Siya Ke Ram 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamitra bringing Ram and Laxman. He says they are Dasharath’s son, who have killed Tadaka and her army. Siya ram ram………plays……… Urmila holds Sita and they smile. Vishwamitra asks the princes who will attack first. Ram and Sita see each other. Ram Ram….plays……….

All the princes keep their swords back and take their seats. Janak and everyone look on. Janak asks all the princes what happened to them now, why did they bow their heads now, which were high by pride just a moment before, why are they silent now who were blaming him, they were announcing battle, why did they sit silent. Sunaina holds Sita. Janak apologizes to all of them, and says you all came here, it meant you all accepted Swayamvar’s condition, you all failed to lift Divya Dhanush

and changed the condition, you all should have got strength to accept this truth that its not possible for everyone to do everything, you all failed, it does not mean no one else can succeed in this.

Janak says I did not imagine Arvayar Rajvanshis will be like this, when Raavan insulted my daughter, no one dared to stop him and save our respect, I m disappointed. He says there is no one in Aryavarth who can lift this Dhanush. Laxman gets angry and shouts Maharaj Janak…. Sorry Rajrishi, but you can’t insult my brother saying such thing. Your anger and your regret has reason, but don’t you know Raghuvanshi is also present here. Ram says Laxman… and stops him. Laxman says forgive me, but I can’t bear such thing where my brother is present, I m sure no one is like my brother in entire Aryavarth. Ram asks him to calm down. Laxman apologizes to him.

Prince says now I will raise question, can you prove your words. Laxman says my brother will surely answer you. He asks Ram to lift Dhanush. Ram looks at the Dhanush. Another prince laughs and says hearing about lifting Dhanush, he is not even able to move, it seems younger brother trapped him. They laugh. Janak, Sita and the family looks on. Laxman asks Ram to go and show them that just you can lift this Dhanush. Janak nods. All the princes laugh.

Janak and Sunaina get teary eyed. Laxman fumes seeing the princes laughing. Vishwamitra breaks his silence and says Ram, string the Shiv Dhanush and free Maharaj Janak from all these accusations. Sita looks on teary eyed.

Ram proceeds and greets Vishwamitra. He says its your command Guru dev, and this is necessary for Maharaj Janak and his daughter’s respect, I will surely do this. Ram Ram…. Plays…….. Ram takes his blessings. Vishwamitra and Laxman walk ahead and take their seats. Ram looks at Sita. She looks on with hope.

Ram walks towards the Dhanush. Everyone get eager to see. Siya ram……….plays…………… Ram keeps his bow aside and sees the Divya Dhanush. Ram greets the Dhanush.

Mahadev smiles seeing Ram giving honor to the Dhanush and taking rounds while praying. Ram touches the Dhanush. Mangale Bhavane…….plays………… Sita closes eyes and prays. Everyone look on. Ram holds the Dhanush and single handedly lifts it with ease in the air, shocking everyone present in the Sabha. Mahadev smiles. Everyone in the Sabha smile happily. Urmila and Sita get happily stunned and look on. Siya ram……….plays………. Janak smiles and turns to see Sita. Sita cries happily.

Ram holds the Dhanush, while everyone smile seeing him. Ram holds the top of the Dhanush to string it. He smiles and pulls the Dhanush. The Dhanush breaks and the place gets shaken, with light beam passing by. Everyone get shocked and puzzled. Ram and Sita look at each other.

Janak says this was not a competition, I wanted to find deserving groom for Sita. Ram and Sita walk to each other and exchange garlands. Parshuram comes there angrily and asks who had dared to do this, that guy has invited his death for sure. He shouts and fumes. Ram turns to see him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shavi

    Fantastic episode.. d moment ram lifts d bow was awesome. . No words to explain.. ram nd sita’s expression superb.. jai sriram.. speechless moment. ..

  2. Any one tell me when ram kills ravan then what happen.I mean someone say that sita give Agnee pariksha and someone say that ram leaves sita in jungle when she is pregnant . please some one say me what happened exactly.

    • ub

      After killing ravan ,, sitas agnipravesh happen.. They went to ayodhya with laxman and hanuman.. BHARATH will please ram for take over the throne…

      When sita is pregnant, some washerman raise doubt on sita staying in Lanka with ravan…

      So ram asks laxman to leave sita in forest

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      After ram sita get married Dharashrat plans to make ram as yuvraj….
      Kaikiye doesnt accept it and asks Dharashrath to make as yuvraj and send ram to vanavasam for 14 years…..
      Sita will say that she will be with him only and laxaman will also accompany……
      During this Bharat n Shatrugan and their respective wives would have gone to Shatrugan’s maternal kingdom….

      • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        After Shatrugan returns he will fume at Kaikiye and break relantionship with her….
        Dharashrat will die being illl…..
        Kaikiye realise her mistake….
        Mandvi and Urmila will wait for their husbands to return as Bharat will be gaurding the kingdom by having ram’s footwear on the throne….
        And Shatrugan and Shruthakriti will separately in the same room and will not have any hus wife relantionship…. they will be waiting ram sita return and their brothers and sisters reunion…. Hats of to them….
        During their 13th year Ravan kidnaps sita….. for Surpanagai’s sake….
        After a long battle ram kills ravan and ram sita unite….
        There are 2 different myths of sita’s agnipariksha:
        One at lanka self
        Or at Ayodhya…
        But in a village a fisherman will not accept his wife as she stayed in a unknown man’s place and will quote that, “I am not Ram to accept my wife who had stayed with some other man….”
        People will say that sita took Agniparihsha but he will quote that “Who knows the truth whether really sita agniparikshi???”…..

      • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        Ram will come to know about all this and will have a difficult as to whether to fill fill rajya dharma or pathi dharma….
        Again here we have 2 different myths…
        One sita coming to know about all these and voluntarily leaving Ayodhya…
        Or ram will ask sita to get ready as a common woman for meeting the praja and then will secretly ask laxaman to leave in forest….
        During this time all the 4 Mithali rajkumaries will be pregnant with twins…
        After sita gets shelter at Rishi Valmiki’s ashram….
        There our heros Luv Kush will be born….

        Remaing part i will tell tomorrow….
        Bye buddy

  3. sudhir

    the moment finally……. !!….ram n his smile.. sita n her grace….. cheery on the cake….. never had seen such heart palpitating ramayan sequence… seen all theI Ramayan serials in different different channels… But thr dramatic sequence of breaking shiv dhanush in this serial s THE BEST one… simply superb acting n direction n technicians…

  4. diya

    Hi frnds…. The way ram lifts d Danush…. The way he hold it…… Siyas happy teary expression…… D shocking happy expression of everyone…. Was just aaaaaawesome…. Superb ya……..

  5. Riya

    Amazing ep, Sita face expression just fabulous,finally superb episode thank u star plus for siya ke ram ……….

  6. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Superb epi….
    One thing missing:
    While strings the Dhanush he will smile AT SITA….
    That is very important….

  7. Saranya

    Actually after 2007 ramayan I just think only gurmeet has tat grace but today omg it was awesome. I have no words to say. Am eagerly waiting to watch this episode in tamil

  8. vaishnavi

    After lavkush born they don’t know dat their father is ram nd they eventually learn all d skills frm valmiki one day they go to ayodhya to present their skills without knowing ram is der father actually dey heard very much abt ramsita jodi dat they were best n all dey don’t know dat sita left ayodhya n went to jungle n she is non other than their mom on d day of presenting skills they got to know dat ram left sita (but donno dat she is der mom) they got much angry on ram frm den they hate ram …….one day when ram was passing through jungle luvkush saw him n got into fight by seeing dis hanuman went to sita n told dat her husband n children r fighting with each other so dita went their n told lavkush dat ram is der father ..after dis they patch uped….sita went to bhudevi nd later lavkush were made kings ………nd d end

  9. sona

    is it true ,that laxman marries urmila in this same swayamvar after ram n sitas marriage..does anyone know about this

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      no dear……..
      ram and sita love each other because ram and sita share same thoughts………
      ram respects sita and its also a one of the reason for sita to love ram so much……….

  10. rrr

    Superb n awesome episode…the way ram lifts dhanush and with smile to break that….picture perfect episode.outstanding acting by all…especially ram,sita ,laxman and janak…they r perfect actors…the cast all s nice….once again ashish proves n establish him acting well…he have bright future…he kills ours the way of smiling n acting…..ashish rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..

  11. Lakshmi Narayanan

    It was simply a pleasure to watch this episode. Again n again… 🙂 Jai Sita Ram. What a moment of lifting the Shiv bow!
    And Lakshman’s love for his brother. Ram Sita holy bond. Janak’s relief after Ram agreeing to lift the divine bow… Awesome 🙂

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      He didnt purposely do it….
      He will try to string the Dhanush but his small force will break the Dhanush….
      You will get clear idea in today’s epi…

  12. Ritika

    I saw it yest. I realized i had tears aftr d epi. I was myself surprised as that hardly happens, even in cases when it should. Awesome. Simply outstanding. WELL DONE SIYA KE RAM TEAM!!! KEEP GOING!

  13. Devga

    Wow wow wow ?….. Awesome …. Superb visual treat …. Thanks to the writers and actors and directors….. And costume designers….. Jewel designers….. Music composers….. Playback singers …… Camera technicians….. Producers the most ….
    Who all to thank a lot ……

    Thank u

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