Siya Ke Ram 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Hanuman asking Ram about punishing Akampana’s soldiers/kinners. Laxman says giving death punishment will be right. Ram stops them. Hanuman asks will it be fine to give them death punishment. The kinners asks Ram to give them death punishment and free them of this insulting life, they took part in this war so that they can be called warriors and get respect, but they lost in the war and there is no use to live in the world, kill us. Ram says this war is for your identity, existence, respect and prestige, every person has total right to live, you are not bonded, you all are freed, Hanuman free them. He asks then to go anywhere. The women say our lives have no meaning if we leave from here. Ram says no, your lives will not be stained, you all bear sorrow, insult and pain, that’s why

you all have an unique power to understand other’s sorrow, if you all bless others, they will succeed, this will not only bless humanity, but you all will get special place in the world, from today everyone will respect you to get your blessings, go and give blessings to everyone. Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram.

An asur informs Raavan that Ram’s army has killed minister and Durmukh, Hanuman and Laxman killed Akampana. Meghnadh asks where is Akampana’s people. The asur says Ram won their hearts by his sweet talk and now they decided to follow Dharm path. Raavan shouts Ram, I will not leave you alive now. He fumes.

Vibhishan says I got info that most powerful asur warriors are invited to Lanka. Laxman says its good news, powerful Asurs will die along Raavan. Vibhishan says those warriors have special powers, it won’t be easy to fail them. Jamvanth asks what powers do they have. Vibhishan tells about a mighty devil Singa who fights the war by his horn. The devil greets Raavan. Vibhishan tells about Vajradasht, whose body is made of Vajra, nothing affects his body, all weapons break striking his body, and Raavan’s most mighty warrior is Upajh, his half body is of snake and half body is of asur, he can kill many persons by his poison at once, all the Asurs are most important for Raavan, Raavan has dominance on the world because of them, they all represent Lankesh in different parts of the world. All of the Asur warriors greet Raavan.

Raavan says I feel proud to see my warriors, you all are my true prestige, no one can win over you. He laughs. Ram says it means, Raavan has got all his spread powers for this war, he will use cheat and powers to win in this war, we have to be fully prepared and careful.

Raavan welcomes his brave and dangerous warriors in the Rajya Sabha with glory. They ask what’s command for us, we are eager to kill your enemy, you are our Swami and protector, we will end entire vanar sena. They all swear to kill Ram and his army. They chant Lankapati ki jai. Raavan and Meghnadh smile.

Sita sits praying. She opens her eyes hearing Raavan’s laugh. He says you are strange and try different things, this Akhand jyot is new thing, no one could save my enemies in trilok, and you belief that this akhand jyot will protect Ram and his vanar sena from me. She says one who lives in illusion, feels illusion around him, you have been with Mahadev and you should see difference between illusion and reality, you don’t know difference between right and wrong being in your pride, that’s why you don’t know power of maha gayatri mantra and akhand jyot, you lost your senses. He says time will show who lost senses, Ram has come here to lose his life. He reminds her that few days are left for two months to complete, be ready to become my wife. He goes.

Vanar talk about being alert. Upajh comes there and says so they are those vanars, I will see how many of them get saved by my poison. He drops magical snakes from his hands. The snakes bites the vanars. They fall down. Upajh laughs. Ram hears the sound and thinks whats this sound.

Ram and everyone come to camp area and get shocked seeing many vanar fallen on the ground. Ram runs to Sugreev and asks what happened, open your eyes. He calls out Angad. Laxman asks Nir to open his eyes. He asks who can cheat like this. Ram recalls Vibhishan’s words. He says Upajh, his snake poison has bitten our entire vanar sena. Vibhishan says but I m surprised, if Upajh’s snakes have bitten our vanar sena, how are they alive, some power is protecting them. Ram looks at the sky. Sita is seen chanting gayatri mantra. Ram closes eyes and visualizes Sita praying.

Raavan praises Upajh for killing vanar sena and winning his heart. He says Ram’s belief would have got ruined, he will realize his mistake to come to Lanka. Upajh says if you commanded me to kill Ram, he would have died by now. Raavan says no Upajh, Ram’s death is just by my hands, he has to get insulted by my hands, slowly all his helpers will die, just Ram and Laxman will be left, then I will punish them for their foolishness and dare. Upajh leaves. Kaikesi comes with Daasis. Raavan asks why this aarti and flowers. Kaikesi says army is king’s power, when army gets killed, king loses and you have made Ram’s destruction definite by killing his vanar sena. He stops her from applying tilak and says Asur victory is prestige for me, but my victory will be that day when Sita makes me wear this garland. Sita continues to pray.

Raavan says Ram follows Dharm, and now he would be paying tribute to his vanar sena. Ram shouts to Raavan and asks him to come and fight if he has power and courage. He shoots the arrow in anger and that strikes Raavan’s throne. Raavan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Varshini

    |Registered Member

    wow wow , what an power packed precap , the precap is soo nice , the way ram , shouts at ravan challenging him , soo good , eagerly waiting for next epi

  2. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Hii.. I m overwhelmed by ur love dearies. Tq so much for making me feel happy( no tqs I know but still).. I m happy today.. Bahut Dino baat skr dekha vo bhi Pura episode.. Ha mast hai..

    @vanshu.. Sry my sissy Mei pov nahi post Kar sakti.. I mean thoda time lagega.. Having one concept to right an os.. L try to write it..


    Need a favour yar…

    I want to know abt twinkle’s health condition.. Pls say Me abt her..

  3. SKR fan

    Very good episode. Jai ho shri ram Ki. No one can possess qualities like shri ram. But today no fight sequence. Sita’s prayers saved vanar sena. Its good that the serial is not going in haste and at least they are showing yudh in detail and on the same time Sita’s scenes are shown. Precap oh my god shri ram is angry. Now what will happen? His arrow just hit beside raavan which was not a miss.

  4. SKR fan

    Ashish Sharma grateful to meet fan with special needs

    Actor Ashish Sharma, who essays Ram in popular mythological show “Siya Ke Ram”, took out time to meet a wheelchair-bound fan, who flew down to the city from Dubai.

    The actor was stunned to see 32-year-old special fan Amishi on the sets of the show here last week accompanied by her father. The family flew down especially from Dubai to meet Ashish, read a statement from Star Plus channel.

    The actor took time out of his shooting schedule and spent some time with Amishi and her family.

    “She is a special child and her very first interaction with me stole my heart. Her father told me that she religiously watches ‘Siya Ke Ram’ and claps every time I am on screen,” Ashish said.

    “Siya Ke Ram” is a unique representation of Ramayana from Sita’s perspective.

    The actor shared that the “fact that she flew down all the way from Dubai despite her condition was very endearing”.

    He said: “Even though she can’t talk, her actions touched my heart. Such gestures melt your heart and make you all the more confident of what you are doing as an actor. I really wish the best for her.”

  5. SKR fan

    Such a cute pic of madirakshi and Pratima kannan aka kekasi. Her face has been covered by cake cream.
    Sita and neel full masti no shooting. Offscreen fun.
    Nal, Neel, angirav and sita outdoor food. Offscreen fun of actors.
    Boysgang dayout. Vanar sena, Lankans and lakshman.
    Girlsgang. Sita and Lankans on kekasi birthday.
    Tanvi madhyan aka Shrutkirti with her real life family bowling.
    Ashish with his fan. MUST SEE.

  6. Veena

    When did Prashat make whole vanar sena unconscious ?? Yes Prashat was kllled by Nila. Whereas it is shown Nila is unconscious .
    Ravan came out as he was shocked by Prashat’s death not that Ram challenged ?

    Yes my message might get deleted as I have written whatever is in Original Yudha Kand.
    But I have no idea SKR is following which book? May be Devdutta . I have not read that imaginative and unreal stuff.
    Sita never sat in meditation like that . Please verify -my message will be deleted as I have raised finger against the Show’
    I am fully confused after today’s show .

    • Ritzz

      |Registered Member

      Sita was only praying…whats wrong in it…she only wants the well being of ram and vanar sena…it is such a small thing…and as per prasasht and ram story wait till tomorrow epi…!!

  7. joy

    Nice episode……. Precap is also nice….. Waiting for tomorrow ☺☺
    @Ritzz yes the end will be tragic………
    Waiting for Ramsita moment long time……… Also waiting for a AshMa pic long time……… Hope we will get soon……..✅😅😅

    • Ritzz

      |Registered Member

      One think u noticed in leaving the few pics most of the off screen pics ashish is absent I don’t understand y…😐😐😐

      • joy

        Yes @Ritzz……….
        I also noticed that always Ashish Sharma missing in any party or any offscreen pic………. All of SKR family members take a pic together…….everytime Ashish is missing…….. You also noticed that after SKR began last year November since today the SKR family doing party….. Celebrate birthday party but every time Ashish missing…… Don’t know why?????? 😂😂😂

  8. Vanshika

    |Registered Member

    The episode was jus superb
    U know I laughed seeing ravan while my mom kept signing to get silent..
    I kept laughing… Go go go ravan… Go go go ravan.. Ha ha ur death is near.. Foolish.. Enjoy ur last days etc..
    In Precap.. I’m over excited 😃

  9. vaidehi

    Hi hay di . I’m fine now. Precap I too gud. Good words vanshu. Love u . Bye. Getting ready for schl.

  10. Sudeshna

    |Registered Member

    Episode was full to power packed.. Sita,gave a good reply to foolish raavan and vanar sena get poisned by suparsh vish… Precap was,really exciting ram gets,angry.. Raavan tumhari mrityo ka fin nikat hai…😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Ritzz

    |Registered Member

    Saw the repeat epi at midnight…epi was very gud…!! Precap awesome…. over excited 4 todays epi… 🤗 it is sitaji truthfulness and righteousness that saved the vanar sena..!! Loved her..

  12. Sudeshna

    |Registered Member

    Thnx vandhu di for correction… Love u.. And ya my real name is swastika not sudeshna.. So call me swastika ok.. And i had registered from two phones one as swastika and another one sudeshna…

  13. shosti sinha bangladesh

    Siya and ram is the best carrecter in this serial. Our family watch this serial very excidity. We love siya ke ram toooooooooooo much.

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