Siya Ke Ram 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Siya Ke Ram 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone smiling seeing Sita. Janak says every father wishes the best groom for his daughter, so with this motive, I have kept this Swayamvar, the condition is the one who lifts Shiv Dhanush and string it, that guy will be deserving to marry Sita. He announces to start this Swayamvar. A prince asks why are everyone scared to go ahead, and takes Janak’s permission to string the Dhanush. Janak says sure. The prince prays and tries lifting the Dhanush. Everyone look on. The prince could not even move the Dhanush. Malyavaan laughs and calls them fools. He says its good Raavan is not here. Another prince says I will end this competition. He tries his hand and fails to lift the Dhanush. He apologizes and says I don’t have power to lift this Divya Dhanush, its Lord Shiv’s wish.

Malyavaan laughs as many princes try to lift the Dhanush, and fail.

Janak and Sunaina worry and look at Sita. Malyavaan laughs as many princes fail. He says if Raavan was here, no one would have been able to compete here. He asks Janak to see that rest of the princes do not wish to try, it means they are not deserving of your daughter, don’t worry, just one man can string the Dhanush. He praises the powerful Lankapati Raavan. Raavan comes there. Everyone look at him.

Mahadev is seen in the devlok. Devi Parvati comes there and smiles. He asks whats the reason of her smile. She says your devotee has come to lift your dhanush. He says his devotion truth will be seen in some time. She asks what. He says it will be known soon. Raavan proceeds to lift the dhanush. Raavan says Janak is very lucky to have this Shiv Dhanush with his ancestors, but now be ready to depart from it, I will string it and take it with me to Lanka. He laughs and says I m Lord Shiv’s biggest devotee and this Dhanush will look good to be with me, don’t know why Lord Shiv did not give this to me, I will rectify his mistake today, I don’t need this mistake, I m winner and immortal, but my coming generations will get immortal with this Dhanush, about marrying your daughter, I don’t wish too, my place is big and I have many queens, one shall add up. Sunaina worries.

Raavan says its seen that no one could move this Dhanush, Janak would be worried that will Sita get married or not, I will string the dhanush and win your daughter, don’t worry, but marrying her does not mean I will make her my queen, as that place is of my lovely queen Mandodari, I promised her even if I do many marriage, she will be my queen, no one can take her place. Janak, Sunaina, Sita, Kushadwaj, Shathanand and Sita’s sisters worry hearing him. Raavan says but marrying Sita will make her lucky. Raavan’s egoistic words shock everyone present there.

Janak says we all are anxious to witness the moment when you lift dhanush and string it, no one will have doubt on your devotion then. Raavan goes to the dhanush. Everyone look on. Raavan holds the dhanush being over confident of lifting it. Sita worries. Raavan looks at them. Malyavaan smiles. Raavan tries to lift it, and could not. He gets shocked as well, and looks at the dhanush. The dhanush does not move. Everyone get shocked. Raavan tries hard. He moves back and gets angry. He tries lifting dhanush with both hands. He applies all his power, and still fails to lift it. The other princes laugh on Raavan. Raavan shouts and shows his ten heads, which shocks everyone witnessing this moment.

Prince says we will fight and whoever wins will marry Sita. Vishwamitra says but fight with happen with this prince, who will come first to fight with Ram. Ram comes there and greets the Shiv dhanush. Sita looks on. Ram Ram…………plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode .good mockery of ravan and his bhakti .waiting for tomorrow episode

    1. Hi how are you . I am tamil only from chennai. Are you from?

      1. hi i am also from chennai and tamil also….i am happy many of us from chennai….super ….ashish s fantablous actor…waiting for him introduction scene…they dragging…but waiting for that magical moment…

      2. Me too from chennai☺!

  2. two days wasted in the name of swayamvar, I want to see Ram winning it and just cant wait to see happiness in sita.

    1. Same here… 🙁
      But eagerly waiting for Ram to come.

  3. Wow…. Waiting for tomorrow episode…. I think now mandvi realized ravans character….

    1. Agreed diya

    2. wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

      agree……… but they didnt show of her realize it………..
      when will luv kush come????? a year after……………………….
      waiting for sita ram scenes after their marriage…………
      i love a scene alone still…………..
      ram will get proposal for second marriage……… he will have paintings covered and will ask sita to choose one……. she with out seeing the photos or paintings will tell all are not nice……….. at last all the photos will contain her picture…………. those scenes are awesome…….. eagerly waiting for that episode and i hope they will show this………………

  4. ooooh yaar when will u come ram

  5. too good epi ….lovd too see precap its intereting

  6. eager to watch tomorrows episode… .. ram winning n sitas happiness

  7. Good plot but streching more to every movement

  8. samaira tanya

    Waiting fr tomorrow episode!!!!!!!:-)

  9. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  10. eagerly waiting for tmrw episode

  11. Ravans voice is changed.. Someone is dubbing for him

  12. Mindblowing

  13. Nice ep but little dragging……..

  14. Nice precap. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi.

  15. Other princes laugh on raavan this movement is great

  16. The way they are stretching episodes, I am doubtful if they would take 14 years to show us Ram Ravan fight.

  17. the swamwar will go on this whole week as it is syamyar saftha

  18. I hope ram will appear tomorrow

  19. Ram will come in the end like a hero in films. The screenplay is like films.

  20. Why don’t they have subtitles? Used to have in English? Star Plus! Please!

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