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Siya Ke Ram 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharat apologizing to Kaushalya. Kaushalya holds him and says its not your mistake, Ram, Sita and Laxman know this too. She says when Ram got to know about promises, he became very happy, because you were going to become king, he requested Praja that they should love you same, you are dear to Ram, we all know this, and that’s why, you have to manage Ayodhya’s rule now, this is necessity and you have to do this, you have to accept your duty. He says no, the throne on which Ram has to sit, I can’t increase my sin burden more by sitting on that throne, whatever happened was not in my control, but whatever will happen now is in my control. He cries.

Ram tells Rishi that he got peace in heart by doing final rites of the deer, thanks to you for allowing me. Sita says

the deer’s death sorrow was not less than sorrow of any loved one for us. Ram says that’s why, we want to do ved paath for the deer’s soul peace. Bharat says I don’t deserve to become the king, I m not suitable. Guru Vashisht says Bharat, do you believe that Ayodhya’s betterment is most imp for Ram. Bharat says yes.

Guru Vashisht says if Ram was the king, then Ayodhya’s betterment would be secured, but even then he accepted vanvaas, why, Ram did that as he was sure that his most dearest brother is suitable to become Ayodhya’s king, if you really love Ram, then learn to respect Ram’s belief, this is your test. You have to face tough situation and serve your duty, I gave four brothers this teachings in gurukul, you have to do son’s duty first, you have to do Dasharath’s final rites first. They cry.

Mandvi and Kaushalya console Bharat. Bharat says I can’t do this Maa. Rishi tells Ram thought about Ved Paath maryada for a deer’s soul peace, just you could think of this Ram, you proved that animals and human’s soul are equal to you, this is the truth, there will be one more benefit, the moment the deer died, if any living being died at that time, that person will also get Moksh. Dasharath’s final rites are done by Bharat. Everyone cry. Ram is doing Ved paath for deer’s soul peace. Rishi tells about the Ved, the sound produced by the ved spreads around the world, whomsoever’s final rites are done at this time will have a place in heaven.

Shatrughan looks on. Bharat gives fire to Dasharath’s funeral. Shatrughan thinks whoever has made my father die, its time to punish that person. Rishi says Ved paath is over. Ram thanks Rishi for completed Ved paath with them. He says after completing this, my heart got peace, all the restlessness ended. Sita says yes, all doubts and fears ended by Ved mantras. Rishi says you know why, we are sorrowful by some things, by Ved mantra, our sorrowful heart gets calmed.

Shatrughan comes to Mantra’s Kaksh and ruins the things. Mantra asks what are you doing, stop. Shatrughan says your sin pot has got complete, you ruined Raghukul, you are responsible for my father’s death. He drags her out. Mantra shouts for help. Kaikeyi comes there and stops Shatrughan telling about Dharm and Raghukul’s rituals. Shatrughan says you do not look good to say about Dharm and traditions of Raghukul.

Kaikeyi says Mantra is like my mother, Bharat also regards her mother. Shatrughan says she has poisoned our Raghukul, its better not to have such mother. Kaikeyi commands him to stop, and says I m your mum. Shatrughans anger is at peak and he argues. He says you lost all rights to give command, you are not my mother anymore. He takes out sword and says move off my way, else I will forget you are Bharat’s mother. He drags Mantra and takes her out. Mantra asks Kaikeyi to save her. Kaikeyi cries.

Ram asks Rishi to allow them to go ahead. Rishi says Ganga Yamuna joining link is pure place for Rishis, I wish you stay with us in my ashram for 14 years, you won’t have any problem here. Ram says we will always be thankful for your love, but this place is close to Ayodhya, its not good for our vanvaasi life to meet Ayodhya’s people, because of this reason, it will be good if we leave from here. Rishi says your worry is right. Ram requests him to guide them, which place will be good for their sanyaasi life. Rishi tells him the place for Rishi, muni, sanyaasi, there are many ashram there, Sita won’t have any problem there, you can stay there with other Rishis. Ram thanks him for guiding them, and takes leave. Rishi blesses them. Ram, Sita and Laxman leave from the ashram.

Shatrughan pushes Mantra out of the Raj bhavan. Mantra asks Praja to save her, injustice is happen with her. Shatrughan tells Praja that Dasharath died and Ram went for vanvaas because of her, she is culprit of Raaghukul and entire Praja, so you all have right to punish her, you all decide now. Praja gets angry on her and says she has no right to be alive. He takes stone. Mantra cries and recalls her dream. She starts laughing and says I m Mantra, I m Kaikeyi’s Daasi, no one can punish me, I will change everyone’s fate and ruin them. Praja throw stones at her. She runs from there. Shatrughan looks on.

Bharat pushes Kaikeyi and says you have no relation with us and our Kul. Rishi Jabali says I m shocked to see you lost your senses such that you don’t realize your mistake, if you realized, your crime would have not let you be alive, this is your bad fate. Kaikeyi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

    great epi…

    1. Wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      achoo…. poor mantra…. getting ncyly…

      1. Akanksha sharma

        Ya dear..ww manthra got wht she deserved…..I was waiting fr this from so long….it happened ….now I am very happy

  2. sarayu (honey)

    shatrugn’s acting is superb

    1. Wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan

      true di…… shatrughna rocked today…. every day anyone rocks the show…

  3. Ooooo? first time shatrughn angry. Now manthra will get what she deserves.
    Today Danish said in an interview that he drinks 5 litre of milk and half kg ghee daily.

    1. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      5 litres?????? OMG!!!!!!!! and yes 1st time cute baby got angry….

  4. Nice episode
    Shatrughn very good
    Bharat feeling very guilty pavum
    Kausaliya is really great

  5. awesome episode
    i liked shatrughan’s scene today
    manthra deserved it
    good shatrughan keep it up

  6. Kaikeyi deserves it but feel sad to see her crying
    Maybe Ramji influence
    This will be my last comment today as I am busy
    Gud night
    Anybody watched seedhayin raaman today
    Can u give me short summary of what happened today if possible

    1. Hi sanju…. I watched seedhayin Raman today. Ram and lakshman was invited to have food made by sita…… He tells that the spicy dish is his favorite…. And then he tells that which dish is very spicy , today he feels that dish is very sweet ……. And this can only happen due to the soil of mithila
      and the one who knows art of making food…… Then ravan scene in that tatik a snake comes and ravan tells him to create a water storm in mithila and make janak to realize whom he has insulted….. Then ram writes a letter to kaikeyi and tells lakshman to send it to ayodhya as soon as possible….. Then sita thinks abt ram lifting shiv dhanush …… Urmila tells sita that we both will go to gowri temple…..
      Precap shows that tatik creates a water storm in mithilaand sita sees the water in river and feels something wrong is going to happen in mithila…. Ram and sita will be shown near river… Ram stands in front of sita to face the water storm…….

      Sanju tell me which board do u study????

      Telly updates plz plz post my comment

      1. Amazing episode.. Our siya k ram fan club is best..

  7. nice episode manthra deserve it

  8. Today’s episode was nice.mantara got punishment by the prajas.even in those time the prajas were enjoying a Democratic and free life in ayodhya. They had the right to speak and also to punish!but one incident took place in Ramayana after ravana’s death .the soul of king dasaratha will appear before ram sita and laxman and say “ram today i am very happy. Now i understood why u went for vanvaas! U saved the world from the adarma ravana and made the world peace!and he also wished sita as”sita u helped ram in every ways and no women Will be equivalent to u for ur chastity thereafter! And lord ram will also ask a boon to him not be angry with kaikeyi and Barath!the soul will accept it! Jai sita ram!

  9. Hi everyone!!! I am back and 11th exams r over and I am going to 12 th in may!!!! And siya ke ram is OK going because of van scenes and funeral scenes!!! ???? and did everyone’s exam go well?? What about zara ww akanksha sharma and nidhi di?/ how r U all?? ???

    1. Zara di had fractured her hand and Nidhi di her leg . I’m fine di and what about u . All the best for ur 12 class life

      1. Omg Ggggggg ???????why? How did it happen di??? And how both at the same time?? Yes di I am fine thank U haripriya!!!

    2. Honey (Sarayu)

      I am fine dhi. What course are you taking I mean MCC or BiPC?

    3. Honey (Sarayu)

      I mean MPC.

    4. Akanksha sharma

      I am f9 dear…..wht abt u ….happy fr u ur 11th exams got over so congracts….

    5. If i am not wrong u r on Twitter???☺
      Plz reply

    6. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      sruthi di hari is younger than u…… nidhi n zara both are better now…. zara everyday in twitter chats with us….. i m present here only… nidhi sends msg when ever possible…… hw did ur exams go??? mine went well…. except for bio n phy…… i m well… hw r u??? ya skr is okay but the death of dasharath was outstanding….. he acted supernly…..

    7. Hi di….I am fine …how abt u di…..??? All the best for 12th standard…..

  10. Shatrughan???

  11. Hi everyone… How r u all? Gd episode….. It was emotional……. Poor manthara…. But she deserves it…..for all wt she has done…
    Today shatrugan’s scene was gd…. First time he is angry…..
    Awesome episode +sad also
    Everyone’s acting was superb…..

    1. Akanksha sharma

      I am fine dear….what abt u …ya shatrughan scene was mind blowing……maza as gya….manthra got what she …..had scene in her dreams…..

      1. I am fine di….

    1. Tysm fr those links !!

    2. Akanksha sharma

      Thanxx fr the links bro…

  12. hi guyz nice episode i mreally exicted to watch tomorrors episode
    n guyz i have just now create a twitter account n my name is sita5114 n profile ll be a gorgous hair so please follow me n i ll surelly follow u

    1. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      okay di….

      1. Di… I have created twitter account my username is brindhavindhya and profile is sita in siya ke ram ….. Pls follow me and I will surely follow u …..

  13. Nice episode ! I got to c every1 having enough guts ! ??✌✌?
    Shatrughan did well !!
    Donno why missing Lakshmila sooooo muccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ???waiting from Bajrangbali’s entry ! 😉

    By the way pls don’t feel bad… April fool day to every 1 🙂

    # Can’t wait for tomorrow

  14. haripriya you are in pink dress
    in fb dp.
    in which class you are?

    1. Yes ur right di and I’m in 9th now finished 8th exams

  15. Get well soon nidhi di…. Zara di….
    Where is sumi,anjali, mahe,ishita di…, pooja di..,akanksha di..,srinithi di…, vrinda di.., brinda di..,sara,malvi,Veronica di.., sita di.., nita di..,yazhini di..,jay di..,stuti di.., bhoomi di….and all the others ……
    Gd everyone…… Swt dreams….

    1. Sanjana(Sara)

      I am here di☺

    2. Honey (Sarayu)

      I am her di. How are you?

    3. I’m here Brindha…sorry I was busy with schoolwork this week

    4. Akanksha sharma

      I am here dear….no gud night from my side bkzzz its morning now I am late…so gud morning dear

  16. OMG rocking performance of was so pity to see Bharat. All becoz of Kaikeyi and manthra . manthra deserves it . but I am happy. Show more ram siya scenes and also Bharat mandvi scenes becoz there was no scene with them together properly.waiting for Hanuman ji to enter into the show!!!!!

  17. Sanjana(Sara)

    Superb episode.
    Shatrughan rocked today.
    Manthara really deserved it.

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Ya really sanju he rocked perfectly today

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Di where were u? Missing u so much.

  18. Frm tdy my xm ovr…tdy epsd awsm…hw r u all…hw my dr sita wrte ur xm??????…

    1. hi yaazhini dear how r u . i did my xams well n what about u .now v have to prepare for entrance na anyway we can be little it freee na

  19. Hey Wat abt lakshmila ff?? Y r u not writing it

  20. Today’s episode is rocking friends

  21. Hei hanuman sita va ravanam thukum pothu thanae hanuman varuvar unmaithanae

    1. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      ama paa….. wait pani paropoem pa…. tamilian na? but i heard that somehwere that they meet before her abduction…. not sure….

  22. hi everyone im new here . but i’m a silent reader so far. can i join ur family deariess?

    1. Hi, welcome to SKR fan club ?

    2. Hy Sakthi Pooja, U R Whole Heartily Welcome to our Pyaari si Family……..Can u tell abt urself ???

      1. Akanksha sharma

        Rachu Di ur eyes r so beautiful….

      2. Hi rachu di…… Missed u di…..

      3. ???#Akanksha……..& Hy Brindha……I missed u too……..I find u on Twitter…….

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Welcome…sakthipooja dear…or Di if u r elder…than me.may I know in which class u r and where r u from…only if its not personal…

    4. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      why not?Welcome to our sweet Siya ke ram family and fan club…

    5. Welcome to skr family sakthipooja …… Can u tell abt urself………

      1. Hi . Iam completed my 12th std dears. Im from chennai. But native is madurai. Im very happy that u all welcomed me. Could you please introduce urselves?

  23. Q: Please tell us something about Hanuman?
    It is said that the Ramayana is happening in your own body. Your soul is Rama, your mind is Sita, your breath or life-force is Hanuman, your awareness is Laxmana and your ego is Ravana. When Sita (mind) was stolen by Ravana (Ego) then Rama (soul) got restless. Now the soul (Rama) cannot reach the mind (Sita) on its own, it has to take the help of the breath (Hanuman) – the prana. With the help of the prana ( Hanuman) the mind (Sita) got reunited with the soul ( Rama) , and the ego (Ravana) vanished. This is the spiritual significance of the story. 😀

    1. Wow…thanks for the info ?

    2. Akanksha sharma

      Thank u dear sriranjani…fr this beautiful explanation… Awesome

    3. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

      u missed lakshman di…. When was Sita(mind) stolen by Ravana (ego) it was Lakshman (awrareness) who made Ram(soul) to realise SIta being stolen…… di really a beautiful explanation….. pinnitinga akka…..

    4. Thanks sriranjini di… For sharing this info…..

  24. hi all
    I was unable to watch the show so I will catch them on tomorrow 11.30 am.
    eagerly waiting for shatrugnance performance.
    I m missing lakshmila too much.
    I have read that lakshman will serve ram and sita for long 14 years without sleep.and urmila will sleep for only pending expectation on lakshmila are those scenes.
    not only that lakshman will make hut for them and will do his duty well as both baiya and devar . I m pakka sure karan will rock.
    also waiting to see our hanumanji.
    are u guys exited?
    hai jay did see India forum -lakshmila readers desk ?
    ok bye guys.

  25. Veronica crouze

    can anyone tell me how many years ram sita spent in chitrakut and how many years in dandaka forest?wasn’t sita abducted frm dandaka forest?

  26. Yeah ram spent only afew months in chitrakudam after Barath came he left from there and went to aranya forest and spent their vanvaas for 13 years.dsita was abducted in panchavadi ashram

  27. Nice dp everyone ?

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Urs do is also very nice srinidhi dear….its mouni na…

      1. Yes thank you ?

      2. May I know which grade u r in so that I know if u are older than me?

    2. Hi srinidhi di…. Ur dp is also looking gd…..

      1. Thank u Brindha:)

  28. oh nice ……..
    thanks for sharing the info gokul

  29. ishita I have sent frei d request on Fb please confirm it.

  30. Far better than YHM

  31. Wellwisher Siya ke ram fan

    Gud news to well wisher of nidhi….

    got msg from her…. she is getting recovered fast than expected to be…. doctor said seems….. she s missing u all so much….. she thanked u all for ur wishes and blessings….

    Tellyupdates pls post all my comments…. ppppplllllllzzzzzzz………. especially this one………..

    1. Thanks for the good news ww di…i hope she gets well soon ?

  32. Oh thank God nidhi di… Is recovering fast ….. Miss her a lot….. She has not been commenting for soooo many days…….
    Oh its a gd news ww di………
    If u get any news abt her then pls tell us ww di….

  33. Akanksha sharma

    Oh really a very gud news for all of us…..I am thankful to god that our sweet sister is getting well so fast…plzzzz god shower ur blessings on her….and make her fit and fine soon…..missing u nidhi….thanx fr the news dear ww…

  34. it,s good news

  35. Hi guys, today I have posted a new ff on Lakshmila. Hope tellyupdates posts it fast and hope you all like it.And pls don’t forget to comment. And everyone’s dp is superb.

    1. Hi anjali…. How r u???

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    Whoever has Twitter account pls give ur name i will follow u all

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  38. Missed the episode…? but thanksuso much for the updates…☺

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