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Siya Ke Ram 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with sisters joking that they will end relation with Sita. They ask Sita not to say such again, and their relation will never change. Sita goes and sees the sky. She asks why is the moons’ calmness not able to calm her heart today. Ram and Bharat see the moon. Bharat smiles and says I know you did not call me here to see this moon. Ram shows him a blank art canvas. Bharat smiles seeing it and gets emotional. He asks is this for me. He takes colors and stops recalling Kaikeyi’s words.

He says now I have forgot everything about art. Ram picks the color brush and says situation changes with time, responsibilities increase, but person should not forget its value, these colors are part of your progress, they give you happiness, its way to shpow your emotions and dreams. He

hands over the brush to him. Bharat goes to make the drawing. He stops again. Ram asks what happened. Bharat smiles and says I will make your portrait today. He makes Ram sit and says I used to practice all day in Kaikeyaa and missed you all at night, I used to think when will this night pass, night used to look very long, as if this will not end. Ram says night can be long, but it will surely end.

The soldiers dine and play. A soldier goes out and another one goes to see. He stops seeing a lady dressed in white saree. She says I want place in this Rajya, I was kicked out from the neighbor dynasty. He says this is Aryavar, go back from where you came. He pushes her and she falls. She gets angry and fumes fire from her mouth. They get shocked seeing her real avatar. He asks who are you. She says Tadaka…. And hits them with her long tail. She kills all of them and flies to the top of the place. She says this is my new Rajya, break this door. She is the demoness Tadaka, a Asur. She gets dark and smiles.

The sisters tell Janak that Sita is nowhere. He asks who was seen her last. Urmila says Sita was asking strange question, that what will happen if we know she is not our real sister. Sunaina says Sita has come from Gargi’s ashram, she hugged me and expressed love, I did not feel that, now I think….. and stops saying infront of the girls. Janak and Sunaina go to meet Gargi. Gargi says yes, Sita met me, what happened. Sunaina asks her what happened yesterday. Gargi says I told her that she is Bhoomija.

Sita goes to the that tree where everyone pray. A lady sees Sita and says Rajkumari Janki… you here at this time, this place is for farmers. Sita says I have to find my work, you know these fields and tree since many years, I have few questions, will you answer. The lady asks what does she want to know, I will answer every question. Sita asks whose daughter am I, who left me in these fields. The lady says we are farmers, truth is related to you, whatever is here is because of you, we did not see Lord ever, but you are Devi for us, you are our Maa, you are our protector. Sita cries.

Janak and Sunaina come there. Janak says this is the truth. The people greet her. Janak says you are soul of Mithila Sita. Sita cries and hugs him. She apologizes to him. He says I should be sorry, I should have told you before, whats the meaning of being Bhoomija, I did not feel the need to say, your Maa was fearing of this. Sita apologizes to Sunaina. Sunaina says I m your Maa. Sita hugs her and cries.

Chandrabhaga tells Kushadwaj to know about his daughters. She says the letter has come to reply for Mandvi’s marriage, they write that they will think after Sita and Urmila get married. He asks why did she sent the proposal and says we will get our daughters married after Sita and Urmila. She cries and says then our daughters won’t get married, you think Sita will get married, after knowing her truth, which Raj parivaar will make her bahu, she is Bhoomija, she is not from any Raj vansh, why should my daughters bear punishment. Kushadwaj sees Janak at the door. Chandrabhaga says I m talking to you and turns to see. She sees Janak and gets shocked. Janak gets teary eyed.

Janak says sorry, I was passing by and heard it. Kushadwaj runs to him and falls in his feet to apologize. Chandrabhaga folds hands. Janak holds Kushadwaj and says its natural for a mother to be worried for her daughters. Kushadwaj says its human’s nature to get selfish, what you heard is not true, the truth is we love Sita more than our daughters. He cries. Janak says I will never want you and your wife to be unhappy, its my duty to end Chandrabhaga’s fear, give me some time, I will make sure that Mandvi and Shruthkirti’s marriage does not have any hurdle. He leaves.

Sunaina sees Janak worried and asks what happened. Janak tells her about Chandrabhaga wishing to get Mandvi’s marriage, she is afraid that if Sita’s marriage does not happen then…. Sunaina drops the plate and cries in shock.

Tadaka asks the Asurs to ruin everything. Vishwamitri says he wants to get such warrior who kills Tadaka and the Asurs, but who will it be. A man says Maharaj Dasharath’s son Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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