Siya Ke Ram 20th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita recalling her promise to Ram. Ram comes to her and calls her out. She turns to him. He smiles, while she appears restless. She rushes to him and has tears in eyes. They look at each other. He says at marriage time, I have given you promise that we will fulfill our Dharm together, but now situation is such, that we have to get separated to fulfill our Dharm. She gets shocked. She says your Dharm and decision to do your duty, I accept it heartily, because its right, but I have also taken decision to do my wife’s duty, your Siya will go with her Ram on vanvaas. He looks at her. He says I respect your feelings, I know Sita that you want to support me in happiness and sorrow, but I have to take this vanvaas alone.

She says you are fulfilling son’s Dharm. He says no,

this is Rajya’s Dharm, it’s a promise towards Praja, Rajya and Kul, if this is not fulfilled, it won’t be good, I m eldest son of this Raghukul, if I not fulfill my parents’ expectations, it won’t be good example for Praja. She asks can’t I do my wife’s duty. He says Sita, life will be tough in van, no comfort of happiness can be imagined there. She asks can I imagine happiness in living without you, I m your wife, this is my duty to be part of your happiness and sorrow, don’t stop me from doing my duty, allow me to come with you to van. Sumitra hears them and drops the plate. Sita runs to her and says Mata….. She picks the things and gives plate to Sumitra. Sumitra cries and leaves…..

Dasharath takes Ram’s name and gets unwell. He hallucinates little Ram coming inside the Kaksh. He smiles seeing him jump around. Kaushalya looks at Dasharath. Dasharath asks Kaushalya to see, Ram just said he will go to van and now playing here, Ram is taking my test. Sumanta and Kaushalya worry seeing his state. Kaushalya cries. Little Ram goes away, and door shuts. Dasharath says Ram, stop and falls down the bed. Sumanta and Kaushalya ask him to stop, there is no one there. Dasharath says stop our son, he is going. She holds him and cries. Dasharath says Ram was born by Devta’s blessings, stop him Kaushalya. He cries. Sumitra comes there and cries seeing Dasharath’s state. Kaushalya looks at Sumitra. Dasharath gets serious….. Sumanta holds him.

Ram looks at Sita and asks her to understand, Kaushalya and Sumitra are upset by my van daman, Dasharath is unwell, if you come along me, they will be more sorrowful. Sita says if you agree with my decision, then everyone will agree, as my decision is natural, I know Dasharath and Matas will be hurt, but I will convince them, I don’t understand why you are against this decision. He says firstly, Kaikeyi wants me to go to van, not you, secondly, I don’t know how will be my life journey for next 14 years, I can’t make you part of this unforeseen life. She says life is good when its unexpected, if you can make me your wife in Bhavan, why not in van, I will feel this bhavan as van in your absence, and in your presence van will be more joyful than bhavan. She cries and hugs him. Na sukh…….plays…………….

Ram wipes her tears and says you said true Sita, but sometimes, we have to take tough decisions for everyone’s good, its true I want to live my life with you, this hope will keep me alive in that van too, the selfless love which could not cross the limits of heart, its not love…. you will find me with you in your imaginations…. He holds her and says someone is waiting for me, this cognition will encourage my living in van, that’s why I m not in favor with your decision. She cries. He gets tearful eyes seeing her crying, and leaves. She thinks Swami, I know you are stopping me for your love, but my love tells me that I should go with you to van.

Mantra is in her Kaksh and very happy. She says according to rules, if person is away from his rights for long time, he loses everything. Ram will not have any right on Ayodhya by being away for 14 years, my Bharat will win entire Ayodhya’s heart and everyone will forget Ram. She laughs.

Kaikesi slaps Surpanakha angrily. Surpanakha says your son has ruined my life, and cries. She says he made me a widow….. he killed my husband by cheat….. Vibhishan and Mandodari look on. Surpanakha says a brother’s Dharm is to protect sister’s suhaag, but he snatched my suhaag. Kaikesi says my Lankesh can’t do this, someone fooled you. Mandodari says big expectations/greed can make person do anything, but Mata you are at fault, you showed the dream to Lankesh to win the world, don’t know how many sorrows Rakshaks kul women have to bear. She takes Surpanakha and pacifies her.

Kaushalya says no Sita, I could not change Ram’s decision but I will not allow you to go to van, how did you take this decision without taking anyone’s permission. The sisters cry and ask how can Sita go to van by leaving them, when she said they will be together after marriage, why is she punishing them. Sita says a wife’s duty is to support her husband always, its my wife’s Dharm to go with my husband to van. Kaushalya says this will look suit Raghukul’s bahu, this is matter of shame for us, do you want forthcoming time to make fun of Raghukul, this is not according to our traditions, I will not let you go. Sumitra says my son is trapped in Kaikeyi’s plan, I won’t let you fall in this trap, Ram’s leaving is hurting us, now you want to go with him, we won’t let this happen. Sita turns away…..Sisters get sad.

Dasharath says Kaikeyi ruined everything, no need to show any sympathy now. Kaikeyi says I did not come to show sympathy, I came to remind your promise. She asks Ram to leave for van today itself. Dasharath gets angry and says you are not related to me anymore. He says make this woman away from my sight…. Ram tells Kaikeyi that he will fulfill his promise and leave for van today. Sita is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sanjana

    Sita ram scene was ver nice
    true love prevails
    Ashish and madrakshi did a good job
    The words used by Sita expressed her pure love
    Feel bad for dasharath
    Like the shurphanakha mandodari scene
    Loved the episode
    Siam hug wS touching

  2. Sriranjani

    OMG!!Felling Bad for Dhasharath!!
    SiyaRam scenes were Superb!!
    Thanx 4 d fast update Amena!!
    Do u know my friends when dhasharath died Sita to give the Pind To dhasharath as a son……..and Dhasharath to accepted her Pind……This give a little shock to ram but his heart were fulfilled by happiness………..

  3. Sanjana

    The young ram was cute
    I felt like crying when ram left
    Selfless love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Loved the sisters scene and Sitas stubborn but right decision

  4. Sanjana

    Ram dialogue was emotional
    I want to live my life with u this hope will keep me alive but
    Their love is truly great and is truly love
    So ram has not actually accepted will he accept tomorrow

    • Veronica crouze

      Yes…u r right…d dialogue was too good & it was true also….we spend every day hoping fr d good…

    • Veronica crouze

      Today ram’s dialogue confused me whether sita’s decision to accompany him was right or wrong…i’m not saying she was wrong… Bt ram’s thinking was correct also…actually both their thinking was right at their own place…

      • Sanjana

        SIta decision was right for that was patni dharm and love too
        But at the same time ram did not want Sita to face difficultiy that too forest life was not easy and he didn’t want her to face difficulty because of him
        But what Sita thought was 2 souls are united in marriage so if ram thought it was easy it was easy for her Rams hardships were hers too

    • Nita

      Agree….I loved the dialogue…. Somebody is waiting for me will keep me alive in van….awesome….

  5. Veronica crouze

    Ram said a line “this is a promise towards praja”…how is ds related to praja???i didn’t understabd this…

    • Sanjana

      No he will say it won’t be a good example for praja
      if ram does not keep promise he will be a bad example for praja
      For they follow a leaders footsteps
      Ram has to lead by example
      So if ram does not keep promise praja also won’t keep promise
      I hope it is clear di


      by full-filling ur parent’s promise u become a role model…….. so he says that what might be the situation n promise obeying is must………. this is what he wants praja to understand n follow………….. hope u got it……….. n actually ven vibishnan brought sita to ram the vanaram ( hanuman’s race) would be discussing about sita’s purity which ram will hear…….. he will then think about it n will ask sita to give agniparishika so that in Ayodhya no one will question her but unfortunately got doubt whether really took agniparishaka…………


      sorry * unfortunately people at Ayodhya will get doubt whether sita took agniparishika……….

      • Dhruv

        in old ramayan of ndtv,that scene was very emotional when sita is again going to the jungle after the vanvaas.

    • sumi19

      Because if ram has not followed his promise then no one in praja will be able to believe the promises made by the ram.

    • Sanju , Sumi & WW are said right……Its Ram’s such a good character showing to all………& WW & Sumi , Urs DP’s R Awesome……… Nice ones…..& Sanju urs also Superb DP……..

  6. Sanjana

    Waiting for Sita to convince family
    She will surely do it
    I wish the family understands Sita soon and
    In the beginning they show the 7 rounds taken during marriage and the sindoor ritual too

  7. Sumi

    Hello everyone !!! Thank u all for appreciating for my OS. Now enjoy this=
    OS Vanvaas
    Part – 2

    As lakshman was heading towards his room he was very scared as what will now.
    lakshman : hey ishwar!!! kuch kariye. Mujhe to apne hi kaksh mein ghushne ki himmat nahi ho rahi hai. Aakhir wahan par rakshashi urmi mujhe swarg bhejne ki taiyaari kar rahi hai.Itna darr toh muje Ram bhaiya se bhi nahi lagta hai jitna aaj urmi se lag raha hai. Hey ishwar!!! Raksha karna. Lakshman open his room door nad found urmila removing her bangles.
    lakshman( scared): Urmi….Urmila
    Urmila was in so much fuming with anger that she started throwing the things whatever she found on him.
    Lakshman was saving himself from his wife urmila attacks.
    lakshman: ye kya kar rahi ho urmi!!!
    Urmila(still In anger): aap mujhe rakshashi bulate hai naaa ye lijiye.
    she again throw things at him.
    Lakshman ( saving himself from attack): nahi aisaa nahi .
    Urmila: kya aisa nahi hai ?? to aap kehna kya chah rahe hai ki aapke chote bhai shatrughan jooth bolte hai ??
    Lakshman ( pleading):Urmi mujhe maaf kar do mera iraada tumhe dukh pahuchane ka nahi tha.
    Urmila was continuously throwing the things at him . Lakshman ( in his thoughts): sahi toh kehta hu tum rakshashi ho rakshashi!!! lagta hai ki yeh aaj mujhe maar maar kar saara kaksh ki halat kharab kar degi.
    Urmila: Chalo thike maaf kiya kyuki mandavi didi bhi mujhe rakshashi kehkar chidati thi.
    Lakshman ( in his thoughts): dhanya hai aap rakshashi urmi.
    Urmila : Lekin uske saath mujhe aap teekhi mirch kehte hai jo mujhe mandavi didi ne bhi kabhi nahi kaha isliye main aapse yeh puchna chahti hun ki aap kaun se meethe se rasgulle hai . Aapki naak par hamesa gussa jo kut- kut kar badha hua jo agar phat jaaye toh lagta hai ki jwalamukhi phat gaya hai.
    lakshman staring lovingly at his angry wife urmi (in his thoughts) : jo bhi ho par mujhe aap gussa karte huyi bahut pyaari lagti hai.
    Lakshman ( showing fake anger): Urmila !!!!!
    Urmila: Kya urmila kya!!! ab maine aapke baare kah diya toh aapko bada gussa aa raha hai.
    She again throw a thing to lakshman that makes a cut on lakshman hand.
    Lakshman (shouts in pain): ahhh!!! urmila ye kya kiya????
    Blood starts coming out of lakshman hand.
    Urmila forgets her all anger and she rush towards him.
    Urmila( seeing his wound and worrying): hey ishwar !!!! main kitni pagli hun, gusse mei kya ho jaata hai mujhse, bahut dard ho raha ho ga naa?
    Lakshman who was in pain forgot all pain when he saw his wife urmi worrying about him.
    Lakshman ( acting): dard bahut ho raha hai.
    Urmila: rukiye!!!
    She make him sit on the sofa and washes his wound and then she put medicinal herb on her wound.
    Lakshman : aaahh [ he shouts in pain]
    Urmila began crying seeing him suffer pain due to her and she put a cloth and tie it on the wound
    Lakshman( worries) : tum ro kyu rahi ho urmi!!!
    Urmila ( sobbing): meri wajah se….. meri wajah se aapko itna dard ho raha hai.
    Lakshman after hearing this have tears in his eyes.
    Lakshman( wiping her tears) : nahi urmi isme aapki koi galti nahi hai Aapko mujhpar gussa karne ka haq hai . Galti to meri thi maine aapka majaak udaya!!!
    Lakshman : Ram bhaiya ke baad mein tumse bahut adhik prem karta hun. Kya mera itna bhi haq nahi hai ki mai aapko thoda sa gussa dilayu.
    Lakshman never thought that he will get the most caring wife.
    Lakshman : Maaf kijiye ga urmi ab maina aapka prem dekh liya hai ab se main apko kabhi rakshashi bulayunga lekin main agar tumhe mirchi kah kar chidaunga toh tum gussa nahi karo gi naa??
    Urmila ( smiling) : kabhi nahi!!!
    They both share an intense eye lock.
    Wind starts blowing.
    Lakshman stands and Urmila also stands and he pulled urmila towards him such he collapsed into him.
    Lakshman [being romantic] : Ab kahan bhagogi urmi ab main tumhe nahi chodunga.
    Urmila ( in her thoughts) : mujhe inke iraade kuch thik nahi lag rahe hai , kuch karo urmila warna tum to gayi].
    Next part will be updated soon.
    please share your views and post your precious comments and also tell your favourite scenes from the OS. Waiting for your replies

  8. dia

    Siyaram always rock…..nd srsly… can someone be like kaikeyi nd manthara…….the person who invented homework must be like them

  9. Brindha

    Hi everyone. How r u all? Today’s episode was gd and was very emotional. Siya ram scenes were awesome. Ashish and madirakshi really did a gd job. All dialogues of ram and sita expressed their love for each other. Kaushalya didn’t allow sita to go along with ram for vanvas. Sisters scene was also gd. When ram did not allow sita to come along with him tears rolled down her eyes. Episode was really very touching.surpanakha and mandodari scene was gd. At the whole episode was very touching and emotional. Everyone’s acting was superb……….. I felt sad ………..
    But I think somehow sita will convince everyone to let her go for vanvas along with ram…….. Feel bad for dasarath……….

  10. sumi19

    About episode , I love today episode .I loved sita ram scene , it was so emotional that for a moment I began crying. When dashrath cries for ram, it was so sad.But I am thinking that ram is not easily accepting sita for vanvaas , then it will be more difficult for lakshman to convince him, I am excited to see that how lakshman will convince ram to take him also for vanvaas.

  11. dia

    Tuu, Hmm..
    Mai Kutt-Kutt Tera Bura Haal Kraan,
    Vae Mai Chantae Tere Soo Baar Dharaaan.. (x2)
    Jae Balan Nu Lavae Tu Gel Maahi,
    Mai Hath Maar Kar Kharab Karan..
    Meh Tere Liye Ashiqan Nu Chadiya,
    Tere Lai Care Hr Valae Krae..
    Vae Meh Tenu Dhokha Deni Aaan,
    Ae Gal Teri Soch To Pare..
    Vae Mai Tere Bina Saar Han Sakdki,
    Vae Huran Bina Pi’V Na Sare..
    Vae Meh Tenu Dhokha Deni Aaan,
    Ae Gal Teri Soch To Pare..
    Akhiyaan’ch Raardkae Tu Har Pal Ve,
    Tenu Chadn’da Naa Koe Labhae Haal Ve,
    Ekk Din Yaran Bhaj Jayunghi,
    Labhya Udaae Naal Raan Vae.. (x2)
    Tera Dard Vich Sohna Lage,
    Udae Bina Pal Vi Na Kattae,
    Vae Meh Tenu Dhokha Deni Aaan,
    Ae Gal Teri Soch To Pare..
    Vae Mai Tere Bina Saar Han Sakdi,
    Vae Huran Bina Pi Vi Na Sare..
    Vae Meh Tenu Dhokha Deni Aaan,
    Ae Gal Teri Soch To Pare..

  12. dia

    Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise
    Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
    Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
    I learned how to live life,
    I learned to live my beloved.
    But I didn’t learn how to live
    without you, O my beloved.
    Dehleez pe mere dil ki
    Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
    Tere naam pe meri zindagi
    Likh di mere humdum
    Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum
    Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum
    Sachchi si hain ye taareefein
    Dil se jo maine kari hain…
    These praises that I have said from the heart
    they are true..
    Jo tu mila to saji hain
    Duniya meri humdum
    O aasma mila zameen ko meri
    Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum
    Tere naam pe meri zindagi
    Likh di mere humdum
    now that you are there,
    my world is adorned
    my earth has found its sky,
    we, halves put together, are complete.
    O my beloved,
    I’ve written my life in your name..
    Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise
    Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum
    Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
    Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

  13. dia

    Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
    Raanjhan mileya naa ae…
    Jigraan vichon agan laga ke rabba
    Lakeeran vich likh di judaai
    I went out to find my lover,
    but couldn’t find the lover..
    O God, having started a fire in my heart,
    why have you written separation in my fate..
    Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
    Waqt se churaaya tha jo
    Apna banaaya tha..
    wo tera, wo mera
    Saath nibhaaya tha jo
    Apna banaaya tha..
    it’s lost, missed,
    what was stolen from time itself,
    and was made my own..
    that closeness that was there,
    between you and me,
    that we had embraced..
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
    Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni..
    The sheet is thin, worn..
    (the meaning here is that it’s a little transparent,
    as it is wet with tears.)
    My eyes are moist,
    The memories are delicate..
    Aisa bhi kya milna, saath ho ke tanha
    Aisi kyun sazaa hum ne hai paayi,
    raanjhaNa ve
    Phir se mujhe jeena, tujh pe hai marna
    Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, saajana ve
    Lakeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..
    What kind of meeting this is, separated even
    though together..
    Why have I received such a punishment, O
    I have to live again, I have to die for you,
    This my heart says again, O beloved.
    why have you written separation in my fate..
    Ghair sa hua khud se bhi, naa koi mera
    Dard se kar le chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
    Kholoon jo baahein, bas gham ye simaT
    rahe hain
    Aankhon ke aage, lamhe ye kyun ghaT
    rahe hain
    Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan..
    I became separated from myself, no one is
    Make friends with pain, my heart says now.
    If I open my arms, only sorrows come to me,
    I don’t know why these moments are taking
    place in front of my eyes..
    I don’t know how someone bears with
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
    Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
    Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni
    Raanjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
    Raanjhan mileya naa ae…
    Jigraan vichon agan laga ke rabba
    Lakeeraan vich likh di judaai

    • wellwisher

      and somebody asked about my dp. its swadeenta from dehleez………. sorry dont remember who……….

    • Ww it is sumi’s os I’m going to translate it in english. …ok….I hope u like it…..part 2….
      As lakshman was heading towards his room he was very scared what will happen now….
      Lakshman :hey ishwar!!!do something. ..I don’t have guts to enter in my room because there is rakshashi urmila is ready to send me heaven. …
      I’m very afraid from urmila….This much I never afraid from Ram bhai. ..
      Hey ishwar !! Save me
      Lakshman open his room door and found urmila removing her bangles
      Lakshman (scared ):urmi. …….urmila. …
      Urmila was in so much fuming with anger….that she started throw the things on him whatever she found

      Lakshman was saving himself from his wife urmila’s attack. ..
      Lakshman what r u doing urmi….
      Urmila (still in anger):u r calling me rakshashi or not, ,
      She again throw things at him
      Lakshman (saving himself from attacks):no….
      Urmila:what no??? So u want to said that your younger brother shatrughan is laying? ..?
      Lakshman (pleading ):urmi..please forgive me. ..I don’t have any intention to hurt u…
      Urmila was continuously throwing the things at him….
      Lakshman (in his thoughts ): I’m saying right. ..u r rakshashi!!!….she will make room untidy. …
      urmila :OK I forgive you because mandvi di also call me rakshashi. ….
      Lakshman(in his thoughts ): u r great rakshashi urmila
      Urmila : but why u call me spicy chilly mandvi di never called me this that why I’m asking u …who u r…..Sweet rasgulla. …ur nor always filled with anger ready to burst like volcanoes….
      Lakshman staring lovingly at his wife urmila ( in his thoughts ):whatever it is she is looking soo preety when she is angry…
      Lakshman (showing fake anger): urmila. …..
      Urmila : what urmila!!!!…now I said u something u get angry….
      She again throw things at lakshman that make cut on his hand…
      Lakshman : ah hhh!!!!what have u done
      Blood started coming out from lakshman ‘ s hand..
      Urmila forget all his anger and rush towards him…
      Urmila(seeing his wound & rush towards him)pizza;:hey ishwar! !!!what I have done in anger …It is paining alot na???
      Lakshman who is in pain forgot all his pain when he saw his wife urmila worrying about him…
      Lakshman (acting):…yes ….It is paining alot…
      urmila : STOP!!!
      SHE make him sit on sofa &wash his wound an then he put medicinal herbs on her wound
      Lakshman : a hhh!!! (Shout in pain)
      Urmila started crying. .seeing him suffer pain due to her & she pit a cloth &and tie on his wound. ….
      Lakshman ( worrying ) : why r u crying. ..
      Urmila ( sobbing ) : because of me……because of me u r in pain…..
      Lakshman after hearing this have tears in his eyes
      Lakshman ( wiping her tears ) : no urmi it is not ur mistake u have full right to get angry on me….it Tyne is my mistake that I make fool of ur …After ram bhai I LOVE U al lot…so I don’t have this much right 2 make u angry. ..
      Lakshman never thought that she will get the most caring wife
      Lakshman : forgive me urmi I saw u r love….from now I’ll never call u rakshashi. .but I call u chilly….u didn’t get angry na???
      Urmila ( smiling ) : never…
      They both share intense eye lock
      Wind blow
      Lakshman and urmila stand& he pulled urmila toward him such she collapsed into him
      Lakshman ( being romantic ) : no where u run …. I’ll not leave u….
      Urmila ( in her thought ) : I think his intension is not right. something. …otherwise u will……

      This much is the only……how was ur exam ….hope it is good. .
      Telly update please please please please please please please please please please please post this comment. …

  14. sumi19

    Ashish sharma as ram and madirakshi as sita has live up to the expectations. Hats off to u Sir n Mam. U have portrayed your roles so beautifully that I am speechless.

  15. How can some one become so cruel????beginning to ending too emotional ?????. …….felling bad foe sita’s sis….For matas and dasharath. ………precap is amazing. …….uff kaikeyi. …..

  16. Yazhini

    Hi sis nd bro …hw r u all…tdy epsd s rlly awsm…true lve dsnt want any mny r richness…it nly want a small place n his loved n hrt …sita really grt…ram love fr his wife s awsm…both mothr in law care lke a mother…sisters lks lke us ..who r mre caring,lvng,…lvd tdy episde

  17. Sanjana

    I actually don’t understand this os as it is in Hindi
    I took from india forums
    Hope it is good
    No doubt I so love Mithila,If I would miss something teirribly n SKR that would definitely be the land of knowledge.It was so good of SKR for having Mithila so well,the atmosphere there and the people there.Right from King Janak to citizens of Mithila,everything have been depicting such positiveness.It makes me feel the nostalgia of hometown as well,Mithila,a small,liberal, enchanting and beautiful kingdom.I had tears when Urmila and Sita left the palace,not just because they left their parents but also such a wonderful place to be.As far as I think,Ayodhya is in riches,but still it proves dull to me,I like the vibrancy of Janakpuri.So this post is dedicated to it.

    “Maa kahan haii?”Sita and Urmila asked a hundredth daasi,and the reply was still no.
    The whole of the kingdom was busy,as there would be not one but four weddings taking place in their royal family.
    This was the day after the diya Milan ceremony,the same where King Dashrath asked the hands of Mithila’s four princesses for Ayodhya’s four princes.
    It was going to be eve.Tomorrow had to be the wedding,and sangeet have been over just now.Mandavi and Shrutkirti were busy customizing the four of them’s wedding attires and Chandrabhaga worrying about everything in the preparations.
    “Ye nahin!!”Mandavi was irritated by the repeated presentations.
    “Ye bhi thik hai”Shrutkirti wasn’t able to decide what to choose.
    “Aaannnhh!Ye kya haii?”Mandavi took the bangle and kept it away.
    Meanwhile,Chandrabhaga who was herself irritated by the decorations ,noticed both of her daughters.”Mandavii”She came to her”tum ek baar me nirnaya nahin le saktii”
    “Maa kuchh pasand hi nahin aa raha Hume”
    “Pehle parkhogi,samjhogi tab naa uchit kya hai samajh aayega, aise hi nahin”
    Mandavi was quiet ,unlike other days she didn’t argue back to prove herself right.
    “Didi aaj aap mata se vivaad nahi karengii”
    Shrutkirti asked,
    Chandrabhaga was equally astonished…
    To every question ,Mandavi just looked down at the jewels ,saddened.
    “Rehne do Shrutkirti ,aaj ke pashchaat kisse vivaad karengi mata?Unhe abhyaas Kara rahi hun”
    Chandrabhaga gulped down ,
    “Aao!!”she said to both her daughters,making them face the mirror,she held odhniis to pick out the best suited for her daughters.
    “Mandavi,mai itni yogya toh nahin ki tumhe kuchh sanskaar de pain kintu Jo bhi tum dono ne Mithila me seekha hai…”
    She held Shrutkirti’s hands
    “Usey kabhi mat bhulna!sadaiva rishton ko baandhte rehne ka prayatna karna apnii…”
    “Badi Maa ki tarah” the three of them said in unison.
    “Mai toh bass yahin prarthnaa karungi ki tum charon aadarsh kulvadhuen bano!!!”
    Her eyes were filled with tears.

    Witnessing everything from the gateway,Sita and Urmila came running about and hugged her.
    “Chhoti maa”both of them spoke slowly
    The rest two sisters too joined in the hug,
    “Kehte haii,ki vadhuon ko sasuraal me itna prem mile ki maayka kabhi smaran na ho”
    “Aapko kya lagta hai maa,naye sambandho ke chalte hum aapko,pitaahsree aur Mithila ko bhul jaayenge?Aap hi bataye kaise rahengi aap hamare binaa?”
    “Rehnaa toh padega,tum sab ki parvarish hi hum sabke jeevan ka ekmatra uddesh tha…”
    “Chhoti maa??”
    “Bolo Urmii”
    “Mere liye pratidin naye vyanjan kaun banayega?Aur Mandavi ko mujhse ladne ke liye kaun daatega??”
    “Dushttt”Mandavi spoke sobbing,
    “Putrii,ab toh tumhe hi vyanjan banana seekhna hoga…aur…apni chhoti maa ko patra likh ke avashya suchit karnaa ki Ayodhya me tumne kya kya seekha”
    Urmila hugged her more tightly.
    “Aurhaan Mandavi,vahan Urmila se yudh mat karney lagnaa,vahan vo tumhari devraani haii…humtoh tum donon ko purv se jaante hain!kintu…kintu ve nahin”

    “Maa ye mithila me hamari antim ratrii hogii…aaj aap dono matayein hamare kaksh me hi rahiyega”Sita pleaded her
    “Chhoti Maa…Mata kahaan hai?”
    She asked yet again,
    “Haan Maa,Badi maa sangeet ke baad nahin dikhi?”
    “Vo uss kaksh me hongii”She smiled
    “Uss kaksh?”asked Urmila surprised

    Sunaina’s hands trembled as she took it out from the old huge trunk.She had been weeping throughoutly,crying all her heart out.It wasn’t easy for her ,she was sending her daughters away from her ,that too forever.She had been quite worried,or rather really concerned about them.It was her favorite place,since they were born,she would keep all her daughters’ belongings in that old box.They were little moments that she held close to her heart.From the morning itself,whole Mithila could not help imagining how lonely everything would become when their princesses would leave away.
    Sunaina took out an earthen glass,for it was the sisters’ favourite.Next it was Sita and Urmila’s first paintings,where they had roughly portrayed their whole family on a piece of cloth.She took out Sita’s bangles ,they were of each size,she had been collecting one or the other right from her childhood.She took one of her very first one in her hand,the one she made for her little daughter by herself.She remembered the first time she took Sita in her arms.Next it was Mandavi’s ghungrus,she remembered how she would run here and there wearing them all day.
    There at a separate side,she hid Urmila’s writings,and not some but all of them.They were just not written works but also figures ,paintings,opinions,stories, ideas of her own.Whether good or bad,Janak and Sunaina kept all of them.At times ,Urmila wouldn’t be satisfied with her work and would throw them somewhere.Sunaina had managed to get those too.
    Shrutkirti has been the baby girl of Mithila,Sunaina treasured all her toys.Right from a simple elephant to kitchen groceries and then to wedding dolls.
    Sita’s tears knew no bounds whereas Urmila didn’t knew how to react.They both were so full of their feelings.Urmila was surprised to see her belongings which she must have thrown away,don’t know when.Mandavi and Shrutkirti were feeling extremely nostalgic.
    They sat beside her,and began to look out for their memories.
    Urmila fetched out that ball,
    “Mandavi…arthaat Mandavi Didi…”she smiled.
    “Ye rahi aapki gend Jo mujhse kho gyi thi…gol so thi,resham ki,rangon wali aur smaran nahin kya kya?”

    Mandavi laid her head over her shoulder,”Dusht Urmila”
    “Ayodhya pohocho toh tum,jhethani hum tumhari”
    Sunaina’s gaze fell over something,
    She took it out.
    “Kirti,Mandavi,Urmi…samay aagya hai”
    They saw it,it was the same odhni the three of them had prepared to gift Sita on her wedding.They waved their hand over it,and the little flower stitched by Kirti.
    Sunaina took out the little clothes,those little odhnis,little blouses and lehengas.The girls didn’t know whether to smile or to cry.Sunaina took each one of them.
    There was a pink colored golden embroided lehenga,it was Sita’s favorite.In fact,she would never go into the mud wearing that.
    Urmila’s eye widened,”Haanh”she exclaimed when Sunaina gave her something beautiful. It was the same net oranged odhni Janak had brought for her from the local market.It was her such serious possession that she didn’t get her special opportunity to wear it.
    Along with it was a small set of earrings, Urmila and Mandavi had always fought over it.And at last,Sunaina had to hide it there without their notice.
    “Ji badi maa”
    “Apni inn dono behenon pe dhyaan Dena,ye toh tumse bhi chhoti hai”
    Everyone led out a laugh,
    “Haan Badii Maa”
    Sunaina kissed four of them’ fourheads.
    “Maa hum antim baar jaake aate hai”
    “Aadhi raat wali kakshha me”four of them said.
    It was hard to separate out from such warmth and bliss.

    It was special classes for them,where in the midnight, when King Janak would be free,he would recite either a prose or a poem to them and by the end of each day,he would give some or the other moral teaching to them.
    “Aaj kya bataon tum sabko,aaj na samay hai aur naa hi saahas,prateet hota hai jaise kal meri saari urja jaa rahi hai mujhse dur”
    He waved his hand over Shrutkirti’s head and wiped her tears.The four of them hugged him.
    “Kaise chhode hum ye aangan?”
    “Mere hiit ke liye hota toh rok leta tum sabko kintu ayodhya me tumhari adhik aavashyakta hai putriiyon”
    He made all of them stand consoled
    “Aaj tum sabko Dene ke liye kuchh sikshhayein hain ,ek antim baar”

    “Sita merii putrii,tumhe Jo mai batana chahta hun kadaachit vo tumhe kal hi uchit prakaar se samajh aaye!isi kaaranvash mai vo siksha tumhe vivaah ke pashchaat dunga”
    “Ji Pita shree”Sita smiled.

    “Kirtii”Shrutkirti was Janak’s doll.He would spoil her with affection but the little girl was too naive to be a brat.
    “Mahadev!mujhe toh ye aabhaas hi nhi hua ki meri ye putri itni badii kaise Jo gyii?”He chocked,
    “Sadaiv hi tum hum sabki chhaya me rahi ho,tum sabka ek hi ghar me vivaah hua hai,kadachit ho sakta hai sang reh ke bhi tum sab saath naa ho!aise me bhaybheet mat hona,putri.Mai jaanta hun tum samajhti ho,apne ghar aur parivaar ki har prakaar se sahayata karnaa!”He blessed her.
    “Jaisa aap kahe Bade Pitashree!!”

    “Mandavi,tumhe gyaat hai tumhari sabse badii durbalta kya hai?”
    She nodded a yes,she knew she always doubted her decisions.
    “Jaanti ho,kal ho sakta hai,yahi durbalta tumhari sabse badi shakti bane.Jaisa mujhe prateet ho rahaa hai,mujhe aabhaas hai ki aage chal ke tumhe kai nirnaya lene honge!Aur keval itna hi nahi putri,kadaapi tumhare nirnaya ka dusron pe adhik mahatv pade.Apne antah ki vaani sunna,tumhari shakti tumhari achhai me hai.Ho sake tum kahin bhatak jao,koi baat nahi,mahatv ye hai ki kis prakaar tum swayam ko aur dusron ko samhalti ho”
    “Avashya Bade Pitashree,mai purn prayaas karungi “She held his hand and said convincingly.
    Hr turned to Urmila,within the past few days with mentions of Ayodhya,he sensed something strange.As if something big and vast would occur and whenever he saw Urmila,he didn’t knew why but he felt emotional for her.
    “Urmi,tumhe samjhane ke liye mere paas kuchh nahi hai kintu haan smaran dilane ke liye kuchh avashya hai”
    “Kahiye Pitahshree”
    “Chanchal rahi ho tum,balyakaal se hi kintu inn teenon behenon ke liye sabse saahsi bhi rahi ho!Mai tumse kuchh chhupaunga nahi!Kehte hai ,Mata Pita ko apne santaan ke vishay me sab kuchh gyaat ho jata hai.Mujhe prateet hora hai ki maano samay tumhare dhairya ki pareeksha Lena chahega!Apna marg mat khona,dhairya rakhna!Sita se tumhe bhi dur rehna pade,Kai baar ekaant me rehnaa pade!Samajh rahi ho na?”
    Urmila knew the hint,Her father was talking about Lakshman and his duty boundedness.
    “Chahe niyati vipriit hi kyu na ho Jaye,sarvada vo karnaa Jo tumhe uchit lage.Sankat ke samay sabko baandh me rakhna tumhara daayitva hai,bhale hi tum sukhi naa raho!Mujhe gyaat hai merii putri me itni chhamtayein hai!”He cupped her face in his hands and again the five of them held each other.
    “Mujhe toh bass itna vishwas hai Pitashree ki hriiday se aap sab mere saath hai”
    She sobbed.
    “Ek aur baat,tum sabko aage bhi bohot parivartan milenge,tumhe svayam bhi vishwas naa ho toh bhi ,dharma aur kartavyon ka paalan Karna!Yahin keh sakta hun mai

    Kushdhwaja watched his daughters and his brother from a distance.He too ,like every father,was emotional.But he had duties and arrangements to be completed.
    He turned away ,wiping his tears and left the room.
    “Shataanand Ji,dekhiyega Ayodhya ke liye koi kami na reh jaye!Sabko gyaat hona chahiye ki Mithila ne apni saari dharohar …Ayodhya bhej diin hai”He smiled!

    Dedicated to yours, mine and their hometowns!

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    Sanjana di ur story is also awesome.
    I have read many os on laxmila and siyaram. But i don’t know how to share, sorry.
    Ranaji bro,zara di and sumi di do you have fb id? If you have please give me your id name.

    • Vrinda

      Yup! I sure have.. as far as I know, that IS the main reason Ram made sita do the agnipariksha. Lakshman, Hanuman, and all the vanaras (half human- half-monkey) were surprised. Obviously, Ram did not have any doubts on sita, he just masked her re-arrival. I am pretty sure Valmiki Muni didn’t add this part not because it was untrue, just probably because he wanted to show things as it was seen. Only a few people knew the secret of this seemingly inhuman test Sita had to take. Lord Ram’s character is blamed and questioned by women and men about this time and time again. One thing I’ve noticed is that, without our knowing the full story we shouldn’t make any conclusions. Oh and Srinidhi, I am so sorry to spam your small question/informative comment. Just ranting out my thoughts..ha.

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      • Sita

        I can’t understand what r u saying

        in Hinduism all devas have wife n they have equal power to. As ram is devs head (vishnu) took an avatar so goddess sita(lakshmi) took avatar n married him it ll take place in all avatars

  21. Today s episode was really nice. Actually sita by coming along with rama in vanvaas,she made the incident to show the asuras attack under their head ravana to rishis and people in the forest. She was kidnapped by ravana and due to her arrival to sri Lanka (named sri after her arrival) Lanka was not looking normal. This sign warned of destruction to Lanka and ravan family. Jai sita ram!

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    In today’s episode Ram was awesome,siya was too good, their scenes were fantastic and the dialogues were fabulous……

  23. Vrinda

    A beautiful poem written by an anonymous author.. It depicts the very scene which we watched in SKR yesterday. The language is very old-english.

    ‘Dearly loved, devoted Sita! daughter of a royal line,
    Part we now, for years of wand’ring in the pathless woods is mine,

    For my father, promise-fettered, to Kaikeyi yields the sway,
    And she wills her son anointed,-fourteen years doth Rama stray,

    But before I leave thee, Sita, in the wilderness to rove,
    Yield me one more tender token of thy true and trustful love!

    Serve my crownéd brother, Sita, as a faithful, duteous dame,
    Tell him not of Rama’s virtues, tell him not of Rama’s claim,

    Since my royal father willeth,-Bharat shall be regent-heir,
    Serve him with a loyal duty, serve him with obeisance fair,

    Since my royal father willeth,-years of banishment be mine,
    Brave in sorrow and in suffering, woman’s brightest fame be thine

    Keep thy fasts and vigils, Sita, while thy Rama is away,
    Faith in Gods and faith in virtue on thy bosom hold their sway,

    In the early watch of morning to the Gods for blessings pray,
    To my father Dasa-ratha honour and obeisance pay,

    To my mother, Queen Kausalya, is thy dearest tendance due,
    Offer her thy consolation, be a daughter fond and true!

    Queen Kaikeyi and Sumitra equal love and honour claim,
    With a soothing soft endearment sweetly serve each royal dame,

    Cherish Bharat and Satrughna with a sister’s watchful love,
    And a mother’s true affection and a mother’s kindness prove!

    Listen, Sita, unto Bharat speak no heedless angry word,
    He is monarch of Kosala and of Raghu’s races’ is lord,

    Crownéd kings our willing service and our faithful duty own,
    Dearest song they disinherit, cherish strangers near the throne!

    Bharat’s will with deep devotion and with faultless faith obey,
    Truth and virtue on thy bosom ever hold their gentle sway,

    And to please each dear relation, gentle Sita, be it thine,
    Part we love! for years of wand’ring in the pathless woods is mine!’

    Rama spake, and soft-eyed Sita, ever sweet in speech and word,
    Stirred by loving woman’s passion boldly answered thus her lord:

    ‘Do I hear my husband rightly, are these words my Rama spake,
    And her banished lord and husband will the wedded wife forsake?

    Lightly I dismiss the counsel which my lord hath lightly said
    For it ill beseems a warrior and my husband’s princely grade;

    For the faithful woman follows where her wedded lord may lead,
    In the banishment of Rama, Sita’s exile is decreed,

    Sire nor son nor loving brother rules the wedded woman’s state,
    With her lord she falls or rises, with her consort courts her fate,

    If the righteous son of Raghu wends to forests dark and drear,
    Sita steps before her husband wild and thorny path to clear!

    Like the tasted refuse water cast thy timid thoughts aside,
    Take me to the pathless jungle, bid me by my lord abide,

    Care and steed and gilded palace, vain are these to woman’s life,
    Dearer is her husband’s shadow to the loved and loving wife!

    For my mother often taught me and my father often spake,
    That her home the wedded woman doth beside her husband make,

    As the shadow to the substance, to her lord is faithful wife,
    And she parts not from her consort till she parts with fleeting life!

    Therefore bid me seek the jungle and in pathless forests roam,
    Where the wild deer freely ranges and the tiger makes his home,

    Happier than in father’s mansions in the woods will Sita rove,
    Waste no thought on home or kindred, nestling in her husband’s love!

    World-renowned is Rama’s valour, fearless by her Rama’s side,
    Sita will still live and wander with a faithful woman’s pride,

    And the wild fruit she will gather from the fresh and fragrant wood,
    And the food by Rama tasted shall be Sita’s cherished food!

    Bid me seek the sylvan greenwoods, wooded hills and plateaus high,
    Limpid rills and crystal nullas as they softly ripple by,

    And where in the lake of lotus tuneful ducks their plumage lave,
    Let me with my loving Rama skim the cool translucent wave!

    Years will pass in happy union,happiest lot to woman given,
    Sita seeks not throne or empire, nor the brighter joys of heaven,

    Heaven conceals not brighter mansions in its sunny fields of pride,
    Where without her lord and husband faithful Sita would reside!

    Therefore let me seek the jungle where the jungle-rangers rove,
    Dearer than the royal palace, where I share my husband’s love,

    And my heart in sweet communion shall my Rama’s wishes share,
    And my wifely toil shall lighten Rama’s load of woe and care!’

    Vainly gentle Rama pleaded dangers of the jungle life,
    Vainly spake of toil and trial to a true and tender wife!

  24. Vrinda

    “Mother Sita was very submissive, faithful, shy and chaste, always understanding the attitude of her husband. Thus by her character, her love and service she completely attracted the mind of the Lord.”~Bhagavat Purana

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    today episode Is nice I think it will take 1 week to vanvaas.

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      Hi sis ,can i say onething as v r sisters na . Please don’t separate ppl according to religion. She can be any religion v should think that she has to know more about our religion n v should take her ques in +ve way that is only the following ram’s path following dharm v should hurt others. I think u don’t mistake me.
      May i know r u elder r younger to me i m in 12th

      • yaa sita di you can tell me anything you are elder than I don’t want to separate her even I am Muslim I have ask her religon because she had said that how can god maraige and in every religion maraige held and ram has come in human form then he will do whatever human do.
        di hope understand and even I don’t seprate anyone because their religon because we are firstly humans.

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