Siya Ke Ram 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita saying you have done everything possible to free me from Lanka. Ram asks did you not get a doubt on me. She says once I was lost in jungle and I told you my belief that you will find me anyway. He says that was your love for me. She says yes, there is nothing stronger than love, we have united today and alive because of our love. He says you are my strength, this is your belief that after so many struggles, I have won in this war. She rests her head on his shoulder. They smile. Ram opens eyes and sees her gone.

His inner self walks to him and says Ram, are you forgetting who are you, you are Raghukul Nandan, you have to remember this always, don’t be shocked, I m just making you realize your truth, sometimes people gets affected by emotions and falls in illusion

to get mistaken about the Kul, the name Raghukul is kept because of ancestors, there is a reason behind it, remember that because I m seeing you getting into a dilemma. He disappears.

Next day, Laxman says Bhaiya…. Ram turns to see. Vibhishan gets Kaikesi there. Ram smiles and touches her feet, greeting her as Mata. He says I m thankful that you respected my invitation and came here. She says I had no option, I m mother of a lost king, all my sons died in the battle, one is alive and he has gone to enemies, you also want to prove this that I called Raavan’s mother and she had to come, what can be the other reason for calling me, tell me, I want to know about Lanka’s future, what decision did you take, whom will be make Lanka’s king, will you become Lankadheesh yourself or make Laxman the king.

Sita tells Sulochana that I m worried after I got to know Kaikesi went to meet Ram. Sulochana says she was sad for her son’s death, so she attacked on you, she has come out of this state now, so she has gone with Rajmukut to do Ram’s Rajtilak. Ram says I m Sanyasi and it won’t suit me to become King, even Laxman has no greed to become Lanka’s king, I m obeying Sanyas and can’t enter any Rajya, whats why I had to trouble you and ask you to come here, this was not my ego Mata, I was helpless, forgive me for troubling you. Kaikesi gets speechless. Ram says I want to announce Vibhishan as Lanka’s king. She looks at him.

Vibhishan asks but how can I become king. Hanuman asks why not, then who can become Lankadheesh, you knew this already. Vibhishan says king becomes king when he gets everyone’s respect, but the one who does not get mother’s love, how can he sit on throne, forgive me, I can’t accept this proposal to become Lankadheesh.

Ram says Mata, your one son is alive, you should not get angry on him, you know it was not Vibhishan’s mistake, children can go on wrong path, but he can never be away from his mother, a mother’s love is equal for all her children, when Vibhishan was made to leave from Lanka, you were hurt, and you were sorrowful when Raavan and Kumbhkaran died in battle ground, I can see in your eyes that your heart has much love for Vibhishan, why are you getting ego and anger over your love.

Kaikesi says Raghunandan, I did not imagine to meet a man like you in my world, and also meeting a pure soul like Devi Sita, but I m surprised how do you both have this patience and compassion, the one who tried to ruin your life and troubled you, your heart has no anger and hatred for us, I have always hated you, you have given me love and respect in reply, this will always be special for me. She folds hands and says any mother and father will be blessed to get a child like you.

Vibhishan says Mata and touches her feet. He asks did you forgive me, did you free me of my repentance, do you still love me like before, tell me. Kaikesi cries and says yes son, I did not have anger on you ever, I was angry on myself, Shri Ram won over Lanka and refused to become king, he wants to give you the throne and responsibility, its thing of pride that you will become Lanka’s king, I will see my destroyed clan get revived today. Ram greets her. Kaikesi smiles and leaves. Ram says Laxman, do preparations for Vibhishan’s Rajya Abhishek, I want to see Vibhishan sitting on throne soon. Vibhishan hugs him.

Kaikesi asks Sulochana about Rajya Abhishek’s arrangements. Sulochana says its all done, Bua ji has come. Kaikesi asks who called Surpanakha. Sulochana says I called her. Kaikesi says you know Devi Sita is here, if Surpanakha does anything wrong, who will be responsible. Sulochana says we all have to go far from here, as Ram will be king. Kaikesi says we won’t go anywhere, Ram has declared Vibhishan as king, you have to assure that Surpanakha does not harm Sita, you be with her, she is special guest, I will manage Rajya Abhishek arrangements. Mandodari hears them.

Surpanakha walks to Sita. Mandodari comes and asks Surpanakha to stop. She says Lankesh and Asur kul got ruined because of your hatred and revenge towards Sita, we can’t see more destruction, you have to harm me before harming Sita. Sita looks on. Sulochana calls out Surpanakha and looks for her in her Kaksh. She says where did she go, did I go mistake by calling her back. Surpanakha says I feel Raavan’s wife changed side after his death, you are with Ram and Sita now, that’s why you are not happy seeing me now, you hate me. Mandodari says I m happy for your return, but if you want to harm anyone in Lanka, I will not bear this. Sulochana comes and stops Surpanakha from going to Sita. She says Devi Sita is now our guest…. Surpanakha looks at Sita and says guest? We should be afraid of our enemy, not each other, I will not leave Sita.

Trijata tells Sita that she will get aarti plate for Ram. Sita asks Trijata to be with her when Ram comes. Ram meets Sita and she cries happily seeing her. Ram gets back as Sita holds his hand. Ram says you can’t return to Ayodhya with me. Sita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Malvi


    |Registered Member

    Really awesome episode !! Badly want them to get back to Ayodhya.


    I’m writing a new ff today and it will be posted tomorrow !! This is my imaginary ff of Lakshmila and thus is my first time so pls give me feedbacks 😉😉💁✌

  2. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii… It’s an awesome and emotional precap..

    U know tmr We l witness that epi bcoz of which ram had been bashed by many people.. Guys but I just hope ki they show y ram speak like that.. Otherwise ram ke baare Mei bahut bura Bolenge.. Wt say??

    It’s my point.. Wt up to u people?? Share ur views plsss

  3. vaidehi

    What a precap man!!!!! Long wait is going to get over soon !!!!!! Really hv no words for the precap !!!!! Love u siam

  4. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Surpankha it’s my kind request to u that u don’t ruin the things now.,. N kaikesi stay lik that only don’t switch sides .. Missing ayodhya..

  5. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow loved today’s epi….. and I loved ram’s dialogues. … vibhishans rajya abhishek is coming soon and a interesting precap…..

  6. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Vanshu ur ff was just awesome dear… I loved it…. and sry I couldn’t cmnt there…. and very happy to see ur cmnt
    swastika and belle dears ur dp was just fabulous. …
    Jay dii happy dat u r back…

  7. Anjali

    Nice epi and interesting precap, i think agnipariksha will be on Monday or Tuesday , feeling sad for sita
    Thank u padmaja for ur wishes I performed very well in my exams

    • vaidehi

      Thnk u so much dear di ….. Love u ….. I’m so happy Ki meri janam din mein itni achhi epi dikhayi jaygi

  8. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    unable to watch skr tomorrow hw??s ram really said these words…its unbelievable…Im vry doubtful either tho kush hona siam ke Milan hi or sad hoti siya ke agnipariksha ka..

  9. Stuti27


    |Registered Member

    HI everyone I’m back and ya my exams went gud …. all coz of ur wishes ….. as fr skr yes happy dat ravan is dead and he also realized his mistake ….. sita maa becoming maa Kali was awesome….. at last siyaram Milan but very bad seeing the precap can’t believe it ….

  10. siya ke ram

    Hi all !!! Tmrw is vaidehi’s birthday 🎂!!!!! If u all want to wish her then wish her on 2nd September’s epi……. She will be much happy if u guys wish her on her birth date’s epi…… see you tmrw……. And malvi and vanshu tmrw ur ff’s will be a birthday treat for suchi….

  11. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday 🎂 suchi dear . May u get all the happiness in ur life and stay happy 😊 forever 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊 . Enjoy ur day dear . Luv u a lot 😘😘😘😘

  12. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday 🎂 suchi dear.. Congratulations 😤 u turned my di now 😃🍩🍨🍧🍦🍪🍪🍩🍨🍧🍦🍫🍰🍫 may u get all the happiness n success love u alot dear 💐 🌈 💕 😍 😚 5 stars fr u..

  13. joy

    Can Not comment yesterday…. So I post it now…. Siya ke ram trp is so good this week….. But star plus force to stop it….. 😂😂.. Many link say that 30 September will be the last episode of SKR…… Must must read this link.. 👉👉
    Plz cmmnt

  14. siya ke ram

    Guys I told u all na dat u all wish suchi in the tu pg of today’s epi…. I.e. 2nd September’s epi

  15. sarah

    Ah here comes the precap…….agnipariksha!

    Sita ma has got a very strong heart that didn’t break even when lankesh abducted her. But now Sita ma’s heart will break into a 1000 pieces after facing her husband’s rejection, humiliation.

  16. siya ke ram

    Plzzz dearies I once again request u to wish suchi in 2nd September’s epi……. Today’s tu pg (2nd September’s) nd skr can’t end so soon …… Rubbish links joy

  17. siya ke ram

    Sry guys vaidehi won’t be able to see ur wishes today as she is busy…. And dats y I asked u all to wish her in tu pg of 2nd September’s epi…… Pls do it if u love her

  18. Pradishma

    Such a beautiful epic and loving siya ke ramm..The two sequences where i always feel sad,bad- one – Agnipariksha and two -When siya ma is again asked to prove luv kush are son’s of her and ram..
    Dont take me wrong anyone..I love ramayan and Mahabharath. still the two sequence of ramayan hurts a lot..
    Many stories are there about agnipariksha,one says ram wants to get real sita from agni ,so he asked her to do agni pariksha and another version saying ram wants to prove siya ma’s purity..whatever how would have sita ji felt whenram questioned her fidelity…hoq much would have she felt pain…
    Again saying , dont think be bad friends,just sharing my pain about the sequence..

    Ram asked Sita ji for Agnipariksha-She gave it and proved her purity,,Even second time she proved her purity and disappeared to darthi maa…

    I always think, What if Sita maa asked Ram ji once to prove his fidelity and give Agni pariksha…

    Whatever – Dont take me wrong friends

      • Pradishma

        yeah Anya, even to imagine what a woman would feel when her husband’s questions or asks her to prove her fidelity..Even if its so ,that people wont point on her character,its such a trembling ,heartbroken moment for any wife..Even after agnipariksha ,she was asked to prove her son’s are of ram…A wife gave agnipariksha but when a mother was asked to prove her fidelity,she would have felt as if earth under her feet is moving, maybe that’s why she went away back to earth…

        Whatever maybe the reason,the pain she felt even for single moment would have been such a terrible pain.. Just even to imagine that tears roll down my eyes.

  19. Lakshmila


    |Registered Member

    Go guys ots me vaidehi’s elder sis….. I hv set this new dp of her pic on her b’day…. How is it guys ????? This is the pic of her on the feast day in her schl

  20. swastika

    Episode was awesome …. but sad precap how could ram to his siya like this ram ji ne dil pe patthar rakh ke kaha hoga …….. agnipariksha coming soon ….. anya welcome dear love u all

  21. swastika

    oooo suchi di wish u very very happy birthday … love u di aise hi muskuraate rehna the dp is awesome u so stylish looking ramsiya ki kripa aap par bani rahe aamar shona di love u a lot
    ur bonu

  22. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Hi anya welcome to the family dear and myself padmaja frm tn and I also of ur age dear…. and suchi’s dii, i will wish her on todays page dii and she is luking really very cute….stuti and anjali happy dat u have done ur exams well..

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