Siya Ke Ram 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vibhishan says that’s Vajramushti, it means door opening is also Raavan’s cheat. Vajramushti asks where is Ram. Hanuman asks him to face Ram’s devotee first. Vajramushti laughs and says you are so tiny, and wants to fight with me. Hanuman gets into his huge form and fights with Vajramushti. Everyone look on. Vajramishti is not affected and laughs. Ram stops Hanuman, and says he wants to fight with me.

Vajramushti says you should have seen yourself before challenging Lankesh, you are so small that any asur can make you lose, but you are Lankesh’s enemy, it will be my good fate to fight with you. He laughs. Hanuman keeps his hand and asks Ram to come. Ram steps on his palm. Ram……plays……….. Hanuman smiles. Vajramushti says if you came before, some of your

vanar sena would have not saved. Ram says destiny has set time for everything, like your Mukti by my hands today. He shoots an arrow and Vajramushti moves. Vajramushti says Ram, you don’t even know to aim right, fighting with you will be Lankesh’s insult, I will kill you. Ram signs to Hanuman.

Hanuman smiles and turns taller. Vajramushti says you would be thinking you will safe yourself by going higher than me. He laughs. Ram looks at his neck skin and shoots the arrow. Vajramushti bursts. Sugreev and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram Ram…..plays………… Hanuman leaves Ram down. Laxman says now I understand why Ram was seeing Vajramushti carefully during the war. Vibhishan says I knew about Vajramushti’s weak point, before I could say, Ram has seen it. Ram says yes, I have seen his neck was the weakest part of his body, so I attacked there. They all chant Jai Shri Ram.

Raavan shouts impossible to kill Vajramushti, who did this. Asur says Ram. Raavan says Ram, I gave you enough chances, not anymore, you will face Trilokpati Lankesh in war tomorrow. Sugreev tells Ram that we need more warriors in Uttar/north. Hanuman catches a vanar. Nar says he is not our vanar, he is surely sent by Raavan, we should kill him. Vibhishan says no, he is spy, but mine, not of Lankesh. The spy gets to his true form and tells them that Raavan is coming in war to fight. Sita is still praying. Raavan comes there and says I m going to battle tomorrow, I will put Ram here in your feet, and you will marry me infront of Ram.

Laxman says we were waiting for this moment, Lankesh will come in battle ground, but not go back. Raavan says your Akhand Jyoti will not be able to save Ram from my hands. Sita tells him that Adharm is always destructive, you kidnapped me and did Adharm, that’s why your gold Lanka got burnt, your son Akshay Kumar died, but I m here, I m fine as I follow Dharm, you could not harm me, its good you decided to go in battle, its right and beneficial for world if Adharm ends soon. He gets angry and gets his sword. He shouts Sita and says I won’t give you such an easy death. He leaves.

Ram says Laxman, anger is always reason of sin and destruction, this is Dharm yudh, we have to win by peace and battle plan, Raavan is coming tomorrow, he has anger in him, his anger will become a reason of his destruction, till I punish Raavan for his Adharm and every sorrow given to Sita, I will not free him from this asur land.

Kaikesi asks Raavan why did he decide to go to battle ground suddenly. Meghnadh says when son is capable to battle, father does not need to go, I will go. Kaikesi says Meghnadh is saying right, whats the need for Raavan to go. Raavan says I rule on three loks, I can control water, air, Kaal and even fire, everyone agree to my decision, if I sit like this, all my warriors will get killed, Ram and his vanar sena’s confidence will increase, Ram will feel no one is capable in Lanka who can fail him. He sees Mandodari worried and asks why is he seeing everyone’s faces tensed, do they feel Lanka warriors can’t fight with Sanyasi Ram, I will clear this myth, I will end all tension, I will prove that danger is on Ram and his vanar sena, not on Lanka. He leaves. Mandodari worries.

Raavan gets ready and wears all his battle costume. Mandodari does his tilak and he stops her, saying I don’t need this tilak if you doubt my victory. She says I have always prayed and hopes for your victory. She does tilak. Kaikesi smiles and blesses him to win. Raavan leaves. Mandodari thinks I want Raavan to win today, but according to Dharm.

Raavan goes to the battle ground. Kaikesi says today, my son is going in this war for the first time, he will return by ending this war, he will fail those Sanyasis, who did foolishness to dream of winning over Lankapati Raavam. Mandodari and Kaikesi look on. asur soldiers play the shank. Ram, Laxman, Vibhishan, Sugreev and Hanuman see Raavan coming in his chariot. Asur soldiers chant Lankapati Raavan ki jai, and Ram’s army chants Jai Shri Ram. Ram walks ahead. Maryada Purshottam Ram….. plays…………. Raavan smiles seeing Ram and his vanar sena.

Ram says Raavan, it was my Dharm to punish your Asur warriors. Raavan asks Ram was it Dharm to cut a woman’s nose. Ram says if you felt I did wrong, you should have talked to me, why did you kidnap Sita, what was her fault. Raavan says Sita was at fault, as she is your wife.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Bt I’m angry with skr.. Vajramushti was killed by angad. 😠 😒 😠 😒 guys don’t feel bad bt that’s d truth.. They’re trying to make ram hero bt other monkey 🐵 generals zero..

    • Mona146

      |Registered Member

      I dono the hero concept but there are several deaths that went awry in this war. Hanuman is simply watching for most of the time but in reality he troubled so man asurs that they could not handle him. May be they are hurrying up the plot and hence could nt show the same. Your knowledge is laudable. I read vajramusti is son of malyavaan and it has been long time since he is shown in srk. His character so powerful disappeared all at once.

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Ritz dii I’ve seen that epi.. Bt ram ji was shown killin dundhraksh who was killed by Hanuman was n now vajramishta who was killed by Angad.. So I gt confused 😖 hehe I’m mad

  2. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    Wow wow ravan’s death is so near now I am so happy . Eagerly waiting for siya ram Milan. What to see Siam scenes

  3. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    After the death of indrajit only ravan will come to war…. But he came earlier.. Pls anyone explain me????

  4. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    .. Bt y sooo soon Hs ravan come??? Never mentioned in valmiki Ramayana.. Sry fr pointing sooooo many mistakes, bt v want skr to b better, don’t we??? This will give critics alot 2 criticize

    • Sanju

      Ravan will come now only as far as I know and then we will have him having a humiliating defeat and sent back by ram who is compassionate and then only the meaghnand lakshamana combat and kumbhkaran happens. And actually the King wouldn’t participate in war until and unless needed now ravan comes angrily but meghnad would state that King should fight only after his warriors are dead and that’s how it would take shape.

      not fight unless it was necessary, because he was the King of the Pandavas’ army.

      In the Ramayana, Ravan does not enter battle until all his warriors are exhausted.

      He makes the mistake of entering the battlefield much earlier on and gets defeated by Ram. Indrajit then tells his father that he broke royal protocol by fighting in the war when he still had capable warriors to fight for him. It is only after all his sons get killed that Ravan enters the battlefield again.
      A more detailed explanation from ram ki janaki from indiaforums
      Credit of last 2 paragraphs to ram ki janaki Di and vanshu sorry for long explanation dear

  5. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Feeling bad fr mandodri…. 😭😭 and pretty sulochana.. Such a tragic end of two beautiful ladies who always sacrificed n suffered ☹☹☹😭😭😭😢😢😢😩

    • Ritzz

      |Registered Member

      I think u have not read ramayana don’t mind… first of all megnath attacks both ram and lakshman with naag pash and garud comes and rescues…. then in another day of war meghnad again uses a powerful weapon and attacks lakshman and then hanuman goes to bring the mountain this will be shown in future epi of skr don’t wry

  6. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    We know ravan is desperate fr his death.. Lol. Skr wants him to die soon.. Bt that’s imaginative stories.. Sry if i hurt you guys 😐😐😐 bt ravan is really foolish

  7. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Ravan smile 😊 laugh 😆 smirk 😏 wink 😉 do whatever u wish to… Coz ur death is near 😊 😏 😉 🌠 🌠

  8. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    can u all give intro of urself pls , I am new here , I know some people but not many , btw I am belle , from class 9

  9. Sara

    Waiting for Tomorrow’s episode. Ravan ‘s death is not going to be so soon. Other demons will die before him . He will be the last -13th DAY
    Yes Ravan came out once in the battlefiled before KumbhaKaran ( Killed by Ram ) , Atikaya + Indrajit ( Killed by Lakshman) , , Trishira ( Killed by Hanuman) , Narakanta +Mahaparshva ( Anganda) , ViruParksha + Mahadora ( Killed by SUgreeev) , Nila kills Prashta etc
    Ravan will be Humiliated and embarrassed . Ram could have killed him but as Ravan become weapon less( Nishastra) so Ram didn’t kill him rather asked Ravan to bring New Chariot .
    Hope Ashish -Sharma is back in action . GOOD LUCK.

  10. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Ram chahe sita chahe sita chahe ram
    In dono ke luv me ravan ka kya h kaam??
    Is gadhe ka funda to simple Sa yaar
    Har Kisi KO mare danda har Kisi KO banate gulaam
    Ram chahe sita chahe sita chahe ram
    Har jagah h rakshas har jagah bhut pret
    Har jagah h rakshas har jagah bhut pret
    Par ram ji Ki sena to h sabse great
    Ravan kar jaldi Teri mrityu Ki pass ayi date
    Ram chahe sita chahe sita chahe ram
    In dono ke Luv me ravan tera kya h kaam
    Jai siya ram jai jai siya ram
    Cmnt guys 😘😘

  11. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    coolio epi bt I’m waiting fr precap….lik me hw many of u are waiting fr siya ram Milan????

  12. Aman

    can anyone tell me as laxmi shankh is dakshinvrati,what are her chakra and flower buds called

  13. Aman

    in sudarshan vaibhavam,kirti was the wife of sudarshan so is kirti laxmi chakra and incarnation of shat-kirti

    • Thanmathi

      |Registered Member



  14. Veena

    I completely agree with Vanshikha . Actually Vajramastra ( Vajramushti-was nobody) was killed by Anganda .
    I am upset with SKR . Please show the truth.
    And see the result -SKR did Adharma – therefore Ashish Sharma landed in Hospital.
    Jokes apart – hope SKR follows the track.
    And yes , Sara is right- Ravan’s demons will die first and Ravan on 13th DAY. But Ravan will ran away after his loss . Ram will be the winner -eager to watch the coming up episode.

  15. Sanju

    My sister was watching Skr with me other day and she was asking me a bit of logical questions and I was like 🤔
    Forget the fact Sita is Mahalakshmi as a mortal how would she have have stayed with same set of clothes for 10 months. If she accepts clothes given in Lanka it would be submitting to Lanka kinda right.
    Sorry for this but just wanted to clear her doubt if any of u guys have a logical reason to it.
    Interesting pre cap especially ram not trying to justify the shoorpanakha incident
    Jai Siya ram
    Beautiful episode the main part of Ramayana.
    Vanshu I don’t know about that but they a re bringing the warrior ram and leader ram in sync just too beautiful
    Jai Shri ram

    • Ritzz

      |Registered Member

      I think u hv forgotten that epi when sita was given a set of clothes by rishi atri wife saying that it will never get dirty

    • Ritzz

      |Registered Member

      Vanshika ravan did came before..nothing wrong.. and as vajramushti I searched in net but could not found clear… means neither it was written he was killed by Angad or ram or any other not clear actually….and Veena di vajramashtra and vajramushti same person or different??? Confused

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        Di I don’t know what’s happening with vajramishta I think u searched right bt the articles were wrong. I searched Angad killed vajradamshtra (whatever his silly name was) n it displayed clearly…

      • Vanshika

        |Registered Member

        I think we’ll surely get mad if we discussed more on this silly topic….. Main thing is that that vajra__ got killed..

    • Vanshika

      |Registered Member

      Ritz dii they’re same person vajramishta vajradamshtra.. N c down 👇 👇 👇 👇 here its verified who killed vajradamshtra..

  16. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Sanju di u r ryt.. I also had asked in one pg this qn- did Sita nt bathe fr 10 months lol 😁 bt really confusing…. She dint eat, sleep , drink n (bath) fr 10 months?? Sum one clear pls ….

    • Nabanita

      No she bath obiously.I once read in net that there is a place still in srilanka where sita Mata did bath everyday and even dry her hair….
      And the other qn of sanjudi I think we see before in skr that ram,lakshman,sita go place to another place but no carry anything except weapon.right?
      I don’t know what is actually happens with sita me but here we should hardly believe it😃

  17. joy

    Nice episode…….. Awesome precap…. 😀😀No ravan will not die so soon…. There will be more drama next week……. I hope SKR not disappointed us….. More drama coming… See the link which I posted up👆👆

  18. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    Ashoka vatika.. Its present location is believed to be the Hakgala Botanical Garden, the area is known as Seetha Eliya, close to the resort city of Nuwara Eliya. The Garden is situated at the base of the Hakgala Rock forms, has Sita Pokuna, a barren area atop the Hakgala Rock Jungle, where Sita was supposedly held captive, the Sita Amman Temple is located here. OTHER CONNECTED SITE IS A SPOT WHERE SITA BATHED IN A STREAM AT SITA ELIYA, called Sita Jharna.[4] The site has attracted media interest owing to its connection with Hindu mythology, in the recent years.[

  19. Ritzz

    |Registered Member

    But vanshika it is clearly written VAJRAMUSHTI he is son of malyavan may be vajramushti and vajramastra different person.. u open the link go little down and u Will see the a line written ” VAJRAMUSHTI was confronted by Mainda and dvivida two principle monkeys” that’s y I m still confused

  20. Ritzz

    |Registered Member

    The link is also valmiki narayan sure same as ur 2nd link of vajradamshtra… I think they are different persons

  21. Ritzz

    |Registered Member

    Compare my link and vanshika ur 2nd link it is same site…www. I did not search anything wrong…
    Means this r two different person…. and see at the links my link name is while in urs it’s the same except Sarga 54…plz compare…both pages are of same website…

  22. Ritzz

    |Registered Member

    Yeah… I think that they two different persons why will valmiki will refer a same person with two different names and that to be same person be killed by two persons at two different times??

  23. Sudeshna

    |Registered Member

    Episode was really very nice and i hope that confusion will end soon that who had killed vajramushthi…. Waiting for tomorrow’s Episode….

  24. spk

    I think many things shown here is not correct as per Ramayana that we know. Ram and Laxman both get hit by Meghnad before war is mentioned nowhere. I dont know which story they are following. Can any one clarify please?

  25. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member





  26. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    And guys I am sad to inform dat suchetana will not be regular as she was suffering from frequent stomach pain and she is wearing specs now…. So she told me to inform me to u aall…. And she will miss u all….
    And muss u too suchi dear pls take care….. 😃😃😃

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