Siya Ke Ram 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamitra tells Ram about Satyavrath. FB shows, Guru Vashisht asking Satyavrath why did he stop the yagya. Satyavrath says you are our kulrishi, you have powers, make my wish fulfilled, I want to go to heaven once. Guru Vashisht says its impossible, I m shocked knowing this, how could you think of this. Vishwarath comes there and says Rajan, I can make you reach heaven/Swarglok. Vashisht gets angry and says its my bad fate to be Kulguru of a bad king, I resign from this post of being your Kulguru. He stares at Vishwarath and leaves.

Vishwarath starts doing the yagya, and lifts Satyavrath in the air to make him reach Swarglok. Lord Indra and Dev appear there and see this happening. Lord Indra ask Vishwarath to stop this yagya. Vishwarath says Devraj I can’t stop

this yagya now, I have promised Satyavrath that I will send Satyavrath by my powers. Lord Indra says I will not allow Satyavrath to enter Swarglok. Vishwarath says I will then make another Indralok. Dev asks Vishwarath why is he doing this. Vishwarath says I want to become Maharishi. Dev says this can happen when you become Brahmarishi, that just Vashisht can help you with, you have to get rid of your ego and do much tapasya. FB ends.

Vishwamitra says then I realized, what I want I can’t get by my deeds, I decided to become Brahmarishi and did tapasya to get rid of my anger and ego. FB shows Vishwamitra doing Tapasya for one year. Mahadev smiles seeing Vishwamitra. Om bhoor………….plays…………. Guru Vashisht smiles seeing this tapasya. He says what is this Mahamantra which has linked the world together, who has created this Mahamantra. Brahmadev appears there with Devashri. Guru Vashisht greets them. Brahmadev says Vishwarath created this Mahamantra, he did tapasya and got rid of anger, ego, jealousy, and all bad feelings, he won over all bad things, he is capable to become Brahmarishi now, he wants you to make him give this post. Vashisht goes along with them to Vishwarath. Vashisht recalls how Vishwarath killed his ashram people, but his anger turns into calm smile hearing Vishwarath’s mahamantra. He says your tapasya succeeded Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra opens his eyes and greets Vashisht, Brahmadev and Devashri.

He asks Vishwamitra? Vashisht says the man who is free of anger, ego, jealousy, desires and ill feelings, he is friend of the world. He says you have won all the loks by your tapasya, so the world will now know you by name Brahmarishi Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra greets them. Fb ends.

Vishwamitra says Brahmarishi Vashisht called me Brahmarishi, but I could not forget that I have killed his sons in my ego, that’s why I m not able to get rid of this guilt. Ram asks till when will you keep this burden on your heart. Vishwamitra says there is no way to get rid of this Ram. Ram says if you got rid of your ego and realized your mistake, why don’t you apologize to Guru Vashisht. Vishwamitra says Vashisht will not forgive me. Ram says till you apologize, how will you know whether Vashisht will forgive you or not.

Guru Vashisht comes to Janak and Dasharath. Janak greets and welcomes him. Vashisht blesses him. Dasharath says Gurudev, we were waiting for you, did Vishwamitra not come with you. Ram brings Vishwamitra along. Vishwamitra greets Vashisht. Ram looks on.

Vishwamitra tells Guru Vashisht, you are the only reason that I have become Maharishi. He says whatever I did, I apologize to you for that. He holds hands and apologizes to Vashisht. Everyone look on. Vashisht says I have forgiven you that day when I called you Brahmarishi for the first time. Vishwamitra asks his permission so that he can wash Vashisht’s feet, so that he can wash off his sins. He gets teary eyed. Ram and Sita smile. Vashisht looks at Vishwamita and nods. Vishwamitra washes Vashisht’s feet to give him honor and repent for his sins. Vashisht looks at Ram. Vishwamitra cleans Vashisht’s feet. Ram smiles.

Guru Vashisht says you have cleared your sins Vishwamitra, I will always respect you, I will be glad that Ram has become a witness of your change, Ram has got powers and knew its importance form you, the teachings I gave to Ram and his brothers would have not got completed without your teachings, you taught them knowledge of capabilities and powers, generations will come and go, but world will not forget that you gave the world an ideal like Ram, and you linked Ram and Sita and made their marriage possible, we greet you for this. Vishwamitra thanks him and takes his permission to return to his ashram. Everyone greet Vishwamitra. Ram greets Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra blesses him and leaves.

Janak cries and turns his face away at bidaai time. Ram says you found me yogya for Sita, I will try my best to keep Sita happy, and see her happiness before mine. Sita goes with Ram, and bidaai ceremony is done.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So emotional Precap. But loved it



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      Siya ke ram:

      Sita and her sisters are sent to Ayodhya by Janak and Sunaina. Sita throws the rice and does the rituals of bidaai. Sita leaves with Ram, and all couples go along them to Ayodhya. Janak acts strong in front of the daughters, and cries after they go away from his sight.

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  4. Wow….nice episode
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  5. Nice episode. Tomorrow episode will be very emotional.

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  11. Episode is good but precap is emotional and awesome

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  19. Now we may never see Mithila and Sita’s maayka again as the vidaai shoot has been completed and bijay Anand has returned to Mumbai.

  20. Guys Lot of Tamil people are here….. I am also TN… but i don’t know how many of u notice this…..the actress who is playing Ram’s mom Kaushalya is the one who played that Famous “kaththala kannala” song from Anjaathe Movie…… shocking..??

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    I like very much this ethic through seeta’s eyes

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  28. loved the way amena had updated …….tysm amena

  29. wellwisher its true…. Her name snigdha… check her wiki… she also played lead role in Rajadhi Raja movie with Lawrence…
    And one more even 2008 Ramayan actress Debina banerji also acted in a tamil film Perarasu with Vijaykhanth…..!!!

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      i know that Debina acted in Perarasu but about Kaushalya i know only now………

  30. Awesome epi and welcome pallavi well I live in Toronto Siva ke ram is the best it also brings us fans together like this I loooove it

  31. nice precap & episode was aiso gud

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