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Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with eeveryone being shocked seeing Raavan’s ten heads. Sita does not look at him, and holds Sunaina’s hand, seeing Sunaina worried. Sita stays calm. Raavan screams, shocking everyone. Mandvi’s opinion about him changes as she looks disappointed by his egoistic behavior. Raavan tries lifting dhanush again with all his power. He lifts the Dhanush partly. Malyavaan smiles. Everyone look on. Sita closes her eyes. Mahadev looks on.

Everyone worry seeing Raavan lifting Dhanush. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on, as Raavan applies all his power to lift Shiv Dhanush. Raavan’s grip loses on the Dhanush, and Dhanush drops back. It starts thundering in Mithila and Rajya gets shaken. Raavan moves back and is shocked too. Sita opens eyes and looks on. The princes start laughing

in Raavan. Raavan shouts and asks how dared to do this, come infront of me, make fun of me on my face cowards… do you all have power to move this Dhanush.

Janak says calm down, if any of my guests insulted you, I m sorry. Raavan scolds Janak angrily and says you insulted me and all the princes here. Janak asks what mistake did I do Lankesh. Raavan says you did this intentionally and pretending to be innocent Janak… is this that Mithila that is called land of knowledge, where there is knowledge, there is no darkness of truth, but Janak has kept everyone in darkness by hiding a big truth, does anyone know about Sita, she is not Janak’s daughter. He says Janak got her somewhere and brought her to his palace. Sita gets up and Sunaina stops her. Raavan says no one knows about Sita. Janak cries. Raavan says no one knows this girl’s family background. Kushadwaj shouts Lankesh…. Janak stops Kushadwaj.

Janak says Lankesh, no need to feel ashamed of not being able to lift Dhanush, but you have no right to say bad about my daughter, you should not insult this Swayamvar. Raavan says you mean I should accept failure, its sure that no one can fulfill this condition to marry Sita, this condition is deceptive, else I would have lifted Dhanush, I have lifted Kailash Parbat, I m blessed by Mahadev and I m his biggest devotee, Janak you have played this trick, I could not lift this Dhanush, this is Mahadev’s wish. He addresses the princes. He asks everyone to see Janak’s cheat, how can they sit here by this insult. Raavan stares at Janak and leaves with Malyavaan. Janak gets teary eyed.

Mahadev looks on. Devi Parvati asks him why is he restless. He says I have seen Raavan’s devotion truth, its very sad when devotee thinks his ego is his devotion, if Raavan was true devotee, he would have not insulted the Swayamvar limits by understanding Dhanush’s value, he would have not insulted my devotees Janak and Sita, now Ram will break his ego, and he will know devotion’s meaning. She agrees.

Sunaina cries and looks at Sita. She thinks will Sita not get married now. Janak cries. Sita rushes to him and apologizes to him, as he has heard all this bad things because of her. He says I should apologize to you, you have bear all this because of me. The prince shouts enough of games Raja Janak, now I will decide this Swayamvar. Janak says this Sabha was arranged as per my Guru’s command, it will be as he told me, if you don’t agree, this Sabha will end here, I m thankful to you all that you all came here. Another prince says you think we are your toys. Kushadwaj reminds them their limits, how can they doubt Janak’s intentions. Shathanand says you know Janak’s values and greatness. A prince says we will not return till Swayamvar ends, we will compete with our strength and on that basis, Sita’s groom will be chosen.

All the princes argue over this fight suggestion. Janak says there won’t be any battle here, Mithila is against battles, I request to end this Sabha. The princes get angry. Kushadwaj says don’t think our values are our weakness, don’t cross limits. Shathanand says don’t fall in Raavan’s words, this Divya Dhanush is here since ages, no one could lift it, calm down. The princes shout and say there will be battle. Janak cries and sits. His family holds him.

Vishwamitra comes and says there will be battle for sure here. Janak and everyone look on. Vishwamitra says you all are talking about a battle, its even, you all have to fight with these two princes here. He turns to see. Ram comes and Sita sees him. Ram and Laxman stand behind Vishwamitra. Ram ram……….plays………….. Sita looks at Ram.

Rishi gets glad seeing Ram. Everyone look on. Mangale bhavane…………plays………. Urmila smiles seeing Ram and looks at Sita. Sita gets glad and teary eyed. Vishwamitra says these Raghuvanshis are Maharaj Dasharath’s sons Ram and Laxman. Siya Ram………plays……… Urmila holds Sita.

Vishwamitra asks Ram to string the dhanush and free Janak of these blames. Ram goes and lifts Dhanush with one hand, while Sita prays closing her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Finally Ram made an entry .awesome precap. how dare ravan could insult sita .
    Looking forward for tomorrow episode

  3. wow janak,ravan,vishwamathira all the actors were so good and best waiting for tom epi

  4. Thank you,AMENA

  5. ohhhh… wow lovely episode yaar ……good entryby guru vishwamitra along with ram and laxman

    1. Lakshmi Narayanan

      Exactly… The entry was matchless… Just think of tomorrow’s episode 🙂

  6. ohhhh… wow lovely episode

  7. Any one tell me that sita sister mandhvi will marry laxman or not.please tell me.

    1. Urmila is laxman’s wife

    2. Urmila will marry Lakhsman
      Mandavi to Bharat
      Shrutkirti to Shatrughan

    3. No lakhshman will not marry mandhvi,urmila will marry lakhshman and mandhvi will marry bharat

    4. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Mandvi’s is bharat’s wife…..
      Ram Sita
      Bharat Mandvi
      Lakshman Urmila
      Shatruganan Shruthakirti
      According their age pairs are made….
      Mandvi is elder than Urmila…….
      Bharat elder than Lakshman
      Shatruganan and Shruthakirti youngest…..
      Ram and Sita eldest…….

    5. Mandavi marries Bharat.

  8. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Superb epi….
    One thing missing……
    Lakshman and Urmila had an eye contact…..
    Wow i loved it…..

  9. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Wow what an episode!!!
    Eagerly awaiting the next episode. Jai Sita Ram 🙂

    To answer One of the question on the comments – – > Laxman marries Urmila.. Bharat marries Mandavi and so Shatrughnan and Shrutakirti 🙂

  10. Hi frnds…..
    Superb entry of ram….. But I felt sad when sita s helpless & crying…. Eeeeeegarly waiting for tomorrow episode…..

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Hi diya

      1. Nengalum tamilah

      2. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        nice to talk with you…….
        could anyone post the link to download SIYA RAM song plssssssss????????????
        because i searched every where but except for siya ram song all songs from siya ke ram is available………….
        i seriously want it…………. i love the song………………..

      3. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        yes………… from madurai

  11. Actor who playing ravan is as handsome as ram.

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Jk looks handsome…… and of course Ashish too…..

  12. it seems to soo touching episode .really nice.waiting for tommorows episode

  13. These all are shit, I don’t believe people act believe all these myth

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Hi buddy…
      I think u dont believe in all these myths…….
      But u shouldnt hurt others feelings….
      Dont critise other’s belief and faith….
      If u dont believe in myth then see Siya ke ram another entertainment serial….
      Just relax dude….
      We watch movies, serials just to relax our mind…. so if this myth doesnt relax ur mind then dont watch it……
      I too dont believe in all thess but i watch this to relax my mind and stress…..
      Sorry for advicing u for such long time….
      But dont use such language……
      Just a piece of advice or request or whatever u take it of:
      Dont comment abrubtly like this in future….

  14. Mouni Godavari

    Waiting for 2morrow’s episode

  15. really very interesting episode having an emotional touch………………………. just eager and excited for today’s episode!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yes ‘buddy’ that’s rude.

  17. Just luv this serial the way dialogues are given its awesome.all actors r amazing

  18. Episode is interesting but the dressing and makeup is not as good as draupadi in mahabharat

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan


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