Siya Ke Ram 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surpanakha going to Sita with a jug of water. She asks do you want water, you have to get on your knees and beg for water, then you will get water. She pours the water on the ground. Sita looks at her. Before Surpanakha could take a step to harm Sita, Meghnadh gets his sword. Surpanakha stops and says I m not doing anything, if Sita does not bend till tomorrow, I will break her. She goes. Meghnadh also goes.

Kaikesi does some yagya and names Mandodari. She then names Sita and havan kund fire blows high. She says I have to inform Raavan. Raavan goes to Sita and says deeds and their result, you said this, you are a live example for this, if you married me, your life would have not been this, you can’t understand this, you are not capable to understand, you are bearing the

fruit of your deeds to marry Ram, you got this hell. She says if my coming to Lanka is my deeds fruit to marry Ram, then this Lanka, this hell is my heaven, you are not capable to understand this. He gets angry. Kaikesi come there and looks on. Raavan leaves and sees Kaikesi there. Kaikesi gets shocked seeing Sati in Sita.

She talks to Raavan. Raavan asks Sati, how can you compare her with Sati, I don’t understand. She says Mandodari is worried that Sita has come as your destruction and bad fate, but that woman can save you from destruction, she is your protective shield. He asks how. She says I did not see such pure woman till now, you got Amrit from Mandodari’s Satitva/purity, if Sita’s Satitva becomes your protective shield, then even Tridev can’t do anything to my son, and the woman who will come as your Kaal can’t do any harm, but you don’t behave bad with Sita, make her your wife…… Raavan gets shocked. She says yes son, go and make Sita your wife. He smiles.

Its morning, Surpanakha asks Sita is she scared to be cuffed with chains and helpless in Lanka. Meghnadh comes with Sulochana. He says Bua ji, you can’t harm Sita, remember. Surpanakha says no one can stop me today, and asks Sita if she is getting scared. Sita says no, I m not cuffed alone here, we all are tied, someone’s chains are seen and someone’s chains are not visible, I m in metal chains and others are in gold chains. Surpanakha sees her gold jewelry and says fool, no one can save you from me. Raavan comes and asks Surpanakha to move. He walks to Sita with a sword. Surpanakha says you look my brother today, take revenge from this lady for my and Lanka’s insult. Sita looks at Raavan. He cuts her chains. Sita and others get shocked.

Surpanakha gets angry. Raavan tells Sita that your place is not here, its inside Raj Bhavan, come with me. Surpanakha blocks his way and says love with enemy’s wife, I was afraid for this, my insult happened because of Sita, and you fell for her, now you will shower love and flowers on her, if I m saying wrong, whats the truth. He says this is Raavan’s Lanka, whatever I do, if anyone raises question, its equal to going against me, you very well know the result, if you don’t believe me, you are free to leave from here, but this time, no one will come after you, you have two options, move off my way else get away from Lanka. She gets shocked and leaves. Raavan asks Sita not to test his patience, you won’t get such comforts in all the three loks, whatever you like will be yours, look high and see the beautiful Kaksh, choose your Kaksh, where you will get much happiness. Sita goes from there.

Raavan, Vibhishan, Meghnadh and Sulochana follow Sita. Raavan asks Sita not to be hesitant, you will get whatever you wish for. Sita sees a huge tree and smiles recalling Ram. She recalls how they used to sit under the tree’s shadow and talk. Raavan says you are thinking which Kaksh to choose, as all Kakshs are beautiful, choose any Kaksh you want, it will be yours. Sita smiles being lost in Ram’s memories. She walks towards the tree. Raavan stops Meghnadh and looks on to see what Sita is upto. He says I think she wants to express sorrow of separation, let her be, when her sorrow ends, she will come inside on her own.

Sita looks at the tree. She says as the tree’s nature, I will also not be in sorrow, I will just wait. She sees the plants around and says no I will stay here, under this tree’s shadow, either till Ram’s death or my death. She cries. She sees some lotus flowers and gets restless. She looks around and cries.

Sulochana asks Meghnadh how does he agree to Raavan, when he is doing this Adharm of kidnapping a woman. Meghnadh signs her to stop saying so. Surpanakha is seen angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. vaidehi (suchetana)

    love you puju

  2. vaidehi (suchetana)

    ram & lakshman r running for 2 days. o god when will they reach ??? now they should show that they hv reached panchwati. dragging a bit.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Not a bit…. It’s more n more dragging..

  3. vaidehi (suchetana)

    vanshu dearie i cmnt from my laptop & not through phone. and when mahabharata was going on, i was in class 6.

    1. vaidehi (suchetana)

      do u also do the same ???????????

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Suchetana dear c Mahabharata started in 2013(class 5) and ended in 2014(class 6)

      1. vaidehi (suchetana)

        actually i started watching mb in 2014 dear and pls pls pls call me suchi. that sounds cute.

  4. vaidehi (suchetana)

    guys i’ll soon post some jokes on physics.

    skr is more than fabulous

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wen will u post jokes??

  5. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Hi ? vaidehi dear.. I cmnt from phone ?.. Actually my laptop hasn’t net connection

  6. Priya I got UR msg and I’ll surely visit ru 2day I told in group 2 4 those who quitted tu I’ll post SS in group so don’t worry if you want to tell anything in hangouts u can tell me at anytime

    1. Tanu i had posted another cmnt too but it is deleted …i l type it again


    1. megs n tanu i l send my msg to others soon…..and see it l be n this page only…so visit this page…

  8. Vanshika crazy for skr

    B4 commenting about the show evry1 must c their acting,..
    Once I was given role of Krishna for Bhagavad Gita in school program., and I had to practice alot alot alot alot alot for it.. Then also I did ó ok ok ok ? performance..i don’t think it was as good as evry1 expected… But it was okay ?,,, I loved d experience..

  9. r future..

    Sanju – my sweetie..U said we l chat on indi one day but see m unlucky…but no worries hope u l be n hangouts when i l be back…hope u achieve 490 which is ur goal…all the best for 10 send me ur marks through mail with a big treat…i l be waiting…

    brinda – all the best for 10 and as u asked u can be n touch with me n email…see tonight’s tu page and get my mail… u r the first sis who become my unbreakable sis as we both become so bondable n hangouts only na…ok concentrate on future and 10…send me ur marks with treat…i l be waiting…and ya just 2 years..

    shreenithi – hey cutie i didnt speak with u for so many days as u r busy… ok all the best for ur future…. l see u after 2 years…

    haripriya – hey sweetie all the best for ur future u r so cute l see u soon after 2 years…and ur thoughts i l just miss it…ok will u not say ur sis when i l be back???

    soups di – i couldn’t spend a lot of time with u..but surely after 12 l chat… all the best for ur future di…

    guys u all wont forget me na???? i l really miss u all….i m waiting to speak to u all again…love u all alots and a big big Teddy bear hugs to u all….dont be angry at me guys….my pagal bhai ke vajah se…u can call me as priya if u can’t take me as anjali…. sry once again….

    tanu send the msg of sanju, hari , brinda and nita di n indi… ok????pls do this favour for ur sis and send their rplies to me n notify me that u said this…..n Meg’s too n indi pls….n pls send me mail id’s of them through mail….. i l say u my id tonight…. miss u all…..tanu l be n touch through mail?????

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      1. Ok all the best for ur 10…do well …ok va??? I love u too.and miss u dear…

    3. Thank u Priya di

  10. vaidehi (suchetana)

    sita di u better chng your name and keep it as draupadi. u r a die hard of draupadi and pooja sharma that’s y u r saying like this. if u chng ur thoughts, u’ll be abe to notice the acting power of madirakshi mundle. v all feel like to cry seeing her tears onscreen. i’m a die hard fan of both draupadi & sita as well as madirakshi mundle & pooja sharma. i know feminism is important & u can notice dat in the last phase of sita’s life whaen she’ll go back to bhoomi mata. and one more thing if its true dat skr cast is not suited with the characters, u need not worry the showmakers will chng them. if it had been true that asish is not acting well, he wouldn’t hv got the fav beta award & there would also be no fan of skr. i hv no intention to hurt u but i wanted to speak the truth. that’s all.

    1. But my name is sita from birth, it’s not ur skr ugly , unmodest sita who wears dress that shows waist, but it is after my grandma s name

      Sita is never an ideal woman
      If we follow her life is hell
      She has many flaws in being wife of Rama who treats her as slave

      1. Dear pls mind ur languagge.. Don’t speak just by watching skr…sita didnt wear dress like this they r showing wrong…

      2. Guys pls pls pls don’t react its my humble request if u react then our mood ll spoil and v ll c one more sati soo pls don’t react

      3. you think you know krishna .go get lyf you don’t know even 1 percent .you know what you don’t know anything .you just came here to show off your knowledge but first check ur knowledge .half knowledge is dangerous .go get a.lyf nd den comment

      4. @shivani
        I am yadava
        I know well about Krishna from birth
        I read and respect bhagavat gita
        He is a great God of Hinduism who killed the from his birth. He had been good example of childhood babies. Every little child must be like him, play pranks, it’s all part of childhood. More than children glued to seats only naughty kids r admired and that could produce humour for adults and free them from stress
        And radha and yashodha he loved them most. He sacrificed both, but made the world call him radha Krishna, saying they r inseparable, he is always addressed as son of yashoda mostly.he never wanted ill-treatment of women. He gave prior to women ‘s wish. So he married the astapatni, just to fulfill their wish. To convince radha and yashodha he sent his own son uddhava to preach the people in vrindavan.

        In Mahabharata just in fraction of seconds he saved draupadi from humiliation. He promised her virtue will be on throne

        He didn’t show partiality among devotees
        So he dived his powers to duryodhana and Arjuna
        He had been charioteer of Hi follower Arjuna. He preached the world bhagavat gita

        In the war, he gave salvation to bhishma considering amba
        He helped dhristadumya previously ekalavya to kill drona
        Karna was dambhodbava an asura once, he tortured many sages. so to give him salvation he ordered Arjuna to kill when he was engaged in other work, because of Karna ‘s past deeds
        He didn’t fulfill gandhari boon to his son and prevented thigh part because, duryodhana did great mistake to girl

        He accepted the curse of gandhari with smile, though he had no fault

        He always attended to his devotees call

        But Rama
        He was not purnaavathara like Krishna
        According to valmikiot Ramayana he was not a god

        In the ral epic the story begins with kaikeyi s banishment for ram
        In that case he is good son

        He treated his brother as servant. I never heard him yielding to lakshman.
        And Hanuman, he used him very nicely but gave nothing in return, and Hanuman was too servant for him
        He killed Bali wrong
        He sent his wife to agnipariksha ( draupadi had to go across fire to cleanse her so pandavas too went with her)but ram???
        He sent his wife to forest. Why shouldn’t he give his brother throne and he too accompany sita

        Jai Sri Krishna

        Om parthaya prathi bodhitam bagahvatam narayanena swayam vyasena grathitham Purana muninam Madhya Mahabharatam
        Ambatava Manu sandahdhami bhagavat gita bhavat vesinim

      5. I will.explain sita herself accept.vanvas ram ask to give agnipariksha he doesn’t want her to face humiliation .dear I don’t. want to fight but you are saying that you know I accept but did you know he is an incarnation of lord vishnu .if you are true devotee how can you differentiate betweeon ram and krishna both are incarnation of lord vishnu both has same purpose .you have never understood krishna dats y you are telling such words none other than krishna .ram has never treat sita as a slave .infact he has protected her respect infront of everyone during everyone just knowing krishna from mb point of view is not enough .lakshman has reincarnated as a balram and krishna served are telling about bali he died due to his misdeeds bcoz he had abducted wife of sugreev.thats y I told u half knowledge is dangerous.I am not saying you are wrong you can criticize in a positive manner

    2. Vanshika crazy for skr

      On ur request megs di only in ur rqst I’m silent.. Her name is sita n she’s insulting sita only

  11. vaidehi (suchetana)

    guys the next part of my ff is here. enjoy.

    recap- ram shows sita the gift. sita hugs janak and sunaina. they wish her. the whole family of ayodhya &mithila r standing in front of siam.

    mandvi- aap iss kaksh ko dekhiye didi, bilkul mithila ki kaksh ki jaisi lag rahe hain na ?????

    sita- haan, mandvi. ati sundaar.

    all the 5 mothers come forward to sita.

    kaushalya- putri, humsabhi na milkar tumhare liye mithai tayar ki hain.

    sumitra- haan didi ne sahi kahan. tumhare paach matao ki taraf se ye hi hain tumhari janam din ke uphaar.

    all the 5 mothersmade sita and the other 3 sisters eat the sweets.

    shrutkirti- didi kya aap hamare saath garden jaana pasand karenge ???

    sita- avasshya. kintu garden jaane ki avasshkyata kya hain ????

    urmila- aap ayenge tabhi to pata chalega.

    sita- ruko urmila usse pahele meri kuch karya sampanna karna baki hain ???

    she then joins her hand, closes her eyes ans pray.

    sita- pitaj i(swargiya maharaj dashrath) aaj aap hamare saath nahi hain kintu hum jante hain ki aap ham sabhi ke maan mein hi hain. aaj meri janam din hain. main aapko pranam karti hoon. hum sabko sarvada aap ashirvad karna.

    she takes the permission from the elders and leaves with the sisters to the garden.

    when she reached the garden, flowers & leaves are showered upon her. she becomes happy but wonders that how did this happen.

    urmila (angrily in her mind)- kuch bhi thik se nahi kar sakte. hey bhagwan mujhe baatiye ki meri pati yudh se atrik aur kya thik se kar sakte hain ?????

    bharat, lakshman and shatrughna come wishing sita and with a basket full of flowers.

    sita- achha, to tum sabh ye kar rahe the. bohot bohot abhar.

    lakshman- haan bhabi .

    bharat- ye hamari taraf se aap keliye uphaar hain.

    shatrughna- kya aapko pasand aayi hain bhabi ????

    sita- bohot pasand hain mujhe.

    they all leave eventually.

    urmila holding lakshman’s hand- aap mere saath aaiye kaksh mein.

    lakshman (in his mind)- ab na jane mujhe ye raakshasi kya kahange. lag ta hain ki ye mujhe aaj swarg bhej denge.

    precap- its night. every1 goes to sleep.urmila talks to lakshman. siam is shown sharing a tight hug.

  12. Tanu msg to hangouts frns:

    Guys i deleted my email acccount as my bro said me to delete it…i l open another mail id n my real name …i request u all to ask zara what is my real name n y i didnt reveal it..i said to her…pls dont take wrong dearies…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Wat di… I’m angry with u ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.. Is not ryt

      1. Ha ??? Vanshu sry dear…but wt to do…i couldn’t keep my real name..n here many of us as our nic name n i also kept it…pls dont be angry…

  13. vaidehi (suchetana)

    guys i want all of yours support to write the ff. pls pls pls pls tell me whether i should continue with my ff or write polls or both or leave them all ???????????
    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls tell me how did u like my ff ????
    is it dragging ????
    is the plot well enough ???
    does the romantic scenes seem to be romantic ????
    are the dialogues of siam, lakshmila, bhavi & shrusha good ??? i know there’s some grammatical error as i am not well versed in hindi.

    i didn’t want to continue with my ff anymore bt i thought dat v all r missing siam, lakshmila, bhavi & shrusha scenes in skr right ????? so i’m putting them in my ff. hope u get back some of the romantic scenes in my ff.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Not dragging dear its awesome.. Is the best ff I have ever read in my life.. Amazing

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        The dialogues are super duper hit..ya a bit grammatical errors but that’s okay ?..i keep laughing throughout ur ff.. I’m speechless ????

      2. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Suchi I’m a fan of urs.. U r brilliant ????????….
        Write all u can as v r diehard fans of urs now dearie pls continue don’t leave we’ll die without ur ff.. Love ❤ u

  14. Msg to hangouts frns:

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    Ww – all the best for ur future dear…i know when i l come back u also l be n 12.. All the best dear…

    Nita di – tanu ask di mail i want to say her alot… I typed it actually it deleted so i l send a mail to di…

    Megs – u too send me ur mail id….pls dear

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    Yazhini di – i couldnt chat to u alot di.. All the best for ur future.. I hope i l be back n speak to u..

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      Take care of urself ?

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  18. Priya di spelling is crct I asked tanu also

  19. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna and I know him well

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