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Siya Ke Ram 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram asking Kaushalya about Shanta. He asks why this idol here. Kaushalya says she had to go. He asks where. She says your dad got blessed to have sons, you four brothers’ birth got possible after sending her away and sacrificing relation with her. He gets shocked. Sita and Urmila come to Mandvi and Shruthkirti. Sita asks them to have food, Sunaina made it for them. Sita pacifies them and says she will come to meet them, and they can also come to meet them. She says she will get her toys and they can take it along. Mandvi says we will stay with everyone, in our big family.

Ram asks Kaushalya why did she hide this from him. She says as it was better to hide. I don’t want you to doubt on your parents and think about your dad. He asks her to trust him. She says she

can’t be blamed more for this, I can’t say anything. He says fine, I will ask Pita ji. She stops him and says your dad is not able to forget it, he does not want me to tell this to you, he calls you mature. He asks why did you punish me like this. She says I m punishing myself, not anyone else, why did not I stop her, why is my daughter living a Rishi life, she would have been a princess here with all luxuries. She cries. Ram holds her and pacifies.

Kaushalya says its true, that I got a son after Shanta’s tyaag. She asks why was the need to get son so important to sacrifice your daughter. He says your dad always wanted a son and was worried so much. She says Shanta was very smart and brave. FB shows Shanta fighting with the men and showing her swordfighting skills. Dasharath and Kaushalya look on.

Dasharath says amazing Shanta and looks on how she is mastering the skills. He says you have so many skills, I wish you were born as my son. Shanta gets sad. Kaushalya tells Ram that Shanta got sad seeing her dad not valuing her as a son. She says then Dasharath married Sumitra and Kaikeyi, but he did not get a son, I also wanted my son, but my first child was special, she was my daughter, she made me a mother. Kaushalya says as years passed, Dasharath’s worry increased and he met Guru Vashisht, asking about his Rajya, who will be his heir, my Rajya will end. FB shows Guru saying nothing ends, this is a circle, day and then night and then day, seasons come and go, then come.

Dasharath asks what will Praja say that I could not get a son, I will not get Mukti if I don’t get a son, I m not able to bear this, guide me, I want a son. Guru says there is one way, but very tough. Dasharath says I will make impossible possible, tell me. Guru tells him once Maharishi was doing Tapasya on top of mountain, Dev has sent Urvashi to end his Tapasya, Maharishi’s Brahmacharya broke and then his son was born, then Urvashi went back to Devlok, this thing showed women in bad light to Maharishi, he felt a burden of his failure, he wanted his son to do his Tapasya and did not let him know women exist in world, there are no women on that mountain, if any woman tries to go there, she will die, if any woman is sent there and reach that Rishi, if there is yagya done there then its possible you will get a son. FB ends.

Kaushalya says then Dasharath was worried to think how to bring Rishi here. FB shows Dasharath tells Kaushalya that many women tried to go there, no one succeeded to reach there, what shall I do. Shanta hears him and says I will go there. Kaushalya asks her to think what is she saying, your dad will be hurt. Shanta says I can’t see dad sad, I will go there. Kaushalya asks Dasharath to say something. Dasharath gets thinking and turns his face. Kaushalya cries and asks how can you think this. Shanta gets teary eyed and smiles. She takes his blessings. She leaves. Kaushalya asks Shanta to stop. She says you can do this Maharaj, stop her. He goes. She says don’t let her go.

Shanta dresses as Rishikanya and asks other women to go, she will travel alone from here. She goes to that mountain. FB ends. Kaushalya says her relation with Dasharath changed, it was not like before, she did not know whom she did not forgive, Dasharath or herself. She says when Shanta’s clothes and jewelry came back, when I got it, I made Shanta’s idol, I did not let her get away from me, some people think I m mad, but I know I would have turned mad if I did not make this idol.

FB shows Shanta doing yagya with Rishi. Kaushalya tells Ram that Shanta has got that Rishi to do yagya, she was Rishipatni, she was free of all relations, she looked very pretty, she did not look my Shanta, she came and went, after doing the yagya for us. FB ends. Ram says I want to meet her, I will talk to dad, he won’t stop her. She cries. He promises to make Shanta meet with their mum, and ends Kaushalya and Dasharath’s distance.

Ram tells Dasharath that he got to know everything about Shanta. Dasharath gets shocked. Chandra cries and says her daughters are nowhere in palace. Sita thinks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I dnt even understand the movie,I only like the song

  2. the story is not seem interesting… From the day 1 most of the scenes are sad/ sorrow. why dont u take it interestingly..

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