Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita talking to Ram. She says 12 years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think, but yes sometimes, they used to ask their father’s name. Ram cries and says I have taken away all your rights, but you had our two sons, I was alone in entire Ayodhya, I was with family in Rajbhavan, I had no one except your memories, I lost myself by losing you, I m culprit myself, don’t forgive me, let me burn in this fire of repentance, I just want to request you, come back with me to Ayodhya, Ayodhya and Rajbhavan are incomplete without you, my life is incomplete without you, come back and complete your Ram. Sita and Ram cry.

She wipes her tears and turns to him. She walks to him. He looks at her and folds hands. She shuts the door. Ram knocks door and calls out

Sita. They both cry at either sides of the door. Samjho vyatha mere vyakul mann ki…..plays……. Ram says I deserve this insult. He leaves. Hanuman sees him and cries. Sita cries in the hut. Hanuman thinks to talk to Ram.

Ram goes towards the jungle. He cries. Kaushalya says we were away from life’s happiness by being away from you both. Lav says we have three Dadi and three Mausi. Lav and Kush see Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan. Kush says if we knew you are our Kaka, we would have not fought with you, forgive us. Laxman says there is nothing to apologizes, its matter of pride and happiness for us to lose to you. Kaushalya says its late, why did Ram not return with Sita. Kaikeyi says its been many years we met Sita, maybe she is hesitant to come infront of us. Sumitra says we will go there and see, come. They leave.

Hanuman goes to Ram and asks him not to get sad of Sita’s words, its natural that she is annoyed, you are her husband and have full right on her, you tell her by that right, she will agree. Ram says I lost all my rights that moment when I abandoned Sita, my crime is such big Hanuman, that I can’t say anything to her, and today the punishment Sita gave me is right. Hanuman cries. Ram says this is the right punishment that I burn in separation and repentance fire all my life. Hanuman says don’t say this, your decision to take Sita to Ayodhya is also of Praja, they want to see Sita sitting on the Queen throne, you have to convince her to come back, Lav and Kush’s lives will also change, if Sita does not come, your sons will also bear this punishment along with you and Praja, Praja can’t get free of this guilt, if not for you, for your sons and Praja, you have to do something and convince Sita, else it will be a big stain n Raghukul’s success and glory.

Kaikeyi asks Sita what decision did she take, don’t do this disaster. Sita says forgive me, I had no option, I rejected Ram’s proposal as I can’t go back to Ayodhya now. They cry. Kaushalya says what happened with you was totally wrong, not just Ram, we Matas are also culprit for that injustice, because disaster happened in Ayodhya in our presence, Sita I know you have faced many troubles and pain in 12 years, and that’s why you have become so harsh, think of Lav and Kush, they got family after a long time, rethink on your decision, come back Ayodhya.

Sita says I always wanted Lav and Kush to get family and love, that’s why Lav and Kush returning to their Kul is right, but it won’t be possible for me to return. They get shocked and cry.

Kaikeyi says its natural for a person to do mistake, I did mistake to send Ram to vanvaas, Ram did life’s biggest mistake by abandoning you, but Sita you don’t repeat it, forgive Ram, Matas and Praja, else we can’t forgive ourselves. Sita says no, don’t say this, I m not angry and annoyed with anyone, what happened with me, I accepted it as my fate, but I have a request, you don’t force me to return to Ayodhya, else my life won’t have any option than Agyatvas/live somewhere alone where no one can find me. Matas cry and hug her. Sita goes out and cries. She sees Ram. Ram looks at her with hopeful eyes. Sita cries. Ram walks to her. She starts leaving. He holds her hand and stops her.

He says listen to me once, I accept your every decision, I know your inner soul is hurt by the sorrow I gave you, I can’t repent in this life, I have hurt your self esteem, I insulted your selfless pure love, I broke your trust. He holds her and says you have given sacrifices for me, I insulted your true dedication and belief. She gets away.

Ram cries and gets on his knees. He holds her hand and says I accept whatever punishment you give me, but don’t punish Praja, Mata, sisters and entire family, I came to take you with everyone’s wishes, if you don’t return, their lives will also lose hope, like mine. She cries.

Ram looks for Lav and Kush. Hanuman says I came to take you. Lav says we will go when Ram and Sita come to take us together. Ram says Lav and Kush are sitting on top of the mountain, come we will get them. Sita says you don’t need to go anywhere, I will get them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Two different serial updates in one. YHM &SKR.

    1. seriously.i am too enraged wid anger……but now they hv chnged it……………..its gud

  2. wow nice episode but why is yhm s yesterday s episode ther along with skr. doesnt matter but siam part was so sad. and when sita shuts the dorr at rams face was really sad .. felt like crying and precap is too goood.huh now i have to wait for tomorrow s episode. not fair skr precaps are always too good anf makes me wait for tomorrow s episode for a long period of time….. loved todays episode and guys sorry for not posting my lakshmilla ff since so long but i will surely post around 3- 4 parts tomorrow
    hope u like them
    and sorry for such a huge comment

    1. y sorry dear ????? u r free to do anything……..

      1. oh that is so sweet suchi thanks sis☺

    2. no sry lovely preethi ! its alright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whenever u get time u post ur ff……………….. we shall wait …………. i too couldn’t post the nxt part of my ff !!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow nice episode but why is yhm s yesterday s episode ther along with skr. doesnt matter but siam part was so sad. and when sita shuts the dorr at rams face was really sad .. felt like crying and precap is too goood.huh now i have to wait for tomorrow s episode. not fair skr precaps are always too good anf makes me wait for tomorrow s episode for a long period of time….. loved todays episode and guys sorry for not posting my lakshmilla ff since so long but i will surely post them tomorrow , i will upload around 3- 4 parts tomorrow
    hope u like them
    and sorry for such a huge comment

  4. there

    1. crrct

  5. Pujith209

    why is both yhm and skr mixed……….

    1. very irritating right ????????????/ hi paju baby dearie… r u dear ??????????????

      1. sry its puju baby

  6. Supreetha (Soups)

    Can’t stop myself today 🙁 will really miss Siya ke Ram….I used to lose myself in the’s an important part of my life….wanted to cry today but controlled myself ? I will comment everyday from now on. To those who don’t know me, I am soups an old member here…. 🙂

    1. Richu

      Hello dear!!

    2. Richu

      Every serial is the same [email protected]
      Every time they show the precap in solo osm way that we cannot control ourselves from seeing the next epii…and the same continues on…they take the serial to am interesting part and leave it for tomorrow… So we die to see what’s going to happen next……
      Sometimes even I feel that’s not fair

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Hi Richu! Yes I totally agree with you 🙂

      2. agree with u sis , this is why i hate watching serilas. i am not able to wait for the next episode when there is a suspense. and according to the precap there is a suspense☺

      3. agree with u sis , this is why i hate watching serials(except mb,skr and chandra nandini). i am not able to wait for the next episode when there is a suspense. and according to the precap there is a suspense☺

    3. we all used to lose ourselves in emotions and would always shared our views through this tu pg…………..will certainly miss everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Vaidehi! Hearing from you after a long time now. How are you?

  7. Richu

    Yhm and skr written update together???.

    Once again a mind blowing epiiii…..epic…

    I dont think sita should be soo tough…
    I know sita has seen many ups and downs
    She could explain the situation…not like this..poor rama…
    Lav kush did an excellent job..I wish I could go and give them a bigggg hugggg……

    Now they only will make the siam reunion….

    Issi baat par ek choti si celebration ho jaaye…
    Now we can neither hav hope nor be happy with this ending….

    This small reunion is gonna make everything for me….

    Lets celebrate for this tiny miny reunion

    1. ryt dear

    2. geo luv kush……… luv-kush ki jai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What’s this? Why Ye hai mohabattein written update is also here?
    Very emotional episode. When Sita wiped her tears then I thought she will hug Ram but then she closed the door. How much pain……
    When I just start counting how many lessons do we learn from Ramayan the list never ends.
    Siya ke Ram is good in expressing every emotions but there is no match when it comes to sad and emotional scenes.
    Reverse countdown has begun. Last 13 episodes of our favourite serial left.
    Please can anyone give me the link where I can see Siya ke Ram episodes (not hotstar). Please.

    1. too painful bro

  9. AshMa.
    Ashish Sharma Fc tweeted:
    Last year around this time we got first few glimpses of #AshishAsRam soon it will be #300EpisodeOfSKR let’s celebrate d journey
    Snigdha akolkar, Yukti Kapoor and Prithvi hatte.
    Luv-Kush sitting on Ayodhya’s throne.

    1. awesome links skr bro !!!!!!!!!!! sad thing is dat we haven’t had a chat wid each other even for once !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Siya ke Ram started five days after Diwali last year and is ending also five days after this Diwali. What a coincidence!
    Watch this promo. Can any other show match its visuals?

    1. @skr fan No other serial could not match with SKR visual effects………. Any mythological serial except mahabharat…………….
      If you see see Chandra Nandini any episode than you will get results…….. SKR is best of best………

    2. wowowowowow so much of bondings……………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Again the high emotional episode………….. What a acting by both ASHISH AND MADIRAKSHI……………..
    The precap is too much interesting…….. Waiting for tomorrow……….

    1. ashma ki jai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! precap ki jai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow’s epi shouldn’t come early as if it comes earlier then our skr will also finish earlier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Omg loved today’s epi ….. Mata’s sita scenes were awesome…. Waiting eagerly fr tmrw’s epi ……..

    1. lakshminarayan ji ki jai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sirf uske karan hum e ramayan aur mahabharat dekhne ko mili !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. poor ram has to bear pain and sorrow in his entire life.I am speechless

    1. ram will hv to wait for a long time to get back to vaikunth !!!!!!!!!!!! poor ram !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Thanmathi

    Hi all remember me??? Plz tell some idea so that we all can keep in touch. If you get time please comment on ffs I know it won’t be same but still
    And tell me how many of you are gonna comment are commenting in naamkaran or chandranandini please???
    Please comment on last day I.e 4th November.

    1. i shall try to cmnt in naamkaran’s pg and also in ff’s thing dat we can be in touch through vanshu’s ff’s………………bcoz her ff’s are like everyday’s epi………….right ?????????

    2. Vanshika

      Tanu di…!!!!!!! OMG akka where had u vanished I missed u so so so much bt I’m happy to c ur comment n plzzzz try to b regular only last few days of our beloved show left ??? No akka not forgot u.. I m comment in both CN n naamkaran pg.. N as vaidehi said u can comment in my never ending ffs especially Mb n Radha Krishna ff r going to b very very long …. N there’re many ff writer here. We’ll stay in touch in this site only ?

  15. Hey guys plzzzzzz am begging u all ……please c my comment in yesterdays page…..plzzzzz guys

    1. I will join with you dear..

    2. i shall see to it dii..asap

  16. Shrinithi

    ya wonderful epi……..feeling sad for ram…but y there was a pic n sita’s maharani look????but its fine somehow they will show na..waiting for tomorrow’s epi

    1. hjope dat they show it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck skr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Padmaja

    Wow wow an amazing epi… a emotional one… loved it to the core ????.. and the precap is just awesome… waiting for tmrw epi…

    1. precap always makes us wait for the nxt epi …………….. right padmaja di ????????????? too emo epi. crrct ???????????

  18. NABANITA626

    Superb episode…but where is yhm update?I can not see that….

    1. actually naba dii yhm update was there before but tellyupdates hv removed it and dat’s y u can’t see it………….

  19. Very emotional episode…suprrr acting …. interesting precap….waiting for next episode. .

    1. wowowowowowow our beloved jay dii is back wid a boooooooooooooommmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      crcct dii………very emo epi……..superb acting ……….interesting precap ..and lots more !!!!!!

    2. Vanshika

      Jay di…!!!!!!! OMG akka where had u vanished I missed u so so so much bt I’m happy to c ur comment n plzzzz try to b regular only last few days of our beloved show left ???

  20. Really an emotional episode…sita closing the door to ram and both of them were crying…heart touching…awesome precap…we have to wait tomorrows episode…no patience…skr is the best….

    1. really no patience tharu di………………skr is the best of the best

  21. Richu

    Sanjana and welwisher used to comment here ryt…???

    1. of course………….bt they r missing now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Vanshika

      Yup richu di sanju di n ww akka used to come here bt now they’re busy…!;

  22. oh my god i’m seriously gonna miss this show
    i love this part of the story!!

    1. hi tine didi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this part of the ramayana is the most pathetic one………….so its the most beautiful and heart touching one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. sry its tina dii

  23. Very very very very sad, I cannot speak?????

    1. me too naba dii………………… eyes are bursting out in tears…………..

  24. Interesting story line and it make me feel very sad with happinest to see ram begging sita to come back with such beautiful way. It shows how much sita must have went through the pain and difficulity without husband to raise the sons and the insult she has to carried when ram just throw out of the palace without telling her. Even RAM shut the door when sita request to see his face before leaving the palace. Wow!!! acting of Ram is brillant and also sita, I real love this beautiful show.

    Chandra nandini is like other version of jodba akbar and we are just wattching fairy tale serials…….i just did not watch it anymore, it does not make sense at all.

    1. o god !!!!!!!!! today bcoz of my mother’s interest i had to watch chandra nandini………………it was like nothing…………………

      1. Vanshika

        It’s more than a fairy tale.. Seriously I mean If anyone watches he will fail in history that’s fr sure.

  25. WOW what a wonderful episode – excellent acting ! Actors are great !
    BUT all fairy tales – As per original version Ram NEVER begged or bend down on his knees to bring SIta back.
    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW FROM WHERE all these imaginative UTTAKHAND ( especially these weeks episodes ) are cropping up ???????????????????????????
    RAM asked for second time agniparisha – and Sita gave that test and then requested MOTHER Earth to take her back.
    BUT here in male dominated society – SKR is showing from Ram’s side – Degrading the image of SIta .Sita was not like that . Sita’s image is tarnished .
    Sita never had any wrong feelings towards RAM . Sita had unconditional love for RAM .
    SKR – please show the correct FORMAT . PLEASE EXPLAIN what is unconditional LOVE ??
    RAM DID cry when sita went back to Mother Earth before that HE WAS only a king and behaved like a KING >

    1. actore are really awesome…………..mind blowing acting by all even by the baby luv-kush……………

  26. Extremely emotional episode and nicely done by actors . Hats off to their acting.
    But STORY is totally imaginative and UNREAL.
    SOme versions says Sita was called at Ayodha when Luv & Kush sang the full Ramayan and some versions says after the fight or before the fight Sage Valmiki intervened and LuV & Kush came to know the identity of their father .
    But in both cases RAM asked for 2nd TIME Agnipariksha and Sita understood the question of her chastity would keep on surfacing like these so to safeguard her sons’s future , she gave agniparilsha and then called upon MOTHER EARTH to take her back as she was tried of proving her purity and it was insulting too for a CHASTE woman like her.
    But in no version -it is stated that Ram came and begged for forgiveness . RAM NEVER ever begged for forgiveness , it was after SITA went to MOTHER EARTH and Ram cried his heart out IF RAM CAME the way it is shown in SKR , I am sure SITA would have gone to Ayodha for her son’s sake .
    SHE was a symbol of IMMENSE patience , compassion and unconditional love.
    TRUE love teaches one to forgive and forget and her whole life depicts that unconditional love. She never ever taught any negative feelings to her kids against RAM. Rather she requested her sons to accept their father before going to MOther EARTH. WHEre true love exists question of ABHIMAN ( Self Conceited ) can’t come.
    So it is indeed sad to note that SITA”S image has been degraded in SKR . SKR is showing from Ram’s perspective and NOT FROM SITA”S SIDE .If they really want to SHOW a NEW version – why not to SHOW the UNION of BOTh ?
    Here , melodrama has been exaggerated to a huge extent and SIta is shown as Self-Conceited whereas She is a symbol of Unconditional love and immense patience . She never ever made up her mind that she would not go back to Ayodha . Actually it was Ram who did not want to accept her without 2nd TIME agnipariksha because of society’s stigma , That;s why she went back to MOTHER EARTH.

    1. you r absolutely crrct dear sara di…ram did want sita to give 2nd time agnipariksha and dat’s y dhe went back to mother earth………….i agree wid u lovely dii……….

  27. Hi everyone… I am a silent reader of your comments & would like to share my comments among you. The episode was very emotional & I was really crying because it remembers me about my younger days when I made the same mistake as Shri Ram has done. After the marriage, I have a small conflict with my wife due to my parental issues & the fight becomes so violent that I called her parents & they took her from my life. After 2 months, I came to know that she was pregnant & I was really depressed about my behavior with her & I tried to kill myself but could not succeed. I have gone to the depression side for almost 1.5 months & when I feel to let me talk to her & call her back to my life, she was totally ignorant me like Sita Mata has done to Shri Ram. Like Shri Ram, I was totally begging to my wife & later on she compromised with me & return to my life and now we are living a peaceful life with 2 sons.
    Although we know this would not happen, but I really like to Siyam to unite.

    1. wow pradeep ji ………i liked ur love story.indeed its like ramayana………gud dat u both united again………….kash aisa siam ke sath bhi hon sakta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Vanshika

      Nice Bhaiyya even I want this to come true…

    3. wow pradeep ji … happy that u and your family are together as one now….. but i had read a page in which it was written that skr is going to change the ramyan by reuniting th sita..

      and too all my sisters
      please see the link which joy had earlier sent.

  28. First of all, as the show is nearing to its End , I shall like to say all the actors – be it Ram, Sita , laxman , Hanuman , Sage Vashit etc – everyone did very well. SUPERB .

    But I am upset with SKR as they could not show the REAL Story . They made lots of variations in Yudha kand and made their own Lanka Kand.
    Now again , total story changed . Ending changed but from Ram’s side.
    I would like to know from SKR -why would a woman give up her life? Suppose a whole family comes to take her back , if not for her husband but for her sons , her sisters and for woman in general -why would not a WOMAN & as well as a Queen would not go back home ? That too it was TRETA YUGA . Ramayan happened in TRETA YUGA -point to be noted.
    We are in 21st Century , still dominated by males fundas . SITA’s image has to be demeaned for upholding RAM’s image -SKR is really from Sita’s point of view ?
    Secondly , Ram was a Mariyadapurushottam HE only upheld principles .First 14 years of his life he was great SON & Mariyadapurushottam and later He was kind king and Mariyadapurushottam BUT NEVER a GOOD HUSBAND .
    I must ask who would like to have a husband like RAm- I would never want .
    HE HIMSELF ASKED for 2nd Agnipariksha when bringing SIta back to Ayodha was contemplated and that too for so called Rajdharama.
    SKR is totally offtrack and showing SITA herself wants to commit suicide /give up her life. ONLY in dire circumstances -those steps are taken .Sita is a symbol of IMMENSE patience -please do justice to her image .
    Sita is a image of Unconditional love- she accepted her second exile as her destiny ( mentioned by SITA in SKR too) then why would she give up her life when all the mothers, sisters , Brother in law & Ayodha Praja & above all her Pati parmeshwar RAM have come to take her back with full status and begging for forgiveness ???????? If these had happened 4700 BC back , Sita would have gone to Ayodha .She had no pride , or abhiman .She is a symbol of unconditional love . That means to embrace all , to love without question , to forgive all – it is a great virtue .

  29. Sudeshna

    What an episode i am just speechless… Especially when siya shuts the door ????????????????????? i cant imagine that sita became sooooooo tough…. Ram????.. Precap heart breaking… As mm real totally real acting hats off to u.. Superb… See u soon guys.. How is my dp..?

    1. Jayani

      Ur dp is awesum sudhesna di… M just luving it n m seriously waiting for today’s episode but I hav 2 wait for 2 hours.

      Jai Siya Ram

  30. Pooja26

    don’t end it yr…….
    how will i live 🙁 🙁

    amazing part
    siya ram forever….
    all actors r awsm… 🙂 🙂

    how r u all my frnds…….
    commenting after a long tym haan…..

  31. Vanshika

    Hi guys… Episode was overwhelming I’m still emotional.. Siya plzzzz return to ur Raghunandan..
    Vaidehi dear I am sooo glad to c ur comments u rocked the page today… This is for u a gift.
    Love you all dears.. Sry I’ll not b abl to post my fanfics till one week, plzzzz forgive me guys.. Love you loads ? ? ? ?

  32. Sudeshna

    Awesome links di loved it plzzz vanshi di follow me on insta,…. Plzzz di… I am inthe name of kanika Banerjee u can find me in ur followers

  33. Jayani

    Hi every1, in skr page, there was a post by sum1 called adhya abt Ram’s fatherhood. I read it n it was mindblowing… U all shud just read it once (for those who haven’t read it yet) n u all will luv it 2 d core! N I just thought that it wolud hav been better if that would hav happened.

    This is d link

    Jai Siya Ram

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