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Siya Ke Ram 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram running to see Sita. Sita looks towards the mountains. Ram comes running and sees the group has gone. Sita stops and turns. Ram and Sita catch a glimpse of each other. Vishwamitra tells Ram that Mithila’s Rajkumaris have gone, women and children went with them, we are ready and waiting for Tadaka’s attack. Ram asks him is it necessary to kill Asurs, can’t we change their heart, maybe Tadaka turned evil by her problems, can’t we give a chance to Tadaka to walk on Dharm and humanity way. Vishwamitra asks why is his heart in dilemma.

Ram asks is killing a woman not bad. Vishwamitra says yes, but what type of woman is Tadaka, and speaks against her. He says she killed innocent people only to show her power. Ram your Dharm is to protect people from this torture,

Tadaka does not deserve any pity or forgiveness, she is our enemy, we have no option that to kill her. Ram apologizes. Vishwamitra says no need to apologize, I know your heart is pure and sensitive, I m glad that you told me your thoughts and cleared your dilemma before battle started.

Janak asks the girls are they fine. Sita says yes, we came on time. He asks about Kushadwaj. Mandvi says he came with me, Vishwamitra said he does not need army, and got Dasharath’s two sons with him. Sita recalls Ram. Urmila looks at Sita. Janak says if Vishwamitra took this decision, he would have thought well, its not possible for everyone to face Asurs, Lord protect both sons of Dasharath, now you go, your mothers are waiting to meet you. He stops Sita and asks her is she fine. She says yes. He asks her to take rest. She leaves.

Janak recalls Parshuram and Rishi’s words to choose Sita’s life partner. Laxman tells Ram that the environment has peace. Ram asks him to be alert, its time to do the work Vshwamitra gave them. Laxman says sure. They see some bats coming towards the ashram.Vishwamitra also sees this. Ram says they are going towards ashram, you manage here, I will stop them. Laxman says yes and looks at the bats flying. Tadaka laughs. Rishi asks Vishwamitra can’t they leave, how will his two warriors face such big Asur army. Vishwamitra says Ram alone is enough for them.

Ram sees the Asurs on the trees and rides on the horse. Ram Ram……………plays………. Ram fires a lighting arrow and kills some Asurs. Veer veer sahasi…………plays…………… it starts thundering. Vishwamitra says it means Ram used Agni Astra on right time. Rishi says but fire can burn the jungle too. Ram looks on as the fire balls roams and kills just Asurs. Ram looks at the moon and throws an arrow in the air. It starts raining. Vishwamitra looks on and smiles. Ram kills more Asurs by shooting arrows on them. Mangale bhavana………….plays………. Vishwamitra says I m proud of you Ram.

Laxman beats the Asurs and defends their attacks. Subahu warns Laxman. Laxman takes his sword and says a warrior is known by his skills. Mareecha threatens him and laughs. Tadaka comes to Ram and sees him.

Tadaka says I have sent my army and Vishwamitra has sent you two. Ram says I m giving you a last chance, if you go peacefully, then I will request Vishwamitra to forgive you, as you are a woman and I will not lift my weapons my you. He says you don’t know your death is infront of you. He says I m not afraid of you. She says you should be, and turns into a big dragon bat. Ram looks on. Vishwamitra looks at the mountains hearing the sound.

Tadaka beats Ram and Laxman and says you both will die now. She throws some magical balls on them. Shathanand tells Sita about Ram and Laxman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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