Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram saying you said you had to go to jungle and take Rishi’s blessings. She says yes, when shall we leave. Ram asks Sita to prepare for going to jungle, we shall leave in Brahmamahurat. She smiles and thanks Mata. Ram cries. Sita thanks Mata for helping Ram in taking decision in Dharm Sankat situation. Ram leaves. Hanuman gets bananas and says I have visited Mata Anjani by Ram and Sita’s permission, I did many tasks at Anjan Pradesh, I should leave for Ayodhya, Mata Janki used to give me tasty fruits in Ayodhya, now I will gift her tasty fruits of Anjan Pradesh.

Laxman cries and goes to Sita’s kaksh. He steps back from the door. He recalls Ram’s command and stops. He enters the Kaksh and looks for Sita. He calls her out. Sita comes and says Laxman. He gets

shocked seeing her in sanvasi clothes. He asks her why are you in sanyasi clothes. She says we are going to take blessings of Rishis, I have wish of not visiting them in Rajyasi clothes. He says chariot is ready. She asks about Ram. He says Ram is busy in some Rajya work, he asked me to take you, come. He goes out and cries. Antar mann kaise………..plays……. She gets flowers in a basket and asks Laxman to come. She steps out of her Kaksh and smiles.

She stops Laxman and says this never happened that I had to go somewhere alone without Ram. He says Ram would have come if he could, its not his personal wish, he is bounded by Rajya work. She says but I have to meet him before leaving. He says we are getting late. She says but I won’t go without meeting him. He asks her to stop. She goes to Kaksh and knocks the door. Ram cries and does not answer.

Laxman asks Sita to come, we should not get late, maybe Ram is resting, he would be tired by much Rajya work, so he is not able to hear us. She says yes, you would be right, Ram would be sleeping, this never happened that I called Raghunandan and he did not hear me. She keeps a flower at the door. Ram reaches the door and cries. Laxman asks Sita to come. Sita turns to see the flower. Ram stands against the door and cries. Sita gets tearful eyes and leaves. Laxman asks her to come. The flower flies by air and gets inside the door. Ram picks the flower and sits crying.

Laxman and Sita are on the way. Ram Siya……plays………… Laxman drives the chariot and cries. Sita sees the jungle and smiles. Its morning, Laxman and Sita walk in the jungle. Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, there is no sign of Rishi’s ashram, why are you silent, do you know ashram route, why are you crying, where are we, are you hiding anything from me. Laxman cries and says I never imagined that you will stay in this nirjal van/arid jungle. She asks my stay in nirjal van, what are you saying, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings according to Ram’s command and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and forgive me, I m just following Ram’s command, and according to his command, you can’t return to Ayodhya. She asks Ram’s command. He says yes, Ram has sacrificed you to protect his Rajdharm and Kul. She gets shocked and drops the flower basket.

She asks why is he joking with her. He says I m not joking, I m saying truth. She says no Laxman, Ram can’t do this with me, I can believe anything, but not this, Ram can never get separated from me. Laxman cries. Sita looks at him.

She asks Laxman to say once that he is saying lie, he misunderstood Ram, this can’t happen. Laxman says forgive me, but this is the truth, that Ayodhya’s king Ram has abandoned the queen Sita. She says Laxman, even if Lord tells this to me, I will not believe this, I did not do any crime that Ram gives me such big punishment, he never did injustice with anyone, and I m his Sita.

Laxman says what you are saying should be true and what I m saying should be lie, but I m obeying Raja Ram’s command, and his command is that you can’t return to Ayodhya, and this nirjal van will be place to reside.

Ram says Sita, I know when you will know that Ram has abandoned you, whose love you believed so much, you will shatter, but its my bad fate that I had no option, I did not make you away from me, I have made my life, happiness and existence away from me Sita, I know you will never believe my decision, but you have to accept this as this is fate of Ram and Siya’s love. Sita shatters and cries. Laxman shouts Bhabhi and cries. He asks Sita is she fine. She says the woman who is abandoned by her husband, how can she stay fine, if you know Ram’s decision, you will know the reason, can you tell me why Ram left me, what was my mistake that I got this big punishment, does Ram doubt on my purity after Agnipariksha, I always obeyed Patni Dharm, what mistake did I do that Ram left me, did my service, love and care had anything less, why did he turn his face away, his love and faith were always basis of my life, and now he has abandoned me, why Laxman.

Laxman says no Bhabhi, Ram’s love and faith is firm for you like sky and land, your husband did not give this command, Ayodhya’s king Ram gave this command.

Sita says society will always say that Sita was impure, and that’s why Ram has abandoned me, Ayodhya king Ram has not left any option for me than to give up my life. Laxman gets shocked and asks her to stop. Sita cries and runs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Swastika

    Some typo errors * its netron not neutron.. Its apne not apnea …its hain not gain..
    Frainds read and comment …

  2. Even after everything that happened, I don’t know why people say, “Ram SIta ki jodi jaise”, as if its a compliment.

  3. Lakshmila

    All the best ? to all of u those who hv there examzzzz…… U all will rock it with d the blessings from lakshminarayan…..

    Plsss place ur votes and cmnts dearies….

    @joy bro and @vanshu darling ur links made me dance wid happiness…. Awesome….. Bt sad dat skr is gonna end in the month of November….

    @jayani sweetie …. I am suchetana from WB and I am in class 8 & 14 yrs old….. No need to be sry for ur cmnt bcoz this is a place where we get to share all our feelings…. I too didn’t like Ashish bro at first bt gradually I started liking him…….

    From suchetana (your suchi or vaidehi)

  4. Lakshmila

    Swastika awesome likhechis bon…… Tui na akta bhalo book ? likhte parbi karon tor poems gulo sotti osadharon….

    1. Padmaja

      Hey suchi dear check the pm dear…

  5. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)

    GOODNESS TO ALL SOYA KE RAM FANS….. Siya ke ram will go off air only on mid-november………

    Refer the following link

    OKay HI ALL……. HOPE THE OLD MEMBERS ARE STILL THERE TO REMEMBER ME…… How are ur exams going on thanu n priya????? and all others????

    actually busy with my quarterly exams……. i would like to join the skr family during my quarterly holidays……. can i?????

    hope i get a reply this time atleast unlike the last time…………

    1. wellwisher aka krishnai (skr fan)
      1. Yes d….enakku naalaiyoda quaterly exams naalioda mudiyuthu and is there any msg from Nidhi ?

      2. My exams r going on difficult…….nd tomorrow is myladt che exams…..the big difficult exam……urexams?

    2. Padmaja

      Hi ww dear happy to see ur cmnt dear and how we will forget u ah??? Pls don’t say dat ok .. and ya u can join no permissions at all.. we will be happy to join with u…. amd all best for ur xams…

    3. Anushya

      hello wellwisher di… so happy to meet u……. di u can come anytime to this family…. u r a very important member…. dont forget to visit on the last day of skr ok di?? i am talking to u for the first time…

  6. Padmaja

    Swastika dear it is superb and I just loved it and I am fine dear… amd dont miss the epi n catch it in hotstar ok…

    And vanshu happy to see ur cmnt and the links which u send made me very happy…

    And joy bro the links r awesome bro.. loved it…

    Suchi dear loved the links u shared and all the best for ir gk xam dear.

    And anushya jayani preethi ur dp is awesome just luv it….

    And all the best for those who r having xams

    1. Jayani

      Thank u padma akka

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      thanks di….

    3. Anushya

      actually thanks akka

    4. thank u soooooooooo much padma akka.

  7. Jayani

    Yesterday’s episode was very touching. If v look through Ram’s perspective, he is very innocent. Always for his or any1’s mistake, it is always Sita who is affected. He sacrificed his own Siya for 1 guy n the sisters, mothers n even Vashisht himself is asking Ram 2 answer! They also blame Ram for sending Sita for Vanvaas. If you c, it is always Ram n Sita r always affected n get separated due 1 person’s karma. Ram was not able 2 even complete his words, becoz he was very sad. I can’t even imagine Ram’s life without his Siya. I guess he will also come 2 a state like Dashart wen Ram n d trio left for their vanvaas. I wish Sita didn’t tell Prithvi devi that she will return back 2 her shelter after she handover Ram’s child 2 him?. I wish this could b changed just like they changed Sulochana’s fate by telling her not 2 die. N every time she goes for vanvaas, n especially wen she is awy from Ram, she always sleeps on d ground. Today, I really don’t know y, wen Sita was crying, her expressions where not as usual (wen she cries, I meant). N she looked very awkward n funny with such a big stomach (as shown in the precap). Urmila (YK) rocked her part, as usual. N in yesterday’s episode she was talking in such a way as if Ram sent Sita on purpose n I didn’t expect such for from her, Isn’t it? I tought she was mature enough 2 understand Ram’s condition. Waiting Lakshmila scenes. N the baalak’s form who Hanuman took very dum n funny. I also have some doubts. How come Sita’s stomach expanded within few since she left for vanvaas? N will Lakshman tell Urmila about d situation n how Ram suffered for taking such a decision like this? Please reply 2 my doubts. N BOL for those who r having their xams n pry for me 2.
    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      N sry for such a big comment.

      1. Jayani

        I miss Ravan n lankans. But where is r Manthra? Will she ever come on screen in skr? Missing d villans of skr

    2. Jayani

      Sry, sent it in 19th written update instead of 20th

    3. Pregnancy of Sita was not so quick. According to Uttar Ramayana of Valmiki, the coupled ruled Kosal kingdom for 10 thousand years. If you believe in Sita banishment story, you should also believe in it also. Actually to get a progeny was not so easy in Surya Vansha. Kings had to do lots of rituals to get children (good humans) and when there is late progeny, son preference is obvious who could rule after departure of parents (King & Queen). Rama and Sita performed 100 Ashwamegh yagya in 10 thousand year. Then one day Rama observed symptoms of pregnancy in Sita. It was never a quick dish like we see in serials.

      “Raajyan dasashahastraani praapya varsaani Raaghava |
      Shataashwmeghaanaajhe Sadashwaanbhuridakshinaan ||”

      BUT you see after ruling such a great time people of Ayodhya were not accepting Sita as queen. To protect a rare pregnancy, to keep away children from hate conspiracy of people and to produce good human beings, an alternate shelter for mother and children was required. The cruel Rama did this on cost of his personal comfort and honor. Thus in entire lifespan Sita lived in forest for 14 + 7 = 21 years in comparison to 10 thousand years. Therefore we hail them in togetherness.
      Jai Siya Ram

  8. Jayani

    Can any1 send d link of “Pavithra prem ki Pratham Gatha” (video in hotstar n written update) of last sunday (11/9/2016) n this sunday’s (18/9/2016, if it came) please becoz I couldn’t watch it n I don’t hav hotstar app, that’s y. Can some1 help me out?

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