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Siya Ke Ram 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandodari saying she will give up her life, if Raavan does not leave his wish to marry Sita. Kaikesi asks her why is she becoming a hurdle in Lankesh’s marriage, I told you that you won’t get any problem by Sita, come out. Mandodari says I have sworn that I will not let any disaster happen and not let my self esteem get hurt. Meghnadh tries to convince her saying this is for the Rajya. She asks about the politics and Rajya power which kidnaps any woman and cheats the woman, I m Lanka’s queen, its my duty to think for Lanka’s good and right. She says I did not go against Lankesh, I have always supported you by my body, heart and speech, always obeyed you, but if you don’t agree to me today, no one can stop me from entering this fire, this is the only way to stop you.

Raavan says this childish behavior does not suit you, we spoke about this marriage before, I assured you that your rights won’t have any change, you will be my first wife, you will not be removed from Lanka’s queen place, come out of this fire ring and respect my decision. She says I have always advised you right things according to Dharm and left decision to you, I have always accepted your decision, you tortured many women before, but I was silent, but today you have to respect my decision, else I will prefer to die than seeing Lanka’s destruction.

Sita looks on and says the one who can’t see a wife’s love and sacrifice, who disrespects his wife, his ruining is definite, Lankesh you don’t know, but you are very lucky, your bad fate is that you are not able to respect your wife’s love and dedication, one day you will have to regret for this, and during that regretting moment, you will be alone. Raavan asks Mandodari do you really want this. She says yes, you give me a promise that you will drop the decision to forcibly marry Sita.

Raavan looks on. Sulochana asks Raavan to save Mandodari. Meghnadh says sorry, but Pitashri you have to protect Mata this time. Kaikesi thinks Mandodari’s Pati vrata Dharm and her purity is Raavan’s strength and power, if she ends her life by burning her fire, then Lanka will be ruined. She asks Raavan to stop Mandodari, else it will be worse. Raavan stops Mandodari and says you are my wife, and very dear to me, I can’t lose you for any other woman, I promise you, I will not marry Sita, but you have to promise me one thing, if you agree then I will swear to protect my promise. Sulochana asks Mandodari to agree. Kaikesi asks why this delay now Mandodari, Raavan gave you what you wanted, come out of fire and promise. Meghnadh asks her to come out, as fire is reaching her. Raavan asks shall I understand that you don’t trust me, trust is the foundation of love, it means you don’t love me, else you would have trusted me.

Mandodari says fine, I promise you, but first tell me what is it. Raavan says you have to promise that you won’t attempt to send Sita out of here, Sita has to stay here till I want, no one will attempt to send Sita out of Lanka, tell me do you accept this, you have to assure me on behalf of everyone, that it will happen as I want. Mandodari looks at Sita. Sita nods. Mandodari cries and promises Raavan. Mandodari prays and the fire gets blown off. Raavan and everyone leave from there.

Sugreev is crowned the king of Kishkindha by Laxman. The praja respects Sugreev and cheers for him. Sugreev thanks them for the respect and says I want to become Ram’s representative and serve you by walking on Ram’s Dharm path, whatever Ram did will be remembered forever, now its chance that we have to help him, now my life’s main motive is to find Mata Sita, we have to get to this work soon. Laxman looks on.

Sita pacifies Mandodari. Mandodari cries and says my heart is calling me culprit, I have trapped you in Lanka forever, I can’t help you now Sita, I can’t make you meet your husband, now every door for your exit is shut. Sita says I m bearing the result of my deeds, its not your mistake, I m glad that someone is there in Lanka who stops Lankesh from walking on Adharm path and encourages him to walk on good path, if Raavan leaves Adharm in time, then everything can get fine. Mandodari says you have compassion and forgiveness for Raavan, even after he tortured you. She says no, this is Dharm teachings, Raavan can get Lanka ruined, I don’t want that entire Praja has to bear a person’s deed’s punishment, about me, I m sure Ram will come to take me, I won’t need to wait for him for long, so you don’t worry. Trijata looks on and smiles.

Raavan plays veena and is angry. Meghnadh comes there. Raavan sees him and stops playing the veena. He asks him why did he come here, does he not know that Raavan is busy. Meghnadh says I got an imp news. Raavan asks him to say. The man says Kishkindha Naresh Bali died. Raavan says this news came before too, which was proved wrong. Meghnadh says I have sent Akampana to verify this, this news is true, Bali’s last rites are done too, Bali was killed in a Dharm battle with Sugreev, but Sugreev did not kill him, Bali’s murderer is Ram.

Meghnadh says Ram who is Sita’s husband and Surpanakha’s culprit. Raavan shouts Ram and asks are you sure about this news. Meghnadh says yes, if this is proved wrong, I will be ready for punishment. Raavan says I think Ram has decided to get punished by me, this is good news. He asks the spy to give him news about Ram’s every moment. The man leaves. Raavan says my wish that Ram comes to Lanka is getting fulfilled, we don’t have to get scared, but we have to stay alert, tighten the security, let that Ram come.

Trijata goes to Sita and smiles. She tells her that your hope is very strong, you know Ram has reached Kishkindha, he has killed the most powerful Vanar Raj Bali, I feel his power is increasing. Sita says power and might is already in him, now its time that he ends the Adharm, places Dharm and bless the entire world, and also present his power and capability.

Ram looks at the sky and says Janak Nandini Sita, Raghukul’s vadhu and Maryada, she accepted to roam in jungles by leaving all comforts to support her husband, but Raavan kidnapped her, I m sure with your help, we can free Sita from Raavan’s clutches and make her free of all the problems.

Ram holds the rain drops in his hand, and says this rain drops are like your tears for me Sita, I promise you that I will punish Raavan. Raavan dreams of Maa Kaali killing the Asurs and attacking him. He shouts no and wakes up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanmathi

    Imagine you have a friend you lost contact with him/her few years ago one day he/she calls you unexpectedly and says he/she is a part of the crew in siya ke ram and mahabharath and says he/she can arrange meeting with any one of the actors or actresses from now my question is who will you wish to meet choose a person from siya ke ram and one from mahabharath

    NOTE: Please type characters name along too with their real name coz it vl be easier for everyone to find out ok and please say if u don’t like this type of polls I cannot cmnt here separately so thank you everyone in advance hope you don’t mind I’ll try my best to comment when I have time. My answer is urmila aka yukti kapoor and pooja sharma aka draupadi please only one answer

    1. Urmila aka yukti kapoor from Siya Ke ram…

    2. Sanjana(Sara)

      I want to meet Urmila ( yukti kapoor ). I don’t know anyone from Mahabharath.

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Ummm… Madirakshi aka sita and pooja Sharma aka Draupadi or saurabh raj Jain aka Krishna from Mahabharata….boom sorry alot fr two choices in Mb… Bt wd grt difficulty I’ve chosen one in skr.. Your polls r superb di.. Love u..

    3. Madirakshi Mundle (Sita) & Shaheer Sheikh (Arjun)

    4. Priya15

      one is tough…from skr ofc yukti …and mahabharat …i want to meet pooja sharma(draupadi) and shaheer sheikh(arjun)

    5. madirakshi aka sita from skr n pooja sharma aka draupadi from mb. well i like to meet prithvi hatte aka mandvi also…

    6. really tough !!! but again, i wish to meet our madirakshi , ashish and yukti from SKR
      and saurabh raj jain and pooja sharma from Mahabharath

    7. Siya (Madirakshi) & Draupadi (Pooja)

  2. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    yukti kapoor aka urmila thanmadhi di…

  3. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    epi was super..I’m waiting fr hanuman reaching Lanka…to see sita tells her abut ram…ram ki shakti ke roop hai sita maa hena??

  4. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    epi was fab..I’m waiting fr hanuman reaching Lanka to meet sita nd tells her abut ram… ram ki shakti ke roop hai sita maa hena???

  5. Nice episode. Raavan’s all the intelligence is eaten up by his ego. That’s why he is not able to see shree ram’s power and capability. Sita praising ram was very nice. Precap also superb. Ram taking water in hand promising to punish raavan was fantastic. Sita as maa kali was just in dream. I thought she would become maa kali in reality.
    And I want to thanks Vanshika for answering my questions.

  6. Lakshman (karan suchak) frm siya ke ram nd Krishna ( saurabh raj jain) frm mahabharat.

  7. As usual nice episode…

  8. Padmaja

    A very nice epi

  9. Padmaja

    And and for tanu poll
    I wil meet yukku or ashish and in mb il’l choose arjun and draupadi

  10. Padmaja

    Sry tanu i didn’t see that last line pls only one ans sry for that

    1. Thanmathi

      Hey it’s OK no problem sometimes mistake happen

  11. nice episode

  12. omg……what an episode………..the most waiting moment come in tommorrow……. the ram scene is best…..waitng for tomorrow………

  13. there is a Ram- siya fan fiction…….these is very good…….there are 9 part… will see this part….you will check all 9 parts……plz read it……..
    share only for you…..
    red and cmmnt…….

    1. if you read these plz cmmnt..

  14. for me tanu di its

    prithvi hatte aka mandvi from skr and sourav raj jain aka krishna from mb as many will meet with draupadi aka pooja sharma. so my ans is a bit different

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hi cutie how r u.. Yup ha gud choice my fav is Krishna aka saurabh raj Jain also… Same choice eh.. Many will hv this choice only,., love u.

  15. Janak aka bijay anand n kunti

  16. Karan Suchak aka lakshman and SRJ aka krishna

  17. I think they missed angrylakshman -sugreev scene and tara consoling lakshman

  18. maithali crazy fr skr

    Waiting for the grand Milan of Siya n ram

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Me too… Hey Maithili di after lng tym u commenting na.. Hw r u di??Fyn na..
      Bt unfortunately Siam will meet in October.. After 3½ months.. Long dragging wait.. Bt happy ? dt nt hv to wt fr 10 months

  19. shwetha murthy

    love lanka family .Sulochana(vividha kirthi) and Meghnad(ankur nayyar) both are classic actors and have given justice to their role and their pair is lovely.Mandodari(piyali munsi) is also too good and our kannada boy Karthik(Ravan) is no less.

  20. I am thinking so many days to meet ASHISH SHARMA who is playing the role of Lord Ram. Only Ashish , Ashish, Ashish……..

  21. Thanmathi


    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Nu sorry ha di.. It’s okay ? I luv u ?

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Dnt pst as article pst as comment
        It’ll increase comment here..

  22. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Whoops.. Tonight ravan is going to be afraid..,

  23. the cmmnt is very less………plz read the ram siya fan fiction……which posted upper cmmnt…….read it……

  24. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Lakshmila part4 fr those who dint read yet
    Hey dears is this foolish ff no comments in any part Mahabharata ff

    If u don’t like then tell na I won’t continue with the ff..

    1. Padmaja

      Vanshu ur ffs was awesome dear pls continue it … And it is not foolish at all..

  25. Vanshika crazy fr skr
  26. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Hey dears pls comment this page seems so lonely…
    Joy da this fanfic was superb

  27. Priya15

    hi all….not watching skr …tabse school shuru hua time nahi miltha…but love u all guys…and miss u too..

  28. Priya15

    vanshu see my reply to u n my os page…

  29. Priya15

    tanu and padma i had replied to u two n my os page… and VANSHU dont be angry dear..i l update it on saturday if my school is off…ok…actually i want to think alot for it…

    1. Padmaja

      Hi priya ya i will see it dear

  30. Padmaja

    Joy bro the ff is super and i loved it

  31. Padmaja

    Hi vanshu ya the page is luking lonely

  32. Can I also join this group

  33. Can I also join this group

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