Siya Ke Ram 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram hugging his sons. Sita looks at Ram and passes by. Ram says Sita….. She stops and cries. Ram folds hands and says want to make a request to you, I can’t raise Lav and Kush alone, for our family’s happy future, come back to Ayodhya. Laxman says yes, I have left you alone in this arid jungle, I m culprit, give me chance to repent, I want to take you back. Kaushalya asks Sita to accept their request and change her decision of not returning to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi says yes, since you are not there, we are living incomplete life, when everything is getting fine, do you want to leave Ayodhya’s residents in sorrow. Sumitra says if you don’t return, your Matas and sister’s lives will be incomplete. Sita cries and says forgive me Mata, I can’t return Ayodhya, and I can’t

change my decision. They all get shocked.

She walks ahead. Ram says its right, if this is your decision, I will also not return to Ayodhya, even Matas, sisters, and entire family, no one will return Ayodhya. They all nod. Kaikeyi says Ram said right, we all will stay here, we won’t return Ayodhya. Sita wipes her tears and says if your decision is this, its fine, let me give one day to leave from this ashram forever. They all smile.

Guru Vashisht gets tearful eyes looking at Sita and feels something inauspicious. Sita looks at them and leaves. Sumitra says thank God, Sita agreed to return to Ayodhya. Guru Vashisht thinks what did Sita mean by saying that, her meaning is not straight. Kaushalya says woman’s heart gets hard while bearing trouble, in such case, the decision is final, but your love made Sita change her decision, we are lucky that Sita agreed to come with us to Ayodhya. Ram says no, this is not result of my love and trust, its about Sita’s greatness, her heart is so big that she is always ready to bear our sorrows, she has forgiven me. Kaikeyi asks minister to go Ayodhya in evening and do preparations for Sita’s welcome. Minister says sure and leaves. Urmila says the auspicious moment when we all four sisters will stay together. Kaushalya says even Lav and Kush will come, Ayodhya will be free of vanvasi fate.

Sita tells Lav and Kush that she will make them have food today. Kush asks will you feed us. Lav says we liked to eat by your hands, but you taught us to have food on our own. Kush says now we have grown up. Sita says children will always be children for mother, today, let me feed you for the last time, then you have to eat food on own always. They look at her. She feeds them and cries. She says now you both are returning to Ayodhya, don’t upset Ram, obey his command, never disobey him. Lav says you are saying as if you won’t stay there. Kush says you yourself see how we stay as your and Ram’s obedient sons. Lav says yes, else you give us punishment which you feel right.

Ram looks at the sky and thinks just this night passes any way, the sun ray will become witness of Siya Ram’s reunion. Sita comes and says Raghunandan, you did not have food till now, come. He says Sita and smiles….. He sits to have food and forwards hand to feed her. She takes food from his hand and feeds him. He looks at her and gets tearful eyes. Sita makes him wash hands. He says after many years, I felt content after having food, I left hope that I will get food made by you. She turns away.

Sita says Lav and Kush are young, you have to take care of them a lot. Ram says yes Sita, we both will together raise them, you accepted to come Ayodhya from me and made my heart burden less, now I m waiting for new day. She says Sita’s life was incomplete without Ram, I got you and my life’s complete motive got over, my birth in Vasudha succeeded, permit me to leave. He looks on. She cries. He stops her and says I got something for you, wait. He gives her the bridal dress and ornaments. She says I have worn this and came Ayodhya. He says you will wear this and leave from here tomorrow. She takes it and says as you wish. He says you are not saying anything. She says I did not forget, I was seeing do you remember or not, give me my sindoor. Ram smiles and gives her sindoor. She asks him to apply sindoor to her. He applies sindoor. She cries and sees him. She leaves. Hanuman comes and tells Ram that Guru Vashisht called you.

Guru Vashisht recalls Sita’s words and is worried. Ram comes and greets him. Guru Vashisht says my heart is doubtful. Ram asks why. Guru Vashisht says your bad dream….. Ram recalls and says now everything is happening well, all dangers are gone, so we should forget the bad dream and welcome the beautiful future. Guru Vashisht says I hope everything happens as you are saying, I pray that your trust wins over your bad dream. Ram takes his blessings and goes. Guru Vashisht thinks why do I feel that Sita’s heart has something else going on.

Janak says Sita, you came here, at this time. Sita says I came to meet you and thank you, now permit me to leave. She disappears. Janak worries and tells Shathanand that Sita took some decision that big danger is going to come on her. Janak and Shathanand leave to find Sita. Ram thinks of bad dream and says is this bad happening related to that bad dream, I have to meet Sita right away. Ram proceeds to Sita’s hut.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Veena

    Very Sad that Devi Sita is leaving . But the way she is leaving in SKR is completely wrong depiction . That’s hurt me as a woman.
    Because in Reality and in Original version -Sita went to Mother Earth as King Ram asked her to prove her chastity before accepting her as a wife and a Queen.
    But here , it is shown that SIta has become stone heart due to 12 years of exile and then how is it possible to have unconditional love-FULLY Contradictory . Sita is self conceited -IMPOSSIBLE . Unconditional love can’t co exist with ego, both attributes are poles apart .
    Secondly it is shown that Ram being a very loving husband but in reality he was a kind king and Mariyada purushottam but failed as a husband .Rather little cruel -even after second exile of Sita- when Luv & ksh’s identity was revealed by Sage Valmiki -Ram demanded SECOND agnipariksha -why SKR did not show the TRUTH ??? Why showing RAM great and Sita -unforgiving?
    IF RAm did in reality what Ashish Sharma did as a RAm -then Ramayan’s ending would have been happy ending in TRETA YUGA -4700 BC .
    BUT Alas , it did not . Ram never requested Sita to return .

    • Srinidhi

      Sita is not shown as unforgiving or selfish – she feels that fate won’t let Siyaram live together in that birth. Otherwise, she never resented Ram or anyone else. She just thought that one shouldn’t try to change fate.

    • Varshini

      |Registered Member

      u r right di , ram questioned sita again and sita was so hurt that she said if she was pure and did not think of anybody other than ram let mother earth come and take me . mother earth came and took her away wid her and luv-kush were left wid ram .as u said this is the original story

    • Rahul Mishra

      @ Veena
      I cant clam what actually happened in history but in different versions stories are also different.
      Padam Puran : Ram Sita reunite
      Anand Ramayan : Ram Sita reunite
      Mahabharat : No Sita exile, No Agni Pariksha
      Ram Charit Manas: No Sita exile, Agni Pariksha of Chhaya Sita
      Adhyatma Ramayan: Sita exile but Agni Pariksha of Chhaya Sita
      Valmiki Ramayan: No Sita exile because story stops at Ram Rajya Abhishek….
      but some author dragged story further and wrote Sita exile… which was never part of original Ramayan.

      Its up to you to chose your version. I personally believe in Valimiki narration and in hidden way Sita supernatural character is written in story, while Ram is portrayed as best among human being with great values. Sita agni pariksha or banishment is not for normal people. It is just an example to kings (ruler people, politicians, diplomats) to sacrifice dearest thing in favor of people, community or public. Maybe they are wrong but suppression or dictatorship is not the way to rule. The best way is to let them realise their mistake through flow of emotions and exhibition of suffering that Ram and Sita together did.

      Now we are accusing Ram for his decision but that time we people have questioned Sita.

  2. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Hiii ishqvala epii!!!!!!!

    All ashish Sharma sir fans who use fb..there is a gud news many of u may know ashish sir accepts friend request..but there r two to three fake ids of sirs name..plzz add friend only to the ashish sir which has description like married to archana taide etc.. Others r fake n they to accept requests..plzz unfriendly the fake ones…ex ashish RJ Sharma…

    Plzz spread this news..!!!!
    Request only to the real sir….I’ve just unfriended other ones..

  3. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wow wowwow an extremely awesome epi…. sira sce after soooo many days…. happy to see dem together….and a excellent precap….

  4. Supreetha (Soups)

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling that probably Sita will go to Mother Earth dressed in bridal attire….after watching Ram giving her ornaments and clothes…..Maybe that’ll shown.

  5. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    omg I can’t stop my tears .last time we are seeing sia and ram together .she will return to mother earth soon .very painful

  6. SKR fan

    Could not see the episode but after reading the update it seems to be very emotional.
    Vanshika once I requested you to give a ff on Siya ke Ram actors offscreen fun. Can you please give it before the serial ends?
    And one more request to everybody can anyone tell me the link where I can see Siya ke Ram’s episodes (not hotstar)? Please.

  7. SKR fan


  8. joy

    Very very upset and disappointed bcoz I wish some Baikhunth or happy ending……. But there no scene about it…………
    Already SKR shooting end…….. All the actor coming back to Mumbai………….. But there are no no pic about AshMa……………….
    I know all of you want a happy end but there are all sad and painful episode……..
    So very much upset………..
    The last segment of SKR….. Don’t miss……..
    Plz Cmmnt and discuss on my cmmnt…..

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      I am sharing my thoughts regarding no ashma pick may not be true….but i think most the actors and actress who act in skr are not married,so that go to party together and click photos….but asish live in hydrabad with his wife…so he have to spend his time with his wife after the shooting…and I think asish sir wife may be possesive so may be she don’t like that….

      It also may be happens that asish sir and madirakshi man are doing that only for publicity…if we don’t get any pick together of them normally viewers will be more interested to see them .

      • joy

        I think your thoughts are right……… One thing more………. I think Ashish Sharma did not like any party bcoz he did not attend any party of SKR………. Hope he will attend farewell party also take a pic with madirakshi…………

    • Aman

      but i thk the sisters followed their husbands to sarayu river acc to adhyatam ramayan and died before their husbands acc to valmiki ramayan,they had a boon to die suhagan

  9. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    awesome episode . i felt very sad when sita told she wants one day time to leave this ashram forever . yes i too think she will go wid mother earth in royal attire

  10. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    😭😭😭😭😭can not bear this…….
    Now sita’s end is near and ram totally unware of that…..
    Sita is going everything which she want to do for last time😂😂😂

  11. sara

    Yes, the way it is shown in SKR -Sita will go in royal attire .Acting of all actors make me emotional .
    But I am disheartened with SKR . As I thought they would show what was in original version of Sage Valmiki or even many scholar had written -THE REALITY.
    In Reality -all happened in some moments . After everybody came to know of Luv & Kush ‘s true identity -Sage Valmiki asked Ram to accept Sita and her sons . Ram said he would do if Sita is ready to give 2nd TIME agnipariksha , Sita agreed and then she gave and then she requested Mother Earth to take her back if she had only Ram in her heart , soul .
    It proved her chastity and all ayodha inclluding Ram accepted luv& Kush without any further question but Sita had to give up her life.
    Whereas in SKR it is shown , Ram is pleading & begging with Sita , sisters are pleading , whole family pleading , ayodha wants their queen back with full respect but SITA is so adamant that she would commit suicide /go back to Mother Earth.It is illogical .Sita is symbol of unconditional love , sacrifice and patience but she is shown as adamant & self conceited
    Now SKR can’t change the ending but already changed the inner content , giving a different image of SITA which is unacceptable
    I would have accepted Sita as Self conceited but when IT IS UNTRUE -it is unacceptable . SKR are showing RAm being such a loving , compassionate husband and wanted Sita back with so much respect & love but in reality Sita was hurt by Ram’s order of 2nd agnipariksha that she gave up her life to ensure that her sons get the social status that they deserved . SIta’s sacrifice is not shown in SKR here rather only RAM”S FALSE image is portrayed WHY ????????????
    A image of kind HUSBAND whereas it is untrue , he was a kind King but a bad husband who failed to do his duties as a husband .
    Sita’s sacrifice of going back to Mother Earth must be shown . THE REAL REASON should be shown. The reason to give up one’s life is big & difficult decision and always taken under dire circumstances what SITA TOOK in reality not a preconceived notion like shown in SKR

    • Shivani

      |Registered Member

      I agree with your point of view but there are many versions of ramayan,among them only valmini ramayan is might be possible that they took this part from other version.talking about sita her action is justified due to following reasons
      1.she was tired of all the struggles which she have endured in her whole life.
      2.she might knew that she would be again asked to prove her chastity.
      3.she doesn’t want to degrade her self respect by returning to ayodhya.if she returns to ayodhya she has to live a compromised life.she won’t get her lost respect back.
      4.being a chastite and innocent women she was perturbed by the action of abandonment on the remark of dhobi.
      5.she has once promised mother earth that she would return after fulfiling her duties.
      6.her motive was completed on mother earth
      last but not least she had to prove her chastity again so that their sons could live a good life according to valmiki ramayan .
      every ramayan has different ending and reason

  12. VEENA

    Request to all viewers – pl read the Ramayan and then comment .whatever is shown in SKR about going to MOther EARTH is FALSE and baseless -imaginative by whom ?? GOD KNOWS
    And normally -Suicide is a sin OK ?? Giving up one’s life is sin unless it is done for someone’s sake , security , future than that becomes dharma & Supreme sacrifice that what’s Devi Sita did and showed the world the mother gives her life to secure chilldren’s future -IT IS CALLED SUPREME SACRIFICE . HEre , reason of going to EARTH is meaningless due to the variations MADE BY SKR
    What is Fate ? Here in SKR it is time and again said fate is nothing but our previous karma . I too believe that our previous karma decide today and tomorrow even next birth .
    What is Sita’s Karma that had decided the FATE ?
    Here , it is shown in SKR she has made up her mind to give up her life . EVEN when her own sons need her . WHICH MOTHER will do ?
    IN SKR it is shown Even when everybody is asking for forgiveness – She is a symbol of unconditional love- love means to forgive and forget everyone – she can’t forgive -which totally wrong , she is thinking of going to MOTHER EARTH ?????????????
    And in SKR it is shown that LUV& KUSH says laxman our mother taught us if somebody asks for forgiveness from heart -they should be forgiven
    but then why she herself can’t forgive ?? EGO ?? NO Sita never had that again WRONG
    Because of FALSE story and trying to MAKE up RAM”S IMAGE as very WONDERFUL HUSBAND -SKR has changed SIta’s character /image /attributes-everything .
    ACTUALLY RAM COMPELLED SITA to give up her life .

  13. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Guys this episode made me cry so much.. Siya should return to Ayodhya… I kept saying throughout the episode to sita plz return plzzzz go plzzzz go,.. Bt Siam scenes r nice.. Only two weeks left.. Can’t imagine 😭😭

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      Hi vanshu………why don’t you comment now in chandra nandini page?
      Before I tell you that we should not have any expectation regarding historical shows…but now I am seeing that ekta kapoor is just writing a fairytale.
      Actress Tanu khan will play the charecture of dudhra in cn serial…
      What means that!!!!!!!!!!!
      Dudhra and nandini are same lady.changes gupta maurya has only Indian wife dudhra/nandini who is the daughter of mahapadmanand and mother of c.g.m one and only son bindusar(father of samrat ashoke)……but they will show dudhra as a different person and a negative charecture………
      It has no basic……
      I before told you because I was a die heart fan of ekta kapoor previous historical show jodha akbar (infaxt now also)..
      But now ekta kappor think to give us a RUKAIA BEGUM like charecture in c.n show…..I am very disappointed
      .so sorry to you…🙅

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        I’m damn sure Ekta Kapoor has gone mad 😠.. That’s y I’ve no expectations.. U know IM sure she’ll make Durdhara evil character that’ll make the show bad.. I didn’t comment in CN pg cos I didn’t see it from 3 days. Ystrdy only saw 😊

    • NABANITA626

      |Registered Member

      It means you miss the chandra nandini fighting sequence.that was realy awesome.
      But when I think about the history then I feel very disappointed.
      You know in chandra nandini’s press conference sbs questioned the main writer of the c.n serial (he is a historian I think) that to tell about something the story.

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        Thanks fr telling.. I read the update n caught the epi on hotstar 😃 😊 😃 😊.. N ur idea not faltu. Add tiyasa n Astra in ur skr fan list. They not comment here regularly bt r fans of skr I met them in CAS pg.

  14. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    Guys I am thinking to publish a full list of skr fans including the all names that you all have suggested me before……
    I will post it on last episode I am telling to all silent readers of this page to tell me your name .so that I can publish your name also…..
    I am also thinking to tell the thing in all episodes all the fans of skr who does not follow this page regularly can know that shall comment in our last episode update. and I will also able to make the final list… my idea is faltu or good?please suggest me….with your comments.

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Really a nice idea dii…. and pls do it…. and suggest me one idea dat how can all be in touch if skr ends.. through ffs is ok.. but any other idea???

      • NABANITA626

        |Registered Member

        We can connect also by p.m or we can also share our email after a if all are ready to share their mail adress. …
        And one more thing do you help me to post the notice in all serials page….
        I am telling you all guys.who are interested please say me so we can divide the work between next week we can begin the job…
        If ok…☺

    • Jayani

      |Registered Member

      Naba di, I guess v all can choose 1 ffs, n v can comment regularly it dat ff so dat v won’t hav 2 look thru every ff, r8? This is a common request 2 all… Every 1 can share ur ideas 2 mine n this way v can also stay in touch after skr gets over

  15. SKR fan

    When I saw Ram eating food made by Sita for the last time it made remember of that time when he ate food made by Sita for the first time in Mithila after Swayamvar. Remember that? And Lakshmila fight at that time? I really miss them.

  16. Supreetha (Soups)

    To be honest, none of us know clearly what happened in the Ramayan…..there are so many versions to it as Rahul Bhai rightly pointed out…. whatever SKR shows we’ll all see it and everyone can accept or refute ideas which you think are right! 🙂 I hope everyone agrees with me 🙂 I’m just saying this because for the past few weeks I’ve been pretty confused myself of which is the right thing that happened and members like Sara and Veena are also giving great inputs (thank you for that 🙂 )I mean no offence to anyone

  17. Seema

    I really love watching Siya key Ram. But very sad that it is getting over. whatever happens it happens for good only. It’s God wish to play their roles and end it too. RAM N SIYA R ONE SOUL PLS DON LOOK AT THEM DIFFRRENTLY . ITS A LEELA SHOWN TO LEARN MANY THINGS N NOT COMMENT N QUESTOIN TOO MUCH.

    • Meena

      |Registered Member

      Finally a sensible comment … I don’t know why everyone is forgetting the fact that Lord Vishnu took Ram avatar for a purpose… And it is also not proved that( may be ) uttarakand is written by valmiki rishi…. And Lord Vishnu fulfilled his purpose and went back…..

  18. Malvi

    |Registered Member

    Hi all. Hope u know who I am 😉 😋 As I was busy wid my studies, i couldn’t visit you all. As Skr is ending I have a suggestion and hope u all will sound great. After November 4 it’s really tough to be in touch wid everyone si I request u all to send your number to me in my above account and I will add u to the WhatsApp group. Guys pls. If u think this means k for u pls send ur number in private. 😃😊😊

  19. Supreetha (Soups)

    My opinion of Siya Ke Ram….. I agree with everyone 😊 The serial is one of the best of its kind……..

  20. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Nabanita dii… i cannot able to understand wat r u saying??? pls explain me clearly and i will surely do that work…

  21. NABANITA626

    |Registered Member

    Do anyone see today’s India tv s SaaS bahu or suspense?that had today a skr segment….the akhri shooting of skr😭😭
    After seeing that I was ready to cry……USKE SATH MUSIC BAJ RAHA THA “KAVI ALVIDA NA KAHNA”

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Me.. I saw that heart breaking segment.. Everyone in white.. Missing madirakshi after skr ends.. That music made me cry 🎧 🎵 🎶 🎼..

  22. Richu

    |Registered Member

    I saw Chandra nandinis some of the episodes….and I’m still in a confusion only…..dies anyone else thinks nandini looks like tamanna bhatia somewhat??????

    Confusion confusion…
    Sita said…toh think hai mujhe is aashram she hameesha ke liye due chale jaane ke liye kal tak ka samay dijiye…..
    I should have been mujhe is aashram ko chod ke aapke sath aane ke liye krupiya kal tak ka samay dijiye…if she was going to return to ayodhya…
    What does it mean??will she return to ayodhya or………
    Will call mother earth to take her in???…

    OK OK I’ll not confuse u all also!!!
    I think soo …..

  23. joy

    Some link……
    Ayodha four brother last pic……
    Ashish and team SKR last day of SKR shooting……
    Omggggggg… Our Ashish Sharma got award…. Congratulations….. Must see…
    ……(( Must read..))
    But I am very very upset for what SKR team done.. Bcoz SKR team dragging Lanka kannda too much long.. They spend almost 3 month in the unwanted Lanka family drama… But when Ram-siya return to ayodha than just 3 episode of them…. Then again pain and separation… Why this kind of unequal to our beloved Ram-siya..
    2:::- after so many painful episode we think that we will get a happy end or at least 2 episode of VAIKHUNTHA scene in the last weak of SKR…. But we won’t get… Just pain and pain…….
    What kind of story this is???
    Plz plz Cmmnt in my point of view……………………….

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Hey malvi dii is that u….!! Oops sorry akka I didn’t notice your comment plzzzz don’t gt mad 🙏🙏 love u very much n I’m mad wid happiness seeing ur comment .. Once again sry,. Plz rply I u r NT angry 😠 with ur sissie ❤ 😘 ❤ 😘

      • Malvi

        |Registered Member

        Akka 😍😂 thanks and I was unhappy abt my no replies so left the comment. And I’m not angry wid you. Happy much that you are happy wid my comment 🙂

  24. SKR fan

    Group selfie. Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughn, Mandvi, Shrutkirti, Luv-Kush, Guru Vashisht and Hanuman.
    Three sisters.
    Wow what a pic! Cutest onscreen couple. Shatrughn and Shrutkirti. Offscreen. Kunwar Pratham and Tanvi Madhyan.
    Remember this scene.
    Offscreen pic from the shoot of the very first episode. At Bhuj. Romanch Mehta aka Shatanand.
    Miss this cute family. Mithila family. Rajarshi Janak with his wife Maharani Sunaina and his four daughters and Shatanand.
    Unseen selfie of Ram, Rajarshi Janak, Brahmarishi Vishwamitra and Shatanand from Swayamvar times.
    Old times, golden times. Shatanand, Urmila and Shrutkirti selfie.

  25. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    O wish they put sunaina instead if shatanand… Its lyk years since v saw her n she didn’t even cum for d godh barai (sry for d spelling mistakes)… M just missing her badly 2 d core… Can’t wait till tomorrow…

    Jai Siya Ram

  26. Rani

    There are many versions of Ramayan -that’s true . Like some says during the Ashwamegdha Yagna – (no fight took place ) LuV & Kush sang the whole songs and then everyone in Ayodha understood their mistake and bought back Sita but RAM ASKED for 2nd time agnipariksha before accepting -Sita felt this needed to be stop and ensuring her sons future she gave up her life by going to Mother EARTH and Ram & all accepted luv & Kush.
    Another versions says there was fight with shatrughan only and Sage Valmiki intervened & sent LUV & KUSH to sing the ramayan
    LATER interpolated versions says there was fight with everybody and all lost even when luv & KUSH never got any training of WARFARE rather got trained in singing and VEDAS from Sage Valmiki-it clearly shows later versions started having contamination . Because if you all have seen in SKR – RAM & Laxman got divine weapons from Brahma Rishi Vishiwamitra not Sage& Kul guru Vaisht & secondly RAM & Laxman were adult . .
    Divine weapons /divya astras are given after maturity & once one shows loyality -everyone can’t get it and also every GURU can’t give it.
    Here in SKR LUV & Kush could not fight demon Lavanshur – where were their divine weapons then ???????? ( In Reality Lavanshur story was manipulated version in SKR -as it happened during luv& KUSh ‘s birth and Shatrughan killed the demon )
    Now coming to what is being shown in SKR is the latest contamination /variations – BETTER to SAY FAIRYTALE – Imagination from SCRIPT writer of SKR ( I have not read Devdutta Patnaik )- Sita didn’t go to MOTHER Earth just because she had made up her mind . Rather the circumstance forced her to take such a decision , mainly due to KING RAM’s order of 2nd Agnipariksha .
    DEAR viewers – READ RAmayan -there are many scholars , sages eho have written Ramayan even Sage Valmiki’s Ramayan ‘s translated version is available . please read and then you will understand SKR IS OFF the track , showing FAIRYTALE/ unrealistic imagination not REALITY ,
    RAMAYAN should not be made as per one’s whims – rather followed & accepted . Otherwise meaning gets changed as it has happened now in SKR .

  27. Jayani

    |Registered Member

    I won’t b able 2 comment for a week coz I won’t hav internet at home but I’ll b able 2 watch skr… I will comment on Monday 2 all d written update of d week 😔 n please all of u pray for me coz I hav a music program on Thursday… I wonder how till date Sita didn’t ask her sisters abt tgeir children… N I simply can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

    Jai Siya Ram

  28. Sara

    IN SKR – kids of other sisters of Sita / brothers of Ram are not mentioned at all .
    MAybe shooting problem or getting right persons to play the small role.
    ANd yes , there is a lots of controversy regarding RAMAYAN’s Uttar Ramayan . It is not in original Ramayan as it is written after Ram takes Jal/water samadhi in River Sarayu after wife Sita and brother Laxman’s departure .
    It is but natural Luv & KUsh sang the Ramayan till Ram’s arrival in Ayodha after 14 years of exile . Sage Valmiki wrote Uttar Ramayan later but many don’t accept Uttar Ramayan because they can’t accept the FACT Ram being an avatar can send his innocent and chaste wife to exile without any fault for her & that too just because a DHOBI remarked about Sita’s character .
    Secondly they can’t accept SITA was hurt by King Ram’s order of second time agnipariksha and Sita went to Mother Earth -finally proving herself chaste woman.
    they can’t accept the KALA dhabaa( flaw ) on Ram’s image -it is the SAME reason for which SKR HAS CHANGED the story line of Sita’s departure to Mother’s EARTH. SKR wanted to show only GOOD Side of RAM .
    But ONE SHOULD remember the 7th Avatar -RAm was not a purna avatar ( full avatar ) . He had no knowledge of himself during his tenure on EARTH . So he clinched to Mariyada and remained a Mariyada purushottam and a kind king and a obedient son but doing all these he failed a a husband and Ram & SIta both suffered and their married life on EARTH ended on a sad note .
    But the way story is going in SKR – I think it will take few days after Sita going to MOTHER EARTH . FULL of melodrama in SKR -nothing happened like that
    anyway I am sure – LORD RAM must be watching from his abode the SKR and wondering I wish I had requested , begged SIta to come back to Ayodha the way Ashish Sharma is doing – then real SIta would not have gone to MOther Earth and must had natural death .
    ACTINGS of all actors are superb.

  29. Uthra

    If it was indeed necessary that Sita has to go back to Mother Earth, it is better that she chooses to go with the satisfaction of a complete life. Remember the moment Urmila told Sita how Ram decided to go against the resistance from praja to bring Sita back? Sita loved Ram so much that she didn’t want to be the reason for preventing Ram being the people’s king 100%. This is a unconditional supreme love towards Ram and his duties that she was willing to support him by even giving up her life. I love the way SKR has portrayed Sita’s character. But Sita could have been smarter. She could have realized that satisfying minority opinion is totally unnecessary.

    • Uthra

      One more thing. What I love in SKR version of Sita’s story is that she is ending her life with self respect from her husband and family members and with the satisfaction of living a complete life. In this version Ram has played the role of a perfect husband at the cost of not satisfying all his people and all the rules prevalent at that time. But in return Sita played the role of being the perfect wife by supporting Ram in his duties even by giving up her life.

  30. Kishu

    |Registered Member

    Sorry sisters i was not able to comment for many days since I was busy with my studies but I read your comments daily.
    Such beautiful episodes going on .
    I just want to cry that why it is ending
    They should have known that there are many fans of siya ke ram who watch it daily.
    They could have shown something more .
    When they started it it was very grand and they showed each and every minute thing about it but now they just swayed it Away.
    They showed the childhood very minutely but its ok now
    Feeling very sad about it

    • Kishu

      |Registered Member

      Why no reply sisters
      Upset with me???
      Hi kashish welcome here
      I also love this show very much
      Cant explain my feelings

  31. Rani

    VERY nice Sara – At last some sensible remark and very to the point .
    I wish there was someone like you in ayodha during Ram’s raj – who could speak her mind then Ram would not have to send Sita to exile.
    Yes, you are right people can’t accept this FACT that Ram did a mistake of sending Sita to 2nd exile only on the basis of dhobi’s remark and again asking for 2nd agnipariksha . People know in their heart it was wrong even though they would say all due to Rajdharma . But was it Rajdharma -punishing a chaste woman ?? NO
    Actually , when lord Ram came as Lord Krishna in his next incarnation . LORD Krishna was a purna Avatar ( Full Avatar ) KRISHNA himself questioned BHIMASA ( considered to be next best Mariyada purushottam after RAM ) the entanglement of being in Mariyada – He himself told that being entanglement of Mariyada could result in supporting Adharma and doing injustice to dear & innocent people .
    Anyway , GOOD JOB SKR -as Sara mentioned Lord Ram must be happy to see this twist in his character . He must be wishing had he taken all these efforts to bring back SITA then Ramayan’s ending would have been HAPPY.

  32. Richu

    |Registered Member

    Guyzzz less time left for skr…….I’m very sad………all of my fav serials only go off air😢😢😢😢😢

  33. kashish

    i am silent reader of skr . but didnt comment before .This is the best serial. I cannot believe that skr is goin to end.

  34. kashish

    i am silent reader of skr . but didnt comment before .This is the best serial. I cannot believe that skr is goin to end.i love all the shows.

  35. Sara

    yes , I am very upset with Sita going to Mother Earth I wish SKR changed the ending and show the NEW ENDING – HAPPY ENDING -Reunion of RAM & SIta on EARTH
    ANYWAY SKR has done lots of variations in Ramayan and this last one would be perfect.
    And I am sure LORD Ram and Devi Sita from their abode will bless SKR for showing the HAPPY ENDING.

    • joy

      Fully agree with you…………
      I am very very upset bcoz I also wish a HAPPY ENDING………………
      I wish SKR change the ending story but……………. Already shooting finished………. I am very very wish to see LORD RAM AND DEVI SITA will be re-union in last of SKR…………….. But won’t get……….

  36. joy

    Only last 2 weak and last 10 episode remaining……………………..
    So everybody Cmmnt in every day also silent readers…………………
    Don’t miss any episode………….
    If you miss any episode than go to HOTSTAR and see it anytime……..
    Bcoz I don’t know when will you get this kind of Grand show in future……………………………

  37. Spunas

    I am from malaysia and never missed any episod of siya ke ram , it is brillant show after Mahabaratha . I feel i am going to miss something as i used to look forward everyday.
    Jodba Akbar was other super serials and luckily most of the scenec shoot from JK is actually true incicent so parridhi sharma did not act but she lived as jodba and her acting was super and ber matching ever was rajat tokas no commetns.

    Siya ke ram, Ashish sharma was awesome actor and also sita , i cant remember name but she is also super. Most disppointed serial now is chanda nandini, the herion sweta prasad is just acting for the sake of acting, and i stop wathing this serial because it is full of FALSE and FAIRY TALES, ekta kapport is making it up because she wants great rating.

    I hope the director and writter or siya ke ram will start some new historial serials..

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..