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The Episode starts with Ram and Laxman helping people in building their cottages. The man says we can’t forget your favors. Another man says but any Asur should not attack us again. Ram asks them to rest in their cottages without any fear, they are safe now. Ram tells Laxman that the people are glad to return home, I m glad too. Sita comes and says someone else is paying price for their happiness. Ram and Laxman look at her. Rahu and Ketu laugh and ask Hanuman to catch them first, so that he can punish them. Hanuman flies after their air chariot. They laugh and ask what happened to Pavan Putra Hanuman’s speed. Hanuman smiles and comes infront of their chariot. Rahu and Ketu get shocked seeing him. Jai Hanuman plays………..

Sita asks Ram is this justice to ruin one’s home and set other’s

home. Ram says no, this is not Dharm and not according to any justice, but why are you worried. Sita asks is this not true that you have killed many Asurs, did we think how many homes did we ruin. Laxman says but Asurs faced what they did with Rishis and Grahamvaasis. Ram asks Sita to see the Grahamvaasis whose families were killed, they were innocent people, you tell me if anyone kills innocent Rishis, is this right. Sita asks are you sure that the arrow which you shot just killed the culprit Asurs, or any innocent Asurs…. Are we not responsible for their death. Ram says Asur and innocent? Rahu says what shall we do now, he came infront of us. Hanuman calls them fools and laughs. Rahu says turn the chariot and run. Hanuman beats them. Rahu says he is beating us a lot, what to do now. Ketu says I think we did big mistake by coming infront of Hanuman. Rahu says we don’t have any option, Meghnadh would have beaten us if we did not come here. Ketu says there is just one way now, Paatal lok. Hanuman follows them.

Sita says by some Asur’s crime, assuming all Asurs are culprit, how is this right. Ram says I m not able to understand. Sita says its not necessary that all Asurs are same, history knows many Dharmatma Asurs like Raja Bali have placed Dharm in the world by their good behavior, then how can we think all Asurs are same and killing all of them is not right. Ram says you said true Sita, but whatever we did was just for good for the world, we did our Kshatriya Dharm according to our Maryada. She asks about Maryada and Dharm to make any woman widow and make any kid orphan. Ram says Sita, sorry. Laxman looks on. Ram says I don’t know why are you so worried, but when a big tree falls on earth, earth shakes, its nature’s rule, likewise if any man of family does crime, the family has to bear the result of his bad deeds. For society, civilization, culture, Dharm and Maryada, we killed Asurs, I don’t think we did any crime. Sita says then come with me, I will show what crime we did. Laxman looks on shocked.

Meghnadh’s uncles Mayavi and Dundhvi talk about killing Bali. Mayavi says our power will get half after going infront of Bali. Dundhvi says I got a solution and tells him. Mayavi laughs and says you found a good solution, just human’s power can get half, a bird/animal’s power can’t get half infront of Bali, if you turn into animal and attack Bali, we can kill that monkey. Dundhvi turns into animal. Mayavi laughs.

Hanuman looks for Rahu and Ketu. They hide. Hanuman says they are definitely here. He smiles. Ketu falls down and gets hurt. Rahu asks are you fine, get up. Hanuman catches them. He says you both were going to eat my Surya Dev, why are you waiting here. He beats them. Rahu says we lied to you, we did not come to eat your Surya Dev. Hanuman says I knew it, tell truth why did you come to Anjan mountain. Rahu says we can’t tell you. Hanuman says you have to tell it.

Mayavi in villager disguise asks any Kishkindha vanar/monkey to fight with his bull. He challenges everyone and calls all monkeys cowards. Sugreev comes there and looks on. Mayavi tells Dundhvi that this is our aim. Dundhvi says today Sugreev will die. Sugreev asks Mayavi who is he calling coward, this is land of bravery, if you want to see bravery, then see. Bali comes there and stops Sugreev.

Bali asks Sugreev to wait, he will battle with this bull. Mayavi says I don’t have any problem VanarRaj, but no one failed my bull, Kishkindha can lose their king. Bali says decision will be known after the battle. Bali fights with Dundhvi. Sita gets Ram to the Asur’s families and says these are the women whose innocent husbands died by your arrows, the boys become orphans, they will grow up and become criminals, as they learnt by their experience that living innocent life is big crime. Ram looks at the Asurs families.

Sita says you said you did not do crime by killing any Asurs, but don’t these women and children have right to live, there is no one to get food for them, don’t you think injustice happened with them. Ram says no need to be scared of me, you all are safe in this jungle like any Rishi and humans, you can live in this jungle freely, you can make homes according to your comforts, I assure you will be safe here and takes their responsibility. Sita smiles. Ram hugs the Asur’s child. Ram promises Sita that he will not kill any innocent Asurs from now, even if Asur did serious crime, he will give Asur a chance to change, if Asur promises to not do any crime in future, he will not kill that Asurs. The women and children thank him. Ram smiles.

Raavan sees the soldiers dead and tells Malyavaan that Surpanakha has run away, she might have definitely gone to Dandakaranya….. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi.. I like Hanuman scene

    1. S aaysu nice episode… .

  2. Missed today epi…but looking good epi… I vl watch it on hotstar early in the morning…

    1. S bro don’t epi was not good its excellent don’t forget to watch it in hotstar or watch repeat

    2. Episode was really good anil. U should watch it …

  3. Nyc epi loved siam scenes now surpanaka is going to dandakaranya so now the main part of ramayan l start…. Tq for the update amena di waiting for this from so long….

    1. S priya di agree with u from here main part of Ramayan starts

    2. S priya ramayan main part to start… Egerly waiting… .

  4. SKR Addict (Siya)

    Nice Epi.
    Loved hanuman scenes . Its funny.
    Loved Siam scenes too

    1. S dear loved hanuman part.. .

  5. Tnq amena di even when I watch epi I depend on ur update as I a can’t understand Hindi well.

  6. Nyc episode,loved it.hanuman scenes were too funny and I liked siam scenes a lot and lot.

    1. S meghana hanuman part was suprrrr… ..

  7. Nice episode.hanuman scenes are so funny!

    1. S Nabanita good episode… .

  8. krishnai aka ww

    what is this GUYS???????

    JUST 9 COMMENTS?????????????????


    SO bad and sad……….

    okay let me atleast comment……

    coming the episode just loved hanuman’s scene………. SIAM was awesome n fantastic….. ncy debate my them both……… just loved the epi……..

    1. krishnai aka ww

      forgot Thejashri Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club dear…..

      1. Thanks for welcoming krishnai di…wt

    2. krishnai aka ww

      nupur di ncy game played…… anyways all the best for ur exams di

      n yes di all chat but akansha di n reshma dont………

      n here is the link di:

    3. Yes di semma discussion by siam

  9. How cn people worship ram as god???yestrday i read devdutt’s sita book.there he asked sita aftr d war why didn’t she kill herself instead of staying at other man’s roof.even as a king or yuvraj he hadn’t d right 2 tell smbody end her life when he himself helped roma,tara,even mandodari.he cared fr his reputation more than a person’s life!!!! Is ds a god should be!!!he ws not only a worst husband bt also a worst brother.. D next day after sita went back 2 earth he forced laxman 2 behead his head as he had promised though laxman didn’t want 2 do ds.he forced sita & laxman die fr his so called dharma,bt he himself lived a long life aftr that.he didn’t want 2 be a tyranny king bt he ws d most tyrannical person who sacrificed many person’s happiness & lives fr his dharma against their wish. Is ds d symbol of god?should we teach children ds behaviors of god!!! If god can be full of so many faults dn how cn we expect people to behave properly??????!!!!!!

    1. Excuse me mr harshad
      He will tell that to Sita bcoz he wanted her to leave him for he knew she would suffer as people would point out her character
      But she chose Agnipariksha
      And we don’t have right to decide if he was ideal husband or not for Sita loved him and a wife only can decide if her husband is wrong
      Sita an epitome of wisdom supports of ram if u read the book fully and as for laxman
      He was not forced and he had told that anyone who enters will be given death punishment and laxman accepted gracefully
      Actually ram lessened his sorrow
      For if ram died then laxman would be filled with grief
      And ram gave up his life in sarayu river after Sita and laxman dies
      Who gave up his life for him
      They had to sacrifice not for ram but for the establishment of good
      No one is perfect but Ramji isn’t imperfect
      We have to teach our children come what may follow dharm
      And that’s what Ramji life mainly tells us
      Pure love can’t think like this that’s why Sita coudnt harbour negative feelings for ram come what may
      Teach this to your children
      The bad side of rules and detachment can also be taught
      If u are more intelligent u urself be an ideal for ur children
      I have a lot more to say but I think Skr family too will share their opinions
      Choose the right even if no one is doing it and that’s what Ramji did
      His family protested but accepted it with grace
      Believe me if God gives u difficulties he will give u strength to face it
      I too read the book it all lies in the way u take it. When u start itself u are like an atheist
      Make way for change and acceptance
      Ponder over it
      And Ramji values and devotion to God will be good for u
      I am telling for ur good and not for being defensive
      This is my opinion
      Jai Sita ram
      Today Sita is praised more than ram
      By sending her to forest he removed a bad name
      Not a single person can point on Sitas character today even if the epic becomes adultered and maybe that is the justification
      Thank u for reading

    2. He didnt care for his reputation but a queen
      raghukul vadhu should be respected
      he was worried for her reputation more than his thats why she is respected
      maybe u cant worship him
      but atleast respect for he lived for the world
      We are not blind worshippers but i dont see any fault in ramji life
      Jai siya ram
      i would type on but maybe u wont change ur opinion
      share what u feel about my opinion

      1. Agreed

  10. Didn’t see the epi coz I went out yesterday and today also missed the repeat but looking at this update I guess it was a nyc epi .

  11. If he wanted sita 2 leave him dn why did he accept her aftr d agnipariksha????u told that ram did so, so that people cn’t talk ill about sita…dn wouldn’t people talk ill about sita if he had abandoned her aftr d war?? Dat ws nt 21st century dat people would easily accept a single married woman.wouldn’t people ask sita why did her husband left her aftr d war?? He did all ds fr family reputation & raghukul,he himself admitted it.if u hv read d sita book dn u hv read also dat ram stopped looking at sita after d gossip of ayodya, let alone talk 2 her…is ds how he respected a person who was fully blameless!!! I hv read d book very carefully, bt mayb u hv nt…laxman was very surprised when ram told him to behead his head fr keeping d promise laxman had made.he saw d same expression at ram’s face which he saw in ram’s eyes fr sita aftr d war.laxman didn’t like dat expression. Bt he did dat unwillingly fr his love fr ram…ram used their love 2 fulfill his dharma cz he knew dat no matter how much wrong he was sita & laxman would obey him.he misused their love fr him…& mayb 2day we respect sita more dn ram at dat time he didn’t do ds fr sita.he just wanted people 2respect his ffamily tradition..bczof his wrongdoing people nowadays respect sita had 2 suffer fr his damant behavior.

    1. He thought they wont question her and nobody spoke bad about her in the valmiki ashram but did really suffer
      she was sad but in the forest she lived and in her sons she had ram and
      as for laxman that look was his stern looke for he had to follow it and as i said if ram dies before
      and as for sita he didnt misuse her love but made that love an exampke for the world and when sita had no problem in going to forest what can be ours and he coudnt look at her after the gossip bcoz his eyes would guve away the truth
      he loved her and sita by devdutt is not as perfect like few things differ in valmiki ramayan like laxman chooses to accept
      And as for ur second question people in valmiki ashram were not insecure like ayodha people to think like that
      and she is not questioned today
      she did live with dignity in valmiki ashram
      we shoudnt be blind but there is an explanation bro
      it shows the wrong side of detachment and maybe in that era like u said woman cant live with dignity
      a leader had to behave like this and he had requested his brothers to accept rajya
      Sita was independent and he knew she could live with dignity
      and their love was really true

    2. I am glad u are standing up for sita and woman basically bro and that reveals u are good nature but sita woudnt like it if ram is blamed
      but sita is not a victim she lived with dignity her head held high
      and we all know though he uttered such words those 10 months he really suffered
      Ram doesnt expect to be justified
      And according to me to god alone belongs judgement
      maybe u call it blind devotion
      but i guess thats it bro
      i am finishing this discussion
      and i am sanjana studying in 10th
      had a nice discussion with u and bro
      do u watch skr
      But i respect ramji eventhough i am a feminist maybe u dont like this incident but his life is really an example in my opinion

      1. Agreed

  12. U told that he wanted sita 2 leave him cz people will point out at her character & she’ll ques is 2 u wouldn’t people still ques at sita dat why ws she alone even aftr marriage & why ws she abandoned by her husband. Did he think about that if he had left sita aftr d war people would mock more at her thinking she ws unchaste & dat’s why her husband left her!!! Dat ws not modern era like 2 day that even aftr d abandonment of girls by husbands, girls cn live with dignity on their own feet & her family & other persons would support her 2 face problems.just he is now known as god dn’t be blind to his faults.

  13. Krishnai my nick name is ishukkutti I’m the one who logged on to WordPress account and ur DP is nixe. Nupur di I sent u friend request in fb. Priya please check out my poll I’ve answered ur question. Guys I won’t come online in fb as I have to spend time with my family. Sara dear s mayavi and dundubi are mandodari’s brothers they used to fight with each other and once went to the extent of killing each other Mandodari kept them in separate rooms a d talked to them separately and made them reali,e their mistake this is a story I read in net mandodari had the talent of making her point straight and making the opponent accept her point of view

    1. krishnai aka ww

      thanu i didnt get any request from u to add u in the fan club……… n thanks for the dp…….. i know no thanks…….. n ncy info abt mandodari’s bros…. sorry sara for giving wrong info that day…….

  14. Some pls tell me what is the real name of surpanka any way 2day was nice episode and ram sita seen was awesome

    1. krishnai aka ww

      actually 1st one was played by Sara Khan n now Bhagyashree Mote is playing the role of Surpanakha

    2. krishnai aka ww

      actually 1st one was played by Sara Khan n now Bhagyashree Mote is playing the role of Surpanakha

      actually 1st one was played by Sara Khan n now Bhagyashree Mote is playing the role of Surpanakha

  15. Actually after lakshman cut off shoorpanakha’s nose ram feared that sita will be in danger. So he told her to take shelter in the fire. Sita sought agnidev’s protection and left a duplicate sita. The duplicate sita was kidnapped by ravan. After ram killed ravan he had to get his original sita back. That is the reason why the agnipariksha took place.

    1. krishnai aka ww

      oh really????? i had heard half of the story but wasnt sure….. ncy info……

    2. Yes di…agreed

  16. agree with sanju and harshad u pls refer valmiki Ramayana and ya I m not saying that devdutt Ramayana is wrong but if u read valmiki Ramayana u may come to know y ram spoke like that to sita…bcoz in valmiki Ramayana valmiki had said the reason behind the harsh words of rama he spoke to sita like that bcoz he want sita to prove herself I mean he heard some people speak Ill about sita and he know sita will do agnipariksha to prove her self respect….and ya coming to the death of sita she herself choosed it bcoz they took birth for dharma stapna when that hpn then there is no need for them to be in earth … and coming to lakshman’s death lakshman himself took it bcoz he is seshnag he should be there in vaikunt for his swami’s arrival….and by the way u r asking that y should we teach children about rama when he himself gone in wrong path ryt???I m saying u one thing if u r a raja there comes a point that u should choose ur praja or wife what u l do.. and to be raja its ur responsibility to choose ur praja bcoz that praja has hope on u u can’t sacrifice ur duty’s bcoz of one person…. and u can think it being a human being but u should think it being a raja too bcoz when it comes to raja his first priority should be his praja bcoz the only source for praja is their raja…and ya I am not saying ram doesn’t do wrong but the situation made him to do it…. his destiny is the reason for that but as a pati he did ryt he send sita to van but he didn’t give her place to another women…. he trusted her as a husband but he fall weak bcoz of his raja post… and coming to the point of teaching children.. if u can’t teach ram’s story to children u can’t give them the value of life… u can’t say them the meaning of responsibility bcoz ram’s life has been xmple for all those things….. ram lived like a human being….
    son-he respected his father and mother’s words, even though his father said him not to go to van he went to van bcoz he don’t want to bow his fathers head down in any of his situation… even though his ma said him to go to van he never hated her he always loved her with whole heart..
    brother-he doesn’t kept any ego in him he only had love for them… when they lost their father he cared them like a father… he doesn’t cry in front of them bcoz he knows that his brothers can’t see a single tear in his eyes.. he scolded them when they are wrong … he appreciated them when they are correct ..
    husband- when she herself said that she will accompany him he said her no… bcoz he doesn’t want her to get hurt in anyways.. he said her to do agnipariksha bcoz he knows that she is pure.. he never lost his trust towards her…and ya he sent her to canvas alone but his heart was only searching her..
    raja- he always thought about his praja he doesn’t saw them as poor people or any other he always thought them as his own family…. he sent his wife to van to gain their trust … he lost his everything for them but never left the place of dharma….
    say now do u need any other thing to learn from ram’s life… if u l say that ram’s life is not a teachable thing to one persons life then I l say u one thing u l not learn the meaning of life from any other things…

    bcoz ram is the example of truthful human being.. he is the only god who born has human being and done his dharm stapna being a human being…
    sry if I had hurt u butni don’t mean that I just wanted to say u one thing that ram was never wrong…. his destiny made him to do that can’t u teach a child this thing that God himself was helpless in front of destiny then what we simple human beings were in front of destiny….

  17. If he had lived fr d world dn he should’ve showed d truth of sita 2 f people. By fulfilling their unjust demand he led dem 2 d wrong path.he should’vr tried 2 make dem understnd what’s d wrong & right.if everything was done by royal rules wht ws d need of a king?d good king d person who shows his subjects right path,not support their wrong demands.

    1. A good King is not a question here
      By questioning janak daughter they lose their happiness
      This shows where insecurity leads
      He gave experience
      And if he had kept Sita they wouldn’t respect him they would tell he can’t separate from his wife if if she is unpure
      Their thoughts were wrong and ram had to establish dharam

      And vanshika and harshad are the person I guess

    2. 1. At the time when it was normal for kings to have more than one wife, Rama gave the ideal of having a single wife. In Balakanda of Valmiki Ramayana it is written that Rama and Sita resided in each other’s heart.[citation needed]

      2. Rama always followed his promise at any cost. In fact, he went to forest to make his father’s promise to Kaikeyi true. Another instance was when, he had promised the Spirit of Time that during their conversation, if anyone was to intrude, Rama would have pronounce an instant death sentence upon the individual. They were intruded upon by his beloved younger brother Lakshmana, and to keep his part of the promise, pronounced the death sentence. There are many examples of Rama’s promises which he kept. Most important are the promise to sages to save their lives from Rakshasas, getting back Sugreeva’s kingdom, making Vibhishana the king of Lanka.[citation needed]

      3. Excellent friend: Rama had very touching relations with his friends irrespective of their status. Some of his friends are Nishada-raja Guha, King of Nishaadas (a caste whose profession was hunting the birds), Sugreeva (the Vanara king) and Vibhishana a Rakshasa.[citation needed]

      4. Even towards his enemies, Rama showed great nobility and virtue. To gather information about the enemy army’s strengths and weaknesses, Ravana sent two of his spies, Suka and Sarana, to the Vanara camps. Disguised as Vanaras they blended into the enemy camp, but Vibhishana saw through their deceit. The duo sought Rama’s protection when the monkey warriors thrashed them. Rama gave them refuge. He then asked them what their mission was and whether they fulfilled it. After listening to them, he sent for a Vanara to give them a proper tour of all the Vanara camps and give them all the information they desired about the major soldiers and their strengths. He then told the spies to give this message to Ravana. “Tomorrow morning, I will destroy all of Lanka. Keep all sides of your palace well defended and be ready with all of your men by sunrise.” The spies were greatly astonished with Rama’s charisma, courage, and adherence to the codes of war. After Rama gave them leave, they knew that their king was bound to lose against this virtuous and courageous man. When Ravana first fought with Rama, Rama defeated him to such an extent that Ravana lost his charioteer, horses, chariot, flag, weapons and armor. Though the situation was at his advantage, Rama instead praised Ravana for a great fight that day, and asked him to retire and take rest, as he must be quite tired. Ravana was greatly embarrassed at this, but he was also gratified that Rama saved his life, and this led him to consider for a moment whether to retreat and give Sita back

      Pls imp note
      And pls do read ram rajya
      If ram stayed with Sita they wouldn’t respect him
      And ram rajya people became sinless
      Sita sacrifice was not useless

      And in Wikipedia references
      There are like 30 books on ram and I am sure u will find a satisfactory explanation

      Tu pls post comments

  18. vanshika arora

    Can u tell me where to get link of valmiki Ramayana specially uttara kand…

    1. Vanshika did u comment as harshad???????pls reply bcoz same email id means same symbol
      Anyway as Uttara Kand is believed to be later addition of valmiki ramayan
      I don’t have the link
      And one more doubt I was not commenting for few days were u writing ffs on Siya ram

    2. There is no question if he can be worshipped as God
      And his life defines it
      Read about ram and u will understand I am going out will post more on Ramji later
      But u can check out my analysis on Ramji

      And wordpress what do u mean slow down it is crazy can we sit and draw the letters
      letters sedikava mudiyum

  19. Hii guys episode was awesome siya and ram conversation was nice..and precap is also nice….

  20. What happened to all of u just 28 comments where r u jay di,twinkle,supreetha di,nupur di,skr fan bro ,thanmathi di,anil bro and all others…

    1. Sry meghana got little busy ….. Nice episode… .

  21. krishnai aka ww

    today i m fed up with tu……… i m to post each and every comment 20 times……….. ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh losing my patience…….. feel like scolding someone but unable to………………

  22. vanshika arora

    Nooo….none of them is me….bt u Right…i’m related to harshad..harshad is my little brother.. He uses Veronica di’s email id.infact we both brother and sister use veronica di’s we r not permitted of open our own id yet.dat’s why i’ve not replied to him.i’m sry fr his comments… He is dead against Ramayana.he doesn’t like it when me,veronica di & our mother watch skr or anything related 2 Ramayana… I’m sryyy again fr his comments specially 2 u sanjana.

    1. No I am not hurt an all
      Just wanted to know
      Actually was busy today will
      Give more info on Rams greatness tomorrow
      Ask ur bro to visit the page tomorrow will try convincing
      Little brother u say and he speaks maturely
      I didn’t know u were Veronica Di sister
      And I am glad u respect Ramayan

      And pls don’t stop ur brother we are happy with just discussion
      And that’s what we want to do in the comments section

      And dear uttar kand will try to give link

      He who keeps his virtue during distress is the virtuous among virtuous men
      And Ramji was one such bro
      But u are more devoted to Sita mata I guess

  23. Hi dears,how r u all?Fine na! I miss u soo… much.Wait…wait,I think u all r forgot me na?Anyway,i miss u all rly.On accout of my illness,i did’t give any comments and watch d tv,bad luck for me.But yesterday i watched d show n i felt that d show is going to d main part of d Ramayana,right? Wow…so many new members r join our swt family,welcome dears.If u don’t mind can introduct ur self, plz?

  24. Thnks sanjana ??? for detail info & carification….

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