Siya Ke Ram 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chatayu asking Mareech where is his ashram. Mareech lies that its 50 kms away. He says I heard Ram saved the villagers from Asurs, if Ram does not come with me to protect us, I will end my life. Ram says don’t worry, its my first most duty to protect people, I will surely come. Mareech thinks once you two brothers are away from this hut, Raavan will take his revenge by kidnapping Sita. Ram asks him to come. Mareech tells him not to come alone, the Asur is very powerful and dangerous, I think you should take Laxman along. Laxman says sure, but what is the name of your village….

Mareech starts coughing and gets tensed. Sita gives him water. She sees a cloth made by animal skin. Mareech thanks her. She says this was my duty, but how did you get such beautiful Mrighjhaal/deer

skin. He says its made by some special Mrigh/deer’s skin, I was lucky to spot that animal in the jungle, I have killed it. She says Rishi’s heart is filled with pity and compassion, they don’t have any feelings of violence in their heart, its duty of Dharmatma to protect birds and animals, but you don’t get hesitant to kill any animal, you killed the animal for your benefit, then what is the difference between you and Asurs. Ram says sorry Rishivar, Sita loves Swarn Mrigh/golden deer since her childhood, by killing the deer, you have hurt her heart, so she said so. Laxman says sorry Munivar, but seeing your behavior, I wonder you are any Rishi or not…. Mareech makes excuses and says I came to ask for protection, but you have insulted me by this questions, is this not bad, if you don’t trust a Rishi, I will go back and get my wounded villagers, then maybe you will believe my problems.

Laxman says such incidents happened in this jungle, doubting is natural, I think you are saying right, go back to your village and get your family and villagers here, they will be safe here and free of fear, Asurs will feel they got succeeded, and we can attack on Asurs. Mareech thinks to run away and save his life before they know his truth. He says as you wish, I will come back with my family and villagers, allow me to leave. Ram says Rishivar, Dharm is the most imp thing for Rishi, there is no need to be afraid of Adharm by walking on the path of Dharm, we are always there to protect you. Mareech says no doubt in it, and greets Ram. He leaves from there.

Raavan and Akampana wait for Mareech. Raavan asks where is Mama Mareech, did he run away. Akampana asks him to have patience, he would be coming, it needs time. Raavan says if he comes with failure, I will not leave him alive. Mareech hears him and hides. He thinks Raavan will kill me, and if I go back to Ram, even he will not leave me, I will run away from here. He runs away.

Raavan says he is a coward, I feel he has run away seeing problems. Akampana says he can run away, but not away from my sight, I will see him.

Hanuman meets Bali and asks him to think about Sugreev again, Sugreev loves you a lot, everyone knows this, you have protected him always, how can you doubt on him and think to kill him, I request you to end these bad feelings for him. Bali says I won’t, he has cheated me, he is my culprit. Bali says its your illusion, when you did not come out and blood was flowing out, Sugreev thought Mayavi has killed you, he has shut the cave door with a rock to protect Kishkindha Praja, so that Mayavi dies inside the cave. Bali asks Hanuman not to lie, it does not suit you, Sugreev knows no one can kill me, how can he think Mayavi killed me, did he say this and you all believed him, crime has a motive, Sugreev wanted to become Kishkindha’s king. Hanuman says no, it was not like this. Bali says I will not forgive him, I will kill him, tell that coward that his death is close. Tara and Roma worry. Hanuman says I have come to protect two brother’s relation, but Sugreev’s life, you are losing a brother and best friend, and remember Sugreev is my friend, and no one can kill him till I m there. He leaves. Bali shouts Hanuman, if this is your challenge, I accept this, I will kill Sugreev and show you.

Roma says forgive us, and holds Bali’s feet. She says we will go away from Kishkindha, forgive my husband. Bali moves her away and says who will let you go away from Kishkindha….. He angrily leaves. Roma cries. Tara holds her.

Mareech runs and says but Raavan will surely find me, he is trilok Raj, I have to find some other way to protect myself. He recalls Ram’s words and says now just Ram can protect me, if I tell him my entire truth, maybe he will forgive me, I have to go to him now. He turns and gets shocked seeing Raavan and Akampana. Raavan stares at him and asks did you think, I will not know this. Mareech says I was coming to you and lost my way. Raavan gets his magical sword in his hand and walks to him.

Mareech begs him not to do this. Raavan angrily gets to strike him. Akampana stops Raavan and says hear out Mareech once. Laxman tells Ram that he did not believe that Rishi. Chatayu says even I did not believe him. Ram says but whoever come to us with plead for protection, its our duty to save him, its possible he is lying, but we have to do our duty always without getting afraid.

Mareech tells Raavan that he tried to get Ram and Laxman, but they are very alert, they know about your presence, they did not move from there and doubted on me, so I came here. Raavan says maybe there is some weakness, some solution. Mareech says I don’t know, I was there for some time. Raavan asks him to think. Mareech asks him to leave Sitaharan thought, you can think anything else to take revenge. Raavan says I feel you know the solution, will you say it or die. Mareech says don’t do this, let me think. Raavan says I don’t have much time, so hurry up. Mareech recalls Ram’s words about Sita’s love for Swarn Mrigh. He says Ram’s wife Sita loves Swarn Mrigh, and Sita is dear to both Sanyasis, I think if Sita tells them anything, they will do it for sure, Sita wanted to see Swarn Mrigh/golden deer since childhood. Raavan asks what is this nonsense and gets an idea….. He smiles.

Laxman says it’s a matter to think about, I did not see this before. Sita says my dad told me about the special deers, the musk is found in special musk deers, during the last phase of their life, their color gets golden, so they are called golden deer. Laxman says if its true, I also wish to see such a golden deer. Raavan says golden deer….. will you not fulfill Sita’s wish before her kidnapping. Mareech asks how will we get Swarn Mrigh. Raavan laughs and says you… you will become Swarn Mrigh. Mareech asks I? Raavan says yes, there is no better Mayavi than you, either become Swarn Mrigh or let me kill you. Akampana asks Mareech why is he hesitant, you are great Mayavi, become Swarn Mrigh. Mareech nods and sits to turn into a golden deer. Raavan laughs and says be ready for Swarn Mrigh… Sita…..

Devi Parvati says Lankesh is proceeding to Panchwati for Sitaharan, will Ram and Sita have to get separated, why are you silent Swami…. Mahadev says Rishi’s curse got true, that’s why Narayan has to get away from Devi Laxmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At last epi thank u so much amena di… I m sure sitaharan is on Mon or Tue….. N I was thinking that mareech wantedly become golden deer to make sitama and ram suffer… But here it is shown that he was forced to…..but ya hope he is a positive character itself……ravana is so cruel….. Vanshu I read ur ff’s that’s nyc dear….. N waiting for ur next poll…hope u post it soon…..

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Nyc dat u lvd it. I hv posted next one.. Will send u d link s its posted.. Will also post part three today only of d poll

      1. Oh waiting for third part too vanshu….waiting for it dear

  2. I dn’t undrstand 1 thing sita coud undrstnd language of animas,bird,trees.dn how she couldn’t undrstnd dat mareech wsn’t a real deer!!!even when jayanto became a crow she could undrstnd dat it wsn’t a real crow. & 1 more thing didn’t ayodhya people know dat sita gave agnipariksha at Lanka & she ws kidnapped???

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Di yes ayodhya ppl knew siya gv agnipariksha but Dey demanded it to happen in ayodhya itself.. But sita didn’t want her self respect to be questioned so she left.. Or otherwise in other versions ram didn’t want siya’s chastity to v tested again and again.. So..

    2. She saw the deer from far she was just amazed by its beauty and crow she was doubtful if u see episode and agnipariksha the people didn’t believe they told agnipariksha was false and so on so ram had to banish her and when the people again questioned luv kush father Sita had no other option but to go to her mother and she coudnt do the same when she was pregnant right so she left for forest.
      I have a doubt Sita didn’t want a dead deer then how did she expect ram to bring a golden deer wouldn’t it be forcefully against prakrithi and why did ram kill that deer note only after killing mareech form will appear and he will say Sita lakshamana so when Sita never wanted a dead one why did ram kill it in the first place

      And few sources Riya says Sita was adilakshmi even a child would have known the deer was fake but it was all bcoz she wanted ravan to kidnap her and she be the motive for ram to establish dharm

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Agreed… With u sanju di

      2. Missed one point since Sita practised dharma she couldn’t understand treachery and illusion and that’s why she crossed laxman rekha and that’s why she asked for golden deer

  3. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Oof no sita Haran is near… I think next Monday.. But no promos yet.. Confusion…

    Lakshmila ff

    1. Thank u so much di I’ve read ur earlier one it was mind blowing !! You have skills hidden in u pls throw it out to us !! 😉 I just love to read your ff’s !! No words to describe !! 🙂

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Malvi di I m younger than you.. And nyc u lvd it

      2. Oops okay darls ! 🙂

    2. Wow loved it vanshu

  4. Nice epi….waiting to see coming episodes…

  5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Guys this poll won’t have any options so please answer frankly abt wat u think..

    Q.1.who was the person who always helped everyone… But no one helped him/her… According to you.. In Ramayana or Mahabharata.
    Q.2. If god asks u to go to one frm Mahabharata and Ramayana, which one will u go and which character would u like to be??

    Q.3. If u have the option to meet either ram or Krishna whom would u like to meet??

    Q.4. Which is ur fav character in the Ramayana.. (not siya k ram or any tv show)

    Q.5. Which is ur fav character in the Mahabharata.. (not any tv series)

    Q.6. If u wr Arjun n had to ask a question to lord Krishna.. Wat would u ask.. (note ? -it must not b from one already asked in bhagavad Gita)

    Q.7. If u wr lord ram.. Then considering the situation in mind would u hv banished sita (place ur opinion but don’t hesitate)

    Q.8. Ram and Krishna ji helped evry1.. But was there someone who helped them..

    Q.9. Do you think that if Mahabharata took place in modern times what would have the situation been after draupadi cheer Haran.. There can b many views.. This can also prove a humorous question?? (perhaps the media must hv gathered outside the palace.. Or whatever.. Make up a story)

    Q.10. And should I continue this poll?? Or post it as an article??

    1. I am sorry vanshu dearie just my opinion ps I am sorry if u don’t like it since I have been in the page I have learnt in last 3 months that Sita banishment is really sensitive topic and questions like no 7 can be avoided as people will start criticising Ramji again and and it will lead to uneccasary things. Just avoid that topic is my opinion it’s up to u and
      Pls dear cont the poll and submit as article also
      And will answer the questions now
      1 I don’t anyone can live like that no man can liva as an island
      2 Ramayana and would strive to be like Sita it’s too tough I guess
      3 it is ultimately Vishnu right
      4 the list is endless but mainly Sita ram
      5 krishna draupdi here too I would go on
      6 need to think about it
      8 for ram it was hanuman
      For krishna it was Arjun I think mutual help
      9 I wouldn’t answer that as i don’t won’t to make a joke out of a woman’s insult
      Don’t take me wrong vanshu
      10 sure pls do

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        I don’t tk u wrong di…

      2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        That’s why I didn’t post it as article…

      3. Thanx for understanding dear and ok then from next time u can post In Article as u will receive more response for ur wonderful work bcoz u would have invested time in this right

    2. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      I will post a quiz for u soon… Mahabharata n Ramayana quiz..

    3. 1 I cannot understand the question
      2 draupadi
      4 hanuman
      5 Krishna,sahadev
      6. I will ask him to the reason why duroyadan I like that?( I don’t know whether it is in gita)
      7. Certainly not
      8. Yes,angad helped ram even after his father’s death.
      Many of the characters.
      9.if that happens in modern times,Draupadi would kill dushsan for her insult and it is accepted in law to kill the person in order to safeguard yourself.(humour- krshna would give the saree by a helicopter ,before that dhrama could ead the way to play he dice by using internet ,)

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Lol ?

    4. Superb vanshu just continue n ya I too feel that dont mind dear sis pls ignore 7one bcoz someone l make it a big issue…… Sry dont mind it dear….

      1. I think draupadi… She has sacrificed a lot…. In my opinion sacrifice is also a help….. But nobody in return did good for her

      2.I l go to Ramayana …n love to be luv or kush n I wish to get sita motherly love just for one day…


      4.ram always….


      6.I l ask y does women always want to suffer in the earth….. In Ramayana too n here with draupadi too…

      7.I dont want to ….but for u I l say I wouldn’t have banished her..instead I l go to canvas with her

      8. Ram -hanuman
      Krishna- arjun

      9. I don’t want to ans to this qn vanshu…..sry cutie

      10.u should post it as an article…..

      Just continue it dear

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Di u know I’ll also wish to ask same question to lord Krishna

      2. Oh really…. Accha teek hai…..I have an idea….. Ham Dono milkar jayenge Mahabharata ki yug mei…… Vaha Jake kanahji se puchenge iss qn ko?????kaisa hai mera idea lol☺☺☺☺☺just kidding dear….

    5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yes priya di ll go together

  6. Awesome episode ! Lakshman is intelligent as he could find out who is originals and duplicate ! Cool ! 🙂 waiting to see more episodes. But I don’t want sitaharan ????????

    1. Yeah laxman is more intelligent dn ram in evry way.

      1. Not like that di. They are equally strong and intelligent 🙂

    2. Ram tells right what if they are lieing it’s our duty to help them he didn’t care if it was duplicate bcoz he was Narayan himself

  7. Nice episode. The golden deer scene took to the episode when the four grown up sisters were running in forest to see the golden deers and then shrutkirti fell down from the hill and then sita saved her from the approaching deers. I think the Ram and raavan war will start within two and a half months.
    Why the show makers are not going to original location? Are the show makers enjoying Hyderabad heat? VFX is not working good now.

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr


    2. I think ram-ravan war Will strt in october.da will show ravan vadh on dusshera..i guess un india it’s very hot da won’t shoot outside as already madirakshi had fainted 2 times cz of heat.

  8. Who gave the background score for SKR……?? seriously…., it’s irritating sometimes…, the sudden blast sounds, before and after almost every dialogue…….


    Hellooooooooo Friends………………. We have completed 1 full chapter in Thirukural .First Clap for each one of U friends…….Iam So happy it was one of my old memories that iam living ….. I hope You like the Couplets (Kural) and somewhat understood the explanation….Thankyou so much for your patiences………Here once again I would like to revise the last 10 couplets (Kural) today without explanation I would be giving couplets (Kural) in Tamil , Tamil Pronounciation words in English & in English……….
    Read it If U like to have any Couplets explanation U can ask without any further thinking I would like to explain it again friendssssssss………… I would also like to know which one of these couplet you liked most and why?????????

    Here we go for the revision :

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural)
    1. அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு

    Akara Mudhala Ezhuththellaam Aadhi Pakavan Mudhatre Ulaku

    A, as its first of letters, every speech maintains; The “Primal Deity” is first through all the world’s domains

    2. கற்றதனால் ஆய பயனென்கொல் வாலறிவன் நற்றாள் தொழாஅர் எனின்

    Katradhanaal Aaya Payanenkol Vaalarivan Natraal Thozhaaar Enin

    No fruit have men of all their studied lore, Save they the ‘Purely Wise One’s’ feet adore

    3. மலர்மிசை ஏகினான் மாணடி சேர்ந்தார் நிலமிசை நீடுவாழ் வார்

    Malarmisai Ekinaan Maanati Serndhaar Nilamisai Neetuvaazh Vaar

    His feet, ‘Who o’er the full-blown flower hath past,’ who gain In bliss long time shall dwell above this earthly plain

    4. வேண்டுதல்வேண் டாமை இலானடி சேர்ந்தார்க்கு யாண்டும் இடும்பை இல

    Ventudhal Ventaamai Ilaanati Serndhaarkku Yaantum Itumpai Ila

    His foot, ‘Whom want affects not, irks not grief,’ who gain Shall not, through every time, of any woes complain

    5. இருள்சேர் இருவினையும் சேரா இறைவன் பொருள்சேர் புகழ்புரிந்தார் மாட்டு

    Irulser Iruvinaiyum Seraa Iraivan Porulser Pukazhpurindhaar Maattu

    The men, who on the ‘King’s’ true praised delight to dwell, Affects not them the fruit of deeds done ill or well

    6. பொறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் பொய்தீர் ஒழுக்க நெறிநின்றார் நீடுவாழ் வார்

    Porivaayil Aindhaviththaan Poidheer Ozhukka Nerinindraar Neetuvaazh Vaar

    Long live they blest, who ‘ve stood in path from falsehood freed; His, ‘Who quenched lusts that from the sense-gates five proceed’

    7. தனக்குவமை இல்லாதான் தாள்சேர்ந்தார்க் கல்லால் மனக்கவலை மாற்றல் அரிது

    Thanakkuvamai Illaadhaan Thaalserndhaark Kallaal Manakkavalai Maatral Aridhu

    Unless His foot, ‘to Whom none can compare,’ men gain, ‘Tis hard for mind to find relief from anxious pain

    8. அறவாழி அந்தணன் தாள்சேர்ந்தார்க் கல்லால் பிறவாழி நீந்தல் அரிது

    Aravaazhi Andhanan Thaalserndhaark Kallaal Piravaazhi Neendhal Aridhu

    Unless His feet ‘the Sea of Good, the Fair and Bountiful,’ men gain, ‘Tis hard the further bank of being’s changeful sea to attain

    9. கோளில் பொறியின் குணமிலவே எண்குணத்தான் தாளை வணங்காத் தலை

    Kolil Poriyin Kunamilave Enkunaththaan Thaalai Vanangaath Thalai

    Before His foot, ‘the Eight-fold Excellence,’ with unbent head, Who stands, like palsied sense, is to all living functions dead

    10. பிறவிப் பெருங்கடல் நீந்துவர் நீந்தார் இறைவன் அடிசேரா தார்

    Piravip Perungatal Neendhuvar Neendhaar Iraivan Atiseraa Thaar

    They swim the sea of births, the ‘Monarch’s’ foot who gain; None others reach the shore of being’s mighty main

    Sry Friends for such a long longggggggggggggggggg revision …….I hope you liked it …….and I Like the 1st one as it is simple compared to other and I always remember this one as I have the memory of teaching my tution childrens once… I would like to see your choice. From tomorrow onwards I would be starting the 2nd Chapter.

    CREDIT TO: jay di

    Hi guys its just a revision…..

    NOTE : from tmr onwards there l be no kural….. Posting of kurals l be after the return of jay di……if I get a mail of second part of the kural from jay di then I l post it…..or else di l come n post it…… Sry guys….. I think u all l miss it!!!!

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      From tmrw no kural ?????

    2. Half of the quotes I forgot meaning jay Di
      Ok pls give meaning of 3rd one
      I can recall orualvuku
      Thks Di keep up the good work
      God bless u

      1. Sanju u want.explanation for 3rd part of thirukural???? I mean from kural no21-30???

  10. god knows abt what curse is mahadev talking. guys skr as always was awesome. hope only very few days are left for sitaharan. mama mareech has taken a wrong decision. and guys i think that killing the deer is not a problem coz it will lead to the death of adharm. and though ram knew that sita would not like a dead deer but still it was all niyati and niyati can never be changed by anyone.

    1. Vaidehi it is curse by Lord Brigiu to Vishnu that he will be separated from his wife and will be denied the rights as husband
      First in vanvas they can’t share husband wife relation
      Then ravan abducts her
      Then praja gossip will separate them
      They will never be together in this birth

  11. vanshu sweetie the polls

    1. no one
    2. ramayana and i would like to be sita
    3. both are the avatars of vishnu. so lets meet vishnu only
    4. fav character siam (i consider them as one soul in 2 bodies)
    5.fav character draupadi
    6.i would like to ask that y did abhimanyu die in such a way
    7.i would have never banished sita whereas i would have made the prajas understand that they were wrong.
    8.hanuman helped ram modern times, if that took place then surely it would have been the headline in the newspaper. a video would have come out in internet.
    10. u should continue this poll.

    nice questions vanshika.

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Okay ? I’ll continue

  12. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    We all know that Lord Vishnu married Goddess Lakshmi. Do you want to know the story of how they married?

    The story of their marriage starts with Indra – the Lord of the Devas.

    Now Indra was a very powerful God. He was the king of the Heaven and the ruler of the other Gods. However all this got into his head. He became arrogant and became disrespectful to others.

    Indra had a four tusked, beautiful white elephant called Airavatha. Whenever Indra felt like going out of the kingdom, he would occasionally travel on Airavatha.

    One such time when Indra was traveling on Airavatha, he met Sage Durvasa coming from the other side.

    Sage Durvasa was a powerful sage. As he was immersed in meditation most of the times, he had enormous yogic powers within him However he had one drawback. Sage Durvasa got angry exceptionally fast and also cursed people often.

    Sage Durvasa while traveling the world had found a fragrant garland. The flowers of the garland never faded and remained fresh always. He was carrying the garland with him when he met Indra coming on Airavatha.

    Sage Durvasa felt that Indra being the King of Gods should be given the garland.

    On seeing Sage Durvasa, Indra curtly greeted the Sage without saluting him. IN those days, it was customary to salute the wise and learned sages, giving them due respect.

    Sage Durvasa however did not get angry at this. He handed over the garland to Indra. ‘Take the garland Indra. It befits you well.’

    Indra carelessly took the garland and placed it on Airavatha’s head. The aroma from the garland was so strong that Airavatha took the garland from his head and flung it down.

    Looking at the careless manner in which Indra had treated the garland, Sage Durvasa got enraged, ‘Have you forgotten how to greet people and how to behave when you receive a gift. You insolent…’

    Indra had the fright of his life. He suddenly remembered the long list of people whom Sage Durvasa had cursed and reduced them to nothing. He swallowed…Lord of the Gods or not, Sage Durvasa was not someone to be taken lightly.

    He hastily got down from Airavatha and rushed forward fell on the sage’s feet to prevent the sage from saying anything further. Before the sage could complete his words, Indra cried, ‘Forgive me Sage. I behaved badly. I should have respected you and…’

    Sage Durvasa if anything got more angry and snorted, ‘Hah!’ He blazed, ‘Now that you know I am going to curse you, you say you are sorry…Am I supposed to believe that you have realized your folly?…’

    Sage Durvasa wagged his fingers angrily, with his blood red eyes. His forehead twitched and he raised his hands ominously, ‘You have to be taught a lesson. You have grown arrogant and disrespectful. I curse you that you and your Devas will all lose your power and your vigour. You will have no energy and be tired always…’

    Indra shook his head, panic stricken and yelled, ‘NO!…Please no….Have mercy on me…Please my Lord…Have mercy…’

    However the sage’s word were powerful. Indra could feel his power being drained. He imagined that the other Devas were also facing the same thing.

    Indra knew that he had made a huge error and all his friends were paying for his mistake. He had to set things right. Indra still hugged the sage’s feet and begged forgiveness from the sage, ‘Please Sage Durvasa. Forgive my mistake. Do not give all of us such a harsh punishment…Please’

    But all his pleas fell on deaf ears. Sage Durvasa looked at Indra with blood red eyes, ‘I will not forgive your mistake…’ Sage Durvasa with a stiff upper lip pushed Indra away and walked away, without looking back.

    Indra tried talking to the sage again, but he felt his energy ebb away. Try as he might, he could not match the speed of the great Rishi. Though Indra tried following the Sage, he fell unconscious. After some time, Indra woke up to find the sage gone. He was all alone. Indra returned home a dejected man

    He called in the council of the other Gods only to find all the other Devas also tired and listless.

    Haltingly, Indra explained to the Devas, his encounter with Sage Durvasa. The other Devas were also feeling the effects of the curse. When they came to hear Indra’s explanations, the other Devas were panic stricken, wondering what to do.

    All the Gods were sitting in the chamber in a subdued and a defeated manner, when a guard suddenly burst inside the room, ‘Devendra, Devendra… you are needed!’ He ran inside breathless and was surprised to find all the Gods sitting listless.
    .. If u like will post more..

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Ok ? here it goes remaining part…

      The Gods were too tired to ask what was wrong.

      The guard asked Agni what had happened. Agni explained haltingly about what happened. The guard’s eyes looked wildly as he looked panic stricken. ‘We are doomed…’ He whispered softly.

      Indra looked sharply at the guard, ‘Explain yourself my man. What happened?’

      The Guard still looked terrified when he whispered, ‘It is the Asuras, sir… they are attacking us….’

      The Guard looked at the floor, wondering whether any one would even survive the attack, forget defending themselves.

      Indra and his council of Gods looked like they had been petrified. This was bad, very bad. The Devas and the Asuras were forever at war and more often than not, the Devas won because of their superior technology. However now with the Devas feeling so tired, they doubted whether they could even survive the fight let alone win it.

      Indra knew it was suicide to even try to defend themselves. However he was left with no choice. In those days, when anyone was challenged to a fight, they had to fight back. It was a matter of honour.

      Needless to say, the Devas were routed and most of them fled Devaloka. The Asuras laughed at the Devas calling them cowards and the chief of the Asuras – Bali crowned himself as the King of Devaloka.

      The Devas thrown out of their home went to the Creator – Brahma’s place – Satyaloka. Tired and unhappy with their defeat at the hands of the Asuras, the Devas were glad to finally reach Brahma’s place. They saluted Brahma and told him everything and asked for a way out.

      Brahma was flabbergasted. How could Indra behave so arrogantly towards a noble sage? Brahma yelled at Indra, ‘How could you, Indra? I had asked you to be patient and wise like a leader. You do not behave like someone you is the King of Devas…’ He said his eyes blazing looking at Indra.

      Indra was downcast, unhappily, wishing that he had never met Sage Durvasa. He could see now that he had behaved very arrogantly and all the Devas were paying the price for his carelessness.

      He fell on the feet of Brahma, ‘Father… father, forgive me…I have behaved badly.’ He pointed at the other Devas, ‘They are also suffering because of my actions. Please father I will do anything to set this right…I will beg Sage Durvasa to take back his curse…’ He said a tears coming to his eyes.

      Brahma put his hands on Indra’s head, realizing that Indra had learnt his lesson. ‘Sage Durvasa is not an easy man to talk to. If you attempt to go and talk to him about the curse, he would get angry further…’ Indra gulped. He could do without one more curse… Brahma shook his head and sighed, No that would not be the way… there would have to be another way.

      Brahma realized that there was no use getting angry at Indra any further and decided to let it go at that. And besides he had other things to worry about.

      Brahma was worried about the defeat of the Devas at the hands of the Asuras. The Devas were supposed to look after the natural elements of the world. Who knows what could happen when the Asuras were in charge? He needed to help the Devas and fast, otherwise the future of the entire universe was at stake.

      But Brahma was a creator God. He did not know how he could set right his problem. But he knew who could set this right. He looked at the Devas. ‘We need to go to Vaikunta, my sons. I am sure Lord Vishnu will solve this problem.’

      Saying Brahma got ready to leave for Vaikunta – Lord Vishnu’s place. At the mention of Vishnu’s name, Indra’s eyes sparkled. He knew well about the Dark God. He always had a solution to any problem and would help them no matter what.

      Much more happier now all the Devas went to Vaikunta and met Vishnu.

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Vishnu saw the tired Gods accompanied by Lord Brahma and narrowed his eyes, ‘Well Indra, What have you done now?’

        Indra sighed and fell on his knees, ‘Lord, stop teasing me. You know everything that happens anywhere…Please do not shame me any more…’ He said dejectedly looking downcast.

        Vishnu turned his eyes on Brahma. ‘Well, should I forgive him?’ He asked pointing at Indra.

        Brahma looked at Indra and nodded his head. ‘My Lord I think he has learnt his lesson.’

        ‘Ok’ Vishnu said letting out a sigh. He had known the entire episode with Sage Durvasa.

        Vishnu went to Indra and said with twinkling eyes. ‘I cannot help you. Only the Asuras can help you now…’

        Indra jerked his head up. The other Gods looked at each other and at Vishnu wondering whether they had heard right. Even Brahma looked a little confused.

        ‘My Lord…’ Agni began hesitantly sure that he had heard right.

        Vishnu smiled his twinkling eyes again, ‘Do you know the secrets that are hidden within our great Ocean…’

        All the Gods shook their heads. In those times there was a single ocean running through the entire world. It was a very deep ocean, which had never been explored.

        When none of the Gods answered, Vishnu answered the question himself, ‘Well a lot of things…’ Vishnu smiled blissfully, ‘…including something to help you…Amrita’

        Vayu’s eyes widened, ‘My Lord, did you say Amrita…?’ All the Gods exchanged awe-struck glances. Amrita was the ultimate drink. Anyone who drank Amrita would never die, or age and would become extraordinarily powerful…

        Agni looked at Varuna, slowly a hope creeping into his tired eyes. However Indra frowned, ‘However my Lord, how can we get the Amrita out of the ocean…And my Lord, why do we need the help of the Asuras…? Why….?’

        Vishnu held up his hands, Indra was indeed a good leader, who thought through everything…’Patience my good Indra. The Amrita has to be churned out of the ocean. For that you need a churner. Mount Mandara will be your churner.’

        Vayu’s eyes grew round – Lifting Mount Mandara on the best of days was impossible. Lifting it in their present condition was going to be impossible.

        Indra however understood. They needed the help of the Asuras to break the mountain and take it to the Ocean. However he had another question.

        ‘My Lord,’ Indra bowed, ‘The rope for churning the ocean?’

        Vishnu smiled, ‘Ask Vasuki the snake God to be the rope. Promise his share in the nectar, I think he will agree.’

        Indra bowed. There was one question which was burning him. He however had no doubt that the Dark God had thought about it.

        Agni however asked the question for him, ‘My lord, if the Asuras help us, we would have to share the nectar with them, how can we stop them?

        Vishnu smiled and gave a mischievous smile. ‘I will take care of that.’ The finality with which he said it brooked no further arguments. The Gods had no doubt that Lord Vishnu would give them the Amrita.

        Lord Vishnu looked at the tired faces of all the Gods and said, ‘Henceforth you will not feel as tired as you are now. Though I cannot turn back the curse of the great sage Durvasa, I can make it go slow. You will lose your energy slowly. Make sure, you finish the job before you lose all your energy.’

        The Gods bowed their heads and thanked Vishnu, their joy knowing no bounds. Already their visit to Lord Vishnu had revived them. Indra and the other Gods began to feel stronger…

        ‘Take care of the other things.’ Vishnu said. As the Gods were about to leave, Vishnu called them, ‘ Make sure you hold Vasuki’s tail and not his head, while churning the ocean.’ None of the Gods could make sense of the cryptic comment, but they knew that they had been dismissed. They left Vaikunta happier, knowing what had to be done..

        Indra with Vayu and Agni first went to see the Asura King Bali.

        On seeing Indra unarmed, the Asura king’s ministers wanted to kill Indra. However Bali decided too hear them out.

        Indra laid out the entire plans. ‘We want to get the Amrita out of the ocean.’ He began without any preamble. Indra watched Bali’s eyes grow round. His minster blankly stared at Indra, as if he had gone mad. ‘Amrita, you mean the Amrita. The one that…’

        Bali looked at Indra and realized that he was speaking the truth. He silenced his minsters. ‘How do you propose to do that?’ He asked softly, wondering whether the Devas were trustworthy.

        Indra told him about about Mount Mandara and Vasuki. ‘This cannot be done by you or by us alone…’

        One of Bali’s minster interrupted harshly, ‘We do not need your help, you coward…we can do this…’

        ‘SILENCE!’ Bali roared and the minster abruptly stopped talking. Bali angrily eyed the minister and then turned to Indra, ‘We need each other. We do this together.’ He nodded his head curtly and dismissed Indra. Indra left with Vayu and Agni happy that the first part of the plan went well.

        Indra then alone went to the Vasuki – the king of snakes.

        Indra saluted Vasuki and told him about the Devas and the Asuras planned to churn the ocean and that they needed a rope.

        Vasuki realized immediately his role and said hissing, ‘Well it is a tough job, but I agree. I assume, I will get part of the nectar when the churning is done?’

  13. Hi everyone…How r u all??? I’m so sorry for being irregular but kindly comply with it till 24 July…( waiting for that day eagerly with dreamy eyes…LOL) Now coming to a serious matter…
    My result is announced,so here it is…

    English=96, Maths=90, Biology=95, Chemistry=95, Physics=95
    Total %= 94.2%…

    Seriously l ll murder that person who ate up 3 marks in biology as l had expected a steady 98…but m quite happy with physics, a subject l hardly ever dreamt of passing let alone getting above 90.

    So as u all ll want a treat, here is it:–Stock-Photo.jpg

    Enjoy and do tell me about ur marks as well…

    Keep smiling and tkcr:):):)

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  14. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Indra nodded his head. Vasuki nodded his head satisfied. Being the king of snakes and a God, he could get away from all the stretching and pulling without getting hurt too much.

    Soon the big day arrived, the Devas and the Asuras went to the Mount Mandara. They prayed to Mount Mandara and set about breaking the mountain, to carry it to the ocean. Mount Mandara was a heavy mountain and with every single Deva and Asura breaking the mountain, it was still a tough job.

    Finally, the mountain was free, the Devas and the Asuras all of them together lifted the mountain. They carried the mountain for a few feet, when the Devas and the Asuras staggered. Mount Mandara was beyond even their combined capabilities. The mountain fell down and crushed many Devas and Asuras carrying the mountain.

    Indra tired from his exertion and the death of so many of the other Gods, sat under a tree, cursing himself for the fate of the other Gods. Oh Lord, what are we to do now. We cannot even get the mountain to the ocean let alone churn it…Please help us…He thought drying his eyes

    That was when he suddenly smelled a whiff of fresh air, so powerful and strong, Indra felt so strong that he could lift Mount Mandara all by himself. He had had this feeling once before. He turned and saw Lord Vishnu near him. Lord Vishnu smiled and pointed Indra to look at Mount Mandara once more.

    Indra got up to his feet forgetting all his tiredness and saw Lord Vishnu single handed lift the mountain and place it on Garuda – Vishnu’s vehicle. Garuda, the king of the birds, lifted the mountain as if it was no weight at all. Vishnu spelled out a mantra and sprinkled some water on the Devas and the Asuras lying under Mounta Mandara. The Devas and the Asuras woke up, as they had been asleep.

    Indra overjoyed threw himself at his friend’s arms, seeing them alive. ‘Vayu!’ he cried, almost sobbing, ‘you are alive!’

    Vayu looked strangely at Indra, ‘What happened? I remember lifting Mount Mandara, and then nothing…’

    Bali was meanwhile looking after his colleagues and making sure they were ok. He looked at Vishnu and thanked Vishnu.

    Indra explained to Vayu and the other Gods about how they were crushed under the Mountain. All the Devas and the Asuras fell at Lord Vishnu’s feet and thanked him. Vishnu smiled and he carried Mount Mandara on Garuda’s back and placed it near the ocean and turned to Garuda, ‘Friend, it is best you do not come to this place again. Vasuki the king of serpents would never come as long as you are here.’ Garuda nodded. Birds and snakes were natural enemies… Garuda flew off. Lord Vishnu also vanished.

    Both the Devas and the Asuras feeling happy now, went near the ocean to place Mount Mandara inside the ocean.

    That was when they had another problem.

    When the Devas and the Asuras placed the mountain inside the ocean, there was nothing to hold up the mountain, and it kept slipping down, inside the huge ocean.

    The Devas and the Asuras were dejected once again. They could not find anything huge enough to give support to the mountain inside the ocean to prevent it from slipping deep inside.

    Indra bitterly complained to Agni, ‘How can we churn the ocean, Agni. The mountain keeps sinking inside the ocean. I do not think we can find anything big enough to support Mount Mandara…To come so close and no be able to to anything…’ Indra said frustrated.

    Agni gently touched Indra’s shoulder. ‘Lord Vishnu will help us,’ he said. Indra nodded and prayed to the Lord once more. Oh Lord please help us. This can be solved only by you…

    Lord Vishnu came in the form a giant tortoise [his second avatar – Kurma Avatar] and plunged into the ocean. He went under the ocean and picked the submerged Mount Mandara and put it on his back. The Mountain now stood firmly on the tortoise’s back, inside the ocean.

    Now the Devas and the Asuras dropped medicinal herbs into the ocean, so that their churning would lead to good results.

    The Devas asked Vasuki to come and coil himself around the mountain and started the actual churning.

    After Vasuki coiled himself, Lord Vishnu’s warning flashed through Indra’s head Make sure you hold Vasuki’s tail and not his head. Indra now knew what he had to do.

    He rushed forward and grabbed Vasuki’s head, almost strangling Vasuki in the process. ‘We are going to hold on the head, you can hold on to the other side.’ He said to the Asura King contemptuously. Bali wondered what could have prompted Indra to act such, when his minster rushed forward. ‘You weakling! You dare make such demands! Who are you to say anything? Don’t forget you are weak and you are outnumbered. We…’

    Bali tried to think wondering whether this was a trap, however his minister has grabbed Vasuki’s head and pushed Indra back. Indra fell back and pretended to be dejected as he went over to the over side.

    The other Gods winked at Indra knowing that his plan had worked well. The Asuras were feeling very happy that Indra had not got the upper hand. They laughed at Indra for being such a coward for not fighting…

    However their happiness was short lived. After the churning started the Devas realized why Lord Vishnu had insisted on the Devas holding the tail.

    Vasuki was the king of snakes and when he was pulled, he involuntarily spat out the venom in his mouth. The Asuras being near the mouth were badly burnt by the poison.

    Bali seethed seeing the blisters and marks on the Asuras hands. But there was nothing he could do. They had accepted to take the mouth and they were stuck with the choice.

    After hours of churning, the first thing to emerge from the ocean was the poison Halahal. The Devas and the Asuras alike were stung by the poison. The Halahal mushroomed into a huge cloud threatening to engulf the whole world. If the poison was not removed, the whole world would be suffocated.

    Indra fell on his knees followed by the other Devas, ‘Oh Shiva, please save us from this destruction. You are the only one who can save us.’ Indra muttered a small prayer, his eyes and throat stinging.

    Shiva heard the prayers and came to their rescue immediately. He realized that if something was not done the Halahal would destroy the entire universe. He grabbed the entire poison in his palm and swallowed it in a gulp. He realized that he had put himself in danger, but that was the only way to save the universe.

    Parvati who was beside Shiva stared horror struck at what Shiva had done. ‘NO! What have you…?’

    Realizing that she had only a few minutes to act, she immediately grasped Shiva’s throat and arrested the poison in his throat, so that the poison would neither come out nor affect Shiva in any way.

    She breathed deeply, when she realized that Shiva was alright. However the poison’s effect was so bad that Shiva’s throat where the poison was stored, turned blue. Since that day, Shiva has been called as ‘Nilkanta’ which meant ‘blue throat’.

    The Devas and the Asuras thanked Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and with their blessings resumed the churning. Subsequently the Kamadhenu cow, Ucchashravas horse, Kalpavriksha tree etc. also came out of the ocean. These were shared by the Devas and the Asuras.

    The next to come was the beautiful Goddess Lakshmi. She looked so beautiful that the Devas and the Asuras stopped churning and simply gazed at her.

    Eager to get her attention, the Devas scrambled to get a chair for her to sit. The apsaras [dancing maidens] danced for the Goddess and in the end handed her a garland.

    In those days, it was customary for a woman of marriageable age to choose her own husband. This was called as ‘swayamwara’.

    All the Devas, Asuras and Gods [Even Lord Vishnu had come in his human form] were waiting for the Goddess to choose. Every God wondered who would be the lucky one.

    Goddess Lakshmi saw all the assembled Devas, Asuras and Gods. She studied Dark God Vishnu with his beautiful twinkling eyes and mischievous smile.

    She smiled once and garlanded Lord Vishnu, choosing him above all the others.

    The Gods cheered when they saw Goddess Lakshmi marry Lord Vishnu. She was the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity and he was the Preserving God. They all sensed that she was the Goddess Supreme, who had manifested herself as Lakshmi to become Lord Vishnu’s wife – his power and his strength.

    Thus with great pomp and show, Goddess Lakshmi married Lord Vishnu during the churning of the ocean.

    Subsequently the ocean also yielded the amrita and how Lord Vishnu gave the Amrita only to the Devas without giving any to the Asuras is another story!

    Hope it wasn’t lengthy???

    1. Wow Vanshu…. awesome…. Even though i know the story i was tempted to read it all again….. n this story is along with dialouges n minutest detail…. keep… well done…. n i think u should post them as seperate articles…..

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  18. Coming to the curse its a curse by sage bhrigu given to lord Vishnu. He has to be seperated from godess Lakshmi (sita)

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  23. guys pls give your polls. hope u like it. they r mixed from both ramayana and mahabharata.

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  24. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Narada muni curses Lord Vishnu: Once muni Narada started meditating in a Tapovan which was specially blessed by Lord Shiva as whoever will penance in that grove, no one will be able to disturb him in his penace. But this was an unknown fact to Narada, in between when Devraj Indra got scared thinking the possible reasons for which Narada muni is meditating, he sent Agni, Pawan & Varun dev, but failing to break Narad muni’s meditation they returned to Indra, then Indra sent to kamdev with nymphs and dancing girls, but consecutively he also returned to Indra with defeated face. On this, Narada muni started feeling proud of himself, as the special blessing of Mahadev on that grove was unknown to Narada, so he started thinking that perhaps it’s his tremendous power within himself that has defeated all the demigods. Later he met Lord Vishnu and boasted about his enormous power, at this Lord Vishnu smiled and applauded him. But as the proud feelings was on the rise in Narada, so Lord Vishnu decided to stop it, for this he made a Lila (Divine play). One day while traveling Narada muni saw a beautiful princess who was dancing then in a garden, seeing her Narada desired to know her identity. Later he came to know that the princess was Viswamohini, the daughter of Shilanidhi. Seeing Narad muni the king requested him to see the palm of his daughter and forecast what is written in her luck. When Narada muni checked her palm then he saw that the girl will prove to be really lucky as whoever will marry her, will become the king of 3 worlds. He also came to know that soon the sayamvar sava will be held where the princess will choose the husband of her own choice. Thinking all these Narada decided to marry the princess. After this Narada straight away went to Vaikuntha and asked for help from Lord Vishnu, he requested to bless him with most distinctive and most handsome look so that the princess chooses only to him in the Sayamvar sava. After that he paused for sometimes and after deep thinking he again added as “Oh Lord, please give me your look, I need the Hari look”, listening to that Vishnu granted the boon to Narada. But Hari means Vanar (Monkey), so Narada actually got the Monkey look who dressed like a prince. In the sayamvar sava when the princess looked at Narada then she laughed at his look and made fun of. In that sava Lord Vishnu was also there as the last Prince whom Viswamohini proceeded to offer the Varmala (garland), when Narada chased her and wanted to get the Varmala by force then Lord Vishnu came in between and accepted the varmala, in this way finally the princess got married to Lord Vishnu. Actually Viswamohini was none other than the Goddess Laxmi. ? When Narada discovered that he was looking like a monkey then he cursed Lord Vishnu saying that the way he has lost his beloved because of Vishnu, similarly Vishnu too will have to remain as separated from his wife Laxmi for one year. Listening to that Lord Vishnu said Tathastu(so be it). And in this way he accepted the curse of Narada, had he wanted to reject Narad Muni’s curse, he could have done so as he was capable to do it, but he accepted, the reason I will tell you later at the end. Now let’s move on to the 2nd curse.Rishi Bhrigu curses to Lord Vishnu: This incident is related to the Uttar kand. Once there was a time when war was being held between demigods and demons, in that war Lord Vishnu also took part on behalf of demigods. Incidentally few demons escaped the war field and Bhrigu Patni(wife of Rishi Bhrigu) gave them shelter in the ashram(hermitage) and promised to protect them. Lord Vishnu asked her to leave the path and allow him to fight with those demons, but she refused and told Vishnu that if he really wants to fight with those demons then he will have to kill her first, or else she won’t move from the path. But Lord Vishnu refused to do so as she was a woman. Then voluntarily she chose the death instead of leaving her promise unfulfilled and ended her life. When Rishi Bhrigu came to know the fact then he got angry and cursed Vishnu that the way he is feeling pain now loosing her beloved, similarly Lord Vishnu too will be separated from Mata Laxmi during his Ram avtar and feel immense pain. Lord Vishnu also accepted it with smile.

    Now I will be explaining the curse that Mata Laxmi got.

    Curse to Mata Laxmi: Before the sayamvar sava took place, one day Mata Sita went to roam in a forest accompanied by Sakhis (female friends), while roaming Mata Sita found a tree where a Tota & his female partner Mayna was discussing many things about the Prince Rama, listening to that Mata Sita asked her sakhis to get both the birds and bring them to her. When both were presented in front of Maa Sita then she asked – “He Sukh(Parriot), who are you, where do you live, who the person is about whom you both were discussing so much”. Then the male Parrot said “He Devi, we are the Tota & Mayna of Maharshi Valmiki, we live in the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki itself, we have seen him writing a grantha which name he has chosen as Ramayana. In that Ramayana there is the god naming as Rama who will marry to Mata Janki.”. Then Mata Sita further asked to the Bird “How Lord Rama looks like?” Hearing that the Bird said “it seems that you the Mata Janki whom Lord Rama will marry to”, Then Mata Sita replied in affirmative and told “Yes, I am the Mata Janki, soon my sayamvar sava will take place in Mithila, as you have said that Lord Rama will marry me, so let’s see if really that happens or not, but until I am getting married to Rama you both will stay with me”, then both the birds said that “Devi, we are the birds who live in forest, how come we will survive in your confined palace?, we can’t live out there, so please set us free and let go”, but Mata did not listen to them, both the Tota & Mayna urged a lot, but failed to convince her. After that Mata also asked to the Mayna that “if the Tota wants to go then he can, but I can’t set you free, you need to stay with me”. Listening to that the Mayna cried a lot and became sad, at that point the Mayna was pregnant, when she felt that Mata Sita won’t let her go at any cost, then she got angry and cursed Sita saying that the way during her pregnancy she is being separated from her husband, similarly when Sita will also get pregnant then she will be separated from Rama too, saying that the Mayna died. Later the Tota said to Sita that “He Sita, today you have separated me from my wife, so now I will also die and reincarnate as Dhobi (washer man) in my next birth in Ayodhya, at that point I will spread the rumor so much in your name that Lord Rama will be forced to banish you. In this way he also died after cursing. So these are the curses or the reasons that caused the separation in Lord Rama & Sita’s life.

    1. i had no idea abt the Rishi Brigu’s curse n tota-mayna curse…. thx for the, share vanshu….

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      But we can’t rule out chances maybe they will show curse story and all that

  27. There is one more curse story as mentioned in shiv puran I’ll mention in short. when shivas ansh jalandhar
    his son was small he was given to a mermaid to protect the child. Lord indra knew about the powers of child and so tried to kill it as to the child doesn’t snatch devlok in that process the mermaid died but the child survived. He was then protected by acharya probably suklaacharya n grew up to mighty and powerful with all its strength.As already he was born due to shivas anger and curse. He sstarted conquering all three loks. His wife was a big devotee of lord vishnu although he din like that but he allowed her to worship vishu for her contentment. One day she was performing such puja which would make jalandhar immortal n undefeatable. at this the devas prayed vishnu to do something otherwise in ur pooja ull only make him mortal. The last part of puja had to be done in pair taking pheras around vishnus idol. So she sent a message for jalandhar. But instead lord vishnu appeared in form of jalandhar n completed the puja with her. At end of puja when she asked for undefeated part of her husband standing beside her it was granted and lord appeared changing his form dejected hat her isht dev cheated her n also she completed the pooja with other man and now the world would tarnish her image as she was always loyal to one man but now the things would be tld different. She cursed vishnu that same way in some world under some avatar ur wife will face similar humiliation when she will be accused of being with other man and she too will get separated from u as I amggetting from my husband. With this she submerged herself in ocean and perished. And jalandhar too in grief of his beloved wife lost wars n died. So this curse resulted in sita haran.

    1. No dear I don’t think so
      The sage bhrigu one is true

  28. Hii everyone of skr family sorry I did not comment nearly for 1 month…

    And vanshu n sanju really amazingly u both explain the hidden stories of Ramayana n Mahabharata….

    And hearty congratulations nupur di…

    And thanks for all ur prayers. My karnataka state board sslc results have been announced. So here is the marks list.
    Kannada 122/125
    English 98/100
    Hindi 96/100
    Maths 100 /100
    Science 99/100
    Social 100/100
    Total 615/625
    Percent 98.4%
    Once again thanks for ur prayers……..

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