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Siya Ke Ram 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita recalling her promise to Ram. Ram comes to her and calls her out. She turns to him. He smiles, while she appears restless. She rushes to him and has tears in eyes. They look at each other. He says at marriage time, I have given you promise that we will fulfill our Dharm together, but now situation is such, that we have to get separated to fulfill our Dharm. She gets shocked. She says your Dharm and decision to do your duty, I accept it heartily, because its right, but I have also taken decision to do my wife’s duty, your Siya will go with her Ram on vanvaas. He looks at her. He says I respect your feelings, I know Sita that you want to support me in happiness and sorrow, but I have to take this vanvaas alone.

She says you are fulfilling son’s Dharm. He says no, this is Rajya’s Dharm, it’s a promise towards Praja, Rajya and Kul, if this is not fulfilled, it won’t be good, I m eldest son of this Raghukul, if I not fulfill my parents’ expectations, it won’t be good example for Praja. She asks can’t I do my wife’s duty. He says Sita, life will be tough in van, no comfort of happiness can be imagined there. She asks can I imagine happiness in living without you, I m your wife, this is my duty to be part of your happiness and sorrow, don’t stop me from doing my duty, allow me to come with you to van. Sumitra hears them and drops the plate. Sita runs to her and says Mata….. She picks the things and gives plate to Sumitra. Sumitra cries and leaves…..

Dasharath takes Ram’s name and gets unwell. He hallucinates little Ram coming inside the Kaksh. He smiles seeing him jump around. Kaushalya looks at Dasharath. Dasharath asks Kaushalya to see, Ram just said he will go to van and now playing here, Ram is taking my test. Sumanta and Kaushalya worry seeing his state. Kaushalya cries. Little Ram goes away, and door shuts. Dasharath says Ram, stop and falls down the bed. Sumanta and Kaushalya ask him to stop, there is no one there. Dasharath says stop our son, he is going. She holds him and cries. Dasharath says Ram was born by Devta’s blessings, stop him Kaushalya. He cries. Sumitra comes there and cries seeing Dasharath’s state. Kaushalya looks at Sumitra. Dasharath gets serious….. Sumanta holds him.

Ram looks at Sita and asks her to understand, Kaushalya and Sumitra are upset by my van daman, Dasharath is unwell, if you come along me, they will be more sorrowful. Sita says if you agree with my decision, then everyone will agree, as my decision is natural, I know Dasharath and Matas will be hurt, but I will convince them, I don’t understand why you are against this decision. He says firstly, Kaikeyi wants me to go to van, not you, secondly, I don’t know how will be my life journey for next 14 years, I can’t make you part of this unforeseen life. She says life is good when its unexpected, if you can make me your wife in Bhavan, why not in van, I will feel this bhavan as van in your absence, and in your presence van will be more joyful than bhavan. She cries and hugs him. Na sukh…….plays…………….

Ram wipes her tears and says you said true Sita, but sometimes, we have to take tough decisions for everyone’s good, its true I want to live my life with you, this hope will keep me alive in that van too, the selfless love which could not cross the limits of heart, its not love…. you will find me with you in your imaginations…. He holds her and says someone is waiting for me, this cognition will encourage my living in van, that’s why I m not in favor with your decision. She cries. He gets tearful eyes seeing her crying, and leaves. She thinks Swami, I know you are stopping me for your love, but my love tells me that I should go with you to van.

Mantra is in her Kaksh and very happy. She says according to rules, if person is away from his rights for long time, he loses everything. Ram will not have any right on Ayodhya by being away for 14 years, my Bharat will win entire Ayodhya’s heart and everyone will forget Ram. She laughs.

Kaikesi slaps Surpanakha angrily. Surpanakha says your son has ruined my life, and cries. She says he made me a widow….. he killed my husband by cheat….. Vibhishan and Mandodari look on. Surpanakha says a brother’s Dharm is to protect sister’s suhaag, but he snatched my suhaag. Kaikesi says my Lankesh can’t do this, someone fooled you. Mandodari says big expectations/greed can make person do anything, but Mata you are at fault, you showed the dream to Lankesh to win the world, don’t know how many sorrows Rakshaks kul women have to bear. She takes Surpanakha and pacifies her.

Kaushalya says no Sita, I could not change Ram’s decision but I will not allow you to go to van, how did you take this decision without taking anyone’s permission. The sisters cry and ask how can Sita go to van by leaving them, when she said they will be together after marriage, why is she punishing them. Sita says a wife’s duty is to support her husband always, its my wife’s Dharm to go with my husband to van. Kaushalya says this will look suit Raghukul’s bahu, this is matter of shame for us, do you want forthcoming time to make fun of Raghukul, this is not according to our traditions, I will not let you go. Sumitra says my son is trapped in Kaikeyi’s plan, I won’t let you fall in this trap, Ram’s leaving is hurting us, now you want to go with him, we won’t let this happen. Sita turns away…..Sisters get sad.

Dasharath says Kaikeyi ruined everything, no need to show any sympathy now. Kaikeyi says I did not come to show sympathy, I came to remind your promise. She asks Ram to leave for van today itself. Dasharath gets angry and says you are not related to me anymore. He says make this woman away from my sight…. Ram tells Kaikeyi that he will fulfill his promise and leave for van today. Sita is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Have u guys heard of Maya Sita?

    1. Yup! I sure have.. as far as I know, that IS the main reason Ram made sita do the agnipariksha. Lakshman, Hanuman, and all the vanaras (half human- half-monkey) were surprised. Obviously, Ram did not have any doubts on sita, he just masked her re-arrival. I am pretty sure Valmiki Muni didn’t add this part not because it was untrue, just probably because he wanted to show things as it was seen. Only a few people knew the secret of this seemingly inhuman test Sita had to take. Lord Ram’s character is blamed and questioned by women and men about this time and time again. One thing I’ve noticed is that, without our knowing the full story we shouldn’t make any conclusions. Oh and Srinidhi, I am so sorry to spam your small question/informative comment. Just ranting out my thoughts..ha.

      1. That’s all right? I’ve heard the same thing. And I thought saying sorry wasn’t allowed??

  2. Wat a bakwaas shw!! end plz …i hate ds yakkkk!!!!! if sita nd all r gods…den how dey can marry nd all…BAKWAAS!!

    1. Calm down Aliya. I understand and respect your will for freedom of speech, so even the makers of this show have a right to depict what they want. You can stick to your views and so will I. In our religion they can marry, in yours may be not. What is the difficulty in that.. If you are happy with what you are doing, then that is great. I am not judging you too.

      1. I can’t understand what r u saying

        in Hinduism all devas have wife n they have equal power to. As ram is devs head (vishnu) took an avatar so goddess sita(lakshmi) took avatar n married him it ll take place in all avatars

  3. Today s episode was really nice. Actually sita by coming along with rama in vanvaas,she made the incident to show the asuras attack under their head ravana to rishis and people in the forest. She was kidnapped by ravana and due to her arrival to sri Lanka (named sri after her arrival) Lanka was not looking normal. This sign warned of destruction to Lanka and ravan family. Jai sita ram!

  4. In today’s episode Ram was awesome,siya was too good, their scenes were fantastic and the dialogues were fabulous……

  5. I really enjoy the show.

  6. A beautiful poem written by an anonymous author.. It depicts the very scene which we watched in SKR yesterday. The language is very old-english.

    ‘Dearly loved, devoted Sita! daughter of a royal line,
    Part we now, for years of wand’ring in the pathless woods is mine,

    For my father, promise-fettered, to Kaikeyi yields the sway,
    And she wills her son anointed,-fourteen years doth Rama stray,

    But before I leave thee, Sita, in the wilderness to rove,
    Yield me one more tender token of thy true and trustful love!

    Serve my crownéd brother, Sita, as a faithful, duteous dame,
    Tell him not of Rama’s virtues, tell him not of Rama’s claim,

    Since my royal father willeth,-Bharat shall be regent-heir,
    Serve him with a loyal duty, serve him with obeisance fair,

    Since my royal father willeth,-years of banishment be mine,
    Brave in sorrow and in suffering, woman’s brightest fame be thine

    Keep thy fasts and vigils, Sita, while thy Rama is away,
    Faith in Gods and faith in virtue on thy bosom hold their sway,

    In the early watch of morning to the Gods for blessings pray,
    To my father Dasa-ratha honour and obeisance pay,

    To my mother, Queen Kausalya, is thy dearest tendance due,
    Offer her thy consolation, be a daughter fond and true!

    Queen Kaikeyi and Sumitra equal love and honour claim,
    With a soothing soft endearment sweetly serve each royal dame,

    Cherish Bharat and Satrughna with a sister’s watchful love,
    And a mother’s true affection and a mother’s kindness prove!

    Listen, Sita, unto Bharat speak no heedless angry word,
    He is monarch of Kosala and of Raghu’s races’ is lord,

    Crownéd kings our willing service and our faithful duty own,
    Dearest song they disinherit, cherish strangers near the throne!

    Bharat’s will with deep devotion and with faultless faith obey,
    Truth and virtue on thy bosom ever hold their gentle sway,

    And to please each dear relation, gentle Sita, be it thine,
    Part we love! for years of wand’ring in the pathless woods is mine!’

    Rama spake, and soft-eyed Sita, ever sweet in speech and word,
    Stirred by loving woman’s passion boldly answered thus her lord:

    ‘Do I hear my husband rightly, are these words my Rama spake,
    And her banished lord and husband will the wedded wife forsake?

    Lightly I dismiss the counsel which my lord hath lightly said
    For it ill beseems a warrior and my husband’s princely grade;

    For the faithful woman follows where her wedded lord may lead,
    In the banishment of Rama, Sita’s exile is decreed,

    Sire nor son nor loving brother rules the wedded woman’s state,
    With her lord she falls or rises, with her consort courts her fate,

    If the righteous son of Raghu wends to forests dark and drear,
    Sita steps before her husband wild and thorny path to clear!

    Like the tasted refuse water cast thy timid thoughts aside,
    Take me to the pathless jungle, bid me by my lord abide,

    Care and steed and gilded palace, vain are these to woman’s life,
    Dearer is her husband’s shadow to the loved and loving wife!

    For my mother often taught me and my father often spake,
    That her home the wedded woman doth beside her husband make,

    As the shadow to the substance, to her lord is faithful wife,
    And she parts not from her consort till she parts with fleeting life!

    Therefore bid me seek the jungle and in pathless forests roam,
    Where the wild deer freely ranges and the tiger makes his home,

    Happier than in father’s mansions in the woods will Sita rove,
    Waste no thought on home or kindred, nestling in her husband’s love!

    World-renowned is Rama’s valour, fearless by her Rama’s side,
    Sita will still live and wander with a faithful woman’s pride,

    And the wild fruit she will gather from the fresh and fragrant wood,
    And the food by Rama tasted shall be Sita’s cherished food!

    Bid me seek the sylvan greenwoods, wooded hills and plateaus high,
    Limpid rills and crystal nullas as they softly ripple by,

    And where in the lake of lotus tuneful ducks their plumage lave,
    Let me with my loving Rama skim the cool translucent wave!

    Years will pass in happy union,happiest lot to woman given,
    Sita seeks not throne or empire, nor the brighter joys of heaven,

    Heaven conceals not brighter mansions in its sunny fields of pride,
    Where without her lord and husband faithful Sita would reside!

    Therefore let me seek the jungle where the jungle-rangers rove,
    Dearer than the royal palace, where I share my husband’s love,

    And my heart in sweet communion shall my Rama’s wishes share,
    And my wifely toil shall lighten Rama’s load of woe and care!’

    Vainly gentle Rama pleaded dangers of the jungle life,
    Vainly spake of toil and trial to a true and tender wife!

    1. Superb one di…..A map poem. …..

    2. Akanksha sharma

      Nice poem vrinda di….

  7. “Mother Sita was very submissive, faithful, shy and chaste, always understanding the attitude of her husband. Thus by her character, her love and service she completely attracted the mind of the Lord.”~Bhagavat Purana

  8. hye guy’s good morning my mobile has stopped working so sad it is showing no sim.I can’t live single day without my phone now commenting from mom phone. I wan’t my phone.
    today episode Is nice I think it will take 1 week to vanvaas.

  9. I just want to kbow your religion and cast.

    1. aliya it’s for you

    2. Hi sis ,can i say onething as v r sisters na . Please don’t separate ppl according to religion. She can be any religion v should think that she has to know more about our religion n v should take her ques in +ve way that is only the following ram’s path following dharm v should hurt others. I think u don’t mistake me.
      May i know r u elder r younger to me i m in 12th

      1. yaa sita di you can tell me anything you are elder than I don’t want to separate her even I am Muslim I have ask her religon because she had said that how can god maraige and in every religion maraige held and ram has come in human form then he will do whatever human do.
        di hope understand and even I don’t seprate anyone because their religon because we are firstly humans.

  10. Gd morning. Hi everyone. How r u all? How is my dp . sanjana thanks for sharing the os . It is gd. Hi vrinda di…. The poem is nice. Hi Zara di…. How r u now? Are u fine now? Is ur health gd?

    1. awsm dp……

    2. I’m fine sis…..dp suberp. .

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Very nice dp… brindha dear

  11. All the best for those who are having exams !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hello everyone , all pp r so pretty .

  13. Hi my lovely sisters . Thank u for all the wishes and blessings. I wrote my maths exam well and it is becoz of ur wishes .

    1. Gud luck sissy…hpy to knw tht u wrte xms well

      1. Thank u Yazhini di

    2. Hi sis….happy for u……and wish you all the best for ŕest of exams

      1. Thank u Zara di

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Hii haripriya really happy fr u ….i knew it bfr itself…the credit goes to ur hardwork also….keep it up…and all the best fr upcoming exams

      1. Thank u so much Chiku di

  14. Good to know abt ur exam haripriya..all the best for rest of them..

    1. Thank u Richa di . I wan’t to know about u di as I don’t know about u . Sorry if it is personal.

  15. Akanksha sharma

    Hiii everyone……hw r u all…sry fr late commenting…as i told u all..that..i wont be able to comment as i was to my nanke….so…btw nice os sumi,sanjana,and zara as u translated it…… anyone here ???

    1. Yes..I m here akansha. Nice to see u back..

    2. Sukriya di……hi u r enjoying with u cousin. ……

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