Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita running after Ram. He turns and she stops. She walks to him and looks at him with hope that he will take her along to vanvaas. He holds her and wipes her tears. He says my wish is that you happily send me off. She says my wish is I happily leave with you. He says but Sita, forgive me, I can’t allow you for this, you have to accept this truth and situation. He leaves. Sira runs after him and calls out Swami…. She stops and cries. Mai kooni samojik……plays………… She recalls Janak’s words to give Agni Pariksha too in order to protect her self esteem.

Shatrughan goes to Bharat. Bharat says I m feeling restless. Shatrughan says even I feel the same. Bharat says I will talk to Mama and then leave for Ayodhya by taking his permission.

Laxman tells

Urmila that he has to tell her something, but does not have colurage. Urmila asks do you want to go to van with Ram. Laxman asks how do you know this, no one knows this. She says I knew this when Ram stopped you from going to Bharat, you can’t live without Ram, how can you let him go alone, when Ram decided to go to van, I was preparing myself for this, so that I don’t become hurdle in your Kartavya palan/duty. Laxman smiles with teary eyes. She cries. He says it was my Dharm to give you selfless love, but I could not give you happiness, I will be your culprit all my life. She says no, when any ideal brother is talked about in the world, it will be your name. He hugs her.

Ram does the aarti in the temple. Everyone look on. Ram asks Guru Vashisht for blessings to fulfill his duty of a son and also protect his Dharm. Guru Vashisht blesses him of success. Ram asks Kaushalya to bless him. Kaushalya blesses him. Sita comes there dressed in vanvasi attire. They all get shocked.

Sita walks ahead. Kaushalya looks at Sumitra. Guru Vashisht, Mandvi and Shruthkirti get teary eyes. Ram looks at Sita. Sita says its not possible that Sita gets scared of van difficulties and does not go to van, where husband resides, there is wife’s real happiness, I have taken my decision of van daman with you Raghu nandan. Kaushalya asks what are you saying, will our vadhu, this Raghukul pride will go to van, this did not happen in Raghukul’s customs before. Sita says Mata, forgive me, but a wife’s real duty is to support her husband. She says my husband has won the valkan/van clothes, that’s why I have also worn valkan and did my duty, about the promises, Maharaj Harishchandra has given up his Rajya and everything to fulfill his promise given in his dream, then his wife Tara has also supported him by sacrificing everything, this custom is going on since ages. Sumitra says you are right, but don’t you think Ram will be worried about you being there, if you go there, he will be more worried. Sita says if his worries increase if I go there, then will I not worry if I don’t go there, will my heart not be restless for him, we got married to spend life together, I can’t take decision of being vanvasi by being scared of van, I m familiar with difficulties in van and I m well prepared too…..

Sumanta says Sita is fulfilling her duty, its right, but Janak has dpne her bidaai to become Ayodhya’s kulvadhu, not a vanvasi, if he asks Dasharath about this, what will Dasharath answer. Sita says my father Janak will never ask this, but if he asks, then till him that it was Sita’s decision to go to van, he will understand that I m obeying the Dharm which he taught me, I m sure that he will respect my decision. Guru Vashisht says Sita, your words are according to Dharm, I believe that your decision is right by Shastra, none of Shastri and Dharm Mahatma will raise question on it, but I want to ask you, is your decision taken being emotional, or to fulfill promises made to your husband during marriage, or to fulfill your duty and love…. I m asking this question because sometimes in life, after some time, person regrets on the decision taken in past.

Sita says Rishivar, you are saying right, Dharm, ethics and decisions change on time, and reason has to be strong for any decision, but I did not take this decision being emotional, to keep promises made to husband during marriage rounds, or for love and duty, I have taken this decision as I m a woman…… She says this decision is a woman’s decision….. Ram and everyone look at her. She says this decision is to do duty of woman’s Dharm, this is a daughter’s decision, wife’s decision and of a kulvadhu’s decision…. Everything can change in this world, but in my birth, my womanhood can’t change, I m Janak nandini Sita, Ram’s wife and kul vadhu, I fold hands and request you all to permit me to fulfill my Stree Dharm, give me permission to go to van, if Sita does not fulfill her Stree Dharm today, Sita’s existence will end. Guru Vashisht and everyone get tearful eyes.

Ram asks Kaikeyi to bless him, he is leaving for van. Mantra tells Kaikeyi that you asked Ram to go to van, but Sita is going along, if they get a child in future, Ayodhya’s Praja will regard that child a heir.

Update Credit to: Amena



        Great epi……… the bg tunes when sita spoke n walked in was awesome………..

        hey guys once again i m back..

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        I saw srinidhi (reminds me nidhi) to be so Welcome dear to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club. hope u got well settled…….

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        AND guys i think u would have got the spoilers….. it gave me tears……… so sad for kaushalya n sumitra……………

        but this mantra quite irritating……………..

      • Craze about skr

        Hey I too baddddddllllyyyyyy missing u d chellam…… Ur dp azhagu d….unna mariye….. Unna pathathilla but ne pesuratha veche solren

        Try to comment with u all more…….ne nauc papiya d?I’m just crazy fan of it…..missing terribly……. I done my English 1well……next English 2………..bye…. Missing u especially d chellam

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      • Sanjana

        Awesome dp Di
        Pooja sharma aka draupdi vanvas look
        But I guess this vanvas will be more sad than that
        But true and selfless love and good intentions like Siam always bring happiness

    • Sanjana

      I have a doubt di after I type my article it says captcha required what is it please say di
      Reply soon di


        i think u submit ur article at SUBMIT UR ARTICLE COLUMN… i usually send through mail…..

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    • Sanjana

      Ungala romba romba miss pannum nippy akka
      How was Tamil exam
      All the best for English 2
      Glad English 1 went well and nisha aur use cousins I have watched only last episode on hotstar where kabir proposes nisha again

  1. pooja

    laxmilla is just awsm as always….
    i hv also ters in my eyes during watching this episode
    so sad 4 all
    superb acting by all
    luv u asish& madirakshi……….

  2. Sanjana

    Emotional episode
    Urmila is great she doesn’t cry so that laxman does put feel bad
    Sita has taken a right decision

    • Akanksha sharma

      really sanju very emotional… it was…. all the scenes…. were jst fab…. and so was the acting… wowlww

  3. Sanjana

    Ram is calm
    Urmila is emotionally strong and
    Sita proves that she is Janki
    Good intentions always make the bad phase a better one
    Siram selfless love prevails in today episode

  4. SKR fan

    Laxmila and siyaram scenes were awesome. Shatrughn seen after so many days. Urmila such a good wife.

  5. Sanjana

    Today Sita spoke very well
    Ram was allowed to fulfil dharm but when Sita says the same so many obstacles
    As a girl we should always be strong in our decision if it is right
    Urmila too keeps up her promise and stays strong
    One thing Is that God will always give us strength to face difficulties like he gave urmila

  6. Sanjana

    Ram was proud to have a wife like Sita it was evident in his eyes
    She didn’t force her decision on ram but made him understand that vanvas was not difficult for her
    Sita and urmila love is eternal

  7. shani

    awsm episode………
    tears scrolled my eyes throughout d episode………
    emotional episode…..
    loved d episode………. :*:*:*

  8. Cute and emotional episode !! URMILA
    & LAKSHMAN just rocked !! ????????????
    SITA &RAM no doubt was awesome !!/?????
    Milathe – julathe awesome episode !!

  9. Sanjana

    My god I loved Sita powerful speech
    Sita word shree ka decision
    She will not regret later
    Hate the precap from the bottom of my heart
    I feel like crying seeing the precap
    I had read Sita book by devdutt pattanaik so now ram will not even look at Sita
    I feel so sad this is too much
    How much difficulty can one go through
    I wish they don’t show like that in siya ke ram
    In the book it was they used to have a lot of distance even while walking
    I can’t bear to see that
    Jai Sita ram
    Feel like it is a personal tragedy

    • Veronica crouze

      i think they will show like devdutt pattanaik’s book…bcz ds serial is mostly a copy of ds book…nd sanjana i hv read that in that oo sta takes d form of kali & kills a rakshas…can u plz tell me briefly???

  10. Sanjana

    This is the most bad thing asked by kaikeyi my god
    How can ram and Sita forgive her after this
    Really to err his human and to forgive is divine
    I hope they don’t show so much distance between Siam
    Pls skr team

    • Akanksha sharma

      ya actually ….. as the qoute was vanvaas nahi aarambh ho rhi ha ram aur sita ki adbhut prem gatha…. so they will represnt vanvaas with lovely siam scenes….

  11. Sanjana

    I hope they show Siam moments or was this reason for showing Siam extensively for 2 days
    Laxmila scene was short and sweet but even their hug which was cute doesn’t make me get rid of pain of seeing this precap
    Jai Sita ram

    • Veronica crouze

      Yes u r right…. Dat’s why last few daysthey hv shown siam scenes…i dn’tthink we will get to see any more siam scenes, now i understand why people doubted at sita’s character….

      • Sanjana

        No di I think they will be just as in the palace as akanksha di in the promo they said vanvas Nahin arramb hog aye ram aur Sita ke prem

  12. Nita

    Wow awesome episode……finally laxmila scene……and also the whole episode so emotional…. Ram-Sita’s convo awesome….Sita’s dialogues in the second part awesome……just awesome….awesome….awesome…..

    Now I m finally going to see the episodes from 17th march….so bye for now….


      hi nita di…………. same here………….. by the way who is in ur dp?

    • Nita

      And this mantra what is she upto now???? BTW this is from Sita’s viewpoint so the makers have aptly given time for Sita to convince all for Vanvas….
      N they have also showed step by step deteriorating health of Dhasarath…

      N Wellwisher welcome back….nice dp….saw Draupadi aka Pooja after long time….


      forgot to tell guys:

      stuti welcome back dear……….. hope u did ur exams well………..

      n richu n sana welcome to our sweet SIYA KE RAM FAMILY AND FAN CLUB……….

      and guys all ur dps superb…….

      dont change till trmw……. i want to praise it individually……….

      and guys after my exams i m planning to give EPISODIC ANALAYSIS FOR BOTH SIYA KE RAM AND DEHLEEZ……. hope u all support me………….

      AND SOME ONE PLS TRANSLATE SUMI’S OS………… plssss………….

      and sanjana where is ur article about Mata Sita??????? did u post it……… if so pls send the link…………




      nabanita also welcome to our sweet siya ke ram family and fan club…………

      and guys why now a days less comments………. all r missing bcoz of exams……. page looks a bit dull………………

  13. Sanjana

    Sita ram are rocking but sad for them they will like sanyasi and Sita will be abducted
    Her love is great yet during the 13 yrs wish they atleast have a strong bond and friendship
    They are the example for families all over the world
    People who are divorcing should see siya ke ram
    And they are an epitome of sacrifice
    Really great incredible wonderful amazing
    They lead by great example
    Each episode makes me a bigger devotee
    Sita is an epitome of patience and faith
    One quality we should learn from the many qualities is patience that too in this fast world really hope watching the sad episodes where Sita will stay in ashokvatika will instill patience in me

  14. woooow what a episode sita love for ram I am now in my house enjoy a lot.I didn’t understand one thing now mathara what want why she worried about ram sitas child how long she will live.

    can any one tell me who are they whom about sita is telling to kaushalya.

  15. Sumi

    Hello everyone I have think to convert my OS into SS. And thanks to all of you for the appreciation for previous OS .
    SS- part 3 = vanvaas
    Urmila( talking to herself): kya karu kuch soch urmila!!!!
    lakshman : kuch kaha.
    Urmila : nah… nahi maine kuch nahi kaha. Chodiye naa mujhe.
    Lakshman: nahi aaj main tumko nahi chodunga , kyunki mujhe aaj tumpar bahut pyaar aa raha hai. Urmila held him more tightly .
    Lakshman: oh!! Lagta hai aaj meri urmi ko bhi mujhpar bada pyaar aa raha hai.
    Lakshman close his eyes and want to enjoy that moment to the fullest.
    While enjoying that moment his grip to hold urmila lessens.
    Urmila( in her thoughts): Soch kya rahi ho urmila yahi sahi mauka hai bhaag le.
    Urmila push him , blushes and ran away from there.
    Lakshman: aaj tum nahi bachogi Lakshman ran towards Urmila to catch her in corridors of mahal but she was too fast that he is not able to catch hold of her.
    Lakshman ( in his thoughts) : yeh urmi toh jitna socha tha usse bhi jyada tez hai , isne toh mujhe bhaga bhaga kar thaka hi diya hai. Ab mujhe kuch karna padega.
    Urmila ( laughing ): aap mujhe nahi pakad payenge,yeh to pakka hai.
    She began running after saying this.Lakshman takes a shortcut and comes in front of urmila
    Lakshman ( smiling ) : ab kaha bhagogi urmi.
    he holds her.
    Urmila ( shocked ) : yeh koi baat nahi hoti hai aapne chalaki ki hai aap mujhko pakad nahi paaye toh aapne chalaki kar di.
    Lakshman ( smiling ) : Toh tumne bhi toh chalaki se mujhko apne se chudwa liya.
    Urmila blushes badly after listening this.
    Urmila ( acting) : Jijashree ram!!! aap yahan .
    Lakshman ( in his thoughts ) : maare gaye ab toh.
    Lakshman quickly leaves Urmila.
    Lakshman : woh bhai…. bhaiya main toh … toh.
    And he turns back and found no one standing .
    And he again turn back to urmila and he found that she has done the trick and she was running fastly.
    Lakshman ( shouting ): Rukiye Urmila!!! aapne phir se mujhe dokha de diya.
    Urmila teases him with showing her tongue .
    Lakshman again runs towards her while urmila was also running .
    And lakshman previously wounded hand got struck to the sharp candlestick while urmila was still running and didn’t notice him.
    Lakshman ( shouts in pain) : aaaahhhhhh… Mera haath.
    Now he was feeling more pain than before .
    The pain was now unbearable for him and he falls on ground and began crying.
    Urmila who hears his shouts turns back and found lakshman sitting on groung and crying in pain.
    Now Urmila heart melted and she rans towards him.Urmila ( shocked ): hey ishwar!!!
    Blood was continuously flowing out from lakshman hand Urmila ( worrying ) : sumitranandan aap apna haath mujhe dijiye.
    Lakshman ( crying in pain ) : nah …. nahi mujhe… nahi dena……
    Urmila (worrying badly) : sumitranandan aapke haath se pehle se bhi bahut
    jyaada rakt nikal raha hai .
    Lakshman ( still crying) : nikalne dijiye…. aapko toh meri koi chinta hi nahi hai…. mere itne… pukaarne par bhi aap nahi ruki.
    Urmila( crying) : mujhe maaf kar dijiye sumitranandan main bas aapke saath majaak kar rahi thi , kripya karke apna haath dijiye.
    Lakshman feels dizzy in pain and he found Urmila becomes blurring to him.
    Urmila notices this and becomes more worried and says: mujhe lag raha hai ki aapka jyada rakt nikalne ki wajah se aapko chakkar aa raha hai kripya kar ke apna haath dijiye.
    Lakshman ( somehow bearing unbearable pain ) : toh aapko….. mujhko vaada dena hoga ki…. aap mujhe aise kabhi nahi chodengi…. warna main aapse humesha ke liye rusht ho jayunga .
    Urmila ( crying): Thike sumitranandan!!! Main kabhi aapko aise nahi chodungi ab aap apna haath dijiye.
    Lakshman gives her hand to her .
    Urmila notices that his hand is more deeply cut than before.
    Urmila ( stops crying and wipe her tears) : yeh aapka haath toh pehle se bhi bahut jyada gehra kat gaya hai.
    Lakshman was not able to bear pain.
    Lakshman ( feeling dizzy) : Urmi mujhse ab dard bardhaast nahi ho raha hai.
    Urmila: hausla rakhiye!!!!
    Urmila removes the cloth put by her on his hand .
    Lakshman kept looking at her.
    Now Urmila brings the medicinal herb , washes the wound and was going to put medicinal paste .
    Lakshman: nahi urmi phir se nahi, bahut jalega.
    Urmila ( softy and caressing his cheek) : nahi apko yeh lagana padega warna aapka ghaav jaldi kaise bharega .
    She puts the paste on her wound.
    Lakshman : aaahhhhh.(Tears fells from his eyes and he hold urmila shoulders in pain)
    Lakshman: bahut jyada dard aur jal raha hai urmi!!!!
    Urmila also hold him so that he can gain strength by forgetting his pain.
    Now urmila tears her cloth and put it on lakshman hand .
    Urmila wipes Lakshman tears from her cloth.
    Urmila: ab aap jaldi thik ho jayenge. Ab chaliye apne kaksh chalte hai. Lakshman stands and he feels dizzy . He was about to fall down unconscious but Urmila notice this and she hold him from behind and quickly makes him go in his room by holding his shoulder and makes him lie on the bed.
    She brings a glass of juice for him ans make him half sit and makes him drink the juice.
    Lakshman now feels good . Urmila says him to rest and she was going to leave but he holds her hand.
    Lakshman: abhi aap mere saath baithiye .
    Lakshman : aaj main aapse ek vachan maangna chahta hun.
    Urmila: kaisa vachan.
    Next part will be updated soon.
    Plzzz post your precious comments and also share your favourite moments from the SS.
    Will wait for your favourite moments and your replies from this SS

  16. Veronica crouze

    Ram still didn’t give permission.. I didn’t understand what mathara meant….can anyone tell me…& how can they hv children in these 14 years??? They r ascetic..

    • Sumi

      She meant that if ram and sita are going together so they can have a child which ayodhyavaasis will clai to be their heir which could be a threat
      to bharat rule so I think kaikeyi will announce that ram and sita cannot be in that relationship for 14 years so that bharat can rule ayodhya peacefully .

  17. रामायण के कुछ रोचक बातें ।
    We all know that Lakshman is an avatar of the sheshnag ( the 5 head snake ) where lord Vishnu sleeps at the kshirsagara ( the ocean of milk )
    Do you know whose incarnation is urmila?
    Bimla. she is actually known as the consort of sheshnag. That is why in ram avatara she was born as urmila and married lakshman who was also a sheshnag. Later, in krishnaavatara lakshman asked a boon to lord Vishnu that he had to obey all the orders of him in ramaavatara, so in next birth with him he wanted to become the big bro of lord Vishnu . So he was born as Balraam the elder brother of lord Krishna. Urmila again was born as Revathi in krishnaavatara.. And married Balraam as both were the incarnation of sheshnag..


      i know half it…….. but never knew about urmila……….. thanx for the info……..

    • shavi

      hi malvi your information is somewat right.. bt lakshman wont ask for a boon.. it was shown in ramavatar that laxman served sitaram for 14 years without sleep and he wont even sit before ram.. laxman just stand himself for guarding them from van animals and from other evils while siyaram is in rest…. by seeing his selfless love lord vishnu himself bless him to born as elder brother to HIM in next avatar.. in mahabharat a incidence is there to explain this… once lord krishna will serve his brother balraam by massaging his legs( as laxman do to raam as shown in episodes of siya ke ram) while he was sleeping.. at that time rukmani will question krishna that HE is paramporul of this world and y he want to serve by massaging HIS brother’s leg .. lord krishna will explain her that ””’in previous birth balraam was born as laxman and he served raam upto d extreeme.. but as i was worried about sita abducted i din notice his selfless love .. so i made him born as balraam in this avatar so that i can serve him as younger brother..””””

      • Both ways you can say didi. In Valmiki’s Ramayana and they have written that he asked for a Boon . but anyway thanks fr correcting it

  18. Sanjana

    I thought it was just ram and Sita personal decision not to have children because laxman was separated from his wife and also because the kids may have a tough life In forest
    But I didn’t know the decision was forced on them
    But I hope they don’t stop showing Siam convos and hand holding moments for this
    We will wait and see

    • Veronica crouze

      how can kaykeyi force it on them?she was given twi promises…& she already hv asked it….dn how? and i hv n’t heard about it any other ramayan…they were good frnds there…bt i didn’t know that they even didn’t’ look at each other….i hv heard it fr d first time….

  19. Sanjana

    Siya ke ram is truly keeping its work
    As it is really from Sita perspective and the intrepretations are nice
    Waiting for Ramji to break his silence tomorrow

  20. Sanjana

    Hope ram accepts Sita wholeheartedly tomorrow
    For she is necessary in his life to complete their leela

    • Panchali Arjuna fans club

      I love it. Our favorite serial. We don’t like siya ke ram so much. But we are die heart fan of Mahabharat . we like the charming character of Arjuna , heart stealing words of draupadi and beautiful speech and smile of Lord Krishna

      • Akanksha sharma

        even i love mahabharat of star…. bt my parants say thay…. old one was much better….. bt i dnt think so……. mamma papa likes thier time mb…

    • Nita

      One more Mahabharat fan here…I was crazy abt it….I loved everything thing abt it….the grand sets….beautiful costumes…. Lovely music….the dialogues….Krishna’s gyaan….witty talks of Shakuni…the hero Arjun….Karna whose conscious always hurts when supporting wrong…. Helpless Bhishma…Evil Duryodhan n Durshasan….Innocent Subhadra….but my favourite is the way Draupadi n Krishna use to convey things by eyes n just by expression…..

      Well now I m am loving SKR also…in the same way…

  21. Panchali Arjuna fans club

    Very nice picture of draupadi well wisher . her eyes are so charming. Love it. Send more pictures of her .pls pls want to see them


      thanx….. its actually when Bhima ask draupadi to serve more food for him if doesnt wants it…. that time she will give this look…………

      sure……… i have nearly 268 images of mb…….. i actually want many but no place bcoz i already 268 epis of MB…………. WILL KEEP CHANGING…….. i downloaded long ago….. i dont remember where i took each pic but will try sending…………..

      n yes my whole family loves KRISHNA’S WORDS……………… my uncle, dad, sisters, brothers, aunts and my granny especially………..

      • Krisma

        I know it sister. Bhim would say to dropadi that every day u serve me today I would serve u. Then everyone would laughs at him and bhim would serve draupadi and ask her if this more than enough pls give ur food to me

        I hope no mahabhartians can forget it

  22. nupur

    Hi everyone?
    I m back.Does any1 remember me? I hope u didnt 4get me…Actually my nxt xam is on 28th march so i thought of commenting….

    About d epi, URMILA u r an examplery woman & d whole world should remember u 4 ur deeds.
    But i feel LAKSHMILA scene was a bit rushed one…Anyways m happy dey showed them aftr so many days?
    Sita’s speech about patni dharm mind blowing.JAI SITA MAIYA…
    All d actors 2day wer awesome too…

    Now coming 2 my dear sisters & brothers of skr family? I missed u all vry vry vry vry vry much.U cnt imagine how much i missed? talking 2 u all bcoz of dese stupid boards.Nevertheless my xams went grt.Thnks 2 ur well wishes?

    How r u all? I hope u all r f9 & howz every1 xams. I knw u all wuld hav rocked it!!! Also bst of luck 2 those who still hav der xams going on…
    I missed each and every1 of u- sanjana,ww,Nidhi,Akanksha,Zara,Reshma di,Ishita,Malvi,Mahe,Bhoomi,Pooja,Ranaji(ur ffs r really great.I hav read some of them),Skr fan,Jai,Dia(ur songs r vry good),Nikki,Santa,Sriranjani,Sumi(ur os r just superb.I read them yesterday n dey r brilliant.pls do upload more of them),Sanjana(Sara) & everyone else. M really very sorry 4 nt remembering every1’s name.I have a vry bad memory in remembrig names.pls 4give me thinking me as ur sister?


    By d way myself Nupur.M 4rm Bhubhaneswar,Odisha.M currently giving my 12th board xams?

    SORRY 4 writin such a long n boring msg.I hope u dnt throw rotten tomatoes n eggs at me thinking tht m a complete pagal???LOL
    SORRY again 4 writin about evry1 in a single comment.I knw we don’t say sorry n thnks here but still sorry…

    • Sanjana

      Di stop this sorry of course we didn’t forget u Di if u weren’t my Di I would have scolded with bad words for asking such a question
      It was a touching and loving msg we will throw only roses and smileys
      Glad ur exams went Well
      All the best for ur other exams di

      • nupur

        Sanjana u hav d full ri8 2 scold me dear.remembr we r sisters na…awww thnx 4 d ? r u?howz ur xams going?


      nupur di………… welcome back di. actually i myself came now only…………

      and di punch urself nicely for apologizing………….

      glad ur exams went well………. mine except for physics n biology (very tough but still i did my best) all went well………

      missed u a lot……… was waiting for ur arrival……….

      actually wanted tell u smthg…….. u wanted to visit madurai right? this year we have Chittari thiruvilla AT APRIL 18 TO 25……… 2 weeks earlier………. so if want to see Thirukalayanum of MEENAKSHI AND SHIVAN u have to visit madurai during april self………

      and yes even i have one paper on 28th march…… last paper……… all the best for u too……..

      tellyupdates pls post all my comments yaar………… ppplllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………

      • nupur

        Thnx ww 4 d info dear.but i dnt think i ll be able 2 visit in April.actually m preparing for entrance xams so we had planned to visit in June.Oh no my bad luck!!! I ll miss Chittrai Thiruvilla.but dnt worry i ll visit it definitely in future.all d best 4 ur remaining xams?

    • Nita

      Hey Nupur how can we forget u???…N u r breaking the rule by saying sorry….n u don’t need to be sorry cause r SKR family is very big so it is not possible to remember everyone’s name….n nice to hear that ur board exam went well….r they over or any left??

      (Sry nothing personal but)
      U r also in 12 so which stream???? What are u planning to do ahead????

      N yes Nupur nice episode…. N agree laxmila scene could have been longer… since they r showing it after long…..

      • nupur

        Hi nita.yes my board xams r almost over, last one on 28 board is of cbse n i hav taken phy,chem,math,bio,eng,physical edu(optional). Currently m preparing 4 entrances 4 medical n my parents also wnt me 2 giv engineering xams so m preparing for them….

        What about u?R ur xams ovr?R u also preparing 4 any entrance xams?pls do share if it isn’t personal?

    • Akanksha sharma

      hllo di missed u a lot…. sacchi mucchi…. how can we forget u di….. as we all luv u di…. all the best fr next exam

  23. Sumi

    Hey bhagwan!!! today lakshmila farewell scene!!!! dhat teri ki. I missed half episode because gone out for shopping. I check in twitter, their hug only made me cry , so how was the whole part. I cant wait to see it tomorrow . Sita explanation reason of Accompany ram was very good . Now excited to see how lakshman will convince ram to take him also along with him.


      yes dear………. i adore all characters in MB……. will soon give my character analysis for both the myths………….. after my exams probably……………..

    • Sumi

      I love draupadi but I even love abhimanyu the most. He is my most favourite character of mahabharat

      • Nita

        Agree Sumi….. Even I love abhimanyu….I had started crying in his death scene…..
        But I feel they didn’t do justice with his character towards the end…they first showed his direct n simple entry in chakravyuh n then towards the end just as he used to pick up any weapon somebody would attack him n he used to fall…..
        actually I have read that he destroyed quite a lot of chakravyuh before death…
        I feel he got better war scenes on the previous days of wars….

        But that last Abhi-Arjun talk was so emotional….. Just loved it…..n his first meet with Draupadi….apne bhaiyo ki dhaal…mata ki akhon ka kajal….awesome….


      same here…. but when ever i miss i watch it in my computer……. gr8t advantage…….. i have seen MB nearly 5 times…….. n my sis will scold for watching so many n giving them a boring feel………..

      • Akanksha sharma

        same 2 same…… even i watch my fav epis of mb on hotstar…. my bro scolds…… me a lot fr this….. and address me as ‘KAMALI KUDI’… LOL

    • Nita

      Me too yaar….so i keep on watching it time n again actually i have TataSky+ so I have some of the episodes recorded…n nobody at home is allowed to delete that….n hotstar is always there….

  24. I just miss mahabharat a lot.

  25. I loved sita scene today and hi every one i m new but thanx to malvi for giving info. About urmila i really dont know this thanks i feel good bcoz kuch toh naya pta laga thank u

  26. Yazhini

    Hi my Dr sissy nd bro hw r u all…sry fr my LTE cmmnt tdy episode s more emotional sita words are very strong which drill my heart… K my Dr skr fmly taking leave from u fr 2 weeks…I vil cme but I cnt chat lke as bfr…bcx almst all xms ovr till 2 more xms thr so I gng to cncntrate n it….aftr April 1 I vil B sm e wat free …thn again ffrm april2 gng for entrance exam couching class…no time fr njying…but aftr my cmpltn f my xm I vil free sme what …miss u evryne…dnt frgt me …I vil try my lvl bst to cmnd here…mss u all the members of skr fmly… Nd wlcmm my Dr new cmrs….miss u all..bye bye tc my Dr sis nd bro….

    • Akanksha sharma

      will miss u yazhini.. di really….. all the very best fr ur… exams and competition exams as well….. byee miss u luv u?????

  27. santa

    super episode very emotional i have no words for sita nd urmila
    what a understanding urmila really great
    sita devi shows an ideal wife path really we all should learn from sita devi
    nd mantra chi chiiii really i hate herrr

  28. Akanksha sharma

    thank u all of u…. i dnt know whether i am a gud singer bkz i dont judge my… voice level… jst sing as i love it…. cant live without it… and ya sanju tell me how 2 send a link of my recording…. then i surely will……… as i dnt know….. thank u all of u once again… and haripriya all the very best fr ur exams dear….

  29. Sanjana(Sara)

    So sad episode?
    Laxmila going to be separated??
    Urmila just rocked today so understanding☺
    Urmila looked so beautiful?
    Sita ram part was so emotional?

    Is it holi today?? I think holi is a interesting festival.i love watching holi festival in tv.?

  30. Nita

    TELLYUPDATES plz post my previous comments…. My previous 6-7 comments are waiting for moderation for almost 2hrs now…plz post all of them soon… They are related to Mahabharat n Ramayan only

  31. Jennifer

    Good episode….But I kinda feel sad for urmila…
    And hey wellwisher SIYA KE RAAM fan even I am giving my board exams….but biology was not that horrible. ..Maths was the worst….LOLZZ

  32. Sanjana

    I loved Mahabharat. It changed by perception about many things
    Love both men and Skr equally
    My fav actors not character are Arjuna and Krishna
    I luv all the characters equally except the bad guys

  33. Vidhya

    The best serial ever Mahabharat. Love
    Y set actors and everything. Could not forget any scenes. Every episode is mesmerizing

  34. Shreenisha

    The best serial ever Mahabharat. Love
    Y set actors and everything. Could not forget any scenes. Every episode is mesmerizing

  35. Shreenisha

    Want to see siya ke ram and in the same way Arjuna in the view of draupadi. Why I like mb I don’t know. But my favorite

  36. what the hell I have my comment haven’t post yet.
    question bank
    1-if ram sita live like freind then what about their children how they born?
    2-in krishnavatar who is sita avatar?
    3-is draupadi and vishkanya is same girl.

    • nupur

      Hi Mahe.hw r u? I m giving some answers 2 ur ques…..

      1-Aftre 14 years of vanvas wen ram n sita return 2 palace,then they rule ayodhya happily 4 many years n during dis sita gets pregnant.also at this time tht unfortunate incident of dhobi badmouthing about sita gets known by ram n he asks lakshman 2 take sita n leave hr in d forest so tht his praja don’t question his rule n during dis time sita gives birth to luv m kush in valmiki’s dere children r born in d 2nd vanvas of sita…
      2-i may not get dis and fully ri8 but i knw tht sita is actually an avatar of lakshami who is the consort of Vishnu who took d avatar of ram.hence in Krishna avtar lakshami took d avataar of both rukmini n satyabhama who wer wives of Krishna.m bit confused about draupadi though, whose avtar she was.nevertheless u can check about tht in Wikipedia…..
      3-R u asking about d new show coming on zee tv-vishkanya?if so then Pooja Sharma of MB isn’t doing it.I wuld hav loved it if she did?I lyk her a lot… Actually a new girl named Aishwarya bhosle has bagged d role.she actually played d role of raju’s sis in jaane kya hoga rama re(i read it in news) n the male lead is vin rana,nakul of MB
      I hope ur doubts r cleared…

    • Isckon

      Radha or rukmini is avatar of lakshmi and wife of Krishna . they both are actually same. Radha lived in vrindavan and then was given to King of vidarbha and there she was named rukmini. So radha was reborned sita

      Mata draupadi was avatar of maa Durga and parvati Devi

    • pooja

      to d 3 answer her name is something “khare” she is frm bhopal
      i also live in bhopal………..

  37. Akanksha sharma


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Happy holi yaar but here in Coimbatore we can see less people playing holi but I can’t play becoz today is my Tamil exam????. But u all play safe

  38. nupur


  39. Shaheerfc

    So Many fans of MB
    Pleasant news for Arjuna fans(shaheer)
    Arjuna acting in kuch rang pyar ke raise bi in sony


    hey guys happy holi to all………….

    i have a very bad news regarding nidhi………

    a mail from her:

    “I met with an accident and my leg got fractured ? so unable to comment and reply you…please don’t mind I can’t comment for 2 months i don’t think I will be able to comment..”

    “my leg is paining a lot so…I hit a truck while driving scooty that’s why… ?”

    pls everyone pray for her…… i know u will do it without myself asking u…….. guys she cant comment for next 2 months bcoz her parents want her to take rest…….. but she apologized nearly 10 times for not replying to all….. so to scold her r punch her is up to u….. from my side i just scolded her……………

    nidhi this is for u;

    this is a frnd doctor’s prescription:

    since tellyupdates wont post personal things i m replying all n sending some links too………^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

    some one pllzzzzzzzzz translate the following:

    holi wishes to our skr team

    i love this very much —->


    i had posted my next epi……. pls do read and comment…….

    ShaheerFC thanx….. i do know that shaheer is already acting in it……..

  41. dia

    Guys m finally over with my exams……finally……finally…….relieved
    tension se muktii

    va va vanvaas starting


  42. whaaat !really! oMG
    feeling bad get well soon I will pray for her how sad holy for her.
    welwisher her exam has finished naaa.

  43. Brindha

    Oh OMG
    Feeling bad for nidhi di…….
    I will pray for nidhi di……….
    Get well soon di…….
    I feel sad for her………… take rest and don’t stress urself nidhi di……..
    Take care nidhi di…….

  44. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys my dehleez ff epi-4,5,6,7 are tooo funny if u are free pls check and read and if possible leave a comment so I will be happy???

  45. Akanksha sharma

    wht??????…… very saad news… yaar… god plzzzz help our sister 2 get well soon…. now i am craving 2 meet or talk her once…. jst take care dear….. our prayers are always with u… no sry dear… if u cant comment…. jst get well soon yaar thats all we want….. take care luv u always….

  46. nupur

    OMG!!!! Very sad news….Thnx WW 4 sharing dis or we wouldn’t hav known….I ll surely pray 2 GOD 4 her well being tht she gets well soon.I ll surely miss her a lot…WW u tell her 4rm our side 2 take utmost rest n get well soon.Seriously i also want 2 meet hr n also box hr ears 4 reckless driving.Thank GOD she is safe n pls tell hr not 2 take too much stress…we will all wait 4 hr 2 come back…
    Give hr dher saara pyaar frm d whole skr family???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.