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Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan saying how is this possible, my body has no wound, all wounds healed on its own. Vaid says its possible if someone has taken Devta’s Amrit, but you did not have such Amrit, how did this get possible. Raavan asks Vaidraj to leave. He asks Mayasur why are you silent, I did not get blessing to get immortal, whats the reason for my wounds healing on own, is there something I don’t know, tell me. Mayasur says your wife Mandodari has the answer, you can ask her what did she do going Chandralok. He tells Raavan that Mandodari has placed Amrit in his navel. Raavan says great, it means I m immortal, Amrit is in my navel, Brahmadev’s blessing too got changed now, I have become immortal forever. He laughs and tells Mandodari that she did wife’s duty always, I could not do

this, even Brahmadev could not bless this to me, you did this for me, I m thankful to you.

Hanuman looks for lotus and thinks I did not get lotus in entire Lanka, just Sita can help me now. He flies to Sita and greets her. She asks you here Hanuman, is everything fine. He says yes, but I want your help. She asks him to say without hesitation. He says Ram decided to do Shakti puja and he needs 108 lotus, but I did not get any lotus in entire Lanka. She smiles and asks him to come with her. She plucks lotus and gives him. He takes the basket and says I m returning with 108 lotus by your blessing and help, now Ram’s shakti puja will be fulfilled, now allow me to leave. She blesses him. He leaves.

Mandodari says yes Lankesh, I have placed Amrit kalash in your navel to protect my husband, not by any other intention. He says you did right, see I became immortal because of you, no one can kill me now. Mayasur says no, even after placing Amrit kalash, you are not completely immortal. Raavan asks what do you mean. Mayasur says you have placed Amrit kalash in your navel, if anyone knows this secret and ruins the kalash, your immortality will end. Raavan says that’s possible if anyone knows this, no one knows this except you and Mandodari.

He finds Mandodari worried and asks her why is she silent, why does she not say that no one knows this secret except her. He asks her is there anyone who knows this secret, tell me. She says yes, there is someone else who knows this secret. He asks who is that. She says Vibhishan. He gets shocked. She says its Vibhishan, who has placed Amrit kalash in your navel. He gets angry and says Lanka traitor Vibhishan, he has to die for my immortality, before he tells this secret to vanvasi Ram. Mayasur says its possible that Vibhishan already told this to Ram. Raavan says if Ram knew this, he would have shot first at my navel, now Vibhisha’s final time has come. Mandodari cries.

Hanuman gives lotus to Ram. Ram thanks him. Hanuman says I did not get lotus in entire Lanka, then I went to Sita, she gave me these flowers. Ram sits to do Shakti puja. He says I swear to do Devi Shakti’s Aradhna, accept my prayers. Laxman says Ram will not get up from his place till shakti puja gets completed, we have to stay here so that no asur power creates hurdle in the puja.

Raavan goes to some cave. He calls out Shankini and Dankini. Shankini and Dankini come there and laugh. they ask how did you remember us today, maybe you have some work, tell us what you want, whose life shall we take. Raavan says I will punish him death, just get him to me. Dankini says wait for us here, we will fulfil your wish. He asks them to hear whom to get. They says we know the one who broke your trust. They laugh and leave.

Ram’s Aradhna continues. Everyone stand behind. Shankini and Dankini come there and see Vibhishan with everyone. They say how we will get him. Laxman says its late night, we have to head for war tomorrow, you all go and sleep, I will be here with Ram and protect him. Everyone go. Laxman asks Hanuman to go and rest. Hanuman says no, I will stay here till Ram’s puja gets completed, till then I can’t rest. Laxman smiles. Shankini says Vibhishan got alone now. Dankini says but how will we kidnap him. Vibhishan goes inside his tent. They smile seeing vanars/ Nar and Nir. They take disguise of Nar and Nir.

They get inside Vibhishan’s tent and wake him up. They show the fire and ask him to come with them fast. They take Vibhishan out. Vibhishan says fire caught just my tent, why did we come so far. They get to true form and laugh. Vibhishan asks the women who are they, leave me. They take Vibhishan and fly away. He shouts to Sugreev, Nar and Nir to protect him. Sugreev shouts Vibhishan ji. He rushes to Ram. Ram is still praying. Hanuman asks Sugreev why do you look scared. Sugreev tells him about Vibhishan. Hanuman says it will be big disaster if anything happens to Vibhishan, if Ram knows about Vibhishan’s kidnapping, he will leave Shakti Aradhna midway and go to find Vibhishan, no we will not tell anything to Ram till Shakti Aradhna completes. Sugreev asks what other option do we have. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will find Vibhishan. He flies off.

Shankini and Dankini tie Vibhishan and laugh. he asks why did you get me here, leave me. Raavan comes and holds both of the asur women. He throws them away and says how dare you attack on Lankesh’s younger brother, he is my dearest brother, I will kill anyone who hurts my brother, because just I have right to kill my brother Vibhishan. Vibhishan gets shocked. Hanuman looks for Vibhishan and says don’t know where did those asur women take Vibhishan.

Raavan says Vibhishan, I always loved you as my younger brother, I gave you freedom for your Aradhna, you always went against me, but I did not think to kill me when you left Lanka and went to my enemy Ram, even then you broke all your Maryada, you become Kul’s enemy, you are reason of Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran, Ahiravan, Dhundraj, Vajramushti’s death, your survival is not good for me, you have to die.

Ram looks for lotus and says one lotus is missing. He says I will pay my one eye instead that lotus to Devi and complete my Aradhna. He takes a bow to hurt his eye. Kaikesi smiles seeing Sahastya Raavan, and says now Ram can’t fail my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    ? You’re given a chance to see any of the epics from ur eyes, which one ll u choose, Ramayana or Mahabharata??
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    1. I would select sita in ramayan….because for her love and respect towards her husband …..

    2. I’ll choose Mahabharata and in characters I wanna become trijata of ramayan who helped sita in every way she can . I just love ❤ trijatas character . Thank u for the poll dear ?

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    Sita is Lakshmi ma n Lakshmi Saraswati ma n durga ma make bhagwati or Adi shakti so perhaps sita cn b kali ma…….. Confused pls clear

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