Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janak pacifying Sita. He says parents know what hurts and what makes children happy. He says once the daughter goes to her inlaws, no one will know you there, you will be known by your nature, values and behavior, it will take time for them to identify you right, give them time and help them to know you, and you also understand them, try to win their hearts. He says this won’t be easy many times, that time remember they did not get chance to know you since your birth, have patience and hold good values, in any circumstances, always protect your self esteem, even if you have to give Agni Pariksha, give it, this is the final knowledge I can give you. She says Maa will be alone after I leave, take care of her, she wants to get Shastra gyaan from you. He says sure and hugs


Sumitra, Kaikeyi and Kaushalya have a talk and wonder when will their four sons come with their wives. They hear the people ringing plates. Sumitra asks did they get any good news. The girl says they got good news from Mithila, bidaai is going to happen, your four bahus will be coming. Kaushalya says its such a good news. Kaikeyi asks the girl to say again. The girl says again. Kaikeyi asks Daasi to give the people gold coins and hugs Kaushalya and Sumitra.

Sira recalls her childhood by touching the art paintings. Her sisters come there. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga look on, as Sita and sisters cry. Sita, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti greet everyone and cry. Janak turns away and cries. Janak ke bitiyaan………….plays…….. Janak hugs Sita and Urmila, and they cry. Sunaina and Janak recall the girls’ childhood. Sunaina takes Sita, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti ahead. She greets Dasharath and says we are blessed that our daughters become your bahus, we gave them all values we could give, even then if they do any mistake, forgive them. Dasharath assures her that he is taking them as his daughters, when Sunaina is sending them as his bahus.

Janak thanks Dasharath from his family and Mithila’s side too. He says if there was anything less in serving you, forgive me. Guru Vashisht says your serving to Atithi was best, whenever marriage arrangements will be discussed, Ram and Sita’s marriage will be remembered. Dasharath asks Janak to allow them to leave for Ayodhya now. He greets Janak. Ram greets Janak, and says you found me yogya for Sita, I will try my best to keep Sita happy, and think of Sita’s happiness before mine. Siya Ram……….plays……. Ram asks Janak’s permission with blessings for their departure. Janak blesses Ram. Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan greet Janak and all elders.

Dasharath proceeds with his sons Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Sita, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti do the bidaai rituals. Janak Dulaari ki hogi bidaai………plays……….. The elders cry seeing the girls leaving. Sita turns and Janak wipes his tears. She cries and runs to him. Janak smiles seeing her. The sisters follow Sita. Sita hugs Janak, while Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti too hug Janak, Sunaina, Kushadwaj and Chandrabhaga. Shathanand and Rishi Yagyavalkya look on. It becomes an extreme emotional moment for the daughters and their parents as well.

Kushadwaj takes Sita ahead and consoles her. Sunaina’s brothers take Urmila, Mandvi, Shruthkirti ahead to the dolis. Sita, Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti sit in the four dolis and cry. Mithila nagariya ho……….plays………….. The dolis are lifted by the men. Sunaina’s brother says take few steps ahead and back, then start the journey. Sita sees her family and cries. The family cries too, seeing the lovely daughters leaving.

The princes who failed in the Swayamvar meet some evil man to take revenge against Ram. Ram and Sita are on the way to Ayodhya, along with everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nupur

    Such an emotional & beautiful epi…will surely miss mithila scenes & d actors involved…
    I thnk i wnt b able 2 watch d show till mar bcoz of 12th board xams…is anyone here in 12th?

  2. SKR fan

    Offscreen fun of ayodhya’s princes. All the princes were competing who will do most no. of push-ups. And Ashish Sharma won. Wow!

  3. aru

    So emotional episode.
    Hey guys best of luck to those who are having their exams.
    And I also need ur wishes cause I am also having board exams and I am in 12th . Is there any one with me having Maharashtra board?

  4. SKR fan

    New promo of siya ke ram out. In this promo first it is shown ram telling sita that now onwards her name will be taken before him and then it is shown mandodari pouring Amrit on raavan’s stomach.

  5. sita

    i think i m first….. i m new to this group bt i watch siya ke ram everyday…..
    i literally cried seeing todays epi every one acted well especially sita and janak love them a lot

  6. Soujanya kundu

    Awesome epi.
    Love siya k ram …….
    BTW I am from class 10 and my board is starting from 29 Feb..

  7. SKR addict

    Noooo this episode made me cry…. director knows how to play with viewers Feelings…… Superb editing… OMG tmrw Sunday… waiting for Monday…..

  8. akanksha sharma

    bkzz after opening this page i found written below precap that update is in progress… plzz clear my doudts

  9. Saranya

    Such a painful moment in every girls and their parents life. Every one acted their best in it. Especially sita wooowwwwww. I just cried wen I saw tat scene.

  10. shaya(skr fan) from Canada

    Awesome super sad for the family it kind of gives the idea for me when I’m going to get married leaving my friends and family behind

  11. Nidhi

    Everyone th update is complete I just checked it now ..? but I don’t know why amena has written update in progress…sorry everyone ?

  12. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Hi guys…. cutiepie dp samma…
    And zara, nippy, all those are having dp samma pa….

    Nidhi missed u n zara a lot…. of course others also… i didnt see the epi but i understood one thing that it had been very EMOTIONAL…..

  13. sita

    how is ur preperation guys done with all ?? nd tq nidhi bipc is good intresting i m sure u wil enjoy nidhi all the best

    • Nidhi

      Nenu kooda chaala miss avthunna akka 🙁 kaani next week nunchi all 7 days vasthadi serial 😀 and your welcome Akka…

    • Sita

      It is hard to manage all these 4sub but mat and zoo r my favourite subs and i think u r also preparing for entrance exams also :-/

    • Nidhi

      Sorry akka I can’t give my personal information on a public website kadha..really sorry Akka adhi mathram cheppalenu?

    • Nidhi

      Oh 😛 well Wisher your mother tongue is Telugu?? Yes I’m from andhra only 😀 glad to have you here WW!! You shifted from andhra to tn?


        no my mother tongue is tamil………… my father’s side is telugu………. and my ancestors long long ago shifted tamil nadu……….. some 5, 7 generations back………..
        …… i dont know much but my cousins will talk well in telugu……… myself and my sis are week………..

      • Nidhi

        Oh it’s ok but we are all united! Coz we are all INDIANS!? well wisher people are asking whether we both are sisters??

  14. Sita

    ALL THE BEST TO All WHO R GOING TO FACE AND FACING EXAM And specially BOARD EXAM .can i know who r going to write 10th and 12th

  15. shubhangi

    Hi guys I read ur comments daily n I’m happy tat ur such a huge fan of skr I too love skr… Hope so this will get the best show award…

  16. Nidhi

    I’m happy that many new fans are joining here all of you welcome to siya ke ram fanclub… 🙂 and those who are going to write their exams all the best all of you 🙂 top in your exams! Especially those who are going to were their 10th & 12th!?

  17. Nidhi

    I’m happy that many new fans are joining here all of you welcome to siya ke ram fanclub… 🙂 and those who are going to write their exams all the best all of you 🙂 top in your exams! Especially those who are going to write their 10th & 12th exams!?

  18. sita lakshmi

    i dint apply for aipmt as i have ap eamcet on apr29 nd telengana eamcet on may2 so its difficult to manage them nd write aipmt on may 1st……. i have applied for aiims nd manipal nd even i m planning for jipmer….. any one else writing medical entrances???? all the best to every one …

    • Sitaram

      Hi can i know jipmer and aiims is opened and how is ur preparation are going on .is ur aim is to become a doctor And what is eamcet means

  19. sita lakshmi

    eamcet means engineering agriculture and medical common entrance test different for maths nd bio students…..
    aiims is already opened nd jipmer opens on march 7……
    yes my aim is to bcm a doctor nd urs ???


      di even my aim is doctor…….. could u pls tell me clearly about all the entrance exams?

      plz…….. when ever u r free………..

      • Nidhi

        Ha di even my aim is to become a doctor di…even I have the same request as WW coz I’m also taking BiPC 🙂

      • Sitaram

        Hey ww i think TN students can easily become a doctor without entrance exams as our state only select student for mbbs through counselling for that u have to score 200cutoff for oc and above 199or198for bc and 195for sc and i m not sure of cutoff but it app equal to it and if fail to score this mark then u can go to entrance exam and it is also easy as if we study the entire syllable fully then also we can crack aipmt or aiims or jipmer

      • Sitaram

        But for other states we have to concentrate both on board exams and entrance exam for that the cutoff is chosen from both of the exams

      • Nidhi

        Oh it’s ok di I’ll try my best and give my best in the entrance exam as well as the board exam …. 🙂


        same pinch nidhi…….

        thanks a lot sita di

        and ya its easy to become a doctor in TN but my aim is to get seat in PUNE ARY MEDICAL COLLEGE…….. For that i should have cleared AIPMT exam……

  20. Best of luck all di whom are going too give 10 or 12th exams even my 9th class exam are going to start from 1st of march.
    yipeeeeee day by day siya ke ram are more and more now it’s202

  21. Sailu

    Hi all……..? All the best to all 10 th clss students for ur board exams… Fantastic episode.. It made me cry.. All the 4 girls were simply superb.. Sita went running into the arms of her father like small kid.. The episode made me remember my bidhai… I too was unable to leave my parents that time…

  22. Sita

    No its tough task to cmplt all my sub dont know how u r managing 5 sub sitaram……. nd did u all cmpt prep of all sub guys who r appearing for exams 10 th or 12 th board ??? All the best every one



    Siya Ke Ram:

    Ram and Sita start conversing on the way to Ayodhya. They tell each other about their families, childhood, teachings and life journey till now. They embark on a new journey post marriage and are sure to stand by each other under all circumstances. Meanwhile, the princes/kings who lost in the Swayamvar in Mithila form a group to take revenge from Ram. The princes could not lift Shiv’s bow in Sita’s Swayamvar and feel humiliated. They all blame Ram for their insult, as Ram showed them down by lifting the bow. They meet an evil person MahaShambhar to plan against Ram. MahaShambhar is also envious towards Ram and conspires to kill Ram.

  24. Nidhi

    Well Wisher,Zara,nippy and everyone else who are going to write their board exams all the best dear friends! And all I wanted to tell is thank you so much for accepting me as your friend! 🙂 ?

  25. Niharika

    All the best for boards all those who are appearing for it. Well I guess that I am the youngest over here for in am in 7th. Well I am always a silent reader but this time I decided to wish all those preparing for the boards . BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAM!!!!

  26. skr fan

    bad news for fan,
    Star Plus mythological show Siya Ke Ram’s male lead Ashish Sharma has one again met with a major accident on the sets of his latest show.

    It seems that he suffered a serious spinal cord injury caused by heavy duty stunts in the show.

    According to Ashish, he had injured himself a long time ago when he fell off from the horse while doing a scene. But he didn’t realize it was so serious then. The pain recurred recently and the doctors suggested surgery for it. Apparently he has postponed the surgery for now because of his hectic shooting schedule.

    It is heard that Ashish has a physiotherapist flying from Mumbai to Hyderabad twice a week to help him recover.

  27. Sarah

    Hello Peeps! This is Sarah, a huge fan of SKR. Can you peeps pls add me in this skr fanclub? I’m in grade 9. Many of you are from grade 9,10,11 and 12th, right? Good luck to all who are preparing for their respective exams. And btw, today’s episode was good. I loved it. ❤

  28. sita lakshmi

    i m happy that i have these many sisters thank my dear….
    aipmt is a pmt for afmc nd aiimsdelhi is one of the top most medical college that conducts entrance in may last week or june 1st week nd even jipmer in pondichery is also a very good clg which conducts exam same as when aiims does…. there r many other colleges like kmc manipal , mahtma gandhi medical college ,cmc vellore, banaras hindu university, comedk and many more…

  29. sita

    guys it depends on u to select which clg sme clgs conduct entrances bt even then they charge money no matter how much we score like manipal etc….. bt my suggestion is write as many exams u can apply for all entrance exams nd pmts dont know which may help us as getting into medical cllg is a very tough bt nt that tough if plan nd prepare well dear


        hi nippy……… sorry left u and commented a lot……… how s ur studies going on???????? i know i m ur friend n friends dont talk about studies but i m u r sis also right?

      • craze about skr

        of course di. today i had done my public practicals well…the examiner was sweet hearted…athanala thapichom pa…..nd na un kita kekkanom nu ninachen… farewell la finished in ur schoolaa? epudi pochu?

      • Nidhi

        Nippy can you please translate it in English I don’t understand Tamil im sorry .. 😛 and yes how was your exam??


        nippy enga school tenth ku la farewell kadayathu…. only for 12th….. pavi payapulynga samya kunda naga……….

        nidhi i will translate it:

        nippy said that her examiner was very lenient so she escaped…… and she asked about my farewell and i told her that we dont have farewell for class ten only for class 12 who enjoyed a lot…………

      • Nidhi

        Oh thank you so much for the translation and we had farewell day before yesterday 🙂 but why dont you have farewell ww? and what about u nippy?

      • wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        the reason some of the 10th students continue in our school for ISC so no farewell for us only for them……..

      • Nidhi

        oh…are you continuing in the same school next year also ww? 🙂 or a different educational instituiton?

      • craze about skr

        thanks for translating it to nidhi well wisher……nd nidhi iam having my farewell on 5th march….nd in my school , no +1 nd +2 . so iam alsohaving a little fear for joining another new school ……hw was ur farewell?

  30. sita

    its easy if u understand nd love the sub plan well hard work matters in bipc (biology phy chem) not intelligence chill yar thank u

  31. Nidhi

    I’m so sorry well wisher I’m not able to reply anyone properly due to the moderation which they are doing for each and every comment … 😐 can’t help with it kadhaSo.. And hi everyone how are you? It’s been just 4 days for me commenting but I got attached to all of you so much ?


      ya i know………. so that only when ever i comment i include about siya ke ram………

      my new technique……… and i m crazy about u guys than skr………..

  32. Helly

    Hi! Guys am also a big fan of skr luv it.And thank u am going to appear for board examination.And best of luck…….to all.:)

  33. Yogesh Kumar

    “It’s good to see that u r playing such a marvelous role in SKR and motivating the students too.” I’m studying in std-10 n luv to see SKR. Thnk u n ur entire team for SKR.

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