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Siya Ke Ram 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita telling Ram that their delay has increased the deer’s pain, did they believe now. Ram says he is attacked by arrow, that’s why deer came here for treatment. Laxman says sure. Sita says I have to treat the deer, else deer won’t be alive bearing the pain. Ram asks her not to worry, I will get the herbs. Laxman asks Ram to stay with Sita, and he will get the herbs. Sita asks Laxman not to scare the deer, else deer will run away. Laxman says sure and goes.

Bali tells everyone that Sugreev has hidden on that mountain knowing I can’t go there, by my warriors can go there. He asks them to take fire, Sugreev is afraid of fire, make him run away from that mountain, then I will punish him. Roma cries and says forgive him, Sugreev is innocent. Bali asks her not to waste

time by being that coward’s wife, think how will you make your life happier. She says I will end my life if anything happens to him. Bali asks why will you bear punishment, he is a fool, why will you do foolish thing, he did not stay loyal to his brother, will he be loyal to you, will you waste your life for him. She says I can’t live without my husband. He laughs and says husband is one who does his responsibility and protects wife, not one who runs away like coward without worrying for his wife, what if he did not protect his wife, but wife can protect her husband. He holds Roma. She gets tensed and cries. She gets away and says you are away from your Dharm and Maryada, but I m not away from my Maryada. He shouts Dharm and Maryada can’t save Sugreev’s life, you will live with this regret all your life that you could have saved Sugreev’s life, but did not, Sugreev can get his life only if you name your life to me, else be ready to see his dead body. Roma cries.

Sita says Laxman did not come till now. Ram says have patience, he will come. Laxman comes. Sita asks about the deer. Laxman says don’t know where did the deer disappear. Ram sees the deer coming and shows Sita, Laxman says I will get the deer. Sita says no, I will go there and apply the herbs. Ram says going out in jungle won’t be safe.

Roma sits in Bali’s feet. Bali holds her and says you have accepted my proposal, now I will spare Sugreev. He shouts Sugreev you snatched my Rajya and now I have snatched your wife. Tara comes and asks Bali how can he eye Roma badly, its not right, I will take Roma to Sugreev. He shouts. Tara tells Bali that a king has respect for every women, but you are ruining every Maryada in your anger, Roma is Sugreev’s wife. Bali shouts. Tara says you should protect Roma, and you are ruining her respect, why are you punishing her, that she is innocent, she is like my daughter, as she is my Devar’s wife, I will protect her, and I was proud of you before, now seeing your behavior, I feel it was good that you did not return. Bali angrily slaps Tara and drags Roma. Tara and Roma cry.

Surpanakha says why is it getting so much delay, I have to go Panchwati and see whats happening. Guards stop her and say we have command to stop you. She asks whose command. Meghnadh and Kaikesi come there. Kaikesi asks her where is she going. Surpanakha says I m going to see is Raavan doing anything to take revenge for my insult. Kaikesi asks her to trust Raavan, what did you do for us, you married our enemies and got shame for us, and then this. Surpanakha says you gave me birth, but you can’t control me. Kaikesi holds her life and says your life is linked with Asur kul and Lankesh, else I know well how to control you. Surpanakha gets angry and goes back. Meghnadh looks on.

Ram asks Laxman to stay here in hut for Sita’s protection, I will get that deer. Laxman says but, I feel your going after deer is not right. Ram asks any special reason. Laxman says deer is coming to ashram again and again, but when I went after deer, that golden deer disappeared. Ram asks him to be clear. Laxman says maybe any magical power is creating illusion to divert them. Ram says I don’t know, but if its really a deer, we should help, if we don’t help the deer by our confusion, if deer dies by not getting treatment, it won’t be right, and if its really Mayavi, then we both are enough to deal with it. He asks Laxman to stay with Sita here even if there is anything worse, whatever happens, even if Sita asks him to reach Ram, just don’t go away from this hut. Laxman says don’t worry, even if death angels comes, it has to wait for your return to take me. Ram prepares to leave.

Some monkeys tell Sugreev that Bali’s warriors are coming to this mountain to attack Sugreev. Hanuman says Bali did not do this right to send his soldiers, I will see how his trick succeeds, I will see who are these soldiers. Hanuman stops them. The vanar sena greet Sugreev and say Bali has sent us to attack you, we know Bali forgot to differentiate between right and wrong in his anger, he started walking on Adhram, Kishkindha Praja is sad for this, we came here to follow you, you are our king. Hanuman says see, this way Bali’s Adharm and ego will ruin him. The monkey tells Sugreev that his wife is in problem, go there and protect her. Sugreev tells Hanuman that I will go there and get Roma. Hanuman says no, it won’t be right, Bali can do anything in his anger, I will go to Kishkindha and get your wife to you. Sugreev smiles.

Sita stops Ram… and looks outside for the deer. Ram looks at her and says Sita…. She asks him to take this along, if you call deer for having food, deer will surely come. Ram asks her to promise, till he comes back, she will not go anywhere. She asks whats the matter, you look worried, is there any problem. He says there is no problem. He holds her and says when I go away from you, I stay worried for you, I have a fear that I will get separated from you forever. She asks him to remove this fear from his heart and not worry. He holds her and she smiles.

Mareech comes there again. Ram sees the deer and starts leaving. She asks Ram not to go if he has any doubt. Ram holds her and smiles. He says Sita, our Dharm is greater than our feelings, now my Dharm tells me to get that deer and treat it, don’t worry, I will come back soon, Laxman is with you. She asks him to take care. They hold hands. He nods. He leaves her hand and goes away. He stops and turns to see her. She smiles. He then leaves. Sita looks on.

Akampana says Ram is gone, but Laxman is still there. Raavan says if Mareech succeeded to take Ram away, he will take Laxman away too. Mareech runs away seeing Ram. Sita asks Laxman did I do any mistake by sending Ram after that deer, will he fall in any problem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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      1. yes truly said….i also know that they are frnd…but asish is married with archana taide…but one internet link said madi and kartik are close frnd…not said that they love one another…but one of the biggest mystry is that aaj taak asish-mad ki koi bhi offscrren photo nai milla….is not my opinion…it is the thosands twitter Ash-Mad ki fan ka opinion…..

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    Suchi dear where is ur ff??????


    Sitaharana continued:

    Shortly after Lakshman left, a rishi with his body smeared with ash came to Sita’s hut with a bowl in his hand. ‘Are you the bride of that unfortunate scion of the famous Raghu clan, Ram?’

    ‘Yes, I am,’ said Sita.

    ‘The noble Raghu clan, famous for its hospitality?’ he reconfirmed.


    ‘Then you will surely take care of me. I have not eaten for several days and have found neither an edible berry nor a root or a shoot in this wretched forest. I beg you to feed me any morsel that you may have left in the house.’

    ‘Come in,’ said Sita.

    ‘I cannot,’ said the rishi. ‘I see no man beside you. They must have gone to the forest or the river. You are alone in the house. It would be inappropriate to come in. Someone may cause you of being a Renuka or an Ahilya. No, it is better that you come and feed me.’ The rishi spread the hide of a blackbuck on the ground and sat at a distance from the hut, ready to receive his meal.

    Sita collected the fruits and berries from within and was about to step out when she remembered the line drawn around the hut. She was suddenly confronted with a dilemma. As long as she stayed inside the line, she was safe. Outside she was vulnerable.

    But if the rishi was not fed he would go around the forest maligning the reputation of the Raghu clan because of her, the eldest daughter-in-law. ‘They call themselves noble but refuse to leave their house to feed hungry sages. When you meet a member of the Raghu clan, remember Sita, and do not expect hospitality,’ he would say.


    So, Sita crossed the line drawn by Lakshman, to feed the rishi.

    Ravana looked at her and smiled, ‘Inside the line you were someone’s wife. Outside you are just a woman for the taking.’

    Sita screamed. He grabbed her arm, tossed her over his shoulder and summoned his chariot. It had the power to flight.


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