Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vibhishan apologizing to Ram. he says I can’t see today’s war by my eyes, I can’t see my Asurkul’s destruction more. Ram says I understand your state, you stay in tent here. They all leave. Shank is blown. Raavan laughs and comes in his air chariot. Raavan says Shri Hari and his vanar sena, Ram you will be responsible for their death. He shoots magic arrow, that kills many vanar in one go. He laughs and asks Ram to save them. Raavan shoots down many vanars. Ram looks on.

Hanuman says Raavan will fight by cheat and power in today’s war, you have to be careful. Sugreev angrily goes and says Raavan, you fight from sky, land or underground, I will not leave you alive. He throws his gada to hit Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets a jerk and shoots arrow at Sugreev.

Sugreev falls down by the blast. Ram says Sugreev and worries. He asks Hanuman to arrange treatment for wounded warriors. Ram thinks I know what Raavan is doing, but Raavan can’t change his destiny.

He calls out Raavan and says its not bravery to kill vanar from far, come infront of me and fight. Raavan says everyone has plan and weapons to fight, if you don’t have any medium and plan, then accept your failure infront of me, else you and your vanar sena are standing infront of Kaal today. Raavan shoots at Ram. Ramm shoots an arrow and both arrows collide and blast. Their fight continues. Ram stops Raavan’s attacks. Raavan shoots some black smoke. Ram prays and blows that black evil power. Ram Ram….plays………….

Raavan gets angry and shoots some huge ball. Its smoke creates a dense layer infront of everyone. Hanuman says Raavan is at much height, I will take you to height, you will find it easy to fight. Raavan shoots arrows, and Hanuman hits the arrow with gada. Laxman shouts Hanuman. Ram says no Hanuman, this can risk your life, I have to make Dharm win today, no one can come between me and Raavan, go and protect the sena. Hanuman agrees. Ram prays and gets an arrow. He shoots at Raavan. The arrow blows up the chariot’s wheel. The fire gets blown off. Raavan laughs and says Ram, you want to break this chariot, its Yaksha’s chariot, no human can break it in this world, no warrior can fail the person riding this chariot. Ram says one more deceive.

Trijata tells Sita that Lankesh has attacked vanar sena by sitting in his Divya chariot, no one is able to stop his attacks. Sita asks her not to worry, Mata Gauri will surely help Ram. Raavan’s chariot goes far. Ram runs after him. Raavan shoots at him and laughs. Ram also shoots at him. Ram Ram…..plays………….. Ram gets saved by his arrows. Ram runs to the mountain. Raavan shoots at the mountain, and it blasts. Ram jumps down. Laxman says Bhaiya….. Hanuman too worries. Raavan laughs and sees Ram.

Mahadev and Parvati look on. Parvati says the war happening in Lanka’s land, everyone is witness of this, the way Raavan is killing vanar sena by riding Divya chariot and showing his power, it seems its not possible for Ram to fail him. Indradev comes there and greets Mahadev. He says Mata Parvati is saying true, you can help Ram in such time. Mahadev says no Devraj, Ram does not need my help in this Dharm yudh, he needs you, you can become his helper. Indradev asks how. Mahadev looks at him. Indradev smiles and leaves.

Ram shoots at the chariot. The chariot disappears. Ram looks around. Indradev comes there. Ram greets him and says Indradev you here in battle ground. Indradev gives him a chariot, and says your father Dasharath helped all Devtas in their service, and its Devtas’ duty to help you, you can use this Diyva chariot, then Raavan’s cheat will not work, you can see Raavan, accept this small gift from all the Devtas. Ram thanks him. Indradev goes. Ram gets in the chariot. He sees Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets angry and shouts Indra, you helped my enemy in the war, I will punish you. Ram says this is the difference, entire world helps one who walks on Dharm path, and the one who follows Adharm, gets alone, like you. Raavan looks at Ram.

Raavan says vanvasi, Indra’s chariot is not suiting you, you spoke of Dharm and customs, why did you take help from Indra, did you get scared of Lankesh. Ram says this is not help, war is of equality, I told you to come infront of me, you did not agree, so I came infront of you now, attack. Raavan and Ram fight by shooting arrows. Ram says not by cheat, fight like a warrior, come on attack. Ram shoots and Raavan’s bow falls down. Ram shoots again and Raavan’s shield falls down. Raavan holds himself. Ram shoots again and Raavan gets beheaded. Raavan’s head falls down. Laxman, Hanuman and everyone get glad seeing this. Ram Ram…..plays………..

Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram gets down the chariot. Laxman hugs him. Ram feels incomplete victory. Raavan opens eyes and smiles. Raavan starts laughing. Ram and everyone get shocked seeing him.

Raavan says you can take many births and die, but you can’t kill Raavan. Ram pierces sword in his navel and strikes him many times. raavan still gets alive and laughs. Hanuman thinks Raavan is not dying, there is surely some secret, I have to find Vibhishan and know about it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SKR fan

    Awesome episode. Raavan’s theme song is very good. When ram was running and shooting arrows and jumped from the mountain when a blast occurred it was very filmy. Rohit Bakshi(Mahadev) and Rimpi Das ( Maa Parvati) just give guest appearances in the show.
    Thank god this Naamkaran show is not replacing. It is starting from 12th September at 9:00 pm replacing Diya aur bati hum. Siya ke ram should be replaced by Chandragupta Maurya. I like mythological and historical shows.
    This was the chariot on which Ashish was sleeping in between shots.
    Was there this fight with swords?

  2. joy

    Waiting is over… Just see this link….. A treat for all fan… Must see this promo 👉👉

  3. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wow really a awesome epi…. I loved it… And sry i didn’t cmnt for 3 days as there is a network problem here…. And i think everyone has forget me… And welcome Ishita dear to our Family… Happy to welcome u… And vanshu I am sure u will perform very well dear… No worries abt it and u gonna rock it… All the best vanshu…

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear surely will pray for u…. U will give ur best in it dear…. Don’t worry abt dat…. And u will blast it… No worries okay??? ☺☺☺☺

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Best of luck suchi..I said you before that I have blocked your account mistakenly
      So I can see that you have sent me a pm but don’t able to check it.please don’t mind dear.I contact witwith tu. But still not receive any reply.
      Please forgive me….

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Best of luck 😊 sweetie don’t worry give ur best n don’t worry abt the results n u’ll surely rock 😊 🌠 😊 🌠

  4. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    On guys one question just to remember the past….
    When u cmnted first on tu who welcomed u first??????
    Anyone remember it???
    Pls cmnt guys….

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Vibhisan will tell the secret that as the amrit kalash is situated in ravan’s navel,so only by hiting in his navel,that will be possible.then ram will do that☺

  5. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    Hello all I’m really happy today I’ve got the trust of my teachers after a long wait in my new school I can’t express my happiness now the happiest day of my life till now. And u know something as I have some prob in health they said I need not come to school but can learn with the help of my friends is enough. Sorry for such long comment but what to do u people are the ones with whom I can share my happiness or sorrow whatever

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      We are very happy to know that you are happy.It is enough to all of us.
      I am confidence in the next days of your life the happiness will be are realy such good you❤

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Wahoo.. I m proud of u sissy.. Accha so u can read from home itself ha?? Or u want to go to schl??.. If u study in home.. U can ask help from me too.. As We r of same stream.. Okay??

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Hey dear happy to hear dat and u don’t want to go to school ah???? U can learn in ur home itself ah???? And ya u priya n me took the same stream so we can discuss abt dat also… So u can ask anything if u have any doubt in dat… And really ur dp is awesome…

  6. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Happy janmashtami dearies…

    @TANU.. Ur dp is amazing…

    Does anybody know abt Yukti.. I mean did she started shooting for skr??

  7. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hey frns.. Did u people saw second promo of namkaran?? That’s so cute.. The girl singing lullaby for her mother.. That’s so heart touching.. Did u people saw it??? Share ur feeling after seeing that promo??

    My feeling.. I got so emotional and even Got tears.. That’s so heart touching and speechless promo ever I saw.. I mean the way she wipe her Maa anssu.. It’s so heart wrenching… So cute of that baby.. Now I m damn sure i l watch namkaran..

  8. Sara

    Happy Janmashtaami .
    SKR- PLEASE KILL THE RAVAN soon . GOOD to see some action but didn’t like Ram running .
    Vibhishan on the was present on the battlefield on 13 Day – Day when Ravan was killed. But here , Vibhishan is in Tent – why change ?
    Why making so many VARIATIONS AND unreal melodrama ?/PLEASE kill the Ravan now.
    By the way , SKR is showing Devi Sita as Lakshmi -now going to change her to Bhadrakali ??
    REALLY ridiculous !!
    It would have been better if they had shown RAM was KIDNAPPPED and captured by Supurnakha and SITA FOUGHT THE BATTLE with Ravan & her sister . Then it would have justified otherwise th does it make any sense sita crying for her help when Ravan abducted her ??????

  9. Tharu

    I just saw it..Although I don’t understand Hindi this promo portrays sweet bond of mother and daughter.I just love the scene when daughter was singing lullabies for her mom. How can l call you priya di or priya?

  10. Sara

    As I said I don’t like the idea of Bhadrakali as Devi Sita is Goddess Laxmi – SKR removed my comments .
    Please have the guts to listen to the truth

  11. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys a biggie very very happy JANAMASHTAMI to all of you… May lord Radha Krishna bless you always n stay happy 😊.. Yippee 😤 I’m so excited 😃… Guys thnx fr ur wishes o performed really well in the function 😄 n m very happy 😊

  12. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Thanmathi dii 😊 that’s so nice m feeling happy fr u … Di all the best n keep rocking forever love y alot n don’t say sorry 😊

  13. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Padmaja dii 😊 m supa happy on seeing ur comment.. Hey di u made me angry 😠.. Hw cn v frgt our loving 😍 dii??? If u said that again I won’t talk to u 😐 thnx fr ur wishes..

  14. Sudeshna

    |Registered Member

    Hy guys episode was,thrilling stylish as well as power packed loved everything in the episode and really the styles of AS was awesome… Links are awesome and a very happy janmashtami to all my friends enjoy the day with krishna’s blessings lots of love to u all

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      It is the same wid me too vandhu dear 😢.I don’t know how long they will keep this comment about moderation in moderation😊😒

  15. vaidehi

    happy janmashthami to all of you my dear sissy’s and bro’s…………….. happy birthday to mischievious nand gopal……………. enjoy…………….

  16. Anushya

    |Registered Member

    hey sisters, nice episode but im getting impatient for ram-siya milan now…. ravan die fast please… joy di and vanshika amazing links and super promos…… happy janmashtami to all my dear sisters…. all the best lakshmila di… you will rock it… padmaja di we will never forget u… dont ever think like that….

  17. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Vanshu and joy bro the links r superb amd really happy to see urmi back and cant wait to see ayodhya back in action…. seems to be interesting… iam not able to control myself… pls kill dis ravan fast… i want ram siya milan asap… and realllyyyy verrryyyyyy eagerly waiting for agnipariksha…

  18. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    And one thing.. on account of krishna ji’s bday.. we can do one thing… everyone tell me something which u like abt krishna and also tell wat leela of him u like the most???…
    Pls cmnt guys..

  19. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member

    Hi I’m gonna right a single part ff u know Na ma sumithra wrote a letter to sunnaina ma asking about her daughter’s likes I’m gonna write that letter a in my own sentence like it was written by sumithra ma. But tell me do you want reply letter as well???

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