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Siya Ke Ram 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sunaina not permitting Sita to go to jungle. Sita says Janak has permitted her. Its her duty to find cows. The girls say they will take care of each other. Janak says if its about help, his daughters will also be there to help. He asks them to go. Sunaina says they can’t find cows. He says let is be, they will become confident and gain experience, Sita and his sisters will learn something new, why should we snatch this chance, if we find them incapable, then they will always feel incapable. His brother Kushadwaj agrees.

After a day, Sunaina is worried for the girls. Janak asks her to see there. Sunaina says I m relieved now and smiles. The girls go in the jungle on horses. Sita tries to hear sound from soil to locate cows. The sisters call her relation with soil

amazing. Sita smiles and says cows are that way. They see the cows and are happy. Urmila says we will see who reaches the cows first and get them here. They see an ashram far away. Shruthkirti says she is scared. Urmila calls her coward. Sita says Shruthkirti is not coward. Shruthkirti says she will go there and show. The palace guards see the girls going there and try to stop them.

A Brahmin stops the girls and asks them to go back. Sita asks why, whats here. He says this jungle is cursed. Sita says nothing can be cursed on earth. He says before that cursed woman affected you, just go back. She asks what is here. He says Ahilya. She asks who is Ahilya. He says a disloyal and cursed woman. He asks what does that mean. He thinks how to tell her about Ahilya and curse. She asks who cursed that woman. He says Gautam Rishi, Ahilya was his wife. The guards tell Sita that Janak has called them. Sita says Janak has sent them, as maybe this Brahmin is saying right, we will go home and ask Maa. They leave.

The girls come back to palace and tell Sunaina about a huge ashram. Sunaina asks what ashram. Sita says Ahilya. Sunaina asks how did you go there. Sita asks who was Ahilya. Sunaina says Maharishi Gautam’s wife. Sita says Brahmin met us, and said Maharishi Gautam cursed his wife, but why. Sunaina says he is our Mahapurohit’s father. Sita asks the same. Sunaina says he got angry on something. Sita asks what, how could he curse his wife. Janak comes and hugs Sita.

He says I got to know you found cows, I m happy that you all are fine. Sita says she has to ask something. Urmila asks why did he sent guards after them. Janak says I will answer, come with me, Maharishi Gauram is waiting to meet Sita. He takes Sita with him. Urmila says Sita can tell something, which makes Maharishi Gautam angry. Janak brings Sita to Maharishi Gautam. He greets Gautam. Sita asks Janak to take Gautam’s blessings. Gautam blesses Sita.

Janak says Maharishi Gautam wants you to obtain teachings from him. Sita asks what will I learn. Gautam smiles and says Ved and knowledge. Sita asks what will I obtain. He says knowledgeable people know to control emotions and conquer anger and ego. She asks did he learn all things and controlled his emotions. Gautam says yes. Janak says everyone praise Gautam. Sita asks Gautam did he get rid of his anger and ego. Sunaina asks what is she asking, come. Gautam says no, let children ask questions.

Gautam says yes, I learnt to control my anger, and won over anger. Sita asks then why did you curse your wife. Gautam, Janak and Sunaina get shocked and look at each other. Gautam says that was different thing. Sita asks how. Gautam gets sad. Sita says forgive me, I could not stop myself. She touches his feet. Gautam walks away. Janak goes after him.

Janak apologizes to Sita. Gautam says its fine, children have pure heart, so I did not feel bad of Sita’s words. I regret that I could not explain her my pain, I have done a mistake, everyone does mistakes, how to explain her that I realized my mistake when I cursed Ahilya, but curse can’t be taken back, so Ahilya, whose love defines my love, I have a found to release her of that curse, a true Raghuvanshi will enter that ashram, and knowing her truth, he will touch her to relieve her of that curse. Sita hears this.

Guru Vashisht asks Ram to prepare to return Ayodhya. Sita and his sisters dance in rain. Kaushalya waits for Ram in the palace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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