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Siya Ke Ram 19th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guru Vashisht asking the Praja to listen to him, if Praja agrees then Dasharath has to agree too. Ram greets them and says I m not saying it should happen like I say, I don’t have right to change your devotion, I want to pose a question, this Ashwa has run since one year continuously for our Rajya’s prestige, when Ashwa has returned, we should respect it, and we are ready to sacrifice it, I want to ask you all, is this right, does this horse deserve this, why shall I follow this tradition, why to kill any innocent animal. Everyone look on and hear him.

Ram says we always obey traditions as its easy, but Shastras have written that no animal should be harmed in any yagya, do we notice that instruction and tells them. He gives his opinion and proposal against this

sacrificing thing and asks them to answer their opinion. Everyone smile. Jabali recalls Ram’s words. He says I don’t trust Lord, but I hope that Ram progresses humanity. The Praja give their opinion and support Ram. Ram smiles.

Everyone get glad, except the pandits. Pandits ask Ram will Praja decide for traditions now, and tells Ram that they respect his opinion, and explains the yagya and sacrifice done for Praja’s good. Ram says our Shastra tells about non violence. Pandit says Raja’s progress is related to Praja. Ram says Raja progresses by being kind to animals and humans, I have heard protecting one life is equal to do many yagyas, if we sacrifice this house, this will be our failure. Raghukul should be known for such things that show Raja’s sacrifice, but of any innocent animals, guide me if I m wrong.

Pandits greet him and says enough Yuvraj, you are right, non violence is the biggest Dharm. Your words and thoughts have shown us the pain for that horse, we have also understood, you told right, that no yagya is greater than protecting one’s life, we are with Ram’s decision. Dasharath gets glad. They all smile, as people cheer for Dasharath and Ram. Guru tells Dasharath that this should be a day of pride for him, as Ram has changed a tradition for good, and everyone is with Ram, you also accept this. Dasharath accepts Ram’s proposal and Praja’s decision. Mangala………………. Ram Ram……plays……… Ram smiles and looks at everyone.

Jabali says this is the start Ram. Guru says this gold idol will be sacrificed and then use this broken gold for the Praja, use it for their education, health and prosperity, everyone should get the benefit from it. Dasharath blesses Ram and says I trust you, but hearing few things, I get thinking how will it be possible what you are saying, this is my mistake that I fail to understand your thoughts. Ram hugs him.

Kaikeyi laughs. Mantra asks what happened. Kaikeyi says I was waiting for this, one tradition has changed here, and this will make way for other tradition to change, Jabali said right, this is the start, now Bharat will become the King.

Sita and her sisters run in the jungle. Sita says they will see the natural moment where the deer herd will be seen passing by in the jungle. She says she has not seen Lord but she has trust. She says such natural moment is seen only twice in a year. They say we did not see it any year. They try to see and wait at the cliff. Sita smiles and hears the sound from the rock. She says they are coming and they all wait to see. The herd is seen running fast and coming close. They all smile. Sita says I don’t know why I like to see them so much. They say we understand, its unique. Shruthkirti slips down and falls. They see her rolling down the cliff and falling in the way of the deers.

They all get shocked and ask Shruthkirti to move off fast, the herd is running towards her. Sita runs to Shruthkirti. Sita sits in between and prays, while the herb runs towards them.

Ram asks Vijay who has tied the cloth to the horse. Vijay says Janak’s daughter Sita. Gargi tells Sita that she is unique, as she was born from the soil, one of her name is Bhoomija too. Sita gets shocked. Ram holds the cloth and says Sita….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This epic story is superb.. many true values can be preached ..

  2. wow siya ke ram is superb…………..
    it delivers moral values in a simpler way………..
    but i have never heard of ram having a elder sister shanta!

  3. I love Ramayan… But ndtv Ramayana s best…. Sry to say Ds… I was excited to watch siya ke ram .. But disappointed… The cast,story,make over everything shud be better…. Especially for grown up 4 sisters…. New star plus Mahabharata was amazing…. BT its nt up to d mark I think… Its my view… If I hurt anyone sry plz….

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I like the song of this show played for Sita.. and concept also that they trying to show in other way… but I did not like the cast of the show… though janak, his wife, his brother , janak’s sister in law and sumitra are nice but rest cast must have been more better… i liked sita and ram as kids but when they are adults they not look nice as they were looking in promos…

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