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Siya Ke Ram 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram praying to Mahadev and saying vanar sena’s lives is in danger, save them. He says like you saved the Devs in Samudra manthan, you took all the poison away, today Raavan’s asur devils has done this deceive by using poison to kill entire vanar sena, protect them. Ram cries and makes a shivling there. Mahadev looks on. Ram keeps a flower on the shivling and prays. He also sits chanting the maha gayatri mantra. Even Sita is praying in ashok vatika. Mahadev sees them. Time passes. Ram and Sita pray together in sync.

Hanuman, Vibhishan, Jamvanth, Laxman look on and pray along with Ram. Vanar sena gets fine as all the poison gets removed from their bodies. Sugreev, Angad, Nar, Nir and others get conscious and fine. Everyone come there and join Ram in his prayers. Its

morning, Sugreev greets Ram. Ram gets glad seeing Sugreev and entire vanar sena fine. Ram hugs Sugreev and asks are you fine. Sugreev says when you are the Swami, how can anything happen to us. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram Ram…..plays…………..

Raavan laughs and everyone look at him. Raavan says Ram follows Dharm, he would be giving honor and paying tribute to his dead vanar sena. A arrow strikes his throne. Raavan’s laugh stops and he gets shocked. Ram shouts Raavan, you just cheated us, you have sent Meghnadh to cheat us, then all your Asur Upach to end vanar sena, if you are powerful, why are you hiding there, come out and fight with me, I m Dasharath’s son Ram, I challenge you.

Raavaan shouts Ram and breaks the arrow. Kaikesi and Meghnadh look on. Vanar sena chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram says I have tried everything possible to end this fight, but that Raavan has crossed limit of injustice and Adharm, and now he has broke my patient, and opened the doors of his death himself. He says its written in Shastra to punish the sinner, based on Dharm and power, we have to end Adharm, this is firstmost duty of humanity, so we should not get late to punish that Adharmi Raavan, Raavan calls himself mighty and is cheating us, its fine, we will show him how brave warriors fight, but remember this war is like pura yagya for us, whatever happens in this war, we have to obey Dharm and customs, that’s very important for us. They all prepare for the fight and chant Ram’s name. The vanars run to break the Lanka’s door.Vibhishan looks on. Sugreev asks the sena to break the door, and no Asur should be spared. The asur soldiers laugh seeing them and say its impossible to break this door till we are here. They throw the weapons. Sugreev defends and shouts in anger.

Sugreev says don’t know Angad succeeded at east door or not. Angad asks the vanar to climb upwards and kill those Asurs. They all fall down. The asur soldiers throw fire balls on vanars. Ram looks on. Many vanars get injured. Laxman asks them to be careful, when any soldier is injured, shift him to safe place and take him for cure, and other soldiers take their place in war. He gets to know that Asurs are attacking their sena. Hanuman and Laxman rush to fight.

Laxman looks at the fire and shoots arrow. The fire gets blown off by his arrow. They say chant Ram’s name and go ahead. Sita sits praying. Trijata comes to her and says I have seen Ram’s vanar sena in such attacking avatar for the first time, vanar sena is trying to break Lanka’s security doors, I feel they will enter Lanka in some time, now I can see Lankesh’s destruction close.

Injured Asur comes there with others, and tells Raavan that vanar sena has together attacked all the four doors, they are going to enter Lanka. Raavan gets worried. Vajramushti asks Raavan to command him to go and kill that vanar sena. Raavan signs him to go. Vajramushti says Jai Lankesh and leaves.

Sugreev asks the sena to break the door by their power. The vanar sena tries to break doors by using huge tree woods. Sulochana worries and goes to Mandodari. Mandodari asks why is she tensed, what happened. Sulochana says much bad did not happen yet, but will happen soon, Ram and his vanar sena has killed many asurs, I think they will enter Lanka soon. Sugreev and vanar sena still tries. Sita is praying. She sees some big devil going, and asks Trijata about him. Trijata says he is Asur devil Vajramushti, no one could defeat him till now, his body is made of Vajra. Vanar sena succeeds to break the door. They all get inside Lanka. Vibhishan says Lanka was famous for its huge door, and for the first time, the door is broken by our vanar sena. Vajramushti walks in there and beats them. Vibhishan says Vajramushti…… Vajramushti asks where is that vanvasi Ram, he thinks he is mighty warrior, I will crush him under my feet today. He beats the vanar sena down. Ram, Laxman, Hanuman look on.

Ram says destiny has decided everything, like your death is destined by my hands now, and shoots arrow at him. Vajramishti laughs and says you don’t even know to aim right. Ram talks to everyone about fighting with Raavan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow a awesome epi and loved rams scene…. Its just fabulous☺☺☺☺

    1. Padmaja

      Wow the first one to cmnt and dis is the first tym☺☺☺

      1. Jay

        Great dear…

    2. Nice dp padma????

  2. Vanshika

    A question guys..
    I’m unable to understand
    Till date
    Why these demons laugh too much?? They seem as they’ve inhaled laughing gas ? ? ? bt y do they laugh sooo much..

    1. Ritzz

      Coz they laugh out of egoism over confidence and arrogance… and they think they r the most powerful and underestimate others ability

    2. Jay

      Let them laugh dear we will laugh when Raavan will be defeated by Ram

      1. Vanshika

        Yes dii we will laugh ????

    3. Can anyone tell the formula of laughing gas?
      It is a qn but don’t take it so seriously.
      Ha ha☺☺☺

  3. Vanshika

    Amena dii the Precap u updated incomplete.. A messenger informs ram that ravan is coming in the battlefield tomorrow. Ram is shocked.
    Pls complete it.. Tq..

    1. Jay

      Thnks dear

      1. Jay di is it you in this pick?

      2. Jay

        No its Rio and Rachita from saravana meenatchi (Tamil serial)

  4. Ritzz

    Gr8 epi….power packed epi…waiting 4 tomorrow epi…???

    1. Yea waiting for tommorow epi eagerly

  5. Vanshika

    Waiting fr next episode eagerly… Anyone else???

    1. Ritzz


    2. Jay

      Me Tooo Waiting……..

    3. Me too vanshu☺

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    super epi…their coincidence n praying also same…its lik amazing epi….

    1. Vanshika

      Yes dii I loved them praying together ???

  7. Lovely episode

    1. Jay

      Haii Nitya R U New Here ??? S Supper Episode

    2. Ritzz

      Nitya Welcome dear…?

  8. Nice episode. Mahadev saved the vanar sena. Once again mahadev saved dharm. Why vanar sena attacked all the four gates instead they could have attacked only one gate with all their force. Or hanuman or lakshman or shri ram would have alone destroyed it.
    After many days sulochana and mandodari scene.
    This asur vajramushti says he is most powerful but when he will fight with hanuman then he will understand what is power.
    One question:- Whenever all the vanar sena chants jai shree ram then why lakshman and vibhishan does not say it?
    Precap – did Raavan really came to battlefield before the tenth day? Or this is his strategy?

    1. Ritzz

      May be it his strategy….ravan can do anything to win the war….

  9. I like today’s episode . But bit confused about Pre-cap . Ram will kill Vajradamisti??
    As far as I know , there was Vajradamastra and got killed by Anganda -son of vali.
    As Anganda has the power of planting foot where he wants and nobody can shake.

    1. M also confused….lets watch..what will happen

    2. Ritzz

      I am also cnfused…but vajramushti and the name u r mentioning vajradamastra r same person???

    3. Jay

      Same here confusion ….

    4. Vanshika

      Ram won’t kill him .. His arrow dint harm vajramushti

  10. Madirakshi selfie with Neel. When we can get ashma selfie?
    Neel and raavan work out together.
    Vividha kirti workout.
    First siyaram hug. Throwback time.

    1. Ritzz

      When we get AshMa off screen pic….??

    2. Jay

      Thnks Bro ….

  11. Padmaja

    Ravan ur death is nearing…. Count ur days.. Ha ha ha????

  12. Padmaja

    And thanks guys who said my dp is nice and i too love this pic very much???

  13. Padmaja

    Eagerly waiting for next epi…..

    1. Bhai expecting more words from you.
      Ha ha☺☺☺

    2. Ritzz

      @aman… do write more…u always cmmnt in one word or in phrase…

    3. Jay

      S aman write more

  14. Priya15

    Hi.. Hare yar.. Done my xmz well.. But don’t know whether rocked or not.. As all subs r new.. Thoda dar hai.. Kyunki time was not sufficient for me.. Just hope to get good marks not best marks..

    1. Jay

      Great dear….All the best

      1. Priya15

        Tq di.. .

    2. Padmaja

      Hope for the best dear….. And all the best for the results…

    3. All the always rocks sis????

      1. Vanshika

        Di u’ll always rock and don’t worry ???????????????✌✌✌

  15. Priya15

    Hey dearies.. Tmr is my chote sis bday.. Her 1st bday.. Many of u in hangouts may know abt her.. So I may not cmnt at nyt.. As We r keeping a bday Celebration..

    1. Jay

      Wish Her Happy B’day on behaalf of me

    2. Padmaja

      Hi priya wish her a very happy birthday ?????… Pls convey my wishes….

      1. Priya15

        Pakka dear..

    3. Ritzz

      Also wish her on behalf of me…may God bless her?

      1. Priya15

        Ofc Ritz.. Welcome to our family.. Think so u r new.. Pls introduce ur self dear…

    4. Hey tell happy birthday behalf of me???????????

      1. Priya15

        Ofc di..

  16. Jay

    Suprrrr Episode …………Ram was so fabulous….Great …..

    1. Agree di☺

  17. Sudeshna

    Episode was full to power packed.. Ram addressing vanar sena was fabulous eagerly waiting for tomorrow ‘s episode…and padma di ur dp is awesome

    1. Padmaja

      Thanku dear and ur dp??????

  18. Priya15

    Of course di…. Bday is tmr only..

    1. Vanshika

      Happy birthday choti… ? ? ? ???????????????

  19. Nita D

    No offense to anyone but the prayers r not GAYATRI MANTRA as written in update. It is the MAHAMRUTUNJAY JAAP. I don’t want anyone to learn wrong so mentioned.
    Gayatri Mantra is ‘ Om bhur buva swaha….’
    May be Amena Di must not be knowing about it. Sorry didn’t want to hurt anyone.

    1. Ritzz

      Yes she did a mistake there…it is maha mrutyunjay mantra…amena plz correct it… dont wry even vanshika pointed out this mistake in last update…

      1. Nita D

        Thanks dear. N i didn’t know that vanshu had already said. Cause i rarely read the comments.

    2. Yea right di….it is maha mrittunjay mantra……..

    3. Vanshika

      Yaaa amena di may not being knowing as she’s a Muslim.. Anyways pls crct it

  20. Hey may be today I commenting in highest number but anyone don’t think I am competing with vanshika and vaidehi☺

    1. Ritzz

      Hehe…well it’s gud cmmnts no is increasing??

    2. Jay

      Hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nabanita ….We dont think like that about our sis……………

  21. Omggggggg……….. Ashish Sharma hospitalized…… Pray for him……… SKR shooting off……. ??

    1. Ritzz

      Yeah know it….ashishji get well soon….may lord ram make u fit and fine☺

    2. it happened?
      Praying for our ram.
      Jay Sri ram???

    3. Jay

      Get well soon Ramji………..

      1. Vanshika

        Get well soon dear ram ji ????

  22. Ritzz

    Nabanita… laughing gas formula is N2O nitrous oxide…( I think I have bcum mad by introducing chemistry in mytho update) ???

    1. Jay

      R U a science student

      1. Ritzz

        Yeah I am a science student

    2. Ritzz

      Yeah I am a science student

      1. Vanshika

        WOW ?!!! Vry nice

  23. Anil

    Hai all…episode is awesome.. watched it on hotstar…really missing skr because of hectic schedule..

    How r u all??
    Vanshika happy to see ur comments..
    and where is twinkle..
    Padmaja,vaidehi,vanshika, rittz,Jay sis,nabanita sis,swastika sis etc all are making page active always..
    Priya sis wish our little sis happy birthday in my behalf..
    Thanmathi sis and aman bro waiting for ur next fan fics..
    and skr bro and joy bro keep posting links…

    and skr is showing vfx in war sequence is really good…and ravan count ur days..

    1. Jay

      Happy to see U Bro…. How R U ?

    2. Vanshika

      Hi bro.. Hw r u?? U frgt abt my fanfics??? Hey hey kidding ??? take care. Ravan doesn’t know counting!!! That’s y he isn’t counting his days.. Lol ?

      1. Ritzz

        Hehe…ravan is considered as most educated and intelligent in the whole world but his arrogance made him blind… hence not able realise his fate

      2. Anil

        Iam fine sis….how did forget that..anyway iam also waiting for ur fanfics…they are really nice..especially balyaakal…

  24. Ritzz

    Priya …. I am ritisha from bhubaneswar..??? I have passed 12th dis year

  25. Sudeshna

    Plz ashish sir recover we are praying a lot for u.. And priya di wish ur sister and our little sister too a very happy birthday ??????

  26. Some remarked Ashish Sharma Hospitalized ?? Is it true ?
    What shall happens to SKR then ??? Ram is the main character -Hope everything is fine

    1. Ritzz

      Yeah he is suffering from Food poison…dont wry he will be fine

    2. Vanshika

      Everything is almost entirely ok.. Dnt wry nothin will affect the show.. I’m worried jus fr sir ji.. Food poisoning ☹☹

  27. Vanshika

    Nabanita di laughing gas is NO² .. N do not worry.. No one will think u r competing with the sisters.. Its gud u r keeping the page active..

    1. Ritzz

      Vanshika… laughing gas is nitrous oxide that is N2O not NO2( nitrogen dioxide)

  28. Ravan in ram character for trick with Sita….Sita ka pyar pa ne ke liye ravan karega chal??…. Today or tomorrow this will be shown……. Link will be post today update page…… ✅☺☺

    1. Ritzz

      How did u know??????

    2. Jay

      I heard the story Joy………. will be waiting for the linkk

  29. Hi all
    I am riya,a silent reader here
    I am a big fan of skr
    May i join ur group

    1. Ritzz

      Yeah riya welcum 2 our grp… hey even my nickname is riya…what a coincidence…???

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      Wow welcome riya happy to see u…. And I am in class 11 from chennai….. Can u introduce urself???? ☺☺☺

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      Haiii Riya Welcome to the family dear….. Myself Jaysuriya from TN

  30. hey guys ,
    sorry but sharing a sad news…
    one of my classmates father died…
    pls pray 4 departed soul :[

    1. Jay

      We are u shared it dear i will surely pray for his soul.Be Rest in peace. Pls support ur friend .say her she is not alone ..we and our prayers will be with her …

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