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Siya Ke Ram 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina asking why will Sita not get married. She says don’t know what happened to Chandrabhaga, Sita is Bhoomija, but our daughter. He says its natural to worry for children. She asks is Sita not related to Chandrabhaga, how can she think such, she believed Sita’s step was lucky, as she got her daughters after Sita came here. Janak says we should find an answer for her question, for Urmila and Sita too.

He says I don’t want our daughters to know this and get hurt, or any tension between them, they are smart and will understand that there is something, so I have thought something. Asurs Subahu and Mareecha come to their mother Rakshaki Tadaka and say we are ready. She says its time to tell Aryavar what are your rights, the terror should be so strong that everyone

gets shaken, they should know what happens when anyone becomes a hurdle in Tadaka’s way.

Asurs attack the Rishis. Vishwamitra gets to know about Tadaka. Vishwamjtra sees the ruined pilgrimage and asks the Rishis to come with him. He says I m without weapons but I will stop Tadaka, I have to find someone who ends Tadaka. Sita and her sisters are glad that Janak is sending them to Rishi Vishwamitra’s ashram. Sita says Sunaina always stopped Janak from sending them, and today she is ready to send them, what is the matter. Kushadwaj says this is your problems, you all question on everything, I m going to take blessings from Vishwamitra and asked Janak and Sunaina for taking you all, take rest now, we have to leave before sunrise. Sita looks at Janak. Janak and Sunaina leave.

Vishwamitra tells everyone that food is limited here, but water is unlimited, women and children will be in huts, and tie the animals always, Asurs will know about us, the waterfall is running here, there are herbs, but going there alone is not safe. He says no one can get in here, but anyone’s mistake can open doors of danger for everyone. He shows the weapons and says I can’t lift weapons, but you all can use it if you want. We have to do this till I get a warrior who can kill Tadaka and her Asurs. A man asks where will we get him. Another man says Ayodhya, Maharaj Dasharath’s son Ram. Vishwamitra says I have to meet Rishi Vashist, whatever problems we have is personal, out past is not important now, protection of everyone is imp, Rishi Vashisht will take me to Ram. Vishwamitra leaves.

Sita and her sisters are on the way in the jungle. The sisters wonder how Vishwamitra stays in the jungle, and find the trees scary. Sita says its such beautiful jungle, its nature, I wish to stay here. Sita asks them to think wht are trees bearing sunlight and giving them shade, we should thank them. Vishwamitra reaches Guru Vashisht’s ashram.

He gets emotional seeing the place and prays. Vashisht welcomes Vishwamitra. Vishywamitra greets him. He says forgetting past is not possible. Vashisht says I got informed about Tadaka’s attack. Vishwamitra says till then will the Rishis leave yagya and hide, if the Asurs are not stopped, the terror will spread, I m finding a warrior who kills these Asurs, who have physical and mental strength, and also face magical powers of the Asurs, do you see such skills in any of your students. Vashisht says I have trained them in skills, you have such mantras, if you teach them, then it will be possible. Vishwamitra says I want such student who is fearless and without any ego, the one who does not use these teachings for his selfish motives. Vashisht says Ram, Dasharath’s son, but….will Dasharath allow Ram to battle with Tadaka.

Tadaka says some people are going to Vishwamitra’s ashram, find them. Vishwamitra asks Dasharath for Ram. Dasharath says he will send the army instead. Vishwamitra scolds him and stops seeing Ram walking inside.

Update Credit to: Amena

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