great………… i will read after my exams if possible bcoz after my exams i have lots to do…….. sorry……….. n yes keep going…… n sorry for late reply also……..

  3. Sanjana

    How are they supposed to lead a life of brahmachari so technically they are not husband and wife or what
    Kausaliya and sumitra are great mothers

  4. So emotional episode !! Sisters scene was speechless !! 🙁
    I expected more that they will show lakshmila vidaai scene !! 🙁 🙁
    I have also headed many upanyasams that’s Sumithra says to lakshman that ram- siya should be their mother- father , same happened so !!

    From today we did tyaag of Lakshmila ! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????


      oops i commented using my old id…….

      Dhasarath’s love for ram is just like what lord shive said……… so pure………….

      actually for a very long time i had been wondering why ram and sita did have kids for 14 yrs……… now only i got to know the reason……………

      the sisters scene was so touching…………

  5. the episode was superb and emotional
    i am hating keikeyi now
    ram and sita are so great
    sanju di even i like sisters scene
    sad for laxmilla now we will get to see them after a long time
    and for the precap i am happy that praja loves ram so much and i wish that they would have stopped ram for going to the van

  6. athira

    Really emt. Feeling sad about urmila the modest and ideal woman,……
    Siya is advicing her sisters in role of an ideal sister who is equal to quality of a mother,…….

  7. Jennifer

    I felt when Kaikeyi was talking to ram…. lakshman was kinda angry..lolzz…and yeah sisters scene was emotional…. overall episode was nice

  8. Brindha

    Sisters scene was so touching. Poor dasarath……. His breath is ram….. But know his breath is gone…… He won’t live for more time……..
    Evil manthara……… Killing everyone’s happiness……so mean she is….. But this time her plan will not work…… Poisoning others mind……. So evil……
    Episode was very emotional and touching….. No words to say about the episode…….. Felt like crying while seeing the episode……. Very emotional and touching…… In precap praja’s love for ram was shown…….. Sumitra told lakshman that from now on sita and ram are ur parents…… All times u have to obey them…..
    Miss nippy di…. Nidhi di…. Zara di….
    Get well soon nidhi di…. And Zara di…..
    Miss everyone who are not present here today….. All the best for exams those who are having exams…….. Give ur best……
    U all will do it….. I know that u all will do it…. Best wishes for exams…….
    Come back soon everyone…….
    Missing u all……

  9. Jennifer

    And Guys I am new here….Just gave my class 10 board exams (Though one is left) and I am from punjab….and ill be opting for non med in future….And i am a huge fan of siya ke ram…. have been reading comments since long yeah I thought of giving my reviews too..
    P.S. My real name ain’t Jennifer


      hi jenni…… hope u dont mind me calling u as jenni…… welcome to our sweet family n fan club……..

      even i m in class 10…….. still one more left on monday……..

  10. Sanjana

    Sita Abandonment: No matter which way one looks, Ram was never a bad husband
    Ram and Sita exile was a result of palace politics
    When Prince Ram left his Kingdom to go live in the forest, His life – and that of Sita and Lakshman – who had joined him out of their own volition despite Ram’s protests – was miserable and tough – but he lived it with utmost Grace and love.

    When Ram married Sita, the first thing he did was to vow that unlike others in that age and time, Never will be set his eyes on anyone and never will be marry anyone.  He didn’t demand anything from Sita, he just took it upon himself to set the context of his marriage and his conduct in there.
    Sita, out of her love and despite protests from Ram to stay back accompanied him everywhere in the forest and gave her all to that relationship.  Ram, on the other hand, loved her more than he loved anyone.  Respected her more than he respected anyone.  He would run and beget things at a moment’s notice at the whim of Sita.  No matter what he did, his first and foremost concern was always Sita and not him .  Although he never wanted, yet his agreeing to take Sita along with him to the forest was more to agree to her wishes as opposed to force his own decision on her.  Once the situation took the shape where Sita accompanied him, he was duty-bound and also love-bound to care of her above himself and his Which he did.
    If one has to view the relationship of Ram and Sita, how they lived, loved, cared and respected for each other from the time of their marriage to the time they came back to Ayodhya.
    Ram’s character today is being maligned because of his abandoning of Sita after they returned back from the forest and she was pregnant.
    It is important to understand Ram’s action in context of who he was and what relationship he had with Sita all along.  It is outrageous to evaluate his whole life and person on the basis of one action, which may have been understood out of context by someone who has never read Ramayana fully
    it starts with how Ram and Sita came back to ayodha and lived with love and passion for each other .That day, he knew Sita was pregnant, and also reiterates that he wants to give her whatever she wants.
    Post that when he hears of the discontent and the questions being targeted at Sita and to their relationship amongst the populace, he goes to check it out himself.  Now, it is obvious from the story that the discontent was very widespread and it certainly wasn’t a washerman’s comment on which Ram turned Sita out.
    Anyhow, he came back and fought through the whole situation within himself.  Men had openly and regularly started treating women with suspicion and with abuse.  Right or wrong, that had negatively impacted the way women were being treated by men in the kingdom.

    The logic of the populace was that while Ram’s character of single-woman devotion would bind the men, the taking away of Sita by Ravan had influenced women negatively if they weren’t held accountable for integrity.
    That was the argument of the populace.  Ram, however, didn’t have even an inch of doubt. The incident, in any case occurred, as per the story after many months of their coming back!  During the whole time, Ram and Sita’s relationship was not just fine but Ram was as devoted and to her as always
    The main reason that one finds why he went to decide on this was because during the discussion when Ram promised her whatever she wished, she expressed her deepest desire to once again go and stay with the people and animals in the forest the way they had done during their exile.  Ram had at that time, prior to the knowledge of subjects’ discontent, said that he would make sure her wishes are followed.
    The decision was not easy for him and he knew that if he were to even come in front of Sita, he would not let it happen.  So he asked Lakshman to take Sita to the forest across the river and leave her near the Ashrams of the Sages.

    His discussion with Lakshman strict as a King.  He addressed it as a King and opposed it as a husband.
    All through the entire time that Sita was away, he didn’t sleep properly, lived minimally, and wouldn’t entertain any woman’s thought other than Sita’s.  It was obvious that Ram suffered a lot as well
    but it was something that he did as a King and not a householder. But as a King, he gave his everything to that role.  And in that he was consistent.
    The women argue that this was not correct since why would you put your own wife to harm to lead the Kingdom well.

    Such arguments come from people who have never had the responsibility of leading other people.  Many times, leaders of people have taken decisions to put their own and dearest in harm’s way to save their people.  Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his ENTIRE family, including his two young sons to fight Aurangzeb in order to save the lives and honor of people who had come to him seeking refuge!  He was not even ruling them!  He simply took on the responsibility because it was the right thing to do, despite the fact that those Dogra kings weren’t reliable allies.
    One can judge the actions in many ways and make conclusions that seem to reflect one’s own limited view point of the world, as opposed to the facts in that situation.  When Ram’s life and his decision on Sita is viewed in totality, then it is difficult to really say that he was such a bad husband.
    In fact, Gautama Buddha – who abandoned his wife and infant to find his own path – basically abandoned her because of his own whim – , may come across as a worse husband
    And when Sita went back to mother earth he couldn’t bear the separation and went inside the sarayu river never to rise again


    • sandu

      Sanjana di,
      I have no doubt about ram’s duties And role as a husband. I agree with all what u said about ram. Even though I have not read ramayan from what I have heard about ram he was an ideal husband.

      But di, what you have said about Gautama Budhha , I totally disagree with it. May be you are not a buddhist, so you might not know the real reason of prince Siddhartha’s desicion to leave his worldly belongings , you might not know about the reason his life,

      Prince Siddhartha never left princess yashodara and prince Rahula
      “to find his own path, or basically abondand her because of his own
      whim” he left her to find an end to this suffering we called as life. To
      put an end to cycle of uncountable births and deaths we face in this
      path, he went because he saw every child who is born to this world as
      his own son, he wanted to put and end to the suffering which all of
      them face. He never left her to find his own path but to fine a way to
      end her suffering as well as that of the whole human race. He set out
      with immense loving kindness towards each an every being visible or
      not visible.
      He didn’t set out by a sudden change of mind, but to fulfill his duty
      for which he has being preparing from countless number of births, to
      find and end to the cycle of births and deaths of all the beings be it
      his loved ones,people he knew ,people he didn’t know , visible beings
      or invisible ones. When he was born he said that this was his last
      birth and he will find and end to this. He made immense sacrifises to
      fulfil this duty throughout his countless number of births. So his
      desicion was never sudden or to find his own path

      And as far as princess yashodara is concerned, she met him in the life where he decided to become a Buddha and help the beings to end this cycle of life and death a long time ago countless births before and she decided to be his pathni in all the births that are to come until he become Buddha, to help him in fulfilling the dharma that are required. So she was his patni from that birth itself till their last birth that we know. She helped him in fulfilling the dharma that are needed. All the way she knew that she is a bhodhosathwa patni, and oneday he will become a Buddha. Just as sits accompanied ram to vanvass she too accompanied him to vanvas in numerous lives.
      In their last birth too she knew who he is , even though astrologers said that one day prince Siddhartha would leave the palace she said that she would marry only him even if it was his last day as a prince then she would a her life live as his wife until he finds the path to end this suffering all beings face.
      It might be that you only have heard or read about him taking the desicion to leave the palace then going to princess yadhodara’s chamber and leaving. But that’s not it , he spoke to her way before leaving got her permission together with the permission of his parents and then left. He left in the night because he knew that yashodara saw him leave she would not be able to bear it. So his disicion was never sudden nor was it for his personal gains.
      I’m sorry if I have hurt u but I will never stand any unjustified explaination given about the life of lord Buddha or the pure bond that price Siddhartha shared with princess yashodara. Sorry again if I have hurt u in any way.
      (A srilankan Sinhalese Buddhist)

      • Sanjana

        Sandu completely agree with u
        Thanx for correcting me
        Sorry if I have hurt u
        Yes I actually took the article from net had no time yesterday just made slight modification
        I know he went in search of truth
        I am so sorry and thank u so much for standing for ur religion
        I surely respect Buddhism
        And I like Buddhas truth
        Desire is the cause of unhappiness so I try to be without any desire

      • Sanjana

        Sandu I have read Buddha story in amar Chitra katha
        Even I have heard that Buddha is an avatar of Vishnu
        Just glanced through the article made some grammatical corrections and posted
        I can never think of hurting Buddha
        PS this was my mistake and don’t think we Indians think like this

        One request pls post this article of yes in episodic analysis so that everybody can read or if u don’t mind I’ll post on ur behalf

        Buddham saranam gathchami
        I have visited many monasteries in Nepal
        It is so peaceful there
        Even I bought a chain with Buddha pendant ,it is lovely
        I am sorry again

      • Sandu

        Sanjana di, it’s ok. One more correction lord Buddha was never an avatar of Vishnu. Because once enlightened as a Buddha he is never reborn. But Vishnu as well all know still lives in the heavens above us. And di you can post it, no problem.

    • Nita

      Wow Sanjana and Sandu…..very well written…. And Sandu I didn’t know abt Princess Yashodhara was with him in every birth…thx for info…

    • Veronica crouze

      I understand sanjana…he did it as a king…bt why he after that never inquired whether sita was alive or not or where she was….if he couldn’t do it himself he could at least do it by his representives…bt he never did so…he just acted like ahliya’s husband… D only difference is ahliya’s husband cursed her & made her a stone bt ram didn’t do so…bt they both separated their wives frm d society…. Ram broke rules of society fr ahilya but not fr his own wife & children… If as a Prince he can change d rules of aswamedh yajna & society prejudice dn why can’t he do d same as a king??it’s never wise & correct in any way to make people happy u will make sacrifice of any innocent’s life….he shoul’ve tried to givee sita a chance…which he did after knowing about luv kush…dn why he didn’t do it before sending her to exile…after 14 years why he again wanted his children back when he already had banished them??


        no di………… some versions say that ram had a watch over sita n his sons……….. some say that sita had requested him not check over her as that is against his dharma……… i dont know which is true but whatever ram did he consulted sita…….. he gave equal importance………..


    oops i commented using my old id…….

    Dhasarath’s love for ram is just like what lord shive said……… so pure………….

    actually for a very long time i had been wondering why ram and sita did have kids for 14 yrs……… now only i got to know the reason……………

    the sisters scene was so touching…………

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Why u changed the name? I am really confused at first then only I found it is u?


        sorry bro…… typo mistake…….. and dp superb……….. rishbala marriage……… a very emotional confession of RK……… i really loved that epi………..

  12. Sanjana

    Both Ramayana and Mahabharata are about human society and about rules. In the Ramayana, Ram follows the rules but in the Mahabharata, Krishna breaks the rules. We are told both are righteous. Both uphold dharma. Both are forms of God. Both fight corruption. How can that be?

    In the Ramayana, the villain breaks rules. Neither Surpanaka nor Ravan respect the laws of marriage. Surpanakha uses force to get rid of competition and get herself a desirable mate. Ravan uses cunning to steal another man’s only wife, despite having many of his own. In contrast, in the Mahabharata, the villain does not break a single rule. No one – neither Bhisma nor Drona nor Karna nor the Pandavas – cry foul when a woman is dragged and disrobed in public, as technically Duryodhan has not broken a single rule in the gambling hall. A rule-following Ram can combat a rule-breaking Ravan. But would he succeed against a rule-following villain like Duryodhan? That is why even God had to change his avatar, and become Krishna, who bends the laws of nature, and gets cloth to materialize to rescue Draupadi from her shame

    My analysis on why ram follows rules while Krishna breaks it.


      superb analysis sanju……….. i really liked it……… usually i will fight with my family members when they refuse to follow laws but they will ask me krishna’s act n say that sometimes for good one has to break rules…………. really a very good analysis……….

  13. Hi guys. ..I’m zara’s bro. …..Thanks for wishing my sis get well soon ……. u r all soo nice….zara di always used to tell me about u all r…..u know……di is not knowing that I’m commenting on her behalf. ……and even that is changed the dp. ………if she will get she’ll give we very nicely. ……sanjana di and ww di no need to thanks for translation. …….and di told she’ll translate and I’ll type 3 part of OS soon….Nidhi di get well soon……..episode was very emotional. …….ok guys bye. …….

  14. Sanjana

    Her body could be imprisoned never her mind
    Ayodha demanded her innocence
    Lanka desired her submission
    Sita and ram
    He remained trapped in culture but nature set her free

  15. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Bijayanand has posted many days back that he will be going to Hyderabad to shoot but they have not shown Mithila scene. And I was today watching ‘Pyaar toh hona hi tha’
    and it was very interesting to watch Bijayanand acting in the film. If you also get the chance then must watch. At first sight it is little bit difficult to recognise him.


      oh really……… thanx for the info…….. though no thanx is allowed………… will watch when i get time…………

  16. dia

    Luvd the sisters scenes the most…..

    NITA thnqq…..thnqq…..

    SUMI even u can post ur articles in ffs….everyone cn read it…..urs are bettr than mine…..

  17. Joshna

    Ya .u r right all the scenes were touching.they follow and keep up their dharm .want Bharat to come back to ayodhya and confront Kaikeyi and want Kaikeyi and manthara to realise their mistake.


      yes di………. really touching……… waiting for bharat’s reaction………….

  18. Sanjana(Sara)

    Sad episode.?
    Urmila cried so much.?
    Sisters scene and ram-dashrat scene was heart touching.

    Nice dp everyone☺
    Nidhi di and zara di get well soon. Will pray for you to get well soon. Take care of yourself.
    Dia di and sumi di waiting for your OS.

  19. Veronica crouze

    I think they will try 2 show ravan badh during d dusshera & ram’s return 2 ayodhya during d diwali…

  20. Ishita

    ?sad episode
    Manthra is a stupid devil?
    There were no scenes of ravan today
    Urmila was the most suffered person


      hey ishi………. long time………. how was ur exams? why u didnt return……… hope u will be regular…………. n yes urmila the most suffered person of all…………. n glad no ravana scenes

  21. athira

    Hi sanjana,where is nidhi ,bhoomi di, and Zara ?
    I like all ur comments …. Hope u will consider me as ur sis…
    After watching this episode I’m feeling more respect 4 my dear dear dear sister. I miss her a lot…..

    • Haripriya

      Hi athira di . Both Nidhi di and Zara di got fractured and I think Bhoomi di is busy with her exams
      I don’t think u know about me but anyway I will introduce myself

      I’m Haripriya in class 8 currently writing my exams and please do tell me about u di
      Sorry if it is personal di

    • Sanjana

      Athira Di nidhi met with an accident while driving scooty her leg is fractured
      She won’t comment for 2 months
      Zara Di fell from stairs and right hand fractured that is why Zara Di bro is commenting that on her behalf
      And as haripriya said bhoomija Di is busy with exams

    • Haripriya

      Richa di can u tell me about urself as I didn’t know much of u
      Sorry if it is personal di

  22. Sita

    Nice episode at last vanvaas started waiting for bharat reaction for ram’s van i think it ll happen in next wk only anyway waiting for it
    guys pls pray for me as mon is bio for me n i had dream of not writing it well so i m so scared

  23. dia

    Well i didn’t knew the meaning of os……

    Nd thanq all for encouragement……


    Sita, Shrutkirti and others were really worried about Mandavi and Urmila. When they reached the spot, Ram and Shatrughan got shocked, Bharat and Lakshman were already scared but Sita and Shrutkirti looked normal. The scene before the 6 was- Mandavi and Urmila were fighting again. Sita and Shrutkirti thanked god.

    Sita: Hey Ishwar, aapka koti koti dhanyavaad, meri behne thik hai, inhe kuch nahi hua (Oh god, thanks a lot, my sisters are alright, nothing has happened to them) [RAKSHASI!!]
    Shrutkirti: Mujhe toh sach mein sandeh hone lag gaya tha ki ye asli mandavi didi aivam urmila didi hain ya nahi (i got really suspicious that are they really mandavi didi and urmila didi or not)
    [they havn’t fought since days]

    Then they looked at brothers’ faces

    Sita: Aap log itne chintit kyu ho gaye inhe dekh kar? (Why you all got worried seeing them?)
    Shrutkirti: Yah toh inka pratidin ka karya hai (this is their daily routine)

    brothers looked in amazement

    Mandavi and Urmila are still fighting while Sita and Shrutkirti prepare food. Bharat and Lakshman are much scared seeing their wives and thinking : Agar ye apñi khud ki behen se itna ladti hain toh humara kya hoga? (If they fight this much with their own sister, then what will happen to US?). Shatrughan, who is laughing a lot seeing the condition of his brothers, is also encouraging their thinking, making them more scared. Ram is trying to analyse the reason of the fight but in vain.


  24. Nita

    Sorry Sumi I thought of posting your story as well but I could not find it…..I guess u all will agree that finding one comment here is like finding a needle in a haystack…. Secondly there is no way I can copy your comments…. I have to again type them….and typing something by your own is easy but exactly copying every word n every punctuation of someone else is very difficult. So guys u can yourself post you SS n FF… Or if u can mail it to me I’ll post on your behalf if u agree…

  25. athira

    i’m athira’s sis aiswarya . feeling so happy to be a partt of SKR family . she is currently out of station……will join us sooooooooonnnnnnn

  26. athira

    sry forget to mention she ased about bhoom di , yazhini di and nidhi di and zara di how are you…. may GOD b always witth u and ur family…………

  27. athira

    sry i was bhoomi di….. hats off to urmila the fogotten heroine of ramayana……….
    grt acting…… congrats to all actors as well as actress……

  28. Jennifer

    Dear Sanjana ….its really distressing to see that you are comparing Guru Gobind Singh with Ram Ji….U r justifying Ram Ji’s act by giving Guru Gobind Ji’s example….I don’t wanna offend anyone…but these are complete different situations…….first of all Guru Gobind Singh Ji had 4 sons and all of his sons sacrificed themselves to serve humanity. save people from lamentations…from all the was ram jis sending sita ji to exile served humanity…and all of Guru jis was their own personal decision to sacrifice their own lives….Guru ji never forced them nor were they influenced by any1…on the contrary Sita ji might just have expressed her desire to go in van again…but she ever knew her wish would have anticipated in such a way….The question arises was Sita ji happy?…This wasn’t her personal choice…even after giving agni pariksha why was she sent away.Sending her away ..wasnt he influenced by his people….So I implore u not to speak or to write something u r not aware of..

  29. Sanjana

    Di I wholeheartedly apologies I am so sorry
    It is an article from the net but that isn’t a justification and
    No way I am saying guru Gobind Singh is wrong
    I am telling he also made a sacrifice
    Thanx for info
    It was not meant to be a comparison
    Pls accept my humble apologies and my request for friendship
    I am sorry again Di
    Actually yesterday I was telling my sister about skr family
    She asked if she can post this article
    I just glanced through and told her make grammatical corrections
    She had posted it on my behalf but I am soory again I can’t be justifying my mistake

    Ps let this discussion stop
    Jai Sita ram

  30. Sanjana

    I am sorry skr family for the controversies caused by me
    Though it was posted by my sister it was on my behalf
    I take up whole responsibility and apologise
    I am really sorry for having hurting ur feelings
    I assure u I respect all religions
    I am sorry today the skr comment page which used to be filled with beautiful msgs has been filled with arguements bcoz of me
    Really I am not justifying myself hope u guys forgive me

  31. Jennifer

    to exile *was a service to humanity
    but *did she ever know her wish would*be anticipated…Sorry for the grammatical errors dìdnt read before posting….and please guys these are just my views and I am really sorry from deep down if someone’s religious sentiments got hurt…bcz religion is kinda senstive subject

  32. Guys. ….another bad news regarding my sis……….boiled water fallen on her hand (which is injured )………. palm back is very much injured. ………..bye the way good morning

    • Yazhini

      Hey…hi Zara…y ths all hppng fr u…B careful Dr ..mssng u a lot…nd tc…my pryrs fr u to get well snn….ur hlds fully spld lke ths tc ma…

    • Nita

      Omg Zara….plz take care….I m praying for u n Nidhi both…. But when u come back u r definitely getting it from me….how can u be so careless…. but for now take rest…. N both of u get well soon…..

    • Brindha

      Zara di…. Be careful di… Get well soon …….
      I will pray for ur speed recovery……..
      Once again please be careful di……..
      Miss u a lot di…….



      zara why dont u be careful………. zara’s bro pls take care of her……. dont let her do any work………..

      hope she gets alright soon……….

      n i wish nidhi relies to me……………

  33. Sanjana

    Veronica Di Ramjis never expected his deed to be justified
    I have read book Sita right there explanation is given
    Or will post an episodic analysis tomorrow as today this has become a very touchy subject ??

    Dia Di loved ur story?
    Ishita Di how was ur maths paper
    Long time……..missed u❤️

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      No sanju….. i escaped….. actually after 4 yesterday there was no pain…. but my mom wanted be to have so that itdoesnt come today…. but somehow she forgot n i went to sleep…. today while i was having fruits my sis what i was having…. n i said onion…. thank lord my mother didnt get reminded of onion….. appada…. thapichutan da sammi….. n i was praying god pls dont give me the cold today alone…. otherwise my mom will caught hold of me……

      Anyways yesterday i couldnt give many links bcoz my sis has come home…. she was already angry on me that i was not paying attention to her n reading tellyupdates…. n today also i had lots of work….. now even my sis is using the computer…… i m using my mum’s phone……

      Okay i m talking too much now a days……

      And ur analysis was really good….. waiting for other part………

      Jai shri ram…..

      And tellyupdates pls post all my comments….. pppplllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  34. STUTI

    thank u so much sanju and ww for informing about nidhi…. Feeling so sad for nidhi and zara…. And ya ww my exams r over and they have gone really gud


      happy to hear ur exams had gone well……….. hope u visit the page………. n forgot the rule? no thanx…………

  35. Sanjana

    Actually yay Vishnu has come from vaikunthum to Earth
    I love the Tamil line vaikunthum vitthu vaikkam vanda devigam
    Seedhayin raaman promo
    Thanx for understanding
    Then can anyone tell me the 10 avators of Vishnu

  36. Arey What is this all????Nidhi – Zara got fractured…..Oh god………Anyone know now what’s their condition???I mean is it major fracture or minor ……..Yesterday my all works got over & I am thinking that I will talk to u all happily……… But heard about them na feeling soooooo sad…………….

    • Sanjana

      Nidhi di met with an accident while driving scooty di
      I hope it is minor but I don’t think so
      She won’t comment for 2 months
      And zara di fell down from stairs and fractured right hand and today boiling water fell in the injured arm

      So ur work competed how did it go di
      how are you di

      • I am fine dear…..My works were also completed well………..& When Nidhi & Zara come back na…….I won’t spare them………How Carelessness???? Thank god that their exams were over……..I wish that both of them will Get well sooonnnnn………….& Sanju what abt u ????Fine na ?????& DP is Superb…………..

  37. Sanjana

    Haripriya even I have doubt in that Buddha or Balaram
    But sandu says it’s not Buddha
    And Balaram is athisesha even Laxman na

    Thanks for understanding Haripriya
    Luv u sis?

  38. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Bye guys I am leaving this page now!! I bid a big bye to all syr fans!! Becoz there is no one to reply me!!!

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      We r extremly sorry bro….. since all r busy n some r ill the page is dull….. as far as i know except for sanjana n myself not all r regular….. even i m also still busy with my exam……from april mid most properly all will become normal….. pls dont quit….. already the page s dull bcoz r busy with exams……. n those who have finished exams have become ill…… what shall we do….. plz i want all of to be here…….

      Tellyupdates plz post my comment……

    • Nita

      Even I get rare replies bro. That doesn’t mean u get upset and leave the page. Sorry if I hurt u by my words.

  39. Kashish

    Hello everyone…I am new here….Can you tell me here’s rules?I daily watch this show…Its an awesome one representing the history of mytologies of Bharatavarsha!

    • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      Hello Kashish…. welcome to our sweet lovable Siya ke ram fan and family…….

      Here there s nt much of rules…. only a few:

      1. No one should thank n apologize to ur bro sis n frnds…..

      2. Should take care of ur health…..

      Thats all……

      And true skr is depicting correctly the myth…..

      N may i know about u?? Sorry if its personal…..

    • Sanjana

      Hello kashish welcome to Skr family
      Ww Di has mentioned the rules
      Skr represents Indian mythology beautifully?
      I am class 10 (just started) from Pondicherry

  40. Sanjana

    Narendar bro congrats for nearing 100
    And wish that you increase your no every month
    All the very best


    sanjana sandu n jenni really u guys r ding wonderful job……….. glad that ncy discussions going……….. i missed it………

    anyways nidhi n zara my medicine for u both today:

    hey guys how many of u r in twitter?

    bcoz just now i created an account…….. plz do reply……….

    anyways for today that all…….. see all tomorrow………… n pls tell how many r in twitter…….

    n tellyupdates pls post all my comments……….

  42. Akanksha sharma

    hlllo guys….. actually…. i was in train so no network…… therefore….. no comment really very sry…. guys.. missed u all a lot… actually i am going 2 bhuvneshvar…. i hope u all understand….. nt able 2 comment….. individually very.. sry… bt all of u have awesome dps……. luv u all???????

  43. Haripriya

    Hey my lovely sisters I want to tell something . It is actually I got a dream of chatting with Zara di in this fan page

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.