Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandvi coming to talk to Kaikeyi. Mantra tells Kaikeyi that its happening as I told you, don’t worry. Mandvi hears this and says Maa… Mantra says Jai Maharani Mandvi and is very glad. She asks her to come and asks Kaikeyi to see her bahu. Kaikeyi asks Mandvi what happened. Mandvi says Maa, I know you love your son a lot, and took this decision for Bharat’s good, if you asked Bharat once, whether he accepts this…. She cries and says how much I know him till now, I don’t think he can stay happy by sending Ram to vanvaas, he will be hurt. Kaikeyi says you came to explain me to stop Ram from going for vanvaas and change my decision. Mandvi says I did not come to explain you, but to request you, if you spoke to Bharat once… everything has a reason, I don’t want coming

time believes Bharat is the reason for Ram’s vanvaas, that Bharat is not loved, don’t make my husband a reason for all this. She cries and says I don’t want this Maa… She leaves running out from there.

Kaikeyi cries. Mantra says Kaushalya has sent Mandvi, she can’t see Bharat becoming king, she provoked Mandvi, if Ram stays in Ayodhya for much king, maybe Kaushalya can provoke Praja, if this happens, Praja will refuse to accept Bharat as king, this should not happen. Kaikeyi says this won’t happen, I won’t let this happen, Ram has to leave for exile today.

Kaikeyi goes to Dasharath’s Kaksh and says Ram……. Dasharath gets angry seeing her. He says you have ruined my vansh, no need to show any sympathy now. She says not sympathy, I came to remind my promises, I can’t wait for more time now. She says Ram… you have to leave for exile right away. Dasharath asks did you not hear what I said, I m not related to you, who permitted you to come here in my Kaksh. He calls guards and asks them to take away this woman and make her away from his sight. Ram asks Dasharath to calm down.

Ram stays composed…. And goes to Kaikeyi. He folds hands and says forgive me Maa, Dasharath is unwell, don’t feel bad of her words, I remember your promise, I will leave for exile today itself. Ram Ram…….plays…………… Kaikeyi looks on. Dasharath asks Ram to stop…. Ram leaves. Dasharath says no need to fulfill any promise given to this wicked woman, stop Ram….. he cries…..

Ram walks outside and stops seeing Sita. Sita cries and they walk to each other. Dohe kaval ek praan ki….. jahan ram hai wahin janki….. plays…………. Sita looks at him and he starts leaving. He stops as the cloth over his hand, gets stuck in her bangles. Sita and Ram see the connector…. She removes the cloth from her bangle.

Ram goes ahead. Sita cries. Later, Ram sits to change his Rajya Abhushan/clothes-jewelry. Sita looks on. The men remove Ram’s accessories. It gets painful for Sita to bear this sight. Guru Vashisht looks on with tearful eyes. Ordinary clothes come for Ram. Sita takes those and goes to Ram. The same song continues in BG. Guru Vashisht signs the men and they all leave from the Kaksh. They shut the door. Sita goes ahead to Ram and prepares him for vanvaas.

At Kaikeya, Bharat gets bad sensations. He says I feel restless since morning, as if something bad is going to happen, but what…. Sita tucks the plain clothes on Ram’s shoulder. She makes him wear simple beads accessories. Jahan Ram hai wahin janki…….plays….. Ram looks at her. Sita cries and does her duty towards Ram. Ram feels her pain.

Sita holds a beads necklace. Sita recalls putting garland around his neck in Mithila. She makes him wear beads necklace and earrings. She fixes his hair with the beads. Ram gets ready in vanvaas attire. He gets tearful and leaves from there. Sita cries. Ram walks out and she feels his each step making him go very far from her…..

Sita runs to Ram and stops him. He wipes her tears and says my wish is you happily send him. Sita says my wish is that I happily leave with you. Ram says I can’t permit you for this. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx for the fast update mam and sorry guys becoz yesterday and today mrng I wa s studying for my common exam I wrote wll I will get above 120 out 200!!! Guys and I am free tmr becoz there is study holiday for me for Wednesday exam Tamil after Thursday I am free for 6days?????????????

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya really sanjana…..i cried a lot..2day…my bibi also cried….i really felt as this all is happening with…me the bg song was awesome… and ya mandvi said the truth bt kaikeyi hadnt understand

  2. Sanjnaa

    The background scores add to our sadness
    Thanx to the super fast update amena Di
    Ashish and madrakshi are bringing out pain in their eyes well

  3. SKR fan

    Ashish is happy for vanvaas as he will get some relief from the heat of Hyderabad in the forest.
    He told that he gets very less time for exercise so he goes from set to hotel walking.

  4. Sanjnaa

    Somehow I feel they are not dragging
    But they are showing as though Sita won’t go with ram
    Vanvas look is nice
    Bharat feels something wrong this shows his love for ram

  5. amulya

    Mandvi requesting kaikeyi was sad….?? and sita ram scene???? their expressions were visible in their eyes?…
    And sorry, I wasn’t able to comment for past few days, cause I was outside

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya felt bad fr mandvi…actually siam seens were really emotional.. sabko senti kr diya…and ya missed u amulya..i noticed everyday that u r missing

  6. Sanjana

    Thanx amena Di for super fast update
    and this who asked article have no time for typing will try to do by tomorrow

  7. nabanita

    It was an amazing episode, I check this post and blogs every day. Today is my first day to post a comment. Couldn’t help but had to post. Wonderful job team Siya ke Ram!!! Just speechless. Planning to watch the repeat telly cast as well.

    • Hi ……Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club. …..I just finished my 10th boards exam. ……u???Sorry if it is personal

      • nabanita

        Hi, zara and every one. Thank you for your sweet welcome. I am working. Telly updates are doing an awesome job, the way they provide the details of the show just so much appreciable.

  8. Sanjana

    My god waiting for tomorrow
    When will ram accept Sita
    So emotional even precap makes me cry
    Have no words to express
    Actually in the precap ram will say I can’t permit u and goes
    Feeling sad
    Today there was mostly silence in the episode
    My heart goes out for mandvi Sita ram dasharath
    The whole just makes me cry
    Manthra I wish they stop showing her

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya really awesome expressions by everyone….full of grief…. make me cry…ya manthra….uuuhhhhh jst hate her…frm the core

  9. Joshna

    The epi is going sad day by day. Good connection between ram and sita.Kaikeyi is heartless . waiting for tomorrow ‘s episode

  10. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? Today’s episode was very touching and emotional. I cried while seeing the episode. I felt sad. Precap was also emotional. It was full of sadness.

  11. natasha malhotra

    what a amazing episode. song was superb. Thanks Ameena di for written update so fast. supposing I’m first for comment.

  12. Emotional episode !! ??????
    Don’t worry siya anyway you are gonna accompany him !
    Mandvi did well .. 🙂 ?? Dashrath also acted well ….
    Waiting for tomorrow’s lakshmila ?????they are going to get apart in just 2 episodes !! 🙁 🙁 tears !! Tears !!

  13. nabanita

    Every one fits their roles perfectly, amazing screenplay and superb job done by all the actors. Mundrakshi seems to be the perfect Sita. No one plays better. Today Ram and Siya’ s expressions were beautiful. A little more part for Laxmab’ s reaction would had been wonderful.

  14. Sanjana

    Thanx for Siam scenes the whole episode yet
    It was so sad I feel as though I am going through a personal tragedy
    Can anyone give the meaning of the bg
    I guess even people who are not so sensitive will cry seeing the episode
    Dasharath and mandvi are so good and duty bound and
    Sita ram their love is eternal
    Omg I have not love to such an extent
    Jai Sita ram
    Love brings happiness but in this case
    True and selfless love
    They are just incredible
    Watching this episode we all should strive to become true devotees of Sita and ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    Jai Sita ram
    And what is kaikeyi love for Bharat just using her son for her own good
    She must see Sita and ram and understand what true love is I fact we all should
    Just imaging their pain getting separated for 14 yrs
    Wish ram accepts Sita decision soon

      • Akanksha sharma

        oj ok the song was two bodies bt one soul is there…. where there is ram there is sita…. i remember these two lines only…. so..

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya very true sanjana….siam jst made fr wach other…..siam and their luv cant be described….ya even i am waiting fr the moment when ram agrees to take sita along with him……how. kaikeyi stoop so low to earn her position she used her son and made brothers rivals (nt really as bharat and ram luv is nt so weak to break with jst two promises)….bharat …a nice bro..she became so heartless that she even cant wait 2 get dashrath well and then send ram

  15. Veronica crouze

    Due to some reasons i couldn’t’ see many episodes of ds serial at first…can anyone tell what age they hv shown sita when she got married?i dn’t know how many years leap they hv shown….

  16. Good ….omg……not able to stop my tears…..kaikeya u r not a mother. ….u r rakshashi ……precap is superb. …..

    • Yazhini

      Hw r u Zara…hw s hldys gng n..hw s ur hlth my Dr siisssyyy….tc f yr health ma ……bye nd gud n8 my Dr swt sisters nd Bros…

      • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Hello everyone here I am here to tell u all one good news!! Vivian to play lead in upcoming new show of colors tiltled as shakthi opposite to Rubina dilaika. Vivian is known for his rishab in Madhubala his chemistry with drashti was spoken by all till now. It is produced by rashmi sharma telefilms and further I will try to update soon. Story is based on two sisters fall in love with same person and I think colors will end their long running Balika vadhu!!!!!!!!!

      • Sanjana(Sara)

        Ranaji bro vivian is also known for his show pyaar ki ye ek kahani as a vampire opposite to sukriti kandpal.

      • Nita

        But if vivian is shooting for this it means that he must have been eliminated form Khatron ke Khiladi.

  17. Sneha

    Hi Guys!!!!!
    I hope you all have not forgotten me
    Actually I had gone to Kashmir as my holidays are going on after exams. I reached back home today morning.

    I welcome all the new commers. Sorry I was not able to welcome you all earlier.

    For those new I am from New Delhi in 8th class.

  18. Sanjana

    Sita doesn’t want to force her decision on ram
    And ram doesn’t want Sita to go through pain box of her love for hi
    Is this know as love in dilemma
    Tellyupdates pls post my comment

    • Akanksha sharma

      We r f9 dear dia…hw r u….ya happy 2 have only ayodhya … lanka and that lankesh…whenever he comes spoils the mood…

  19. Sanjana

    When Ram turns his face away to leave, his clothes get stuck in Sita’s bangle. He stops and can’t see her crying. Sita is adamant that she will go with vanvaas with him. Ram tries explain her a lot that he can’t take her. She runs after him calling out Shri Ram……. When they express each other their feelings through their eyes and tears, an emotional song ye moh moh ke dhaagi plays in BG.

    Sita wants to do her Patni Dharm and head for vanvaas with Ram. Ram is not willing to take her knowing the difficulties he will face in the jungle. Sita convinces Ram finally by her explained speech, wherein she asks him not to fail her in her Dharm by leaving her in Raj Bhavan. Ram takes Sita along on vanvaas. Sumitra gets another shock when Laxman breaks the news of accompanying Ram and Sita on vamvaas. His decision affects Urmila and it becomes another mourning reason for Raghukul. Kaushalya and Sumitra lose two of their sons because of Kaikeyi’s obstinacy.

    Sita turns Ram into a vanvaasi. She makes him wear ordinary vanvaas clothes and gets into common attires. She stands with him in the last puja they do in the Raj Bhavan. She tells the family that they both will leave for vanvaas. Laxman tries convincing Urmila to have her trust on him. Urmila agrees for Laxman’s decision seeing his big sacrifice and such love for his brother Ram. Urmila gives her consent to Laxman. Ram, Sita and Laxman will head for vanvaas for Dharm Sthapana/establishment. They will be doing Kalyaan of many people on the new way of their lives.

  20. rek

    Emotional episode…fantastic performance by ram…love u ram…be frank I am not interest abt Ramayana..but after watching ashish performance.. Deeply love ram…so now I am studying Ramayana in Google…because of one n only ashish …I love rudra so much…miss u rudra…anyway now ram…awesome acting sita too…

  21. Sanjana

    Waiting for Sitas explained speech and
    When ram will understand Sita love and take her with him on vanvas
    Waiting for laxmila confrontation
    I think this whole the episode will be painful and emotional
    Jai jai Sita ram
    My god nobody in the world has undergone such difficulties
    We should really stop complaining about life
    Tellyupdates pls post my comments

  22. Feeling very sad…..????????????????????????????????.
    Got to learn that

  23. Sanjana

    Really ashish and madrakshi just rocked today
    Their best performance
    Performing duty and dharm gives so much but in the end it prevails
    Again and again I read this update I feel like typing something

    Tellyupdates I beg you pls pls pls pls pls pls p,s pls Post my comment pls I request u pls pls pls

  24. Sumi

    I think I am first One . Episode was very emotional. I like ram look but I dont like the way the cloth was Wrapped on ram. I think Ndtv ramayan , wrapping of cloth was more good. Its my POV

  25. Sumi

    Sorry I was third one when I open this site , I dont found any comments but when I posted my comment previous comments appeared. Sorry . I aso like the Bharat state of worry for ram. Thank god no ravan today. But where is lakshmila. I think the serial makers have swear to not show lakshmila. They should have focused more on lakshmila because we will not get to see urmila in vanvaas except sanjeevani booti part when lakshman falls unconscious .

  26. Sumi

    Sorry I was forth one when I open this site , I dont found any comments but when I posted my comment previous comments appeared. Sorry . I aso like the Bharat state of worry for ram. Thank god no ravan today. But where is lakshmila. I think the serial makers have swear to not show lakshmila. They should have focused more on lakshmila because we will not get to see urmila in vanvaas except sanjeevani booti part when lakshman falls unconscious .

    • Hetvi

      Agreed with u sumi.
      They hv side lined the last two couples and now lakshmila
      The part where lakshman would confess to urmila has nt yet telecasted. That’s not fair yrrrr

    • Akanksha sharma

      Howw many sryss dear….no need not ur fault……dp is awesome ….after so long see…lakshman smiling…

      • Yes…they never show Lakshmila…I think today also they will pass on the tym with either kaikeyi or dashrath or siam scene.. It’s good but daily we are going to watch…can they spare at least 5 mins for lakshmila?? ???????

  27. Hey How R U all ????? Nowadays I can’t able to comment properly……. Bcoz of my classes……..From every morning 6:00 am to evening 6:00 pm ,I am very busy……..I have to attend much more classes in college……..So only I can’t able to comment properly……….. I only have a hope in Saturday & Sunday……. But My Parents have works on that days also…..So Household works are my Responsibility……….. I don’t know when I get time to comment…….. But I Promise, Whenever I get small time na…….I will tryy my level best to talk with sisters……………& Haa Sanju, I read Ur comment yesterday…… About YHM….I feel so happy when u said that ,When u watched it u remembered me…..?

  28. the episode was so emotional
    i loved siya ram scenes today
    i also loved mandvi today she is such a caring wife
    and thank god today no lanka scenes
    and i wish like today the episode was siya ram so tommorow it would be on laxmilla

  29. Sumi

    Hello everyone !!!! I want to ask u all that which is your favourite part of ramayan . My most favourite is lakshman sanjeevani booti track because in that track we came to know that what is lakshman importance in ram life. That is my most favourite . I am eager to see this track in siya ke ram although I cant see lakshman and ram in pain.

    • Akanksha sharma

      Ya even i waiting fr that part….and that part also shows….the greatness of hanuman ji….his devotion 2wards…ram ji…really…he was one and only devotee of his..type no other can be compared with him

  30. Hetvi

    Oh god!
    Today’s episode just killed me…
    Ram’s expression when he turns and sita’s bangle gets stucked in his clothes….
    It just broke me..
    That mantra and kakieye, wanna kill them.
    For the first time ram’s expression changed ??.
    And that song… It was too irritating ???
    No raavAn,mandotri,and family…
    ASHISH and midrakshi hats off to u ??????????????????????
    Can’t keep away from praising them….
    After a long time we saw bharat ??

    Lovely episode ?

  31. Yeah today’s episode was really emotional and i felt like crying.. Sita decision is the main one in Ramayana which changes even the fate of sri Lanka..ravan says Lanka is the sornabhumi but due to whom he got dis? Becoz of goddess Lakshmi who is sita

  32. Jennifer

    have been following this serial ever since it started…..didn’t even leave this during exams…Lolz

  33. Yes and I don’t think it as time waste..because it brings positivity in me..watching the show as well as talking to my sis and bro in this me.. It’d awesome..

      • Akanksha sharma

        The episode was amazing simply wooww…cant be expressed… in few words…..wonderfully presented …..gud job skr team.
        …nw i want 2 see laksmila….my heart beats fr lakshmila scene…..
        Hiiii everyone gud mrng….hw r u all…

  34. Veronica crouze

    I dn’t know why i found ram a little bit angry at d end of d episode when sita was not looking…….

  35. Sanjana

    In the precap when Sita calls swamy ram gets relieved and turns and wipes her tears
    Sumi my favourite scene is when ram accepts Sita after agnipariksha
    It will be painful to see

  36. STUTI

    Hii guys ……. I am back…. Missed u a lot… Hope u havenot forgotten me and even u missed me in these days

    • Haripriya

      No di how can we forget u and yes of course di missed u a lot. I think u are happy after finishing exams but my exams are going still di

  37. Haripriya

    I wrote my history& civics exam well and expecting above 70 marks out of 80 . All of ur blessings, prayers and wishes really makes a miracle.??believe me ya and it’s true

    Richa di please tell me about u as I don’t know much of u .
    Sorry If it is personal di ??

  38. pooja

    hey!!!! how r u all???
    actually of my xams i comment very less… sry 4 dat
    still 2 papers r left i will be free on 31st march

    & ya episode is very emotional
    i wish i can kill dat manthra
    all dp are superb………..

    i will comment regularly 4rm 31st or 1st…….
    luv u guyzzzzzz………..

  39. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Sanjana (Sara) pls note it that Vivian is known for Madhubala show becoz their chemistry made many fans gets info dream and their look attracted many viewers so that at 8.30 slot colors was on the top any serial did not beat Madhubala before taking leap but after leap it was little dragg but final 50 epi was the most best epi and sorry if I hurted u and pyaar ki ek kahaani was also nice show but this show Madhubala made him more popular

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