Siya Ke Ram 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan’s chariot flying. Ram says Sita, I don’t see any danger sign now, even then danger can come from anywhere, we have to be extra careful. Raavan’s chariot lands. Raavan asks Akampana what to do now. Akampana gives an example and says we should make the animal helpless to come out of the burrow, than putting hand in the hole, and once the animal comes out, we can catch it. Raavan asks what’s the way to bring him out. Chatayu happens to see them. Akampana says there is one way, on which just one person can walk. Raavan asks who. Akampana says your other uncle, Mama Mareech. Raavan asks where is he, there is no news about him since years. Akampana says I have info about him, come I will take you to him.

Chatayu comes to Ram and greets him. Ram asks why do you

look worried. Chatayu says I have seen Raavan in Panchwati, someone was with him, I was away and could not hear them, but I felt like they were making some big plan, maybe they left by getting scared. Ram says if he went, it does not mean he got sacred of us, I know Raavan, he will not get scared of anyone. Laxman says yes, he would be making plans, he would be thinking to cheat. Sita worries and recalls Surpanakha’s words.

Ram holds Sita and asks her not to worry, nothing will happen. Chatayu says I will keep an eye on Raavan. Laxman says if Raavan returns, he will make his death definite. Sita says I m sure, till we are together, no danger can reach us. They smile.

Raavan and Akampana go to meet Mareech. Raavan says so Mama Mareech stays here…. Akampana says yes. Raavan stops him and says I want to meet him in private. Akampana says sure. Raavan goes to Mareech and sees a rishi doing tapasya. He says Mama Mareech is here in rishi mountain. He calls out Rishi to wake up. He says I heard my Mama Mareesh stays here, do you know anything. Rishi says the Mareesh you are finding, you will never get him my nephew. Raavan gets surprised seeing him, and asks Mama Mareech, what state are you in, why are you hiding in fear, when I m here. Mareech says I m spending my life as a Rishi, I was hiding with my own self before, why did you come here. Raavan says I need your help. Mareech asks my help.

Raavan says yes, your niece Surpanakha is insulted, will you help me in taking revenge by planning? Mareech says sure, what happened. Raavan tells about the Sanyasis cutting Surpanakha’s nose and insulting her, I have come here to take revenge, as its our Kul’s revenge. Mareech says I have left all my Asur work, but here its our Asur kul’s insult, its about our Kul’s prestige, tell me what is the name of that Sanyasi. Raavan says Ram… Mareech gets shocked. Raavan asks such fear of Ram, how do you know. Mareech says I think its Ram who killed Tadaka, he is very Tejasvi and mighty warrior, he has extraordinary power, drop the thought to take revenge from him, and return to Lanka.

Raavan asks him not to praise Ram. Mareech says yes, I m a coward, I have taken this Rishi’s avatar to get saved from Ram, ask Surpanakha to forgive me, I can’t do this. Raavan gets angry and keeps sword on his neck. Mareech asks him what are you doing, I m your Mama. Raavan says all his relations are as per his use, he won’t bear useless burdens. Mareech thinks Ram may forgive me, but Raavan will kill me. He agrees to help Raavan and asks what do you want, I will help you. Raavan says Ram’s wife Sita’s haran, this is my revenge…. Mareech gets shocked.

Chatayu tells Ram that he did not see Raavan’s movement, I think he would be finding way to play his trick, he won’t sit calm. Mareech keeps the wooden sticks at the cave entrance. Akampana asks what are you doing. Mareech says I won’t need this now, I thought I would not leave Dharm, but I m doing Adharm again, my past deeds are going to ruin me today. He burns the woods. Raavan and Akampana look on.

Sugreev tells Hanuman that Bali is assuming him as enemy, he is saying I left him in cave to die, you know there is no more dear to me than Bali, but he has ended relation with me with his anger. Hanuman says anger ends the senses, Bali is angry now and can’t differentiate between truth and lie, reality and illusion, once his anger goes, he will understand you are innocent. Sugreev says no, once he makes an opinion about someone, he does not change it. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Sugreev says no, don’t leave me alone, if Bali sees me alone, he will kill me. Hanuman says you can stay safe at Rishi’s mountain, Bali will not go there because of the Rishi’s curse, come I will take you there. They leave.

Akampana asks Mareech not to do any mistake, else Sanyasi can kill him, just do what you are told to, go with courage, you have to take revenge for your brother Subahu and mother Tadaka, now Raavan is with you, its time for justice. Mareech sees his wounds made on his body and acts weak.

Hanuman takes Sugreev to that Rishi and greets him. Rishi asks him how did he come here after a long time. Hanuman says he is my friend Sugreev. Rishi says Bali’s brother Sugreev, I heard Bali wants to kill him. Hanuman says we came here because of Bali’s fear, there is no other place safer than this mountain for Sugreev, Bali can’t come here because of your curse. Rishi says yes, if Bali comes here, his head will burst, Sugreev you are safe here, you can stay here till you want, this mountain is like your home. Sugreev thanks the Rishi for saving his life. Sugreev tells Hanuman that you have always saved my life. Hanuman says you are safe here, take rest, I will talk to Bali and explain him. He greets Rishi and says I will come later, allow me to leave now. Hanuman flies away.

Mareech goes to Ram and starts acting. He calls out Ram… and goes to them. Ram, Laxman and Sita look on. Mareech asks Ram to save him. He asks are you Shri Ram. Ram says yes, how did this happen. He asks Laxman to get medicinal herbs. He asks how did this happen. Mareech says Asurs attacked him and wounded him, some people are left now. Chatayu says but Dandakaranya is free of Asurs now, how is this possible, where is your ashram Rishivar. Mareech gets tensed. Sita gives him water to drink. She sees something with him and thinks how did he get Chajh/cloth made by bird feathers… in this jungle.

Sita asks Mareech how did he get this Chajh. Mareech says he has seen a beautiful bird and shot it to get its feather for making that Chajh. She asks how can you kill a bird being a Rishi. He gets tensed. Ram looks at him. Raavan and Akampana have a talk.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. twinkle

    nice episode !
    hi guys anybody here know how to send a message on instagram through PC
    please If someone know about it then please tell me !

  2. SKR fan

    Nice episode. I think earlier someone else was playing the role of mareech. When mareech saved his life from subahu and ran away by taking deer’s form then subahu told him that one day he will die in this form only and its going to get true soon.
    I thought they would first show sitaharan promo.
    And one more thing didn’t akampana tell raavan that ram is the pricnce of ayodhya.

  3. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Yes nyc epi… Great work mama mareech lol ?… All mama r dangerous.. In Mb shakuni n Ramayana mareech…

    • SKR fan

      Not all mamas are dangerous. In Mahabharat don’t forget shree Krishna was also the mama of abhimanyu. And I think shree ram was also mama. Who were shanta’s children?

      • Vanshika crzy fr skr

        So they r villains can’t b funny ? bit some r… For example this akampana
        Pls ask him to wear a normal dhoti instead of sari

        Looks irritating

      • Vanshika crzy fr skr

        I meant mama’s of villains.. N sometimes of gods, like Kansa.. But didn’t mean gods themselves ?

  4. There are two temples at Chitrakoot each of Bharat and Mandavi and in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan,there is a temple of Lakshaman and Urmila .

  5. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Vaidehi dear I saw ur comment u fulfilled the punishment good.. ?????????

  6. Good epi…..sitaharan is nearing…. And vanshu the links u have gave na….in that first one is not opening dear….pls see to it…..

  7. SKR fan

    Star parivaar awards on star plus at 8:00 pm on 28th may. I think no siya ke ram on that day. Well no problem because we will get to see Ashish and madirakshi performance on that day and also Ashish getting favourite beta award.

  8. vaidehi

    pls pls vanshu & nabanita di visit yesterday’s page and see that i have posted some comments & replies. pls pls pls pls do reply to it.

  9. vaidehi

    skr bro i too think the same that sitaharan promo will be out soon. vanshu dear tysm.

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yup yup siya Haran cant bear it,.. Oh god that irritating ravan, he should have called ram tho fight with him and then also Ramayana could happen but y siya was kidnapped ????

      • riya

        No i dn’t think if ravan would call a war with ram in panchvati ram could win cz ravan ws amar & ram didn’t know ds..dere ws a particular way 2 kill ravan..onpy vibhison knew it…d difference would be dat time sita would’ve kidnapped in front of ram,bt now kidnapped when they weren’t there. & d time would’ve lessened cz they would’ve knew where ravan took sita,bt jow they take a pot time to trace about sita…all i want 2 say is sita ws destined to be kidnapped whether in front pf yheir eyes or at their absent.

  10. vaidehi

    i have a request to u all. will any1of u pls send me the video or pics of ashish’s and madirakshi’s performance at star parivar awards ???? i will not be able to watch that.

  11. vaidehi

    vanshu dear can u pls send us the pics of the epi in ram-sita meets for the first time in gauri mata’s temple ??? coz within a few days siam will get apart from each other. and that epi will be the worst one in which sitaharan takes place. the day in which it will be shown, will be the most sad day for us right ??? how many of u agree with me ???

  12. joy

    everyone plz vote the poll of 8 pm. best show and win our fav show #SKR…………………..!…………

    …Thank you

  13. Feeling sad for next episodes. Sita will be separating from Ram forever. She will be accused Ravana kept her and she will end up in the exile forever !!! Hmm that’s live sad?

  14. vaidehi

    the die hard fans of siam, be ready for a terrible episode. y not someday the die hard fans of siam kill ravan ????? i’m included in that group.

  15. riya

    I find ds separation is nothing compared 2 d next coming 1 in ayodhya cz dat separation had no hope of meeting again.ram even didn’t know where sita ws & whether she ws alive or not..they again meeting through luv_kush ws just i’m not unhappy with dsseparation..i won’t see d separation of ayodhya as i find it very inappropriate behbehaviour of society towards a woman.

    • vaidehi

      Yes di u r correct. ram did it coz of a king’s dharm but couldn’t bear it as a husband. Actually whenever siam is separated, it becomes extremely painful for their devotees. Be it the time when sita is abducted or when sita is sent for exile. 🙁

  16. vaidehi


  17. Sanjana

    @ riya that’s ur opinion but it’s not just again woman, ayodha is hypocrite society and ram and Sita had to become victim for the mistake not to be repeated in future and I request u to watch as ram rajya and how it shaped would be an interesting learning but it is up to u
    By the way do u know me ???
    But in this separation too ram didn’t know if Sita was alive or not atleast there she was in ashram

    @ riya coming to ur first point of course it was destined but I know skr showed ravan as Amar but few sources say that after everyone like kumbhkaran indrajeet die ravan will perform yagna and a loophole caused in the yagna by laxman or hanuman or some vanara( not sure ) will be a lot of help and yes vibhishan will know the weak part as he was present when mandodari poured Amrit. I just don’t the connect between the two do u have any idea???
    But if ram was there Sita couldn’t have been kidnapped maybe ram couldn’t kill ravan because he was Amar but surely he could have protected him and Sita using any divine Astra and am sure about it. And even if Sita hadn’t crossed laxman rekha her Harlan wouldn’t have happened but if it didn’t happen good would have never been established.
    Btw I am in class 10 from Pondicherry welcome to the family dear

    • vaidehi


    • riya

      Yeah mayb u r right…& i know u.i’m reading comments frm d 1st day of ds serial..s i know every 1 of u….bt dear as i knew & saw in movie ram didn’t know sita ws in any ashram.he ordered laxman 2 drop her at forest.

  18. Hi guys tdy’s kural….


    Hayyyyyyyy Friendsssssss……….This Is Jay again ……Thank you Frndz……….for all your supports….Here we are in Last Couplet (Kural) of Katavul Vaazhtuthu…….Love U so much …….

    Here we go with 10th couplet (Kural)….

    Chapter/Athikaram Name : கடவுள் வாழ்த்து/The Praise of God/Katavul Vaazhththu

    குறள் (Kural in Tamil)

    பிறவிப் பெருங்கடல் நீந்துவர் நீந்தார் இறைவன் அடிசேரா தார்

    Transliteration in English (Prononciation in tamil words in English):

    Piravip Perungatal Neendhuvar Neendhaar Iraivan Atiseraa Thaar

    மு.வ உரை: 

    இறைவனுடைய திருவடிகளை பொருந்தி நினைக்கின்றவர் பிறவியாகிய பெரிய கடலைக் கடக்க முடியும். மற்றவர் கடக்க முடியாது

    In Normal Words:
    வாழ்க்கை எனும் பெருங்கடலை நீந்திக் கடக்க முனைவோர், தலையானவனாக இருப்பவனின் அடி தொடர்ந்து செல்லாவிடில் நீந்த முடியாமல் தவிக்க நேரிடும்

    Couplet in English:

    They swim the sea of births, the ‘Monarch’s’ foot who gain; None others reach the shore of being’s mighty main

    None can swim the great sea of births but those who are united to the feet of God

    By this couplet (Kural) We have just finished the Katavul Vaazhthu …Hope you understand the explanation …. Hope U Like it…..Have a nice Day Frndzzz…….

    CREDIT TO: Jay di

  19. vaidehi


    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      It’s okay for the thanks dear and glad that u loved it enjoy it again and again and see it unlimited no of times.. The couple is divine and so is the temple… Maha divine ??

    • Vanshika crazy for skr

      Do as ur mind says.. If u want I’ll send video of the first met in forest where they just has a glance… During tadaka vadh..

  20. vaidehi

    agree with you vanshu dear that madirakshi should have got the award for the best wife atleast. god knows why most of the people like those saas-bahu serials.

  21. vaidehi

    agree with u vanshu sis that madirakshi should have got the best patni award atleast.
    god knows y most of the people like those saas-bahu serials.

  22. Guys one imp thing…..

    @ starbright….s dear sita deserves that award but see here the awards r going to creative fictional character…. Sita is a mythological character which is no more close to these creative character…. But here the awards r only for creativity… I have started to watch spa from 2011…..I have noticed it that they give that award to different creativities of wife’s character…. But in that way we can’t make creativeness in sita’s character ryt????? …..n if they had kept poll for that ….there r more fans who voted for divyanka…….who r n fb n all….I think here moreover some people r n fb……n in this year they had shown a lot of creativity in Ishita’s character so that only she bagged that award…….but truly speaking sita Is the best wife……nobody can change it but here creativity means……

    @ vanshu….. Ya vanshu siam is always the best jodi…. But u know there r more fans for divan aka ishra… be truthful even I m an ishra fan they r the first pair i loved after ragsan n virika………. U know from when the yhm show started the best pair and international pair was given to divan only….n there is a huge fandom for them…..

    And ya they bagged a lot of awards in fact they only bagged all main awards except beta and sasur award think so…….n I think they truly deserve that bcoz last year the show had kept lot of twists actually….

    For eg…. Last year also Mahabharata didn’t got imp awards at the time only I got that creative matters there….

    I know many of them l not be ok with my opinion but guys the creativity matters everywhere…….but the universal truth is sita n draupadi are incomparable wives…. N siam n ardi r incomparable Jodi’s…..I think they didn’t want awards to prove right?????so no worries ….lets give the way to creativity roles…..☺☺☺☺

    • N one more thing i m happy that yhm got awards instead sns n all as yhm is based on a new beautiful relationship of a girl n her step mom who loves her more than a sakhi ma

    • Guys I mean to say that creative fictional characters r not close to sita’s character…. But it is creative so that it got award….

    • Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yes do Mb didn’t get any award though I voted for Draupadi, Arjun n Krishna

      • Ya dear but nowadays there r more fans for other shows na????in my view there r lot of fans for yhm till date from starting…..

  23. joy

    hey priya di…i am also agreed with you…..but modern people also loved the fictional show better than some educated lerning religion mytho show(#skr….#mahabharat and other)….it is the main problem of our people…its shamefull……if you see every week #TRP then you see the biggest problem of our people…….every fictional drama show is higher than mytho show………..plz comment ur option…..

    • Hi joy…. Ya u r ryt….. Our people think like that….actually there r some people who think that they know the story then wts the need for watching it….. N there r some people in my home itself my chotepapas l not watch it bcoz they all had watched old ramayana they l say that tdy whatever ramayana is cmng that’s not like the old way…. That’s awesome….. Like that way some people l think n ignore it….. N there r some people who hate Rama for leaving Sita they l not watch this they’ll be insulting ram always In my opinion I don’t want the people who insult ram should watch it…….. N u take the kids they only watch cartoons n the parents can’t do zidh with that children…… There r many consequences like this…….. So that the people ignoring the mythology shows…..

  24. vaidehi

    vanshu dearie u r watching 2day’s epi na ????

    • Dear I have cmnt for the qns for starbright n vanshu….. They said that Sita deserves the award more than ishita….. So only I cmntd that to say them spa is the award for creativity so that ishita God best Patni award….. ND n siya character we can’t make any creativity…. N u read my cmnt u l come to know dear…. N my pov I said that… N ya yhm deserves that…… We should be happy that they didn’t give it for sns n other SaaS bahu serial….

  25. sameeksha

    Hi friends , how are you all ?? I m back after a long time do you all remember me ?? I m sameeksha studying 10th std from UAE this episode is nice

  26. Sanjana

    Will the update be late everyday pls give prior information so that I don’t have to keep refreshing the page pls

    • Sanju

      Amena Di is everything alright even other 8 pm shows are updated
      Pls Di atleast by 9 try to give update if not 8:30 till 10:00 it’s thought to wait one or two days ok everyday

      Msg from Team: Unfortunately network issues and powercut happen unexpectedly. It will be late today.

      • Sanju

        Thanks for prompt reply of prior information
        No worries I just didn’t want to keep refreshing page and I completely understand
        Thanx a lot tellyupdates

      • Sanjana

        Dear in the beginning it was mareech totally at loss of words at laxman and Sitas question and Rams words on dharm and he walks out as laxman asks him to bring the people to panchavati. Ram gets ready to go but asking laxman to come raises doubts and they turn the tables. He comes out realising it’s no use arguing with wise people
        External appearance cannot hide ur true identity @mareech

  27. Oh god where is the epi I couldn’t watch tdy’s epi…..telly updates kitna time lagega wu aane ke liye????toda jaldi keejiyega plss????

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