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Siya Ke Ram 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita sitting infront of Shruthkirti. She prays. The deer herd runs other way and does not hurt the girls. The deer stops and sees Sita. Sita smiles. Bhoomija……………plays………….. Kaikeyi tells Mantra that Yudjeet has written that Bharat has become a Sampurn warrior, there is big change in /Bharat, I will be shocked seeing him, I kept him away for this day, my Tapasya will be successful. Kaushalya and Sumitra come there. Kaushalya happily says our sons are coming. Kaikeyi says my Bharat is coming. Sumitra says we will welcome them and make food for them. Kaushalya asks Kaikeyi to come. Kaikeyi asks her to cook, she has to do something else.

Sumitra says its nice thought to divide work. Kaushalya gets upset and leaves with Sumitra. Ram goes to the horse

says this will be horse from today. Vijay says horse knows what you did for him and will always support you. Ram sees the cloth tied to his wound. He opens the cloth. Vinay says its act from Mithila, get is washed and see whats the art. Ram asks who has tied it. Vijay praises Sita and tells Ram that she tied the horse. The men wash the cloth. Ram sees the art and says Sita….. Vijay says when our horse reached her Rajya, Sita has stopped him and took care of the horse.

Ram ties the cloth to the horse’s neck. Kaushalya asks Sumitra did she hear Kaikeyi, she said my son.. none of us told such, all four are our sons. Sumitra hides the matter and says Kaikeyi was away from her son for long, so its possible, its true that we all love our four sons, we did not do biasing between them. Kaushalya says you are saying right, Kaikeyi got emotional. I should be happy, when Bharat and Shatrughan come, all four brother will be together. Sumitra recalls Kaikeyi and Dasharath’s arguments and cries. Kaushalya asks what happened. Sumitra says sorry, I got emotional. Kaushalya says you are very patient and brave. Shruthkirti says Sita saved me today. Sita asks other sisters to tell Shruthkirti and not hide anything.

Mandvi says mum and dad sent gifts for us and teases Shruthkirti. Shruthkirti gets upset and cries. Sita tells her that gifts are for her too and sends her to see. Shruthkirti gets glad seeing her parents there. She hugs them happily. Sita says I m sorry, we got to know your parents are coming and did not say. Mandvi says this was our idea, Sita is innocent, our parents have come after a year. Janak says don’t worry, your parents won’t go back if Shruthkirti does not allow them. Shruthkirti says I will never let them go. Sunaina asks the girls to help her in cooking, and Shruthkirti will spend time with her parents.

Sunaina asks Sita to get some herbs. Sita goes and sees a goat stuck in between plants. Sita takes the goat and goes to Gargi. She says I got this goat here for aid as palace is away. Gargi says its deep wound and asks her to get haldi. She asks Sita to make haldi lep. Sita makes the lep. She holds the goat. Gargi applies the ointment. Sita asks will it hurt. Gargi says something pain is necessary for treatment. Sita leaves the goat. Sita smiles seeing the goat walk.

Sita says Maa has sent me to get herbs, its good I came here, else the goat would have been hurt, I felt I m hurt, I don’t know why do I have link with nature. Gargi says its because you are born by nature, you are Bhoomija, Janak would have told you. Sita asks what…. Gargi looks at her and says you were born from the soil, your other name is Bhoomija too. Sita gets shocked.

Sita says Janak is my father, I m his daughter, Sunaina is my mother. Gargi says yes, but your family is not limited to it, you are linked to nature, did you not feel that his trees, birds, jungle and everyone respect you, they listen and understand you. Sita asks how can anyone be born from soil. Gargi says even all Mithila people asked the same, Janak was taking the golden plough to dig the field and he got you from the soil, this is the truth, that’s why you were named Sita. FB shows the scene where Janak names the baby girl Sita.

Kaikeyi is glad seeing Bharat. Dasharath says Bharat will be good support to Ram. Sita asks her sisters to imagine if she is not their sister.

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