Siya Ke Ram 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan seeing Maa Kaali. She kills all the Asur sena. Raavan gets shocked seeing Sita as Maa Kaali. She shouts and attacks on him. Raavan shouts no and wakes up from his dream. He says what kind of bad dream was this, Sita in this avatar, why…. Dream is sign of future, before this bad dream affects my life, I have to find its meaning. Sita is sad…..

Kaikesi asks what, Kaali’s avatar, seeing Sita in Kaali’s avatar is a sign of danger on entire Lanka. Raavan asks what danger, Sita is here in my clutches, she is helpless. She says no Raavan, Sita is helpless and can’t do anything, what about those who are coming in her search. Ram tells everyone that Lanka is the place full of danger, it will be tough to find Sita, if work is done for Dharm, then we get power to

fight with any problem, I m sure you all will soon find Sita and inform me, I request you all that you leave for fulfilling this aim. Jamvanth, Sugreev, Angad and Hanuman greet him. Sugreev says if anyone returns without finding Mata Sita, then they will be punished. Raavan asks are you saying about two Sanyasis, they are just human, they can’t do anything. Kaikesi reminds that those Sanyasis are not alone, they have monkey army, Sugreev is helping them, maybe they have other friends to support them, we have to be alert, increase the security at Lanka’s entry point, no one should be allowed to enter Lanka. Raavan says I have thought what I have to do now.

Ram stands in the rain and cries seeing the sky. Sita is also sorrowful and cries. The rain drops fall on Ram’s face. Ram holds the rain drops in his palm, and says Sita, these are not rain drops, its your tears for me, I promise you that Raavan has to pay for your each tear.

Hanuman, Angad, Jamvanth and others move ahead. Raavan tells Sita that Ram reached Kishkindha, he has killed powerful Bali too, you should be very happy, but remember one thing, whatever is happening here is my trap, Ram is getting trapped, let him come to Lanka, he will meet his bad fate and death, you will see his sorrow. Sita says I m feeling happy as Ram is coming close to Lanka, he will soon solve the problem for what he is coming. He asks are you trying to scare me. She says no, I m trying to make you realize your Adharm limit ended, so your heart has this fear and terror born, so you came to make me afraid. He says no, I came to make you face the truth, your husband’s death will soon happen by my hand, you have belief on his powers, I will kill him, you will be responsible for his death, I pity on your sorrowful and bad future. He laughs. She says we shall wait, and see who will get pity on whom.

Hanuman and everyone proceed to Lanka. Days pass and they move on nonstop. Angad says we are just going on walking, we don’t know where to lead, I feel we failed in our work, if we go back without doing this work, Sugreev will not leave us alive. He gets sad. Hanuman says I understand your feelings, but remember you are son of powerful monkey king Bali, you are mighty like him, this regretting does not suit you, we need some rest, we should take rest and then go ahead with all our heart. Jamvanth agrees and says we will go ahead after resting for a while here. Angad says we can’t go ahead, there is a huge sea, I m thinking where will we go. A vulture comes flying and says you said true, you all can’t go anywhere from here, your death is definite. They all get shocked. The vulture says I m going to get my food today, I will eat all of you today.

Trijata comes to Sita and says my heart got a Jigyasa/curiosity today. Sita asks what, you ask. Trijata says I m sure, your handmade food will be best in the world, and whoever eats it once will always remember that food taste. Sita recalls serving food to Ram and Laxman. Trijata asks where are you lost. Sita says nothing Mata, I recalled some old days. Trijata says I also want to cook tasty food, can you tell me your recipe to make food. Sita says sure, this is my good luck, there is someone here who praises the food I made. She tells her about the three types of food Tamsik, Rajsik and Satvik, our thoughts depend on it, Tamsik which is made by killing animals, it gives you anger and person does not get peace, Rajsik is made by vegetables and does not involve killing of any animal, its made by all the natural things, then Satvik food gives peace and happiness to our heart, Ved and Dharm Shastra say Satvik bhojan is the best.

Mandodari comes and says I will also make Satvik food by this recipe now. Trijata says Maharani, you here. Mandodari says I just came to meet Sita, by because of you, I got to know about Satvik bhojan. Sita says its pleasure to know this, but will anyone have Satvik bhojan/food in Lanka, they will be eating Tamsik bhojan. Mandodari says I don’t know, but I m sure they all need satvik bhojan, you said that the person’s behavior and thoughts is like the food they consume, who knows the people’s heart here changes by switching to Satvik food, maybe Raavan’s thoughts will change by this, and he can follow Dharm path. Sita smiles.

Raavan walks to Sita and looks at her angrily. Sita turns away. He says you can’t ignore my existence so easily, you will feel my presence by any of the feelings. She asks him does he remember that his words show fear and regret. He says everyone get scared of me, they just see death meeting me, they get shaken up like a dry leaf, but you… I have to praise your courage. She says that day would be blessed when you could understand my courage, Lanka and Asur praja would be blessed if you understood my Dharm and Maryada, you can test my courage, but be ready for your Adharm and bad doings, Ram will come to punish you for your sins any moment. He says Ram will never enter Lanka, as Asur Tri Stree is protecting Lanka’s sea limits, even Devtas can’t fail them, those three women Sursa, Singhinika and Lankini will become the barriers for Ram. Sita sees the three Asur Stree there. Raavan smiles.

Ram tells Laxman that we will get information about Sita. Laxman asks till when will we wait here. Ram says I m sure Hanuman will get some news about her. Hanuman flies in air and thinks to find Sita soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Siya as Mata kali was awesome. One thing that I like about the show that they always use computer graphics for showing rain. It saves lots of water. Save water save life. Has anyone seen jungle and sea so near? And when sampati got his wings back! He was unable to fly. And raavan was a Brahmin? Was he a non vegetarian? When sita was explaining about the three types food then I remembered that scene when maharani Sunaina was explaining this the four princesses. Lord hanuman will clear all the difficulties to the Lanka.
    I don’t think ram sita punar Milan would take 3 months. The speed by which the serial is going it would take only 2 or 2 and half months to finish ram raavan yudh.

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Skr fan the links r superb,. Yes ravan non vegetarian as he’s also demon, right?? You’d asked me to post mithila princess ff na.. I’ll post in July bhai.. Okay.. Sorry fr delay, I’m but busy with 3 fanfics.. Once two end (in July) I’ll post ha..pakka.. I’ve started writing..

      1. Thanks Vanshika. No problem. I can wait but please with Mithila princesses childhood ayodhya princes childhood also.

    2. Ravan a Brahmin!!!!!

  2. Ashish and Karan masti with the crew member.
    Sulochana offscreen sunlight goggles.
    Anybody remembers her.
    Watch this edit of kishkindhans.

    1. we all love maharani chandrabhaga bhai so no q of forgetting

  3. I think d news of skr getting air off is true…they r going dast now cz they’ll hv 2 show sita’s banishment also…

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Riya di you’re probably right.. Tll now dragging like tortoises.. Now going sooo fast as if lions r chasing them.. They’ve eaten up sooo many scenes in their dragging drama seriously.. Bt don’t want skr to end soo soon.. N Ashish sir has confirmed that they’ll b shooting 7-8 months in an interview.. Right?? We shouldn’t worry.. I guess… Just pray that it doesn’t end ? ? ? ? bt dunno y they drag unnecessary things and vanish necessary scenes (anyways, it’ll b my fav only)

      1. no no its not ending. believe in skr. they r just showing the correct ones not dragging not going faster

    2. never pls yaar

    3. It’s going too first true…..
      But it’s not possible to end the show so soon.i think it is going so soon to increase the trp.
      Jay Sri ram????

  4. Sry…fast.typing mistake.

  5. Suprrr Suprrr Episode…………..Raavan Dream was great…….Waiting for Hanuman to meet sita………

  6. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Whow.. Ravan still NT afraid of sita.. Bt yaar the frst minutes of the epi were full of action.. Awesome..

  7. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Dears pls keep comment.. So less comments ystrdy.. Everything fine???

  8. Thanmathi

    @ TELLY UPDATES: I’ve sent you a request using contact us page but haven’t got any mail till now hope you got it or should I send it again please do reply

    Msg from team: we didn’t receive any msg. You can send directly to tellyupdates [at] gmail [dot] com

    1. Thanmathi

      Thanks for replying I’ll send soon

    1. Padmaja

      Dear ur mb off was just awesome and i liked ur writting skills pls continue it dear ????

    2. Your mahabharat e.g. is superb.I read all of that.???

      1. Sorry it’s ff
        Printing mistake☺☺☺

    3. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Tq nabanita di.. Love you ?

    1. Padmaja

      Vanshu dear the links are verry gooood pls continue it

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Di, u r sooooo lovely.. Thnx fr ur valuable support

  9. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Ufff.. I’m mad..sampati flying,., no scene of sugreev enjoying fr months forgetting everything and Lakshman coming angrily… N ya.. Hows it possible.. Lanka sea so soon… Ufffo..
    I know they hv some freedom to express creativity.. But this is too much, no??? Pls answer dears.. Pls answer..

    1. yep… i agree with you… due to rainy season vanar sent not go for searching sita… sugreev also forgot about ram and enjoyed the Luxury… then laxman got angry and go to sugreev for fight… then tara convinced laxman… after that hanuman and jambavan remember the promise of sugreev to ram… then only the vanar sena go for the search of sita… and also SKR not show the scene that when ram will give his ring to hanuman for sita ?

  10. Padmaja

    First few mins of epi was awesome and they didn’t show laxman was angry with sugreev and the Lanka sea came soon… Pls skr team pls make the scenes correctly

  11. Jai Shree Krishna

    Firstly I don’t want to reveal who I am just guess it out
    I have not watched episode really to understand ur frustration
    But I am pucca pucca sure that hanuman will reach Lanka and all the monsoon season sugriv ignorance and laxman anger will be narrated by hanuman to Sita
    All in flashback
    And one more thing are u sure this is sampati if it is sampati then ram will be present in the scene
    Let’s wait and watch before we jump to conclusion
    Sorry to hurt u but that’s what precisely will happen if this is the Skr I have been following
    This is Skr not any version Ramayan
    What they want to show is essence of Ramayan and they are doing it
    And people who feel it is too fast the script is tight and proper now if u ask me
    Neither u like drag nor speed I don’t get u guys but Skr makers are not rushing neither missing any part as concerned. It’s totally unpredictable as far as Skr is concerned it may seem fast but a twist we get and major portion lies in war right after this and they are showing at right speed only and they aren’t compromising for starplus or ekta show as they have set of guidelines and a contract with the channel and if starplus is really a profession channel i am sure what is being circulated is a rumour with no official confirmation with just we making a conclusion with that
    I am sorry if my ranter was a bit long
    Just wanted to type out few things and btw sorry if am wrong don’t read comments so but this is not meant for u guys but for criticisers who will be visiting the page. Now don’t start bashing me what ultimately we all want to gain is implication of Ramayan we are into same search so if u don’t like Skr it’s fine
    Jai Siya ram
    If u are love for Shri ram and mata Sita makes u feel Skr is a distortion then fine express ur opinions
    P.S just my opinion not gonna reply to any retort
    Jai Siya ram
    This hanuman telling in flashback is clearly mentioned in devdutt book too if u notice

    1. Padmaja

      I’ll agree with u… We can wait n watch

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Hmmm.. Perhaps you’re right

  12. nyc ep,i especially d emotions of siam. love u maa kali.

  13. nyc ep,i especially d emotions of siam. love u maa kali. hey ravan go to hell

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Lol ? ravan go to hell.. It’s vaidehi commanding.. If u don’t go urself, we’ll send you,.

  14. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    epi was simply superb..aftr a long time in precap ram tied his hair..both d hairstyles suits ashish….waiting fr 2morrows epi..nd I also heard tat hanuman will narrate all d things to sita n a clear manner..wat u said was true jai sree Krishna..

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Which look suits her??
      Anyone missin this scene.. What is truth?? By Krishna.. Video

    2. Nice links. Very less likes. Siya ke ram gets more than thousand likes. I think there are more viewers of siya ke ram.

  15. i think it is going fastest mood…….but not worry……bcoz they show all thing… will take another at least 150 episode………..guys see it….they shoot it yesterday or today……..


    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Joy da.. This is hanuman right?? Sooo many bananas.. Which scene is this?? Actually pic a bt unclear as sgnl prblm.. Btw is this Hanuman meeting sita ma.. Pls tell..

      1. yes….hanuman in asoka vatika…….cmmnt……

    2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Ooo.. Hanuman in ashoka vatika soo soon……. They were dragging till now n now they’re running lyk lions… Boom…if they’ll tk 150 epi more than it’ll b longer than Mb right??? Whoa…… They’re fst that’s okay…bt they shouldn’t skip soooo many scenes…..
      It’s fun.. Bt ram NT give his ring ? to hanuman right???? D mst confusions is sampati flying…. Anyways…. Glad that they’re not dragging more now……. Rply……

      1. but i think they show all thing… the star plus #Mahabharat….they skip so so so many part…they even skip many charecter……..but i love this mahabharat….it is not the point….the point is in the all previous episode of #SKR…they did not skip anything..also they show all thing describly….so one word we just that lets wait and watch………………..plz cmmnt cmnt

    3. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hmm da… They’ve skipped Bali cursing ram n Bharat cursing Kaikeyi that no one will name their daughters Kaikeyi… Bt today’s epi sooo much missin.. Is going at Mb pace

      1. 350 episode will be enough for whole ramayana……but 227 episode had not enough for Mahabharat……..cmmnt….

  16. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Siya ke ram links..

    Jai Mata kali
    Mujhe apne bhai se atyadhik sneh h
    Missin it or not??
    Good night dears.. Love u al….. Pls tell about the links also,.

  17. Interesting epi

  18. Thanmathi

    vanshu u r ffs r just awesome please continue dear

  19. Hi…..vanshu di if you also studied in tiny tots then same we both studied in the same school and di can I know how many years you studied in tiny tots….and I got a holidays of two days..and I can keep commenting…..

  20. And vanshika di may I also know when are you posting next in siya ke ram part ff….I love it soooo much…I am a dialy reader of it Please pot it soon…( And di I am so sorry if I trouble you by saying it to post fast sorry….)

  21. Sorry di It is post…..typing mistake….✎✎

  22. Hey guys I am swastika the biggest fan of skr

    1. Padmaja

      Hi swastika welcome dear and I am padmaja… where r u frm???

    2. Thanmathi


  23. Yesterday’s episode was superb. Just love siya ke ram..

  24. Please any one reply soon waiting for others to comment

  25. Sorry by mistake my name was changed my real name is swastika only

    1. Wlcm swastika dear

  26. Priya15

    hi all….great links and awesome ff vanshu…continue it dear…

    a great news to my sweet sister VANSHU tmr is my holiday sissy so i l try to upload my pov….happy now????

    welcome to our family swastika….

    1. Padmaja

      Hi priya dear ya for me also tmrw holiday?

      1. Priya15

        That’s great…. Padma.. Enjoy…

      2. Yup me too dear priya di and padmaja di. A great relief for just 2 days

  27. Thank u Priya di

  28. Hi swastika dear !!!!! Wlcm to skr’s biggest family. Can u pls introduce urself ?????

  29. I am suchetana from WB and I’m in class 8

  30. Hi vaidehi di i am swastika from jamshedpur and i study in 7 i am a bengali

  31. Hi di I am swastika from Jamshedpur I study in class 7 I am a Bengal.. Tumio ki Bengali??

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