Siya Ke Ram 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandodari crying seeing Akshay. She asks him to get up and gets shocked. She says this can’t happen, you had to go to your Nana’s place, you promised me son, you can’t refuse now. Kaikesi, Sulochana, Vibhishan and everyone look on shocked. Mandodari says I made kheer for you, you like it, I will feed it to you, you know Meghnadh eats your kheer, get up, why are you not listening, you are my obedient son. She cries.

Raavan says Mandodari, accept the truth, Akshay Kumar was my…… She says not a word anymore, are you not ashamed, that monkey did not kill my son, my son did not die in any war, you have killed my son, I explained you many times to send back that woman, she can be Lanka’s destruction, you did not listen to me, now we are bearing this, this is start

of the destruction, now see how many brave men die in this Lanka. Kaikesi gets worried.

Trijata says Hanuman should have not killed Akshay Kumar. Sita says it was not Hanuman’s mistake, he tried to explain Akshay, but Akshay disagreed and fought with Hanuman. Trijata says whatever, I m feeling scared, no one worries for Dharm and Adharm, they will just regard Hanuman as Akshay’s murderer, they will punish Hanuman. Sita asks what will they punish him. Trijata says death punishment for killing someone, this is rule of Lanka. Sita worries.

Meghnadh gets Hanuman to the Sabha. Raavan and everyone look on. Meghnadh says Pitashri, as per your command, I captivated this monkey and got him infront of you, he is that monkey who entered Lanka and killed my younger brother, now you decide his fate. Akampana says before punishing this monkey, his intro is necessary. He asks Hanuman who are you, what’s the motive of your coming here, you did big crime of killing Raavan’s son Akshay, what’s your benefit in doing this.

Hanuman says Maharaj Lankesh, I m your friend Bali’s younger brother’s Sugreev’s messenger, you would be knowing your friend Bali died because of his Adharm, Maharaj Sugreev told me to tell you that if you don’t learn Adharm path, you will also die/face consequences like Bali. The soldiers catch Hanuman. Trijata says Hanuman has killed Akshay and has hurt Raavan’s pride and glory, now any miracle can save Hanuman from Raavan. Sita says no miracle, just Dharm can protect Hanuman, its not Hanuman and Raavan’s war, its Dharm and Adharm’s war, whenever that happened, Dharm won always.

Meghnadh shouts Vanar, what’s the motive of your coming here, give your intro, else I will kill you. Hanuman asks prince Meghnadh, did anyone not tell you excess anger is not good for health. Meghnadh asks him to control his tongue. Raavan asks Hanuman to say his truth, one mistake can make him die. Hanuman says Meghnadh is mistaken to think he has captivated me, I will clear his illusion first. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets free of all the chains. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Hanuman asks Raavan don’t you know to respect guests, don’t you know Atithi Devi Bhava, don’t you ask guest to sit, I think you forgot all the rules of welcoming guests, if you don’t ask me to sit, I will do arrangements to sit. He makes a seat for him by his long tail. They all get shocked. Hanuman jumps high and sits on his tail rounded chair. Jai jai hanuman……………plays…………..

Devi Parvati says Prabhu, you are sitting infront of your biggest devotee in your Rudra avatar, but your devotee who wanted to win world by his devotional power before, is not able to identify you now, what’s this fate. Mahadev says yes, sometimes devotee thinks he is bigger than Lord, being in his ego and pride, this happened with Raavan too, but there is motive that I went to Lanka, I have to explain Raavan to get back on Dharm path, this will be last warning for Lankesh from my side, if he does not understand, his destruction is definite.

Hanuman says Lankesh, you want to know who I m and what’s my motive to come here, so listen, I will tell my truth, I m Ram’s messenger Pavan putra Hanuman. He says I have crossed the ocean and came Lanka to find out Sita. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Raavan says so my doubt was right, those Sanyasis did not get anyone to face me, so they got friendly with monkeys, they are cowards. Hanuman says there is no one in three loks, that Ram and Laxman can’t win upon or need anyone else, you know this well, so you kidnapped Sita by cheating, you knew you can’t face Ram in battle, now listen to me carefully, I request you to obey Dharm and send back Sita to Ram with respect, stop your destruction, this is last warning for you, if you want to stay alive on earth for more time, then hold Ram’s feet and beg for forgiveness, Ram has a big heart, he will surely forgive you. Raavan shouts Vanar.

Hanuman jumps down and shortens his tail. He says shouting will not change the truth, I was trying to explain you, I think my Dharm talk did not affect your heart, now you get ready to die along with your supporters, Prabhu Shri Ram will come soon to Lanka to free Sita, kill you and set up Dharm here. Raavan asks Meghnadh what are you looking on, just kill this monkey right away. Meghnadh gets his sword and goes to Hanuman. He is about to strike Hanuman, and Mandodari stops him. She tells Raavan that the monkey who killed my son Akshay, I will decide his punishment. Raavan smiles.

Sita recalls Akshay’s death and cries. Trijata asks what happened. Sita says Devi Mandodari would be in pain, her dearest son died today, she knows Dharm, Adharm, right and wrong difference, she will understand its not Hanuman’s mistake, but whats more than a son for a mother, will her heart forgive Hanuman.

Raavan asks Mandodari what punishment do you want to give to this vanar. Mandodari asks will you punish him what I want. He asks her to say, I m ready to give cruel punishment to him, he did a big crime. She says if you want to punish him by my wish, then I want him to be freed. Raavan and everyone get shocked. Hanuman looks on.

Raavan says we have to cut this vanar’s body and send him from Lanka, he loves his tail right, Meghnadh burn his tail. Meghnadh asks soldiers to burn Hanuman’s tail. They light Hanuman’s tail and laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Wellwisher_aka_Krishnai

    |Registered Member

    Hi all….. do remember me???? twinkle heard you are unwell….. take care of urself da….

    hey guys hw r u all???? can any of u tell me hw many new members are there???

  2. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    RITI DEAR.. pls say us abt vanshu health… Did she gained conscious.. What was the doctor’s saying??! Plsss notify dear..

  3. Sara

    When Ravan wanted to kill Hanuman -it was Vibishan -his younger brother intervened and told that it was improper to kill a messenger . But SKR is showing Mandoodari comes in .
    I have a question -why SKR team changes the story all the time ???
    Ramayan is known to kids .

    • Wellwisher_aka_Krishnai

      |Registered Member

      well i m not sure about this part…… i shall check and clear your doubts…. but i m sure skr wont show wrong info…. they refer a lot and show the one preferred by most writers……

      • Malvi

        As this is sita’s perspective , this the Ramayana through sita’s eyes so there will be some changes…

  4. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Wow a nice epi…. Loved hanuman scenes….. But missing my sissyyys baldly… Pls god give strength to them???

  5. Veena

    I agree – Vibishan stops Ravan from Killing Hanuman. Actually SKR is making lots of variations. That’s what I don’t like .

  6. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Meria pls mind ur tongue mam. . We don’t want to know from u.. Who is fake and who is True so pls.. Pehle hi ham sab pareshan hai.. Our sister is in hospital.. Upar se aisa negative cmnt karke hamare naba di ko aise cheap Nam yeh sab use karke aur bhi pareshan mat keejiye.. We know abt us… Pls don’t say like that.. Sorry if my words hurted you… But ya jo aap NE kaha vo toh bahut hurting Tha..

  7. Jay

    |Registered Member

    Precab is fabulous really waiting for that part …Hanuman as always rocked the show………………Suprrr Episode…

  8. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    super epi…Hanuman’s scene was excellent… nd ritika hw s vanshu did she came to consiousnees ??skr family need her back soon!!!??

  9. Pujith

    Ohhh…. what happened to vanshu di and twinkle di…. Get well soon…skr family is really awaiting for you a lot.

  10. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    ya Priya di today madirakshi mam ka birthday hai…tho we all wish her a vry happy returns of d day to her….

  11. SKR fan

    Madirakshi in her BMW.
    Madirakshi with her mom on her birthday.
    Madirakshi and romanch Mehta. Birthday wishes.
    Madirakshi’s birthday celebration on sets.
    Vividhakirti wishes happy birthday to Madirakshi.
    Wishes from Yukti Kapoor.

  12. SKR fan

    Raavan is a ‘larger than life’ character: Karthik Jayaram
    Karthik Jayaram, the popular actor in Kannada industry has adapted very well to the Hindi small screen, and has been appreciated as Raavan in Nikhil Sinha’s ongoing show on Star Plus, Siya Ke Ram.

    The actor has been in the limelight ever since he bagged the role, and recognition is now coming from all over, even from world wide for Karthik.

    Talking about the acceptance of masses and classes, for his role of Raavan, the actor said, “It feels great to be playing Raavan as it is one of the best antagonistic characters in the world history. I feel blessed to play Raavan. When I got the role, I decided to look into few books of Asura and Raavan for more details. I worked a lot to create a unique mannerism of Raavan. My facial expressions got better, as I used to stand hours together in front of the mirror to get them right. Also I read more of Hindi to understand the language better. Above all, I took a crash course on taandav.”

    For Karthik, it was the character of Raavan that pushed him to lap it up. “I feel every individual has good and bad characterisitics. It is the situation that makes them to react. This is why Raavan’s character is so very relatable. If you look at me, I too get ego issues, and tend to become arrogant. The best aspect of Raavan is that he is ‘larger than life’.”

    Karthik is a workaholic to the core, and feels it too tough to get out of the character, when he is not shooting. “There are times when I come out of my character only when I sleep (laughs).”

    The best compliment for Karthik has come from the fact that he is called as a ‘cute’ Raavan. Talking about other memorable fan moments, the actor explained, “A crazy kid fan from USA called me, to only listen to my huge laughter; she is so very fond of me. And a fan has erected a huge Raavan’s hoarding in front of my house and that was a surprise.”

    Karthik is thankful to Star Plus and his Producers Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha for giving him global recognition through Siya Ke Ram. “I feel this is certainly a leap to my future opportunities. Nikhil Sinha is a passionate director and made me very comfortable as this was my first Hindi TV show. I have learnt a lot from him. Sohanna Sinha has been a wonderful person, and has taken care of Raavan’s look and character very well.”

    Lastly, Karthik appreciates the hard-working actor in Ashish Sharma. “He is a very professional guy, very friendly and sweet. There have been times when we have worked out together also.”

    Karthik, enjoy your success and stardom!!

    • meria

      u jobless fellow skr fan don’t u have any other work just sending links these links will not help u in future do study if u don’t have work

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      Sorry on behalf of Meria……….Thank You SKR fan for your effort ……….. We always like your pics and the info you give us …..One should have great patience to spend this much time to select pics one by one and the data u share with us….It great dear…..Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh

  13. CAA

    Didn’t Hanuman tear open his chest to prove his loyalty to Mata Sita?? I have grown-up hearing that.. and as far as I know, yes, Vibhishan used to be in Ravan’s court and from time to time he tried his best to bring Ravan on the path of dharm.. when Ravan announced Hanuman’s punishment, Vibhishan strongly opposed and also stated that it was not right to harm a messenger in any way..

  14. Malvi

    Awesome episode.. Really no words to speak though every1 say this Ramayana is different and hate it, pls understand this Ramayana is bit different from other Ramayana’s and it is thru sita’s eyes. Ive seen only some serials giving preference to woman and skr is one such series. And though you don’t want to catch the point there is no use of explaining. So let’s leave that. People who can understand will understand.

    Hope Vanshika and Twinkle is OK now. Guys pls get well soon. Without some people the group become tranquil and incomplete. My sincere prayers fot both of you . take care and pls keep faith in god. And Priya di don’t worry they all will be fine and don’t be sad.

    Krishnai di welcome and it is impossible to forget you 🙂

  15. Nabanita

    Guys I hope you all undestand my point of view why I tell to comment all.I only say this for wishing to vanshu and twinkle………….
    I only mean intention to only tell to increase the comments no.That’s all.

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      Dear Nabanita we know about U dear ……..U dont have to give explanation dear………

      • Nabanita

        Thanks jaydi for supporting me…..
        Thanks vaidehi,priya,padmaja dear☺☺☺
        I know that you all know me very well,and this time we are only praying for vanshu and twinkle??
        So leave it………

  16. joy

    Now 5 days weak begin in Siya ka ram….. Feeling bad………. Today share some link…… Plz visit……. I hope @vanshika is well now………………. Madirakshi birthday segment coming………. Comment…….

  17. Meghana

    |Registered Member

    TWINKLE……how r u dear tanu di said DAT u fell down from steps… Omg I m worried abt u plz tell how r u now???? Everything is fine naa….just came to know abt ur health

    • meria

      see this meghna maam didn’t know that her fake sis vanshu is hurt. so much love seriously

  18. hersha

    hello everyone …….. I was overwhelmed seeing your love towards twinkle and vanshika ……..
    and don’t worry….. she is fine…..soon she will back with a bang…..and thanks for welcoming me here…. you guys know twinkle is angry with me….the reason is that she strictly told me not tell anyone about her health…but see I told you guys about her health(she didn’t wanted to make you tensed) now she is angry with me…..but I am sure she will forgive me 🙂

    any news of vanshika ?

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      Heyyy hersha don’t worry dear she will surely forgive U ……Ask her to get fit soon and come back as her sisiters will be waiting for her……………

  19. Shivani

    |Registered Member

    male dominant society won’t accept this ramayan easily bcoz it is through the eyes of sita is shown strong and courageous.those people like to watch saathiya where women were crying whole tym.sorry for offense to the viewers


    Riti dear please say how is vanshu dear has she gained consciousness???

    Hersha u r such a sweet sis dear thank you so much twinkle is angry with u coz of us say to her that her tanu sis asked her not to be angry we’ll be waiting for her I know she’s a strong girl she’ll recover very soon. And come back with a bang and chat with her sissy’s ask her to take care of herself. And say to her that we all gave loads of love 2 her.????????????????

  21. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Hi everyone any news abt sissy vanshu??? Is she gained conscious???? And wat abt twinkle sissy.. Hope she is fine….. Pls come back dears …….. Waiting for u….☺☺?

  22. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Pls meria mind ur tongue….. u r saying fake sisters???? U didn’t have the right to say dis…. we knows our true love for our sissys… we r a family… a sweet fmly…. pls don’t hurt anyone by saying lke dis….

  23. Malvi

    @IDIOT MERIA :- Pls aware of that here no one know each other. Even though we make a good bond. If you don’t know to be in your limits pls learn doing so. But although u don’t wanna do that you can get lost. Human being shud make at least 2 people happy a day catch it.

    Though u say whatever abt skr it never matters bcoz every1 have a point of view. But as u said abt our sister vanshu that she was sick it shows how unconcerned you are. If you hate this group , don’t underestimate us !! If u continue this I have to just tell that you are an I-D-I-O-T

    But I’m sorry if I have hurted you bcoz I feel I have a good heart that says sorry ! 😐

  24. Haripriya

    This msg for Twinkle and Vanshu. U both are sweet and cute little sisters for me . I hope u both come back with great strength and a bang. Waiting for u both to comment . I will be praying for u both . Not only me but also everyone here.

  25. Haripriya

    My dear sisters please take care of u all as I care much of u all. I don’t want to hear one more accident/fracture. I would be commenting rarely but will be reading all ur comments. I’m missing the ones in hangouts . Ww di glad to see u back and it’s not possible to forget u di.

  26. meria

    hi every one i am meria i don’t have any personal grudges from u. but my friend ishika advised me that if u want anyone to like u first talk rudely to them and seek thier attention
    but now i have understood it was really very rude of me sorry sorry please SORRY VANSHU TWINKLE KRISHNAI DI , MEGHNA DI and NABANITA DI now please forgive me and accept me. i did all things just to seek your attention for asking friends sorry for this
    and i hope THAT VANSHU AND TWINKLE GET WELL soon {i know all of u cause i was a silent reader of this page} and i really adore VAIDEHI VANSHIKA NIDHI DI KRISHNAI DI MEGHNA DI AND ALL OF THE MEMEBERS OF THIS FAMILY
    please accept me please

    • Thanmathi

      |Registered Member

      Meria ignore the reply I posted above coz as u have been reading cmnt u will know that v share a true bonding in the family v love each other very much I can understand u did this coz of ur friends advice but it’s not that v have to do something hurting to get attention if ur love is true then ull automatically get it back so please don’t do it again u know this is a happy family of matured people so im sure they’ll understand but u shouldn’t do it again. ??? a hearty welcome to this family dear hope you enjoy here

      • meria

        thanks thanmati di for accepting me and i understand that i was wrong so please a big sorry and thanks for welcome i promise i will never be rude to anyone now pakka promise

        and can i call u tanu di just like others sorry i know i am asking this after being so rude to u but still if u don’t want please tell me ok

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Hi meria pls don’t do this again dear❤ but frm dis u can able to know that we are sharing a cute and true bond of friendship here… for getting attention love is enough dear… and i am happy to welcome u here…. i hope u’ll enjoy here…

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      Heyyyyyyyy Meria ………….Welcome to our family but pls dont try to break our trust …….As we are here share a good beautiful relation …..Surelly u will able to understand……Have a great day …………

    • Nabanita

      Ha ha???
      What a joke…..”lol did attention pane ke lie sab ko khalime itna bhala bura suna sakta hai?”
      What do you profit to do that?only negative comment and negetive thinking regarding you….
      But once you take apology then I am saying you plese once think before you do anything dear…you just not only hurt me s k r fan,Meghana everyone is hurt by you.
      From next time mind it Maria.
      The qn of your acceptence-hearty welcome☺☺

      • meria

        sorry nabanita di as my rudness started from u really sorry and now i understand that by doing bad i will get bad only
        and yes i will say sorry skr bro and meghna di
        and thanks for welcoming me

    • Malvi

      I’m so so so so so so so so SOS so sorry dear meria. I just scolded u very badly as just bcoz u misused vanshu and skr fan who are one of our sweetest members ever. But that’s OK just to seek attention don’t think that’s we all will forget you. We remember each and evey person though we forget their names we always keep them in our heart. That no probs but pls forget me from your bottom of the heart sister. So sorry feeling so sad !! Sorry ! And by the way welcome to the family and have tons fun!! Forget all the earlier comments !! And start a fresh one !! I bet u will get each and every happiness here !! :)??✌✌?⊙▽⊙?

    • Meghana

      |Registered Member

      Its okk meria di but plz don’t say DAT I m faking my luv I luv u all soooo much I was really shocked wen I saw ur cmnt I cried sooo much pls di don’t say like dat I luv vanshu and twinkle soooo much and everyone too

      • meria

        thanks meghna di and i am younger because i am 8th sorry for your tears i promise that none of your tears will be from my side sorry

    • Meghana

      |Registered Member

      Di plz do remember not only me, no one ll fake their luv here…..and didn’t u get any other way to join us???? Is this the way to enter into a family by scolding others in dat family????

    • Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome dear! I’m Soups! I know you shouldn’t have done what you did! But really glad that you accepted your mistake…..hope you have a good time hear and learn from everyone and we’ll learn from you too 🙂

    • iqura

      hey meria i am iqura u maybe knowing me as u said that u were a silent reader so please listen to me carefully this family is full of love trust and big heart so even if u would have entered the family kindly and sweetly u would have the attention and after that with good realations we would have became close but see after u have done by telling skr bhaiya jobless fellow, nabanita di cheap and meghna di telling her that she is faking her love and by telling krishnai di rudely i am sorry i cannot forgive u easily
      if u want all our forgivness then please be attentive on this page ask sorry from everyone u have hurt
      ok and welcome to our family where every one loves each other and no one fakes their love understrand

  27. Siya

    Please take care dear…..and get well soon…
    Sorry guys I’m buys with my college so I don’t get time to visit tu…sorry once again….
    Coming to episode lord hanuman will now burn Lanka na..!!! Waiting for it…?

    • Sanjana

      |Registered Member

      Where have u joined Di
      What course have u taken up???
      If I am not mistaken in gujcet board were u from science stream

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      Siya no need to be sorry dear………Happy that u r back…How R U ? & How is your study ???????

  28. Sanjana

    |Registered Member

    A Saturday holiday after so long visited this page was surprised to see meria comment. It is uneccasary for me to interfere and u don’t even know me.
    But it is my duty to tell what I want to u are friend ishika now that u have understood u need to make her understand by being the good friend. We all are attention seekers at some point of time but it could be done in eight way too dear. First impression is the best isn’t it.
    Rudeness garners attention seems a bit of India soap influence don’t take me wrong I am telling with experience so if ur fried watches serial just one thing not wrong to watch just don’t take too much of it into ur head. We are educated so analyse it before u accept in life. Use to tool of education in everything and such mistakes won’t happen. Unecassary negative vibes would cause no good dear. Just give it a thought ur intention was not wrong. I am ver rare here so welcoming u but don’t know if I would interact.
    P.S u ought to apologise to Skr fan u can’t call him useless and jobless. U know giving caption for links and choosing right pice too is a talent it takes a few mins and u can’t call it a waste of time though u don’t actually mean it
    I didn’t mean to hurt u
    Sorry if u feel I have no right to interfere but coudnt walk of my conscience stopped me
    Krishnai Di lovely dp
    Jai Siya ram

  29. Meghana

    |Registered Member

    And padmaja di, priya di,malvi and everyone guys tanq sooooo much I m soooo happy dat I hv sisters like u and I think I m the luckiest person in this whole world…..I m not able to control my tears dearies tnq soo much and a special tnx to my sweeeeet sissy tanu di….. Di I think v hv some connection from births u helped me in every situation and I still remember u r the first person welcomed me here and till now u supported me tnq soooo much my lovely sisterssssss and brossss

  30. Padmaja

    |Registered Member

    Any news abt vanshu and twinkle….. Pls ritika and Hersha take care of our sissy pls dear give info abt dem…. The sweet fmly is waiting for dem…

  31. ritika

    Vanshika is conscious guys ‼‼?

    And she’s terribly angry ? with me for tensing you guys ‼??
    She has asked you not to worry..
    “hi guys! I’m fine dears.. Don’t worry about me… I’ll b okay ? in some time… Twinkle twinkle sis take care my sweetie I’m sad ? that you’re not well ??.. Dears thnx fr ur love ❤.. Love u all n missin u? guys take care of your health.. Some bad luck has fallen on our family..n Maria di.. I’ll talk to u later.. Guys don’t reply to her bashers always bash.. I’ll ask ritika di to post some articles I’d written in note pad she’ll do it on Monday.. I’m missin u all n school ? terribly. Bt u don’t worry and enjoy

    ‼ .. Yours Vanshika”

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ooo vanshu dear happy to hear did… I cannot control my happiness?????????…. and we r missing u badly dear…. I know u will come back even more stronger☺☺☺☺

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      SO SOOOOOOOOOooooooo Happy to hear that vanshika……….We know U will be alright dear..Come back soon…….miss U & Love U…………

    • Nabanita

      Glad to know that you are ok…..get well soon dear.we all waiting for our cult sissy??

    • Meghana

      |Registered Member

      Tnq so much fr this great news ritika thank godd vanshu is alright hope she vl b cured soooo soon…….. ritika take care of vanshu…….v r worried abt our little sissy…..take care

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      Hey i m so happy…she gained conscious thank god…hey dear tum teek hone ke baad cmnt karo koi baat nahi…u r imp for us. And ur health is imp…ok??? Get well soon …perfectly fine…love u too sweetie…miss u

    • iqura

      hi vanshu i am happy that u got well. i know that my sister vanshu is very strong and she will recover very fast sory i was absent i didn’t know what happened to u but after going through last pages i know u met with an acccident n yes u r right some black eye is there on our family n don’t worry about meria she is good

  32. ritika

    An imaginative question..

    Ram and siya r sitting in a beautiful garden ?.. Ram asks siya.. Site.. What’s more dear to you..
    This nature ? ?????????✴ or your Raghunandan.❓❔❓❔
    Now you’ve to tell what’ll bhoomija, nature’s daughter and ram’s ardhangini choose… Only one ha….

    Credit to: Vanshika..
    Hope you’ll place ur opinions ?

    • Lakshmila

      |Registered Member

      i think she’ll choose raghunandan kyu ki jab sita vaikunth chale jayenge tab toh unke paas sirf ram hi honge na aur wo hi unke liye nature hain

    • iqura

      i think she will choose raghunandan becuse where her raghunandan is there there will be nature too and for a wife her husband is here nature world and everything

  33. Rajdip

    Where is 2nd July 2016 written update?

    Msg from Team: Siya Ke Ram is now Mon-Fri only due to Dance Plus 2.

  34. Nabanita

    Oh I am very very missing hanuman……
    But I have a question,this week so interesting and good epi of s k r ….but trp is so low????

  35. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @meghana…u send me any mail???i didnt open my email…so dont know abt it…

    @meria dear…welcome to our family…ignore my reply to u …i got angry when u said fake…as we r true sisters, eventhough we cant meet…our love is true for each other

  36. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member


  37. Thanmathi

    |Registered Member


    • Nabanita

      Who said you tanu that we are offended by you?we all accept meria simply☺☺ and I both do why we be offended dear?
      And you say me that you all know me very all like that we all know you very the family we all know all the members very don’t worry.
      And if you ask sorry to us then I will be very angry with you ??
      There is no reason to tell sorry us.
      God bless you.

      Your Nabanita di

    • Jay

      |Registered Member

      It’s nothing like that thanmathi …What made u to feel like that ………We do accepted meria as a member .She did wrong dear but as she accepted that she was wrong we can give her 2nd chance

    • Padmaja

      |Registered Member

      Ya dear at first she did mistake but she has accepted dat…. So we have to give her second chance…. And i accepted her as a sweet member in our sweet family… And wat made u to feel like dat dear????

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      What’s wrong in welcoming her when she accept her mistake.. Even I welcomed her. But y r u saying this??

  38. Sanju

    @ Tellyupdates had submitted an article yesterday as
    juvenile justice in Skr or mb
    Since I was registered member didn’t see words in green u have successfully submitted a post
    It’s going to be 24 hrs now am having a problem with my mail account so can’t mail you
    P.S Hoping to see it posted soon
    Thanks in advance

  39. Pujith

    I am really very very very happy to know that vanshu di is fine….☺☺☺Take care di…Skr family is really waiting for us…

  40. Lakshmila

    |Registered Member

    a short poem on siam. i know that its not the crrct time to post it but doing it bcoz i may forget the poem.




      • Padmaja

        |Registered Member

        Vanshu got hit by a bike while riding a cycle… She was hospital I zed…. And now she gained consciousness…. And twinkle had fractured her right hand by felling down in the stairs…. So pls pray for dem dear

  41. Haripriya25

    |Registered Member

    Welcome to our sweet family meria dear. Nice that u apologised for ur mistake and please don’t do it again as it may create bad impression on u . I hope u take this as a advice from me . I’m Haripriya in class 9.

  42. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hi… Gud mrng guys.. Today I have a selection for inter school competition in my schl… So pls do pray for me guys..

    Bye.. Have a great day..

    @RITI.. Can I pls know abt vanshu’s health?? Pls dear..

    @HARSHA..hey dear pls say abt twinkle??

  43. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    hey guys…thank u so much for ur wishes…i done my competition very well… i didnt get stuck in btw..while saying 2 is kamba ramayana and the next is bharathiyar padalgal..i have done it well. dont know when they will say the results..hope for the best…its all bcoz of ur wishes and prayers..

  44. vaidehi

    Today in school our English literature teacher told us that ram and ravan were equal on power but one was in the good side and the other in the evil side. So happy that she compared paradise lost to Ramayana. Guys she compared it thrice. So nice na ???? Any news abt vanshu and twinkle ???? Hope that are in gud health. Pls dear hersha and riti di pls tell???? Watch the epi today… Bye bye

  45. lakshmila

    guys pls share ur email ids (if its prsnl) coz we can chat there too. i’m ur vaidehi only in this name and sometimes i’ll comment as vaidehi and sometimes by lakshmila

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..