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Siya Ke Ram 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita wandering in the jungle. She falls weak and stumbles. Hanuman sees her and gets sad. He cries and says Laxman has been awake for 14 years to protect Sita, then Ram has killed Raavan and his entire Kul to save Sita, and today Mata Sita is wandering in this jungle alone, there is no one to take care and protect her, Prabhu Shri Ram said right. He recalls Ram.

FB shows …..Ram says this land has been like burning heat for me, I m burning continuously, I m not getting peace, there is no one to understand me, everyone is seeing King Ram’s decision, but no one can to see what Ram is going through, just you can help me and end my sorrow, you can become Sita’s shield. Hanuman says protecting Sita will be my life’s motive now, it will be y good luck to serve her,

I promise wherever Sita is, I will never let tears come in her eyes, I promise to take care of her forever. Ram asks him to promise of not telling Sita about my sorrow and pain, you will never tell Sita about my heart’s pain. FB ends.

Hanuman sees Sita falling. He takes disguise of a little boy and goes to her. He holds her and says Mata, I will get water for you. He rushes and gets water for her. He feeds water to her. He says I will get fruits for you. He gets fruits for her and asks her to have fruit, she would be hungry, my name is Bhanuti, my speed is faster than air, I stay in nearby ashram, I will go and get Gurudev, you sit here and have these fruits. He goes to call his Gurudev. He goes to a Rishi and asks him to open eyes, my Mata is wandering in jungle in bad state, protect her. Valmiki opens eyes and says Kesari nandan Hanuman. Hanuman comes in his true form and says yes, Ram has abandoned Sita to obey Raj Dharm and Maryada, Sita has to bear this punishment even when she is innocent, she is staying near ashram like an orphan. He cries.

Valmiki says this was fate which had to occur some day by any situation, where is Devi Sita, take me to her. Hanuman gets in disguise and takes him to Sita. They see Sita sleeping on the rocks. Valmiki thinks Mithila king’s daughter, Raghukul’s vadhu, who should have been living with all comforts in Rajbhavan, she is living here because of the society, the society has always been unjust to women, sometimes in Raavan’s avatar and sometimes in Dhobi’s avatar. He asks Sita to wake up. She wakes up and greets him. Valmiki says no need to say anything, I know very well what happened to you, you are not alone here, you are welcome in my Rishi ashram.

She says no Rishivar, forgive me, the woman whose husband made her leave from Rajbhavan calling her impure, its not right to enter your ashram, your ashram can get impure by my steps. He says no, the girl’s steps which got happiness in Mithila, by whom Raghukul’s Maryada and prestige increased, by whose support, Ram is called Maryada Purshottam Ram, by whose touch even Agni dev got pure, the one who is very much pure like Ganga, can an ashram get impure by your steps, never, I want you to come there, I have written Ramayana, and I thought you and Ram will live happily in Ayodhya, this would have been happy ending, but fate has something else, come, you are welcome in ashram. Hanuman says I will tell everyone that Mata is coming. He rushes.

Valmiki tells her that Bhanuti will be at your service from today, you won’t have any problem, come. She cries and thanks him. He takes her to the ashram. A lady Guru Mata does Sita’s aarti. She welcomes Sita. Valmiki says her name is Vandevi, she will stay with us in this ashram, and we have to look after her happiness and sorrows. Bhanuti/Hanuman says come mata, I made a small hut for you. Sita smiles. Valmiki prays to Lord and says Sita has come in our ashram, we will take care of him, forgive me if there is any mistake done while serving her.

The time passes…… After eight months, Sita holds her stomach and comes out of the hut. Hanuman looks on. Sita imagines Ram and smiles. Ram disappears and she gets sad. She looks around.
Sita feels pain in her stomach. Hanuman rushes to her and asks Guru dev, Guru Mata to see whats happening. The ladies take Sita inside. Hanuman cries and says Mata is having pain. Valmiki asks him to have patience, everything will be fine. Guru Mata says nothing to worry, there is one month left, then there will be baby’s laugh echoing in this ashram. Valmiki smiles and thinks Ram and Sita’s child will starts his life journey here.

Valmiki tells Sita that this is first Sanskaar of the child growing in your womb. He does her aarti. Guru does her tika and does aarti. Guru Mata says mother’s feelings and thoughts affect the child, so try to be happy always, don’t let your heart get sad. Valmiki says its good luck for any woman to become mother, this is such happiness which completes a woman.

Janak comes to Ayodhya’s Rajbhavan. He greets Guru Vashisht. Kaushalya and Laxman look on. Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there. They cry and hug him. Shruthkirti says we could not stay away from Sita, but now we got away from her twice. Urmila says if you took all four of us back, Sita would have been with us today. Guru Vashisht says I understand the pain to get away from a children. Janak says I came to meet Ram, where is he. Laxman says Ram is in his Kaksh, come I will take you there. Janak stops him and says I want to meet Ram alone.

Janak asks Sita will she not meet him. Sita cries and says the woman who is regarded impure, how can she show her face to him. He says you are Vaidehi, Mithila’s daughter. Sita hugs Janak and cries. He asks her to come with him to Mithila.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg , such an important epi and i missed it , can anybody tell me if luv kush r born or not

    1. Catch the episode in HOTSTAR…………………………. Don’t miss it anyhow or any other episode………………………………….

    2. no not now may be it takes 2 episodes

  2. thank u so much for the update amena , the update helps a lot

  3. Anushya

    Touching episode…. need to see janak ram conversation… didn’t urmila shout at lakshman? Sita is gonna be the best mom ever… luv and kush are lucky that way… they have a great mom…. doesn’t sita know that bhanuti is hanuman?

    1. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      no anushya sita will later only find about hanuman’s real avatar…… n ya urmila shouting lakshman some says it didnt happen while some say it happened……. so may be becoz of that they didnt show……. n luv n kush are really going to be lucky…….

      1. Ramayana is called Smriti. It is always written by memorizing by various authors. Different writers write and re-write the story with their own view. I believe no one has confronted anyone. At-least Valmiki has not written this. Even everyone soon resumed in their respective lives. All sisters of Sita delivered babies. Laxman son Chatraketu born soon after birth of Lav Kush. Surely memory of Sita was in their hearts but all engaged themselves in respective duties and responsibilities.

        Urmila, Sumitra were few women of Kingdom having great sense of wisdom, intelligence and foresightedness. Just by confronting they could not waste the great sacrifice of Sita.

  4. Very emotional episode. Why Shri Ram didn’t send Sita Mata to Mithila?
    Feeling very sad for Ram. No one can understand his pain. He has to fulfill his Rajdharm keeping his personal sorrow aside.
    Was hanuman with Sita all this time then how he couldn’t identify Luv- Kush and engaged in a fight with them? Anyways he is really sankatmochan who ended all the problems of Siyaram.
    Time is passing so fast. I thought they would show Luv and Kush birth after one week but showing it so soon.
    And why Maharshi Valmiki didn’t tell the reality of Sita to everyone in the ashram?
    Rajmata Kaushalya’s look changed a little bit. Pearl necklace added and some hair white.
    I really want to see the conversation between Ram and Rajarshi Janak. Hope he will understand him. How Rajarshi Janak got to know where is Sita? I wish Sita should go with him to Mithila. But I know that won’t happen.

    1. Janka met Sita is just imagination of Director. Do you thing a disowned Queen (not wife) could like in any city. Rumor is so strong threat for any person. To avoid such rumors three options were there. What were his options?

      1. She could continue to live in Ayodhya, but not as queen
      2. She could go to Mithila, her father’s place.
      3. She could be sent to the forest

      Staying in Ayodhya with any dignity would have been impossible for Sita. The queen of a kingdom couldn’t live in the kingdom as anything but a queen. Such is the high cost of rising to the very top of the power structure that there is no way down. There is no dignity in living a lowly life in a kingdom one ruled. Going to Mithila too was not an option. A dishonoured woman, renounced by her husband would have been a thorn in the flesh for her father too. She could not command the respect of the people of Mithila or lived a life of dignity. The people of Mithila would be no different than those of Ayodhya in their sense of morality and their insensitivity. Living in cities would not have been possible.

      That leaves the third option of sending her to the forest. By forest, we don’t have to imagine a cruel and frightening world of wild animals and demons. The Rishis (sages) dwelt in the forest in Ashrams. People of the forest were simple people without the prejudices of the city people. Sita was well acquainted with forest life and had in fact expressed a desire to again visit the ashrams that they had earlier visited during their forest stay. To the people of the ashrams Rama’s renouncing her would not matter. She could lead a simple and comfortable life (albeit without the luxuries of the palace). Most importantly she could lead a life of dignity.

      For people who consider Rama as a perfect person with the highest character, what was the precedence he was setting? That one could abandon a wife on frivolous reasons (doubts by all and sundry about her character!). We must realize that Rama’s situation is different than that of normal people. Normal people do not have the conflict of Dharma since they are not responsible for others. They have recourse to the justice system for resolution of such issues. Either the husband or the wife in a situation could go to the king and seek justice. The king has no such recourse. By siding with his wife against his people, he would have set a wrong example for kings of all times to come. It was one evil vs. the other. He chose the option that was harmful to the least.

      (Courtesy: K.B.S. Ramachandra)

      1. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

        indeed a very informative message…… superb explanation……

  5. Priya15

    An emotional epi once again… Hanuman’s care for Sita… Amazing.. He is the best son.. That’s y people say.. Heart connection matters lot sometimes.. Even than the blood connection…… And hanuman proved it….. Sisters hugging scene… I m literally crying.. When urmila said Agar aap hame le jaate toh… Really sometimes people start to blame destiny or the past for their present situation.. That too when they see their loved ones sufferings.. And it’s clearly shown in urmila dialogues…

    Precap… Tmr I l cry alot.. I m sure… So sad… Janak proved that he don’t care wt people speak abt him.. But he just want her daughter not to suffer.. That’s called father’s love..

    But guys… Sita is 8 months pregnant.. What abt other sisters.. Even they l get pregnant at the same time na???? .

    1. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      priya that will be shown soon…… for actually the cousins i mean the sons of all the 4 brothers had 1 or 2 years of age difference….. and since their brother n sister life is in miserable condition…… so the children for them they ddint give it a thought for a year or so after sita’s exile…… so they may take a small leap or so n show the children of the remaining pairs…….. hope i have made it clear……

      1. Priya15

        ya dear..its clear…btw…how r u ??happy to see ur cmnt..

  6. Priya15

    No lakshmila confrontation ??? the imp phase of Ramayana is not shown… So sad..


    1. It’s true yaar

    2. NABANITA626

      TRUE DEAR…..

  7. At last one Happy episode is coming……………………….. Wonderful episode……… Tomorrow is more interesting……………………
    I hope you all know that SKR will end in Mid November………………… So there are more than 40 episode will be coming…. So It’s very happily says that We all SKR fan hope to see full Ramayan and Vaikuntha prasthan details………………………………. Bcoz 40 episode is enough for it……… Agree with me?????…..

    1. NABANITA626

      Today sbs shows that chandra nandini is not replacing will replace hthgpkk.
      Skr got 1 month extension from☆ will be end in November. And may be it will be replaced by PARDESH (Cast-Dharshti dhami and Arjun Bijlani)

    2. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)


  8. loved todays episode.yaay!!! sita is going to get a child!! so happy. and guys will sita go to mithila.plz reply

    1. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      no dear she wont go to mithila……… she doesnt want to be burden to her parents n refuses to go to there…… u will see it in today r friday’s epi…..

  9. From the sets. Valmiki ashram. Simple but tasty food. Madirakshi selfie.
    Madirakshi in sanyaasi look. On set. In jungle.
    Madirakshi’s day out.
    Unless you get up and run you’re reaching anywhere.


    Star Plus’ magnum opus show, ‘Siya Ke Ram’ has been a revelation since its inception. The unique take of presenting Ramayana from Goddess Sita’s (Madirakshi Mundle) perspective instantly clicked with the fans and made it a sensation.

    Over the time, the show has been getting better and better courtesy Ashish Sharma’s excellent portrayal of Lord Ram apart from convincing performances of the whole cast.

    But the sad part about telecasting an epic saga is that we know it will surely END, and sometimes quite sooner than other daily soaps.

    And similar was the fate of ‘Siya Ke Ram’, as the show was slated to go off-air in October.

    But, don’t worry fans, the show has managed to get an extension and will now be going off-air in mid-November. Star Plus’ array of shows which include Arjun Bijlani-Drashti Dhami starrer, ‘Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil’ will be going on-air soon and Rajat Tokas-Shweta Basu Prasad starrer, ‘Chandra Nandini’ will be going on-air in the second week of October.

    But paving the way for these mega-shows, ‘Siya Ke Ram’ will go for a time-slot change and will stay on-air till November.

    We contacted Ashish who said, “Well this happens with several shows day in and day out. Sometimes, shows go off-air earlier than expected while sometimes they run longer than anticipated. So, it is not something new.”

    He added, “Having said that, it is a feeling of extreme elation when you realise that your work has been appreciated and loved. You feel that your hard work is rewarded and that motivates you to work harder. I feel great that we were able to portray the epic saga of ‘Ramayana’ which has been shown so many times and still, not being monotonous, we managed to keep the viewers glued. So, it’s a great thing and I couldn’t be happier for the show and the whole team.”

    On being asked if he has plans set once the show goes off-air, Ashish said, “Well, as soon as the show goes off-air, I will be going on a long break for about 6 months as I have been away from family and friends for more than a year now in Hyderabad. And now, I will take a break and will then think on future ventures.”

    Well, Ashish, we will surely miss you when you will be off-screen and can cherish the few days of ‘Siya Ke Ram’..

  11. Gud going !!

  12. Malvi

    Gud going !! I want Lakshmila scenes !!

  13. so lovely can understand ram pain just all are looking at his decision only

  14. A video message from Madirakshi to all her fans and stop following fake facebook accounts.
    Power of 3. Offscreen bonding. Fabulous trio. Shatrughn, Shrutkirti and Mandvi.
    Offscreen pic. On set. One is pre vanvaas and one is of now. Ashish and Karan and many others passing time in between shots.
    Mithila days offscreen pic. Shatanand, maharani Sunaina, gargi and Sita.

  15. @Preethi12345………. No…… She will not………….

    1. thanks joy

  16. Padmaja

    Wow a emotional epi and hanuman’s care for his mother siya was just awesome…. and the dialogue of urmila made me to feel sooo sad.. and ya no one couldn’t understand ram’s sorrow. .. now all r against his decision.. and tmrw precap is more interesting… but I think no one knows where sita is liliving except hanuman but how Janak knows???? But father’s love is always greater.. he didn’t bother about the society he wants to make sita to live comfortable. … but never heard of precap story tell me if it is mentioned in any versions of ramayana

    1. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

      ya i too have the same doubt…. i have never heard of Janak viviting sita after the 2nd exile……

  17. Good episode !!!! ? ??

  18. Hi guys today I hv my geography exam and bcoz I couldn’t do it dat well last year that’s why I am trying my level best this time….. Pls pray for me ……

    I hv written an ff on siyaram and the name I thought is ‘siyaram-don sharir ek pran’ …. How will it be dearies ????

    Only one month is left for our cutest luv -Kush…… Yippee yippee

  19. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

    ok hi all…….. sry anushya, ishita, n padmaja for the late replies……….

    ishita there s no msg from nidhi as after my exams started i didnt chat with her….. but she said she will try to be on the last date of skr…….. n ya i hated the chemistry paer too the core……. hw was it for u????…….. this time q.papers were a bit tough for our school students…… n i still i have bio exam trmw…………

    hey padhu thanks for the re-welcome…….

    n anushya even i happy to meet a very sweet member of skr…… its ok if its u first talk with me……. n ya i wont forget to visit on the last day……

    this msg is a reply to

    1. As usual difficult only d……. But hoping to get 100 above out of 200……? lets c……

  20. well wisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

    i request tu not omit any of my comments pls…… for my later comments are been posted than the ones posted earlier….. i fear it might get discarded………. pls dont do that……. plssssss………

    1. Bio vah edthurka nee…? Na cs…….

  21. Vanshika

    OMG Krishnai diiii ??????? can’t tell how happy I’m too see ur comment.

  22. Vanshika

    Skr disappointed today ? no lakshmila confrontation ?.. Btw nice epi.. NVR heard that Janak meet sita ?..

  23. Kishu

    Very emotional episode.
    I caught it on hotstar as i was preparing for my maths exam.
    Happy to know that skr got 1 month extension.

  24. Vanshika

    Divine beauty.. Even swarg apsaras failed.. Madirakshi.. This is really superb
    Of screen time…
    Chal beta selfie lele re.. Ashish Sharma.. Anyone guesses where??
    Next in siya ke ram part 18
    Vaikuntha KO prasthan epi 2..

  25. Vanshika

    Beautiful Madirakshi.. Beauty queen..
    All lakshmila fans.. This pic is really divine.. LAKSHMILA
    Supa divine. Our siya
    Someone wipe off her tears ?
    Pls comment dearies ??

    1. loved the links vanshu

  26. Vanshika

    Telly updates plssssss post my comments..

  27. Ok ww…….

  28. i have never heard of janak meeting sita during her second exile . does anybody know abt it

  29. Vanshika

    Guys tmrw my geography exam….

    1. actually its geography exam for me too , all the best vanshu dearie

  30. Priya15

    hii guys..i have heard that janak l meet sita while her second exile..he will ask her to come to mithila..but sita l refuse to go with him by saying that ..she is apavitra and ram asked lakshman to leave me here..i cant go away from this he will leave n was shown in tamil ramayana is a old film..

    1. Vanshika

      It was also shown in the first Ramayana of TV, my mom told me

  31. guys how is my new dp ?

  32. guys a question to all of u , there were many promos that were shown before skr started . some would have started watching skr in the middle too . after seeing which promo or scene u got attracted to skr .

    1. when sita comes to know she is a bhoomija.actually i have been watching skr from the 1st epi but this promo attracted me

  33. Jayani

    Probably Hanumam would hav told Ram about Sita staying in Valmiki’s ashram n Ram would hav told Janak

  34. Jayani

    Varshini akka, probably Hanumam would hav told Ram about Sita staying in Valmiki’s ashram n Ram would hav told Janak

  35. superb episode why I missed it , it is my favourite show and I love ram and sita both even ravan

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