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Siya Ke Ram 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath getting glad meeting his sons. Dasharath says he is assured nothing will happen to him, till he is with him, Ram asks what is the matter, why is he saying so. Dasharath recalls the incident. Dasharath says nothing son, come, your mothers did not come, but sent many snacks and gifts. The three sons go inside the tent, while Ram stops seeing Dasharath’s wound. Ram asks Dasharath what happened to his feet, and takes him to aid the wound. He gets some leaves and applies the grinded leaves to Dasharath’s feet. Dasharath blesses him.

Sita asks for laddoo. Sita’s sister take laddoos. Sunaina asks her to focus on what she is saying, then they will get laddoo. Sunaina asks them the difference in food. Sita answers right. Sunaina says food affects heart. Sita

asks what is it. Sunaina explains them. Sita asks is cooking a Shastra or art. Sunaina says if two people cook same thing, will taste be same. Sita says no, no one can cook like you. Sunaina says according to me, cooking is art, and its knowledge is necessary. She says when food is cooked by love, it becomes tasty, practice is needed. Sita says I know you cook by love, if anyone of us does not eat, you might be upset. Sunaina says yes, if any family member does not like our art and not eat food, I get upset, I try to make my dishes better, I have aim to give my people a healthy future to my family. Sita smiles. Sunaina asks where is her focus. Sita says children of plant, these seeds. Sunaina says right, new plants will come if we sow them. Sita asks shall I sow them and runs. Dasharath serves food to his sons. He smiles seeing Ram and recalls Ram’s childhood. Dasharath plays with him, and his three wives smile seeing them. Dasharath then recalls Laxman’s toddler years.

Sita plants the seeds. Janak asks what is she doing.She says she is planting seeds for future. He says you sometimes shock me with great words, heart also grows in this way. Sunaina and everyone smile seeing them. Sita says all these plants will be Bhoomija then. Janak says yes, we all are Bhoomija, to be born by soil.

Dasharath comes to Ayodhya palace. Kaikeyi asks him about sons, is everything fine. He says everything is fine, its tough to come back leaving sons. She asks how is my Ram. He says great, amazing, Ram is not ordinary, Gauru Vashisht is happy with Ram, you would be proud seeing him, Ram is best in archery, Ram took care of me, he thinks of others before himself. Kaikeyi says if you say this to Kaushalya, she will be glad. Dasharath says whatever I say, she is stuck on one thing. Kaikeyi asks him to solve the matter. Dasharath says Kaushalya wants to hurt me, she believes it was my fault, does she think I m made of stone, was Shanta just my daughter, does she not know whats going on in my heart. She asks him to talk to Kaushalya, atleast about Ram, Kaushalya will be anxious to know about Ram. He says I can’t forget this bitterness between me and Kaushalya, when my sons return, they can become a bridge between us. Ram visualizes he is running amidst fire and jumping in river, where he sees someone calling him.

Kaushalya cries and tells Kaikeyi and Sumitra that she loves her sons a lot, she has sacrficied her daughter for them. Sumitra says I did not mean this, Dasharath is sad. Kaikeyi says the girl was his daughter too, his heart makes him feel guilty, he is unable to get you out of this sorrow, so he feels more guilty.

Kaushalya says this is my problem, why does he want me to come out of this sorrow, I feel my daughter is calling me, like Dasharath likes to meet his sons, does he wish to meet his daughter. Sumitra asks Kaushalya to explain this to Dasharath. Kaushalya says he has come to talk to me. Kaikeyi says Dasharath will come, but will you talk to him well, we are glad seeing you both like this. Sumitra says our sons will come and know all this matter. Kaushalya says they will know truth some day. Kaikeyi says truth has to come out on right time.

Laxman comes to Bharat and asks for Ram. Bharat says Ram was with you. Laxman says he said he will go to river bank, then he did not return. Bharat doubts if Ram is in any problem. They all rush to look for Ram. Ram concentrates in the jungle.

Ram visualizes Dasharath in danger and asks Guru Vashisht about his doubt. Sita questions Sunaina about liberty of thoughts, either good or bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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