Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram getting stunned when Laxman asks his promise to take him along in the 14 year long vanvaas. Ram smiles and holds him saying Laxman…… He hugs Laxman and the brothers smile. Dasharath wakes up saying Ram…. Sita holds him. Dasharath gets sad and asks for Ram. Sita says Ram has gone to talk to Laxman, he will come soon. Dasharath says no Sita, you don’t know him, he has taken decision to go van and told this to me himself. He holds Sita’s hand and says I told you some problem is going to happen, Kaikeyi ruined our peace and happiness….. Sita cries.

Ram and Laxman walk inside the bhavan. Urmila comes there. Ram says you informed me on right time and stopped an incident from happening. He goes. Urmila looks at Laxman and asks what happened, why this restlessness.

Laxman says I took such decision, which can affect your life too, I did not ask you, but I want your support and trust to fulfill my decision.

Dasharath asks Sita to do anything and stop Ram, give him your swear, if Ram leaves, he will take my life along. Sita says don’t worry, I will talk to him, I m sure that whatever decision he takes will be right. He says no, Ram has gone, anyone stop him. Guru Vashisht looks on teary eyed. Dasharath asks him to command Ram and explain him. He requests him to call back Ram. He cries.

Mantra comes to Kaikeyi and dances saying my Kaikeyi will become Rajmata. She laughs. Kaikeyi asks why are you so happy, did Maharaj fulfill my promises. Mantra asks what will Dasharath fulfill promises, thanks to Ram’s morals who declared in Sabha that he will fulfill his dad’s two promises, Ram is taking vanvaas. Kaikeyi says I just want to see Bharat on Ayodhya’s throne, that’s it. Mantra says I m here, don’t worry, I will bring that day in your life for sure when Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, that day has come. She says but Kaikeyi, always remember one thing, Ram decided to leave for van, but Kaushalya and Sumitra will try best to stop Ram, you be adamant on your decision and promise. She laughs and leaves.

Ram comes to Kaushalya and Sumitra. He calls out Maa. Kaushalya turns away to hide her tears. He asks Kaushalya will she not see her son’s face today. Sumitra says Ram, you regarded three mothers equal, why this biasing today, you did not ask both of us and decided to go for vanvaas for obeying one mother, is this right, is this not wrong with both of us. He says my decision is to keep Raghukul’s tradition, this is my duty, I have regarded all three of you as one, whatever anyone of you said, I accepted it as you three’s blessings, I have come to take blessings so that I can leave for my van daman, by which I can go ahead to do my duty. Kaushalya hears him and cries. Ram tells her that if its not your wish, I will not go to van, but a son’s duty is to raise parents’ prestige and respect, how can your son turn his face from doing his duty, give me your consent to leave, as I can’t take a step ahead on the way of my duty without your approval.

Kaushalya wipes her tears and comes to him. She says it looks like yesterday’s incident, you were little and I used to take you in my arms, but I did not imagine that you will ask me my permission to go for van, what can be more painful moment in a mother’s life, when that moment has come, what will we do, how can I permit you. She cries and says but Ram… I m also a queen, alongwith being a mother, its my duty to let you do your duty, go Ram and fulfill your father’s and your promises, my blessings are with you. She blesses him. Ram greets her and smiles. He leaves. Kaushalya and Sumitra cry. Sumitra asks what did you do Didi, why did you permit Ram to go in van, why did you not stop him by tying him in promise. Kaushalya says I wish I could do this, but today its imp for Ram to do his duty and protect Dharm, than mother’s love.

Surpanakha takes a sword and shouts Raavan… she cries and asks where is that murderer, that coward who snatched my husband, come out, see your death has come. Mandodari comes there and looks on shocked. She asks Surpanakha what happened, what state did you make. Surpanakha says you will get in this state soon, you will also take a widow’s avatar, where is your husband, he is so weak to get helpless to win by cheat, entire Lanka should know his cowardice, move off my way. Kaikesi comes and asks Surpanakha how can she dare to take Raavan’s name like this, when everyone respect him in three loks, he is your brother, respect him. Surpanakha says I will kill your son today. Kaikesi shouts and slaps her. Vibhishan looks on.

Mandvi and Shruthkirti ask Sita to tell something, Ram has taken van daman decision, you should stop him. Sita says some lines and tells them that her life is dedicated to Ram, his wish/decision is her wish, she has to serve him, this is her Dharm, her foremost duty. Shruthkirti says mum and dad used to tell that Sita has lots of patience and tranquility. Mandvi says you are bearing this tough situation with calmness, you don’t forget your Dharm in any situation. Sita hugs them. They cry. Sita thinks my Dharm, my duty is that I support Ram always, that’s why I have taken a decision, I will also leave for van along him.

Ram talks to Sita. He says I gave you promise that we will obey my Dharm together but situation has changed, we have to do our Dharm separately, I have to take this vanvaas alone. Sita gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone today my exams has ended on my birthday . Feeling great relief!!! my OS part 2 is complete . I am posting it enjoy!!!!

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      A very happy bday…..may u have a bright years ahead….even i finished my exams on ur bday….god bless u with lots of happiness….and fun…may u live long…luv u dear…stay blessed

    3. Happy Birthday Sumi!!! The best gift during the exam find relief on your Birthday.. 😉
      ^ _~
      So many many birthdays in march around me…My mom and grandma…and so many of our SKR sisters, including you.

    4. Happy birthday sumi

    5. A very hapy birthday sumi…..may god fulfil all ur wishes……nd i’ll surely remember ur birthday as yesterday was my dad’s birthday

      baar baar din ye aaye
      baar baar din te gaaye
      tum jiyo hazaro saal
      yahi hai aarzoo
      (may this day come frequently
      may this day sings frequently
      may u live 1000s of years
      this is our wish)

    6. May ths day B filled with hpy mmnt f ur past nd excitement f ur future hppy b’day Dr sis…

    7. Many many happy returns of the day dear…so sorry I guess I m the last one…..may u get all that u deserve… wishes….loads of love…..????

      N yes my exams also got over today only…..n my bday was also during exams…so I can very well understand your feelings…..

      Telly updates plz post this…..

      1. Thank u dear nita !!!!!

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        Nita di …u r back…happy fr u that ur exams got over..mine too …di may i know who r they in ur dp…it is nt clear 2 me….

    8. Happy birthday sumi……. Enjoy

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    10. Be lated happy birthday ?????I hope this year is full of joy for u……ur all dreams become True. ….sorry for late wishes. ..because I’m not well yesterday. …

      1. Oh Zara di what happened to u? I will pray for u di to get well soon and take care of urself di

    11. Belated birthday wishes di

  2. Guys alls dp is superb ..???

    All the best who r giving exams ….
    Love u all a lot ??????

    Byee guys ..??
    My mom is taking my phn till my exams get over …??
    So i cant comment u all …
    If mom give ? for some then i will surely comment ….
    Byee guys i will come back on 28 march at 3 pm ..
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    Nidhi hw was your maths exam ??? Hope it was well …..

    Miss u sanjana, ww, nidhi, nippy, zara , haripriya, brindha, brinda, sumi, akanksha di, jay di, richa di, iqura, ranaji bro, skr fan, yazhini, malvi, pooja di, dia di, abhi, haripriya s di, sruthi di , mahe, rachu di, anjali , & all remaining family ….

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Luvvv u too dear…and will miss u a lot….do well in exams…all the very best…byeee miss u

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  3. Akanksha sharma

    Ya even i think the same ……sita was gr8….bt urmila..was not less than her even she was more……sita..atleast get the company of his life partner….bt..urmila..
    she suffered fr the happiness of his hubby..jija ji…and sister…she hide her tears frm lakshma…as they would have made laksman…weaker…and she…supported him him with his talks so that lakshman never…feel guilty..of not fulfilling his duties towards his wife….really she was the the the best.

    1. Yes Di agreed
      But Sita was captured by ravan and abondoned by her husband for the sake of raja dharm that was also many years
      Agnipariksha and forest life was also difficult
      Urmila sacrifice was great but Sita sacrifice was no less Di

      1. Akanksha sharma

        Ya even i am nt saying that…..i said sita was great….bt urmila was also nt less then her…and i said this on the account of sita’s decision 2 come along with ram….not fr all the sacrifices….indeed other lady…is like sita…very very very very very very sry if i hurt u in anyway……didnt meant 2 do so… me

    2. Di of cours you did not hurt me
      What are u saying I said the same thing as u in a different manner
      I hate in when u say sorry
      U told I am ur sister pls don’t say that di

      1. Akanksha sharma

        Ok then sry fr saying sry……ok frm now onwards no sry dear……ya ofcourse u r my sis…..ok ok no sorry…i got it now ….luv u dear

  4. Madirakshi’s eyes are so pretty..her name should have been Mrigakshi or Mriganayani. Because her eyes resemble that of a doe.
    Sometimes, people think that when Sita was in Ravans captivity, she was enduring great difficulties. It is true.. but since Sita was away from Ram, she meditated on him more than ever. Her love increased, and so did her already spotless chastity. In separation love increases and even Ram started seeing Sita everywhere, crying like an ordinary man. When one loves god, he reciprocates in the same way. Only by love, one can actually attain God, and when one loves God, he will do as they please.
    It will be difficult to see the vanvas of the two brothers and Sita devi.. it is said in the Valmiki Ramayan somewhere along these lines, that “That Ram, who’s feet are so soft and delicate, that even by the touch of Sita’s soft hands feels some pain, that Ram, will go to the forest”
    Obviously, Sita was herself a delicate princess, so her hands must have been extremely soft to touch….. most of us here,young girls/ boys who are mostly from a middle-class background can’t imagine going to a forest. .. But, Sita-Ram-Lakshman, all of them have lived relatively in comfort, will have to go to the forest, for 14 long years. That to, in such painful circumstances.
    🙁 🙁

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Ya very true vrinda di….when ever u comment vrinda di it is something really very special….inspiring….thanku so much

      1. Akanksha, I can’t say thank you..because it isn’t my comment which is inspiring, it is just the feeling Sri Ram and Sita’s pastimes kindle within a souls heart. Great saints/visionaries all come to just one understanding…Only through love, one can capture God and bind him within their heart. In upcoming episodes (hopefully), we will see Ramji and Mata Shabari’s lila..which sets an example, there is nothing unclean when offered with love. Just my thoughts..I think I did an overdose of philosophy here lol..

    2. Yes Di great was their leela
      That Rams who’s get are so soft and delicate that even by the touch of Sitas soft hands feels some pain when ram goes to the forest
      Can u explain this line di

      1. Akanksha sharma

        It means that his feet was….so soft and delicate… was so soft that no other thing is more soft …than their feet….even the softer touch of sita’s hands was not so soft …his touch also makes his feet feel a bit pain….

      2. Sanjana, I guess Akanksha summed all my answers up already! Sita’s hands were so soft…and obviously the forest floor is not like a pavement is full of stones..thorns, and Rama had to walk on imagine the difficulty. 🙁

  5. Hi guys, I’m new here…i love skr and I’ve been a silent reader here. I hope I’m welcome in your fan club?

    1. Welcome u srinithi happy to hve u here…where r frm nd whch classu r studying???. F it’s prsnl sry dr

  6. Akanksha sharma

    So gr8 kaushlya is… all say…child depicts …most of the values ..frm their parents…and so it is in this case also…..kaushlya sacrificed her motherhood love…to fulfil his duties being a queen……and so does her son ram….he said gud bye to all the comforts….jst to fulfil his duty and save her…..dynasty’s prestige…..

  7. Akanksha sharma

    Ooops..there are some gramatic mistakesin abv comment…..due to fast typing….i hope u all understand….

  8. Its not royal…..its LOYAL

    typing mistake

    SKR is awsm

    sita mandavi urmila shrutkirti

  9. Akanksha sharma

    Guyzzzzz i wont be able to comment tomorrow… bt i will try…….as i am going to my nanke….i mean to my nani nanu….
    So fr all of u :-

    1. Will miss u Di and lovely msg
      Nice one? Will remember it Di
      And u are so sweet Di

    2. Chiki di miss u……enjoy ……supber poem

  10. Sanjana(Sara)

    Happy late birthday sumi di??

  11. Akanksha sharma

    Yeyeeeee we won the match……congrats to all……CHACK DE INDIA

  12. india beat Pakistan by 6 wickets
    Kohli man of the match
    Dhoni finishes off in style with 6
    It’s celebration time?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. Ye moh moh ke dhaage
    Teri ungliyon se ja uljhe
    Koi Toh Toh na laage
    Kis tarah girah ye suljhe
    Hai rom rom iktaara
    Hai rom rom iktaara
    Jo baadalon mein se guzre
    these threads of enchantment,
    have got entangled in your fingers
    I have no clue,
    how to solve open this knot..
    every particle of my body is a musical
    that passes through the clouds..
    Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai
    Kaise tune ankahaa, tune ankahaa sab
    Tu hoga zara paagal, tune mujhko hai
    you must be a little mad, that you have chosen
    how, how did you listen to everything that was
    Tu din sa hai, main raat
    Aa na dono mill jaayein shaamon ki tarah
    you are like a day, I am night.
    come let’s meet like they both meet in the
    Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…
    ye teri jhoothi baatein main saari maan loon
    aankhon se teri sach sabhi, Sab kuch abhi jaan loon
    i may accept all of your lies
    i may know all the truths, right now.
    Tezz hai dhara
    behte se hum awara
    aa thum ke saansein lein yahaan….
    Flow of river is high
    we wanderers are also flowing
    come, lets stop and take breaths here…
    Ye moh moh ke dhaaGe……

    Its the female vers

  14. I m in USA but my mother tongue is Tamil…im in 9th grade

    1. Srry this was as a reply to Yazhini di’s question

      1. Happy to hve u here sis…hw r u..

    2. Hey! So..which part of the states are you from? I live in NJ…

      1. I’m from California ?

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Welcome dear srinidhi…..and sry fr late welcoming…

  15. Which characteristics of Sita do u like the most

    1. Akanksha sharma

      I like loving feature of ….as she used to luv each and everything…. so it makes her independent……luv…..make her strong as well….as it was her love 2wards ram that she accepted to go to exile with him

  16. So how was today episode
    Promise to father
    Blessing of mother
    Support of brother
    Love of wife

  17. Hey everyone…. How r u all???….
    So finally my 12th board exams are over……I m so happy…..and now I’ll be able to comment regularly…..

    I have not seen Siya ke Ram from 2 days but the written updates n your comments seem that episode were awesome…… But I will not be able to see before Tuesday….

    N Sumi your os was awesome…. Read it just now…. Plz update second part soon…..

    1. Hey nita

      can i ask you fro where you are and which stream u hav opted???

      1. Hey Did I have opted for commence stream n in 3 days my CPT classes r starting. I m planning to do CA.
        I am from Gandhidham, Gujarat.
        What abt u??

      2. Sorry auto prediction error…it was Hey Dia not did

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      1. Thanks dear??

  18. Sanjana(Sara)

    Zara di, yes i know hindi my mom taught me some and i learnt some from tv. I talk hindi with all my social network friends.
    Sumi di, you are a great writer. Please continue writing,loved your OS.
    Ranaji bro i liked dehleez fan page please see.
    Where is nidhi di?? Does anyone know where she is? Missing her very much.

    1. Great dear. ….Nidhi gone out of station. ….she will comment tomorrow

      1. Sanjana(Sara)

        Di what had happen to u yesterday u were not well? Are u well now?

      2. Having fever yesterday’s night. ..but now fine……

      3. Sanjana(Sara)


  19. Sanjana i love all the traits of sita…..nd these must be in a woman…..nd today’s epi also had these two

    revenge of a sister
    selfishness of a queen

  20. Sita decision to go vanvaas along with ram was decided already in vaikunda when goddess lakshmi told sri narayanan that i will also born as a ordinary woman to help you in all the ways
    So ravans kidnap was also decided by lakshmi in order to change ravan into a good human but her effoets were in vain!

    1. Thanks for information. …..

  21. Ya u r correct, but following the path of Dharma is vy difficult but v should not give up .

    1. Nice dp Sita

    2. Nice dp. …..In which class u r
      Sorry if it is personal. ..I just finished my 10th boards exam

      1. hiii zara…Hw r u? it have been long time i have visited here.. i have watched skr only before three days after a long gap after 20 days… in these days we have got a lots and lots of fans…. and where is nidhi and well wisher??. i hope ur exams were easy…

      2. Hi ……yo no we have lots of fan…..Ww is having biology exam …and nidhi has gone out of station. … r u…..I’m fine….

      3. I am fine… I am missing nidhi and ww a lot…

  22. Veronica crouze

    Why did ramji take sita ata’s agni pariksha in lanka,not in ayodhya after d war???as far as i know even d peopleof lanka were very much hurt and surprised when ramji did so.if he wanted to show sita right he could do it in ayodhya,why in lanka??

    1. He did it in Lanka before accepting her but he thought after that nobody will question her honour neither in Lanka nor in ayodha
      But people and their gossip ????

      1. Right sis,,,,,……..last line is mast??

  23. Good morning guys…..have a nice day……


    1. Akanksha sharma

      Gud mrng dear dia…..

    2. A very very good morning dear………

  24. Hello srinidhi welcome to Skr family
    Even my mother tongue is Tamil
    And I have visited California 3 yrs back
    It is nice place and glad to have u in Skr family???

    1. Glad to be in this family?

  25. hello guys!good morning .
    today episode is soooo sad even I have got teary eyes.
    nidhi and Zara missing g you a lot
    I can understand nidhi that she is not commenting because she has exam but Zara your exam got finish naaa.anyone know about her then pls tell me.
    bhoomi di come fast and I will pray for you.
    Anita di hi!after long time.
    Zara come fast I have to tell something .
    sumi di happy birthday
    A happy birthday to you
    chocolate for you
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    a happy happy birthday to you
    may god bless you
    happy birthday to you.

    1. Hi mahe …how r u…….enjoying. ……I’m not able to comment yesterday because I’m not well. ….

      1. o.k but now you are fine naa and you k ow from where I am commenting from our rashul kabr.
        yaa I am fine only I ha e problem with here weither you know what at day time it is too hot and at night its too cold.that’s why it not suit me but fine.

      2. U r in madnia. ….wahoo. ..u r so lucky. …..I’m just 7 year old when I went for haj. …so I didn’t remember much……This year my parents are going with my sibling for umra in December. ..leaving me hear

    2. Hello mahe Di and Zara Di take care
      Get well soon

  26. Gd morning. Hi everyone. How r u all? Welcome to skr family srinithi. Veronica di… Even I don’t know the answer to ur question.

    1. I know thanks is not allowed, but thank u?

      1. Can u introduce yourself? (Only if it is not personal)I am brindha from tamilnadu. I have finished my 9 th exams.

    2. I’m from California and I’m in 9th grade

      1. hiii.. mee to same grade..

  27. Hi guys. r u all. . . . . . I’m not well yesterday. ..that’s why not able to comment. ……guys soooo happy india won….????…..

    Sruthi di I just finished my 10th boards exam

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    Sarieta. ..myrah. ..srindhi. .Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club . ……

    Miss u bhoomija come back soon…

    1. India won yay

    2. Hi Zara di……. Get well soon di…….. Take care of ur health……… I am fine di……

      1. I’m fine thanks sis. ……..☺☺☺☺

    3. Akanksha sharma

      Ohh zara what happened 2 u dear…..u r f9…naaa. hw u r feeling nw…..missed u yesterday… really…..yeah india won…get well soon dear….luv u dear

      1. Feeling better now……….sukriya. ..because thanks are not allowed ???

    4. Wow… Enjoy dear…..

    5. i hope u r well now… take care

  28. NITA
    hi five…..m also in commrc….but m giving my 11th exams currently…..nd m from himachal



    1. Wo…….✋high five…… N wow Himachal….its a lovely place…

    2. HP. ……..I went shimla in September. ……With school friends. ..we enjoyed alot……soo place…..

    3. Lovely place di
      I want to visit it

    4. wow m in commerce too
      in 12th giving my board xams….. cbse

    Watch this link guys is Sita decision right argue viewers

  30. Gd afternoon everyone. How r u all? All ur dp’s are looking gd. All the best for exams for those who have exams……. I miss those people who are not able to comment due to their exams. So, come back relaxed after exams are over. Do well in exams……… Best wishes for those who have exams……..
    Waiting for ur exams to end so that u all can comment freely……….

  31. Hi everyone . Missing u all so much and can’t be without u all . My exams starts from tomorrow and ends on 31 st March so till that I won’t be to chat with u all . thank u Brindha di for ur wishes once again.

    You guys are just amazing. Though I don’t have own sister but I got many lovely sisters here and can’t forget u all in my life

    1. Hi sis all the best….miss you alot……do well….Our wishes is always with you ? ? ? ?

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    1. Thank u di and love u too ?? and of course will miss u

  33. Miss u Haripriya…Zara get well soon my dear sis…can anyone tell me if sumi posted her os???

    1. Thanks di… sumi will post in today’s episode. .I think soo

    2. I dont think yet Richa cause I was also searching for it

    3. Sanjana(Sara)

      I almost searched 10 times in every 2 hour for her os but didnt find.

    4. Miss u too Richa di ??

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    Guys I got first prize in category and I got a cup also but I am 26th place but there is 25cash prize so little sad but I am little satisfied with my cup and u r support made me play like this

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    2. Hppy fr u bro …grt..ur path s long..trvl n t success s urs…my bst wshs…bro .hpy to hear ths

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