Siya Ke Ram 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mantra going somewhere at night. She says I will not let Ram and Sita take Bharat and Mandvi’s place. She goes to her Guru ji and asks about Bharat and Mandvi’s future. He calls her a big fool and says people come here to find their own future, and you are asking for others, if you know your future, you will leave thinking about others. She asks whats in my future. He says sorrow and humiliation. He shows her future sight. Mantra gets shocked seeing her miserable state. She says no, I won’t let this happen, none can make me leave that palace. He says none can change the fate, go from here now. Mantra says this can happen when Ram becomes king, none can dare to do this, I will not let Ram become king, my Bharat will become king and Mandvi will become queen. I will stay in

this palace with respect and I will change fate. She goes back.

Kaikeyi asks Daasi where is kesar in the milk and scolds her. Mandvi gets worried seeing this. Kaikeyi goes. Sita asks Mandvi what happened. Mandvi says none did so much anger in Mithila, Kaushalya and Sumitra are calm compared to Kaikeyi. Sita says how can we compare mothers, they are our husband’s mothers, we have to make love, devotion and close relation with them.

Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra come there. Kaushalya tells them that the brides will stay with their mum in laws till some rituals are done, and none are allowed to go to their husband’s room. Sumitra asks Urmila and Shruthkirti to come with her. Kaikeyi says Kaushalya gave birth to Ram, but Ram is my son, so I m your Saas more than Kaushalya, you will be with me Sita. Kaushalya asks Mandvi to be with her. Mandvi smiles and nods. Sita tells her sisters to remember their parents’ respect is linked with their behavior. The sisters hug Sita.

Mantra asks Daasi to work fast, as Kaikeyi will get her bahu now. She sends Sugni to make special things for Mandvi. Kaikeyi brings Sita there to her Kaksh. She asks Mantra to see the bride. Mantra gets shocked seeing Sita. Kaikeyi tells Mantra that you have decorated the Kaksh beautifully, get the gift for Sita. Mantra gives the gift. Kaikeyi says she is my Daasi Mantra, but she loved me like my mum, she left my Rajya and came here with me, all the four princes were born infront of her. Sita greets her and says I m lucky to meet you. Mantra blesses her. Mantra goes out.

Kaikeyi tells Sita that I have much right on Ram, I told Kaushalya that I will chose bride for Ram, when I knew Ram is marrying you, I opposed you, it was natural as I did not know you, I did not know that he could not get better wife than you, then something happened that changed my view about you. She gets Ram’s letter and says when new bahu comes, gift is given to her by rituals, this is the letter by Ram, which he wrote from Mithila, he told me why he wants to marry you, and found you best for him, after this letter, I have seen you by new perception, this letter is precious for me, but I want to give this to you as a gift. She cries and asks Sita to keep it safe. Sita says you blessed me Mata by giving this letter as gift. Kaikeyi hugs her and smiles.

Sumitra tells Urmila and Shruthkirti that she made their fav food, and has done arrangements as per their likes. Urmila takes Sumitra’s permission and asks her how do you know about our likes and dislikes. Sumitra says I wrote letter to Sunaina and Chandrabhaga, and got to know this, this was Kaushalya’s idea to take care of you all, I know you will miss your parents, but we will try to lessen that, Ayodhya is your new home from now one. They hug Sumitra.

Kaikesi laughs and tells Raavan that the day has come. Mandodari asks what day. Kaikesi says I wanted to see my son win over the world, now he got all powers, he will win three loks. Raavan says yes, I will become Swami of entire world, bless me. She blesses him. Raavan tells Mandodari that its all miracle by her puja, she has turned powerful by the garlands she made by selective flowers, I will win the world now. His mum laughs. He leaves. Mandodari thinks did I do any mistake by getting Amrit for Raavan.

Mantra says Sita’s eyes have hypnotism powers like Ram. Sugni comes and gets food for Mantra, saying everyone had food, just you are left, have it. Mantra sees the stones and asks did you come to kill me. Sugni gets food and Mantra sees stones. She says I will not eat stones. Sugni says its food. Mantra throws the food and shouts on Sugni. She asks her to leave. She then sees the food fallen on the ground and says no, my future can’t be like this. I will change the prediction, I did not serve Kaikeyi for many years to get humiliation, Bharat and Mandvi will become king and queen, I have to make them bigger than Ram and Sita in everyone’s sight.

Sugni runs being scared and goes to some Kaksh. The guards stop Sugni and take her to Dasharath.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sunehri

    Wow I really loved sita and kaikeyi scenes
    …. I’m here for the 2nd time …. con I join ur siya ke ram fan club

  2. SKR fan

    Fabulous episode. And I am not happy with the Ayodhya’s paramparas. One more that the vadhus will not be with their husbands. I want their happy scenes.
    And one more thing I think that the people will beat manthra after she makes the conspiracy to send ram in jungle.
    I am eager to see what will force kaikeyi to send ram to jungle even she loves him and sita so much.

    • thanks a lot skr fan so good of you to share these links with us and kindly do not stop your this work it is very good and send more links

  3. SKR fan

    One good news for all the Mahabharat fan.
    Now we can see Vin Rana(Nakul on Mahabharat) again. He has been approached for zee tv upcoming show Vishkanya.

  4. Wow….super thanks for the super fast update 🙂

    Hope I am the first today. 😉 😉
    Nice episode and keep going siya ke ram 🙂

    Waiting for canvas and more lakshmila scenes and of other couple’s too <3

  5. craze about skr

    wow…..thanks for the fast update amena di………………..nd awesome episode……….i luved sumitra…………….

  6. amulya

    Episode was really good. Liked the sisters and their mother in laws!?
    Manthara scenes were vad

  7. Ishita

    Amazing episode?though not watched ?but it looks great episode and thanks for such a fast telly update??

  8. nupur

    Awesome bonding btw d vadhus & their saas?Overall a great epi!!!Missed d brothers though?But this mantra is takin a lot of screen time & is seriously getting on my nerves now?Dey should show just d couples,der lovely moments,der sweet nok-jhok as vanvas will start soon na…

  9. aru

    Wow….. I’m falling in love again and again with this serial….what a nice bonding between mother in laws and daughter in laws….. I loved today’s episode so much….
    Hey friends I am writing a new ff named Dil dosti duniyadari so if u like any of the pairs can you please comment on it to let me know……
    I have posted intro before some time but I think telly updates will take its own time……
    So if u like the idea plz plz plz let me know

  10. Nidhi

    Nice episode 🙂
    Nice gift to sita given by kaikeyi❤️

    And everyone I replied to all your comments yesterday you people touched me alot??
    Not exaggerating but telling the truth?
    I’ll definitely try to come back after my exams for sure 😀

    • Akanksha sharma

      U also touched our hearts with so sweet talks..dear…have a bright result dear…and all the very best not only frm my side but i am wishing u gud luck in the behalf of all the members of this fan club…as everybody is not able to wish u so i am wishing frm there side also bkz we all r one
      r8 and as i want u to have many many gud wishes . we all keep waiting fr u my little sis

      • Nidhi

        Thank you so much akanksha ??
        Yes we all are one ❤️
        You people are the best I could ask God for?

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      U hav already touchd our hearts nidhi
      With ur wondrful words
      Wil realy miss u comeback soon

      • Nidhi

        ❤️ Will miss you too di
        I’ll come back on March 19th as soon as my exams get over
        I can’t live without you all
        You people are the best I could ask God for ?

    • Silpa k sivadasan

      All the bst to all my frndz in skr fan club writng xams
      U all r in my prayers

      And dont worry sri ram will look aftr us
      Aftr all v r his fans/bhakts

      • Nidhi

        Will miss you too bhoomi?
        Yes I’ll come back after my exams 🙂
        On March 19th
        All the best for your exams too?

      • Nidhi

        Miss you too dhara di?
        Thanks for your wishes 🙂
        I’ll be back after my exams on March 19th di

  11. dia

    @Akanksha sharma…..r u a punjabi
    @Sanjana….no dr….m himachal se hu

    SIYA KE RAM is the best

  12. craze about skr

    nidhi, bhommi, amulya, sneha, haripriya s , haripriya , zara, reshma, pooja, ww, skr addict, cutipie, ……………………list goes on …but dont know all names………all guys dps are awesome nd adorable

    but ya missing ww and nidhi…………….
    not only those guys , who r all not present here nd busy with their xams………………..

    guys do well nd all the best to alll……………even i had told this more times but its coming in my thought again nd again to wish u alll……

    telly updates pls post this comment……..plssss….

  13. Saranya

    Such a amazing episode. I want to see d love of all d young couples. But dis ayodhya’s traditional are soo much. Y dis mantra hate ram. Hi how r u all my dear skr sis. Nupur nidhi zara ww. How r u. How s ur exams. All d best dears.

    • nupur

      Hi saranya di.Thanks 4 d best wishes.I m fine di bt m feelin d xam jitters n i evn feel butterflies in my stomach.U know na tht xam ka bhootiya dar;)
      Btw how r u di?U r tamilian?pls teach me some south indian languages aftr xam,m a big fan of ur movies!

  14. craze about skr

    sorry guys…missed …….shloka, akansha, dia, riya, mahe, nita……….theirs also dps awesome……….sorry guys if i left anyone……………..

  15. today’s episode was awesome !!!!!!! except mantra scenesand mandvi is afraid of kaikei so funny haa haaa haaa and loved urmilla sruthkriti and sumitra scenes

  16. Akanksha sharma

    Nippy u r having a very cute dp dear..its really very sweet…and thanx fr wishing…gud luck to u too dear…may god keep u blessed with lots of happiness…

    • craze about skr

      thanku so much akansha dhi………………………..nd iam so happy to be friends with u all guys……………..

  17. Stuti

    Hi guys…. Plz pray for me… Today i am going to write my science exams and i am weak in bio but i love chem and phy…., once again all the best to who are going to give their exam 2day…… By the way today’s episode is full of mantra .., i just hate her …,. But loved sas-bahu’conversation…’s episode is fantastic…. PLZ TELLYUPDATE POST THIS COMMENT

    • Ishita

      Are u frm delhi stuti ??? its a coincedence maybe i also have to write my science exam today ……. btw best of luck ??its nothing to worry in bio but chemistry is just horrible

      • Nidhi

        All the CBSE students have it on the same day dear.. 🙂
        Best of luck to your too! 🙂
        I just gave my science exam and came back home

    • I am also going to give science exam of class 9 but BIO is my favourite subject chemistry is fine and I hate physics it is too boring.

    • Nidhi

      Even I gave my science exam today and came back stuti it’s was fine 🙂
      How was your? 🙂

      • Stuti

        Even My exam was fine… By the way who had science exam 2day , plz tell me ur set no. Actually i have some confusion in some questions so i want to ask them from u guys., plz tell me the answers of mcq

  18. Nita

    Mantra dreams about getting humiliated and thinks this can only happen if Ram becomes the king. Like seriously guys…..
    Ram is so compassionate, he is an ideal. If she had used her wisdom in right way she would have immediately seen that Ram cannot let such a think happen with someone who was mother like to his mother Kaikeyi. And even if she had committed a crime then also Ram would not have allowed people to humiliate or beat her.
    Actually this could only happen when Ram was not around.

  19. Nita

    And I think that they should continue with 4 couples track and show 4 vadhus making relations with saas n others n knowing about Ayodhya’s traditions, etc. And on other side Mantra should slowly poison Kaikeyi against Ram. Kaikeyi loves Ram a lot so she will not go against him in just a few days. This process will definitely take some time.
    And till then we can also enjoy the happy times.

  20. jay

    ITs Nice to see the Bonding between saas and Bahus ……………..
    Missing comments of WW & Nidhi
    All the Best …….Hope U do well in exam……..

  21. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    only serial were there will be no sasu bahu drama is this only…………..

    loved today’s epi…………

    Sunheri welcome to the Siya ke ram fan club……….. how is ur 10th exams preparations going on……….. has ur exams started?

    miss all zaya fans……… will be back after 28th march…………

    hi guys……….. hope those are writing exams r doing well……… myself also………..

    missing u all………. and nippy n abirami’s dp superb………..

    i m crazy about Chakaravatin ashoka…………. its my 1st hindi serial…………. i love it to the core…………… superb abirami…………. r u elder than me?

    Sorry guys for replying all together………


    • Nidhi

      My paper went good bhoomi thanks for asking 🙂
      Next exam on 8th bhoomi
      Thank you so much for your wishes 😀
      Wish you the same :*

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