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Siya Ke Ram 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Laxman asking Sita the reason for coming so far from the hut. Sita, Ram and Laxman see the water flood and get shocked. The hut gets washed off by the water waves. Ram goes to Sita and holds her close. She hugs him.

Its morning, they sit on the mountain rocks. Ram sees Sita and Laxman sad. Ram tells Sita that its all well that ends well, we have got a new lesson today, that we should always be alert. Laxman says we could not save our hut, our hardwork got waste in one moment, we get helpless infront of nature. Sita says its not nature’s mistake, its human’s mistake, nature always alerts humans, and we don’t understand. Laxman asks where was the warning, there was no sign like storm or bad weather, then this flood, whose mistake is this. Sita says we have seen the

signs and did not take action, see the birds nest, its safe, they knew the upcoming danger, we could not understand this and our hut got washed off. She says birds and animals give sign of upcoming danger, we just need to understand this, I asked you to change the place of the hut, you know why, because the birds were making the nests higher.

Laxman recalls Sita’s words. Sita says I understood that sign, its fine Laxman, we are fine, this is most important, we can make hut again. Laxman says if you told me before then.. Ram says would you hear her that time, you were very excited, its fine, humans learn by mistake, mistakes make us better. Laxman asks Sita to say where to make new hut. She says I will say if you smile. Ram says Laxman…. Laxman says hut got washed off because of me, I will make more beautiful one for Sita, just tell me place. Sita says I feel this place where we are standing is best. Laxman says sure. He asks Ram to do Dhyan and asks Sita to take rest, and says I will make the hut. Ram and Sita smile. Some Rakshaks look at them.

Gandharao Raj asks Sugreev why did he come here. Hanuman meets Gandharao Raj. He introduces himself. Gandharao Raj greets him with respect. Hanuman asks do you know me. Gandharao Raj says who does not know you, you are known in three lok. Hanuman says I have come by imp work, I spoke to your daughter. Gandharao Raj asks what. Hanuman says which I will ask you, and you will know. Gandharao Raj asks what is it. Hanuman asks whats Sugreev doing here, I have come with him, he is my friend Sugreev. Sugreev stops Hanuman from saying anything, and says they will kill us, we have to leave safe. Hanuman says don’t worry, Bali will also agree, I m here.

He goes to Gandharao Raj and says love is very powerful, its pure, your daughter and my friend love each other, Sugreev is hesitant to say anything. Gandharao Raj says you would have thought well Hanuman if you got this proposal, tell me the reason, why would my daughter marry Sugreev. Hanuman says there is no big reason than love. Gandharao Raj says I can’t believe she loves Sugreev, would Sugreev take care of her, why won’t I get Roma marry any other prince, anyone would love her. Hanuman asks would Roma love that man too. Gandharao Raj says this marriage is not possible. Hanuman says talk to Roma once, maybe she can explain you. Gandharao Raj says I will decide for her future, I don’t see her good future with Sugreev, I request you to leave along with your friend. Sugreev gets sad and leaves. Hanuman asks him to listen.

Ram does Dhyaan. Laxman starts making the hut. Sita goes to help Laxman. She asks can I help you. Laxman says no, I will repent for not agreeing to you, you take rest, I will manage. Sita sees a deer and smiles. She runs to see the deer. Ram is sitting with closed eyes. The deer runs inside jungle. Sita runs away. The Rakshaks get after her. Ram opens eyes and says Sita……. Ram looks around and asks Laxman where is Sita. Laxman says I asked her to rest. Ram says I will see. Laxman says I will come. Ram says complete your work, I will see myself. He takes bow and arrows and leaves.

Sita smiles seeing the ber fruits and picks some. She says I don’t want Ram and Laxman to eat sour ber, I will taste this first. She eats the ber. Ram looks for her.

Hanuman asks Sugreev to wait. Sugreev says I told you this marriage is impossible. Hanuman says I know you are in deep sorrow, but you told me that I should talk to Roma, you accepted defeat without trying, we got to know that Roma loves you, we will not leave soon, wait outside, I will meet you soon, I m going to try something different, you go, I will get Roma, hide somewhere. Sugreev asks what are you going to do. Hanuman asks him to wait.

Ram looks for Sita and gets her ring. He picks ring and says Sita’s ring. He shouts Sita….. Sita turns and gets shocked seeing the men. Ram shouts Sita and she turns to him. Ram throws the knife and hits a man. Another man turns into snake and flees. Ram asks Sita are you fine, what are you doing here alone, its danger, if anything happened to you, if that Rakshaks succeeded in his motive then, sorry I told a lot. She cries. He asks her to be in his place and see. She says no, its fine, it had your love and rights. He asks whats this. She says ber, I came here to take this. He asks why is she hiding it then, give it. She says I ate it. He says so what. She says I have seen your anger for first time, I felt you will take ber from me or not. He smiles and takes her. They sit and Ram eats the ber.

Roma tells Hanuman that she decided she will walk on love path and marry Sugreev. She asks Hanuman will you protect my decision. Hanuman says sure. Gandharao Raj shouts Roma.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello my dear sisters… how r u all…? l’m commenting here after a long time.. anybody remember me..?? actually l was busy with my project work..OK. come to the episode.. our Hanuman ji is so sweet and funny.. hey na…?
    all the new comers welcome to our sweet family… sorry for late welcome…
    silpa.. Njan poorathinu poyilla… after the paravoor incident my parents are didn’t allowed me yaar.. nee poyo…??

    1. Hi,Ahana d….I m fine n u…I m vry happy di 2 see u after a long time n Hanuman ji is rly so funny.

    2. Haii Ahana …Fine……….Hanuman too interest to watch

    3. silpa k sivadasan

      my dear chalakudikari changathi
      sugamano ninak
      njan poorathnu poyilla entrance exam alle veetukar samathichilla
      project oke complete aayo
      take care dear alwys

  2. Nice episode

    1. Learnt two things from episode…..birds and animals give sign of upcoming danger…and there is no big reason for love…

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Yup yup I hd read in geography that bird and animals tell of natural disasters but hadn’t imagined it could happen that time too.

  3. Wow,the show is going2 the main part of the Ramayana,its going2 vry interesting.

  4. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hi ? di epi was gr8 as always
    I won’t comment nxt week. I wanted to submit an article ff but first I want u to read it-
    Hi ? guys I m Vanshika n this is my first ff so please tell me my mistakes otherwise How’ll I b able 2 improve ? if there are not atleast 15 people comments I ll quit writing and not post next epi. ?
    Scene1: Location:mithila. Sita is desperately waiting for someone. Now who can it be than her to be husband Ram? But why is she waiting? The marriage has been fixed and the ceremonies have started. It’s the haldi ceremony and siya is waiting to see Ram. But fails in her first attempt. After that she is completely yellow, looking beautiful in a yellow sari and beautiful jewellery with a rose/floral decorative mangtika/head ornament, completely coloured in her to be husband’s colour. The gods and goddesses themselves are present at this auspicious occasion of Narayan and lakshmi’s pure Haldi and are adding to the charm. On the other hand our other stars lakshmila, bhavi and shushra r enjoying the ceremony when Bharat and mandvi are fighting and sutkirti and shatrughan r smiling ? at each other. And of course lakshmila r at one moment seeing and other moment shying away from each other. A pure lovely moment. The beautiful sangeet ceremony also happens and the whole atmosphere is more then melodious n great. Everyone is dancing and singing and enjoying the sangeet, when dashrath proposes the marriage of the brothers of ram with sisters of siya, an adorable moment but Urmila doesn’t agree because is angry with lakshman’s behaviour. But siya manages to make her ready and she realises her mistake and all set they are for the grand wedding.
    Location: Ayodhya: The mothers are waiting for their sons and their brides and dying to see them. Preperations have been made to welcome the brides and grooms.
    Scene 2: Location:mithila. The great wedding is gonna take place and the brides are looking like goddesses in their beautiful attire, the grooms are not less and are looking as gods, and everything is set. Siya and the sisters hug their mother sunaina and dad janak and the grand wedding takes place. The sisters and brothers are pretty good and follow their elders Siam and they do all the ceremonies, varmala/garland exchange, kanyadaan, phere/seven rounds around the fire. Ram applies sindoor on sita’s forehead and the brothers follow him and put sindoor in their brides’ foreheads. Ram puts mangalsutra around sita’s neck n she closes her eyes ? in shyness. the brothers follow ram. The pandit tells them that the marriage ? is over and they are husband wife from this very moment, and will share their happiness and sorrow with each other. And like this the celestial marriage ? is over and the newly married ? couples look magnificent.
    Scene 3: Janak is very ? and doesn’t wanna leave his daughters. Dashrath consoles him and tells him that he’ll keep his daughter in-laws as daughters and treat them with affection always.
    Later:On the other hand janak describes mithila’s tradition to the grooms and tells that it is trend that they(brides and grooms) have to feed each other by their hands. Sita feeds a bite of roti kheer to ram and ram feeds her another bite of roti. A great romantic moment… And the brothers and sisters follow them.
    Precap-Siam feed each other lunch. Janak does his daughters bidaai. Everyone cry ?.

    Hi ? I’m sorry if its not gr8. I’ll focus much on Siam scenes as the name suggests. Sorry if I disappointed ? lakshmila, bhavi, shushra fans but there will be seperate ff for them I’ll write n post soon after this one ends. Please tell ur views. First I didn’t plan to post wedding scenes but I’ve done it in short…
    If its nice den I’ll post it on tellyupdates. Please tell hows it.

    1. Nice analysis vanshika sister… Continue writing.. don’t quit…

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Thanks bro

    2. Supreetha (Soups)

      Dear Vanshika, you should post your writing….you do write well 🙂

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Nice ff vanshika wonderfully written… keep it up dear…and do post it..

    4. silpa k sivadasan

      nice one dear
      plzzzz post it
      dont thnk about coments there r alot of silent readers out there
      ur writing is gud dont stop
      mistakes will b der learn frm it
      dont feel u r a bad writer
      its not true
      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon will b waiting 4 it

  5. Nice episode….but who are those,whom ram killed today?I don’t understand.

  6. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Ya nabanita di me 2 didn’t understand

  7. Veronica crouze

    Will they show ravan’s part till October?? So that they can show ravan badh during dusshera??

    1. no idea….. but there is no need to drag that much……..

  8. Nyc episode I have saw many ramayana but I didn’t see this flood and ram shouts at siya and all. But it’s different and nyc too.

  9. Supreetha (Soups)

    Ram looks so good when he’s angry ?loved that scene and how quickly he calms down ?

    1. It would be very nice if all males of world follow the footsteps of ram as a brother,son and husband (except his decision to send Sita to banbas in the pregnant state)!!

      1. completely agree with u nabanita all males should be like him but in this world that can’t even be thought in dream (except some people)

      2. Supreetha (Soups)

        True :)….can I know if you are elder or younger to me? Sorry if it’s personal…cuz only then I can see if I can call you di or by name if you don’t mind

    2. I just finished class 12.and now u decide if i am elder than I or not!by the way which is urs class?

      1. Sorry printing mistake!if i am elder than u or not?

      2. Supreetha (Soups)

        I too just finished class 12…I’m of your age….can I call you by name if you don’t mind?

  10. Veronica crouze

    i dn’t understand 1thing… i know ram sent sita fr rajdharm…bt didn’t he ever think of his children what would happen 2 them or how would be they brought up in forest?didn’t he ever wish 2 meet them???

    1. he did….. whenever he saw his brother’s kids he missed his own but he feared thta people might even givegossip about his children’s birth so he didnt meet them……….

    2. Veronica he wished to see his children and even he misses sita but bcoz of his rajdarm he could not do anything in fact he feels very bad when he see his brothers with their sons but his rajdarm made him to be like that like vo batate hai na uska sharir ayodhya mein tha par uska dil toh hamesha apni sita ko hi doond raha tha even when sita come infront of him also he want To go to her but his rajdarm stopped him. Bcoz for a raja his rajdarm is the first dear. So that ram lost all his happiness ????

  11. Happy Hanuman jayanti guys………..

    Pavanputra Hanuman ki jay………..

  12. Akanksha sharma

    Hllo 2 all …..comenting here after a long time….bkz of busy schedule…. studies… ..btw epi was wonderful.luv the part wherr..ram shows concern fr sita…little anger…bt fr some gud reason…hanumanji …helping his frnd to get his love…awesome…and hw r u all…f9 na..and welcome 2 all the new ones 2 our sweet family…may i have the intros…of those who feel i dont know them…plzzzz

    1. hi di….. Welcome back……… i m new here….. from theni, tamilnadu….. finished 10th few days back………

  13. Akanksha sharma

    Hllo 2 all commenting after a long time…bt really missed tu….the epi was awesome ..luv the scene where ram shows his concern fr sita…and..really hats of 2 maa sita …she noticed and understood the signs of nature…hanumanji helping his frnd 2 get his love..gr8 job…and ya welcome 2 all the new ones 2 our sweet family..and ya plzzz give me the intros…those whom i dont know plzzz..if u all dnt mind will help me 2 know u all well…

    1. Hai Akanksha…this is anil…from telangana… doing in Hyderabad… Nice to meet u sister..

    2. Haii Iam Mohana from tamilnadu.
      Iam New Here…

    3. Hi akansha dear can I pls know r u elder than me???by the way I completed my 10th boards and waiting for results

    4. Missed u di…thank god you r back 🙂

  14. Sorry I’m late bcoz of my weak network ! I’m sorry !! And can anyone tell ne what does captcha mean? In writing ff

    1. No sorry in family malvi….

  15. hey guys nice episode
    hey here welwisher is commenting.
    I can’t talk to you guys much.
    but is there anyone else on Facebook please tell me.

    1. How R U Wellwisher????

      1. hey! I m not welwisher
        I asked that welwisher is commenting or not.if someone is of fb then tell me.

  16. hello guyss… Iam new here myself mohana from tamilnadu…

    1. Haii Mohana Welcome to the family dear……………

    2. Hai mohana welcome to our family☺☺☺☺

    3. Hi mohana… Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club………. may i know about u??? sry f personal………

  17. sorry for late wishes Happy Hanuman Jayanti…………friends

    1. thank u akkka…. wish u and all others the same……

  18. Reason for Sita’s Exile:

    from devdutt’s Sita……….

    It was the royal cat that 1st sensed Sita was with child. Then it was the royal dog .Then the parrots. Finally the rooster, who could not contain himself: he crowed out the news so loudly that the fishes could hear it in the river and they took the news downstream all the way to Mithila. Janaka smiled on hearing the news, and then went about his royal chores.

    The vultures flew over the sea and the news reached Lanka. Vibhishana was pleased. But not Surpanakha. She travelled to the city of Ayodhya and made her way to the women’s quarters, identifying herself as a hairstylist from beyond the Vindhyas. This got everyone excited. All the women were curious. ‘Do you know the place called Lanka?”

    ‘Of course. The city of gold in the middle of the sapphire blue sea where once lived the most handsome king. Ravana,’ she said.

    ‘How handsome was he?’ they asked.

    ‘None would know him better and more intimately that your own queen,’ she chuckled, making them even more curious.

    When the women asked Sita, she smiled and said, ‘Ravana was for me but a dancing shadow on the surface of the sea. I heard his voice. I felt his footsteps. But I never saw his face.’

    The women, with a little encouragement from Surpanakha, begged Sita to draw the outline of Ravana’s shadow. Sita indulged them: she drew the image on the floor using rice flour.

    The ten heads, the 20 arms: it was so perfect that Surpanakha wept in memory of her beloved brother. Her tears fixed the drawing to the floor. No matter how hard they tried, they could not wipe Ravana’s image from the floor of Ram’s palace.

    That is how the gossip began.

    ‘She has drawn the virile of Ravana’s image under her bed.’

    ‘She did live under his roof through the rainy season.’

    ‘She lived with her husband in the forest for 14 years, and only now, after a sojourn in Lanka, is she with child. Something to think about, no?’

    A washerman was heard shouting at his wife who has taken refuge in the house of the boatman during a storm, ‘Get out. Ram may keep a wife who has spent many a night in another man’s house, but I will not.”

    To be continued——–

    Note: I had taken this from Devdutt’s Sita book….. I will continue the next part whenever possible……..

  19. Happy hanuman jayanthi to all☺☺☺☺

  20. Siya Ke Ram Spoilers:

    Shri Ram enters Panchwadi with Sita and Laxman. There is a leap of 10 years. Sita leaves her hand prints on the walls of the hut. Ravan will kidnap Sita from the same hut. On the other hand, Hanuman protects Sugreev’s to be wife Roma and completes Sugreev’s love story.

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