Siya Ke Ram 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath smiling proudly seeing his sons. He sees Ram bravely fighting in the test. Ram single handedly wins over others. Ram and his brothers get glad seeing their father. They rush and Ram stops them. They all smile seeing Dasharath and greet him. Dasharath blesses them.

Scene shifts to Mithila, Sunaina and her sister in law look for the girls Sita, Urmila, Shrudhkirti and Mandvi. They see the girls playing and go to them. The girls run and ask them to come and see what is Sita doing. They silently go to see, Sita making an idol by clay. Sunaina asks what’s this. Sita says she has made this. Sunaina says your clothes got spoiled. Sita says not spoiled, its soil, its not ordinary, its red soil from mountain. Sunaina asks her to come now. Sita says she has to make

more models. Sunaina asks her to come, else she will have food by these soiled hands. Her aunt says this love towards soil is the proof that she…. Sunaina looks at her sister in law, and stops her. Sita says she will show the models to Janak and runs.

At ashram, the students are prepared for archery test. Dasharath is glad seeing Ram and his sons performing well. Guru Vashisht says their aim is good, but the main test is still pending, they have to see who is the best warrior in them. A big bow is brought there. Guru says the aim is same, arrows are same, just bow is changed, now you all have to aim with his new bow. One by one everyone try to aim at target, but miss. Bharat misses the aim. Shatrughan also fails to hit target. Dasharath thinks Bharat has to practice more, Shatrughan has to become mentally strong with physical power. Laxman takes the bow and loses. Dasharath thinks Laxman has to learn patience.

Ram goes and picks the bow. Dasharath says Ram, look at the target and understand it first. Ram looks at the bow and ties thread well. Guru smiles. Ram sees the thread got straight now. Ram drops the sand from his hand to see air’s direction. Dasharath says Ram has checked bow’s balance and weight. Ram aims besides the target and with air direction changing, the target hits the centre of the target. Dasharath says amazing, there is no doubt, you are the best Ram. Ram and his brother get happy. Guru says your son is amazing in archery. Dasharath says he is better than me in archery, thanks to you, you made him capable. Guru says not me, I give equal teachings to everyone, but teachings most to the one, who is eager to learn , today what Ram did, it showed his smartness and patience, the credit goes to Ram.

Dasharath says who will be more lucky than the man having such 4 sons. Guru says you can meet your sons now, not here, but at your place. Dasharath greets him.

Scene shifts to Mithila, Janak is concentrating. His brother comes to him. Janak says its like insulting nature when we try to balance it, that’s why nature changes form to explain us that we are very small in this huge environment, why do we try to win over nature, we can just greet and surrender to nature, that’s why I was against changing nature’s rules by doing yagya, I m glad our Rajya has peace and happiness. His brother says your words describe why the Praja calls you Maharishi. A man comes and tells Janak that some lady has come to meet him.

Janak and his brother greet a knowledgeable female Rishi Sulbha. She says she wants to talk to him in private. His brother leaves. She walks to him. he asks her to sit. She asks is he afraid. He asks her not to test him, its useless. She says she heard about him, she was shocked to know he is satisfied having just daughters, that king does not want any son and is not worried to have heir. He says all this is not mine, Mithila, throne and my body, it all has to be left, then why will I worry.

Sita comes and hugs Janak. She shows the models. He says its beautiful like you. Sita asks who is she. He says she is Sulbha. Sita takes her blessings. Sunaina comes and greets Sulbha. Sunaina asks Janak to tell Sita to change clothes and wash this soil. Janak smells the soil and says its sweet smell has love. Sita asks why does Maa not understand this. Sunaina smiles and asks her to come. Sulbha says Janak is very lucky, she felt Sita is like Devi, get her have knowledge in her heart. Janak asks his brother to invite knowledgeable men to teach Praja. Sulbha smiles and says your land will be known for knowledge.

At ashram, Dasharath waits for his sons near his tents. The boys come running to him and hug him. Dasharath laughs happily.

The brothers look for Ram and worry. Sita says she is planting seeds for future, as children will be born by soil, then they will also be bhoomija. Janak and Sunaina are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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