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Siya Ke Ram 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gargi telling Sita that the land was infertile for 12 years. When Sita was born, she cried and rain shower started, which brought life to the land and Mithila, you have given all the people a second life, they all love you, your birth place became a place of devotion. Sita is shocked and says where we sisters used to play. Gargi says yes, Janak got you there, he told that he did not accept you, but you accepted him as your father. Sita says I knew I m very lucky, but today I can’t express it, my parents got me from soil, but they have me in their heart, I m thankful to you Gargi, that you made me realize my family’s greatness, they have so much love, I feel proud. She hugs Gargi and touches his feet. Gargi blesses her. Sita leaves.

Sita comes to palace and sees

Sunaina. She recalls her childhood and talks to Sunaina. Sunaina says it was your test to get those herbs. Sita hugs her and says I want to just hug you. Chandrabhaga brings Mandvi and scolds her, asking did she keep her in womb for this day, will she know parents say anything for children’s good, will she get married and sleep till late in her inlaws house. Sita hears them and recalls Gargi’s words. Bharat and Shatrughan are on the way to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi dressed in black warrior clothes with face hidden comes there and stops them.

Shatrughan asks who is he to challenge us. Bharat says not us, just me. Bharat goes to fight. Kaikeyi and Bharat have swordfight. Kaikeyi is testing Bharat’s skills. Keikeyi falls down. Bharat says enough of practice, now I will end this. He jumps in air and she stops her, saying Putra Bharat. He stops and says Maa… she reveals her face and smiles.

He says Mata Kaikeyi and holds her hand. She says I felt like winning after I lost today. She blesses Bharat and says I have send you as a Rajkumar, and you returned as a warrior. She hugs Bharat. She says you returned my self esteem, such should be the son of Dasharath. Bharat says I did not know a queen will come to welcome a Rajkumar. He smiles seeing Ram and Laxman coming in horse cart. The brothers run to each other and meet. Ram hugs Bharat and Shatrughan. Ram says Laxman can’t tease Bharat now. Laxman asks Bharat why is he quiet, did he lose to Kaikeyi, I knew Bharat will be tested, Ram could not wait there and I got him here. Bharat is upset with Kaikeyi, as a mother did not welcome him, Ayodhya’s queen has welcomed him. Ram hugs Bharat.

Bharat and Shatrughan take blessings from Dasharath, Kaushalya and Sumitra. Bharat hugs Kaushalya and cries happily meeting her. Sumitra is glad seeing Shatrughan and talks to her. Everyone smile. Kaushalya asks them what are these wounds. Bharat sees Kaikeyi and says physical wounds heal. Kaikeyi says it’s the prove that you were sent by some aim and its fulfilled now. Kaikeyi says she feels Bharat has come back as a Samparn warrior. Dasharath says yes, your decision to send him was right Kaikeyi, I believe that Ram will have support of his three brothers. Kaikeyi looks on shocked.

Sita thinks of Chandrabhaga’s words. The sisters play with shadows and asks Sita to play with them. They laugh and says Sita is important link between them. Sita asks them to imagine if she was not their own sister then… They ask why is she saying such. Sita says I m just saying to imagine. Mandvi says if we say wrong, you scold us, why are you saying this. Sita says I just asked, if this really happened then…. Urmila says I would have ended ties with you. Sita gets shocked.

Janak and Sunaina worry as Sita is not in palace. They meet Gargi. Gargi says she told Sita that she is born from the soil. A dangerous lady is shown attacking the people.

Update Credit to: Amena

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