Siya Ke Ram 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 23rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita and the women coming to Parvati temple. They pray. Sita smiles seeing the Devi Parvati idol. The ladies clean the temple. Sita wipe cleans the idol. She puts garlands on the idol and covers idol with the dupatta. She greets the idol. They all decorate the temple beautifully. Sita does aarti and sings Jai Jai…..

Sita prays and says I have seen Ram for the first time by your blessings, and today I m his wife. She recalls doing the aarti in temple and when Ram walked in the temple along with Laxman. Sita turns and sees Ram….. amidst the crowd….. Ram walks to her. Siya Ram……plays……………. FB ends. Sita prays that she succeeds in doing her duty. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that coming time will be more problematic for Sita, can’t that danger be skipped.

Maahdev says you are saying this, its Devi Narayan and Devi Laxmi’s Leela, they are living life this way by their motive. She says if my devotee has called me, I can’t stop myself.

Sita turns and sees the Asurs/Rakshaks group. The women get worried. Sita turns towards idol and says when devotion is true, then half power comes for protection itself. She lifts the trishul and asks women to complete puja. The lady says but you said half power protects itself. Sita says it does not mean we don’t make any attempt. She goes to the Rakshaks and asks them to go back, these women did not do any harm to them. The huge Rakshaks says these women can’t do any harm to us, we came for that women who has killed our brothers. He takes out sword. Maa Durga (Mata Kaali – one of the form of Devi Parvati) comes there. Sita smiles seeing her and greets.

Maa Durga throws a trishul and kills Rakshaks. She fights with the Rakshaks/demons. She kills all of them. Sita smiles and greets her. Maa Durga disappears. Parvati comes back to Mahadev and is angry…. She calms down. He says Parvati… she says I know you are not happy, Devi Sita is my Bhakt, I protect my Bhakt/devotee. He asks did she call you for help, was there danger on her life…. She turns away. He asks her to look at him and say what she did, what was wrong in it. She says Sita did not call for me, and there was no danger on her life. He says no, it was wrong because it was not necessity, it was your own wish fulfillment, to solve problems of Narayan and Devi Laxmi. She says you are saying right. He asks her to assure him, that she will not do any modification in Narayan and Devi Laxmi’s Leela. She nods. He says whatever happens…..

Bali talks to his wife and is angry on her, saying she is spoiling Sugreev by pampering him. Tara says Sugreev is not a kid now, you don’t trust her, but he can take any responsibility now. Sugreev comes there and greets them. Bali says you have come after 2 days. He sees Roma and says I will not leave you alive if you did anything wrong, who is she. Sugreev says she is Gandharao Raj’s daughter Roma, we love each other and want to marry. Bali asks what will you protect her, if you could not protect mangoes in the garden. Sugreev says I will manage my responsibility. Bali asks how can I trust you. Roma says Sugreev is marrying the one who took all mangoes, the one who loves, nothing is impossible for him, I trust him, he will take care of me and protect me, don’t worry about us. Bali nods and says Sugreev got a sensible girl like Roma, its out good luck, I m not worried about Sugreev now, I will do Sugreev’s marriage grand way. They smile.

Virat apologizes to Malyavaan. Malyavaan says you know the result of keeping Raavan in darkness, you did not inform this imp news to us, its been 10 years, you could not informed me, if not Raavan. Virat says forgive me, I was trying to control the matter, Ram has warrior qualities too even when he is sanyaasi. Malyavaan says be ready for any punishment by Lankesh. He takes Virat and says your Kaal is close, you have hidden truth from Lankesh, even by knowing no truth can be hidden from him, now your luck will decide your fate.. Virat gets tensed.

A man punishes someone and wounds the person’s hand. He asks the person to decide his punishment himself. Raavan comes there and looks at that person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks amena di for super fast update.Today i m not watch d show.So update is vry important for me today.Otherwise the show is interesting like always.

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    Thanks Amena for the quick update…I won’t be able to watch for few days and your updates help 🙂

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  3. awesome episode 🙂

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  4. Hi guys r u all? F9 na… able 2 comment because lots of school work …..Amazing episode. …….I like maa kali scene. ….

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  6. Nice to see the gauri temple scene. Old days golden days. Sita was looking so nice doing aarti in the flashback. Now raavan will come to know about ram, laxman and Sita. Was raavan not knowing who won Sita’s swayamvar by lifting the shiv dhanush which he could not?

    1. No bro….Ravan don’t know. ….so happy to see u back. .

  7. Star Plus’ magnum opus mytho drama Siya Ke Ram (Triangle Films) is all set to welcome some new actors.

    They are Balika Vadhu fame Chetanya Adib, Ankur Nayyar who was last seen in Ek Boond Ishq and Vividha Kirti who is currently seen in Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

    Ankur will portray the role of Ravana’s son Meghnath and Vividha will depict his wife’s role, Sulochana. While Chetanya will enact the role of Jatayu.

    As per the legendary tale, Meghnath is the one who supports Ravan in his fight against Ram while Sulochana is against him. Jatayu, the eagle, is the one to fight Ravana when he abducts Sita. And in the process gets killed.

    When we contacted Vividha, she shared, “I always wanted to be part of a mytho show and my wish has been finally fulfilled. I play a widow’s role in Ishq Ka Rang and this character in Siya Ke Ram is totally different and interesting. I have already begun shooting and excited for the telecast.

    We also tried reaching Chetanya and Ankur but they both remained unavailable to comment.

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  8. as usual… Nice episode…

    1. S anil nice episode .. .. Liked the flashback scenes

  9. nyc epi but unfortunately I can’t watch today’s epi bcoz of power cut . I m eagerly waiting to watch retelecast .

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    2. U can download pdf

  11. Good epi. I didn’t like the naa kali’s soundtrack
    But anyway good episode. Recently I got a news that our beloved Yukti kapoor aka Urmila is going to act in Balika Vaadhu of colors soon !! Then she will come back to siya ke ram too

    1. wow its a good news di for all Yukti kapoor fans but why balika vaadhu , i don’t like it 🙂

    2. Its great news but not expecting in balikavadhu

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    4. good but not balika vadhu I don’t watch that serial at all

    5. Even I’m not expecting her in balika vadhu. ….worst serial…

      1. Is it so?? So bad serial? Anyway I donno !

  12. Hi guys missing all old members and welcome to all new comers can you please introduce yourself I’m Thanmathi from Tamil nadu. Waiting for my 10th results Anyway episode was awesome waiting for tomorrow’s episode

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  14. Haiii frdz. Loved the episode . kali ma scenes were too good .

    1. Hi di I am agree with u.maa Kali scene is too good.but if bali and sugrib we’re twins?plz anyone clear my doubt !

      1. Ya dear they both are twins.

      2. Bcoz of that ram will ask sugreev to wear varnamala so that he can recognize bali( at that time of war btw bali and sugreev)

    2. Hi Akka. I asked one QN to u in 22nd update. pls see that and ans me Akka.

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  15. But priya di, in the 18 april episode of s k r we saw that suryadev instructed hanuman to help his son sugreeb but not Bali!if they were twins they should born from same father!

    1. Ya nabanita u r right Suryadev sent hanuman to protect sugreev. In one period of time Bali and sugreev have a big fight. Bali is a great warrior, he can’t be defeated so easily. So that sugreev asked the help of ram. As they both are twins ram got some doubt at the first tym the ram said sugreev to wear varna mala so that he can differentiate btw Bali and him. When Bali and sugreev were fighting, ram will be standing behind the tree and he will kill Bali with his arrow. u should have heard one thing ram got a bad name by doing that bcoz killing a warrior in his back is a shame to the one who killed (ram) . So that some will say that being a god also ram used some trick to help sugreev. But ram was correct in his pov. I hope ur doubt is cleared now. If not so I l explain u dear. Can u pls say Me one thing. R u from Tamil Nadu. If it so can I explain u in Tamil????

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  16. very nice episode

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