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Siya Ke Ram 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with voiceover telling about Ram, Sita and Laxman leaving from Rishi Atri’s ashram. They went ahead facing many hurdles, and then came across the Rishi’s dead bodies. Ram and Laxman killed the Rakshaks, and gave new life to numerous Rishis. After 10 years, Ram succeeded in his motives, he reached Panchvati but the battle was still left. Maharishi Agasthi welcomes Ram, Sita and Laxman. Ram says we are blessed to meet you. Maharishi Agasthi says your bravery and good deeds made the Raghuvansh shine. Ram says its our Dharm to save people, the jungle is free from Rakshaks, but Rakshaks can attack again, if you permit, we want to make a secure centre in jungle so that we get aware of any danger.

Maharishi says your thought is good, I want you to give knowledge and security

lessons to the Rishis here, so that they can protect themselves and others. Ram says sure, Laxman and I will be glad. Maharishi asks them to rest some time, there is lake and all type of fruits are present too, this place is right for their stay. Ram likes the suggestion and asks Sita and Laxman their opinion. Sita says the jungle which has power to attract Rishis, it will be good, I agree. Ram asks Laxman. Laxman says where you and Sita are there, that place is pure for me. Ram says we will stay in this ashram hut for some time. Rishis cheer for Ram. Maryada Purshottam Ram…plays……..

Hanuman is sleeping. He wakes up by the sunlight. Surya Dev appears there. Hanuman greets him. Surya Dev blesses him. Hanuman says you here.. Surya Dev says you gave me promise as Guru Dakshina, that you will always protect my son Sugreev. Hanuman says yes, I promised, but I.. Surya Dev smiles and says you forgot. Hanuman says they fight with me for small things, I love peace and come here. Surya Dev says I know, but I sense big danger coming on Sugreev, so I came to you, go to Sugreev and protect him. Hanuman apologizes and says don’t worry, I will leave right away. Surya Dev blesses him and disappears.

The monkeys have a fight. Sugreev asks Bali to hear him first, and assures he did not do anything. Bali beats him and says I gave you responsibility to protect this garden, all fruits are stolen. Sugreev says I don’t know. Bali asks did you eat all mangoes. Sugreev says no, I did not do so. Bali says I think I have to beat you more to make you admit truth. Hanuman comes and stops Bali. Bali asks him to move away. Hanuman says I will punish Sugreev. Sugreev thinks Hanuman went as my friend and came back as my enemy. Bali says ask Sugreev, where mangoes disappear. Hanuman says you are punishing Sugreev just for mangoes. Bali says yes, its very delicious mangoes. Hanuman praises Bali and says Sugreev does not dare to tell you truth. Bali asks Hanuman to ask him, and goes.

Hanuman calls Sugreev a friend. Sugreev gets annoyed and says you came to punish me, and does not help me, I won’t talk to you. Hanuman says but friend….. and smiles.

Ram gets Sita somewhere, covering her eyes. She asks where are we going. Ram says wait for some time. She says it seems like good essence and pureness around, where did you get me. Ram asks her to see. Sita smiles seeing the visual delight scenary and says if there is heaven anywhere, it will be here. Ram says it will be Ram’s heaven, Laxman and I will make a hut, you make it a home. She says its my good luck, but where will we make a hut. Laxman comes there and says I found that place, if Ram permits, I would like to show that place to Sita. Ram says sure. Laxman asks Sita to come. Sita goes.

Hanuman smiles and talks to Sugreev. Sugreev tells about his love, and FB shows the lover girl Roma. Roma and her friends come to jungle to meet Sugreev. Her friends say there is no mango here. Roma says how is this possible, look at that side. Sugreev gets all mangoes and presents for her. She turns and he hides. She sees the mangoes and smiles. Her friends ask who kept the mangoes here, did that monkey man keep it here, we should not accept it. Roma sees the monkey tail and says if anyone kept it, it would be by love, we should accept this. Her friend says anyone may come, we shall leave.

Mandvi looks on sad. Bharat says Mandvi. She says my identity and existence is very small infront of your great sacrifice, I can’t be equal to you. He says this is not my sacrifice, but my motive of life. She asks will you stay live like this forever. He says I thought something, I realized the knowledge and teachings I got in Vashisht ashram and Kaikeya, this is right time to use it, else it will be misuse and insult of knowledge. She says you are saying right, I also want to use my teachings, it will be useful for Ayodhya’s development, I m worried for Ayodhya’s girl’s education, its imp for women to be literate, as an educated woman can educate many others, she can make two generations rid of illiteracy, this is my motive now. Bharat says I learnt imp thing, I realized what I m doing is useful, I could not give you as a husband, but you gave me everything as a wife. He praises her and they smile.

Sugreev says she used to come and I used to give her mangoes by hiding. Hanuman asks who is she. Sugreev says she is Gandharao Raj’s daughter Roma. Hanuman says you loved her, Gandharao Raj will not agree. Sugreev says I won’t talk to you. Hanuman says wait, I will ask her first does she love you or not. Sugreev says I will come along. Hanuman says no, I don’t know her reaction. Sugreev says I will come along, I want to see her, I will not enter Raj bhavan. Hanuman asks him to promise. Sugreev promises him. Hanuman says but how will I know her. Sugreev says she puts such flowers in her hair, you can know her now. Hanuman takes flower and smiles.


Hanuman sees the girls and wonders who is princess Roma. The girls get scared seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow nice episode , I didn’t expected the leap to take place in this episode 🙂

    1. Right twinkle. …

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Hi ? all of u di n thnks fr wlcming me in skr clb. D epi ws super duper hit as always n it ws gr8. Unexpected leap, bt thnk gd it was not 13 yr leap, dint know wat will happen in abduction scene
        It’s unimaginable d separation between Siam ???????

        Did ny1 of u wtch Mahabharata
        I was a gr8 fan of it

        I luv historical programmes

      2. Ya vanshu even I m a fan of Mahabharata especially for arjun draupadi jodi. I love to watch epic based shows

    2. Sarayu(honey)

      Same twinkle. I too didn’t expect leap

    3. S Twinkle nice episode…………..the Leap was unexpected……

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        I 2 didn’t expect this leap
        Bt it’s lovely isn’t it ??

    4. yup true its good vanshika di

  2. Amazing episode …I like bharat and mandvi scence, ……

    1. bhavi scene were awesome 🙂

    2. Haiii Zara……….I too liked bharat & mandvi scences……….& hanuman scences …

  3. hi to all my sisters
    i am sorry i could not visit the page from 2 days as i was busy with my school works but i will try to cover it because from tommorow my school wll be closing so therefore i will be regular at this lovely page
    coming to the episode it was awesome
    i am eager to see the place where laxman is taking sita
    mandavi and bharat are really an ideal personalaties
    today the thing which i loved the most was sugreev and hanuman’s talk and friendship

    1. i hope i am first today

    2. Hi …Thanks god u r not leaving us…….enjoy your holidays sis…..episode was awesome

    3. welcome back !

    4. Haiii Iqura Welcome back dear……….. I too liked Hanuman scences

  4. Sanjana I’m waiting for your come back. ..but please forgot to comment after a year……I’ll come and check ur comment after a year…I’ll never forget u sis….wishing u a great future. …….please come back after ur exams. …I’ll for siya-ke-ram will end..then I’ll check ur comment on last page skr telly update page. …….I’ll for know you will come back. ……I’ll wait for u ..,bye…..have a great future

    1. true will wait for sanjana di 🙂

    2. Typo mistake but please not*to forget after a year

  5. Superb episode… An educated woman can educate many others and she can make rid of illiteracy…


    1. Right bro …episode was supber. ….

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Rite d epi was superb!
        Loved bhavi n hanureev scenes.
        Di’s cn I kno if dere is ny1 eql 2 me in age in d grup I m in clss 8

    2. hello bro , new here ? if yes then welcome to the skr family

      1. Hi twinkle… am not new week has passed I think…

    3. Supreetha (Soups)

      Truly said brother 😀

  6. Veronica crouze

    they took 10 years leap and met as far as i knew that they met him in d last year of exile snd even they went to panchavati at d last year…they didn’t show anything of the dandaka forest…didn’t they met surpanakha at d last year??can anybody exactly tell me???

    1. I think they r not met in last year…by agasthya suggestion RAM choose to build forest dwelling at panchavati on the banks of the river Godavari and stayed there for long time…

  7. Nyc epi thanks for the update amena di hi Zara dear ,hi iqura I m new here so can u plz say me r u elder or younger than me

    1. welcome to the skr family 🙂

    2. Hi siyapriya…Welcome to siya-ke-ram fan club. ….I completed my 10th standard exams. ..

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      Welcome to skr family

    4. Welcome to skr fan club ?

    5. Haii Siyapriya Welcome to the family ………..Iam elder to u i guess …. Whr R U From??

      1. Hi guys jay di I am from chennai and I m studying in 10th std

  8. Awesome epi hi Zara dear, Zara can u say me one thing is iqura also of our class or she is elder to us

    1. She is in 8th standers

      1. so she is our cute lil sis like sanju

    Well i don’t know why i feel strange about it….i think they are doing this so they can bring the climax of the story fast and focus more on it…..well m happy tht vanvas ll end soon n lakshmila ll be together again???LOL!!!!
    Eagerly waiting for 2moro as Hanuman’s sense of humour ll be showcased n m damn sure d scene ll be hilarious???

    HOW R U ALL?????
    Sorry couldn’t comment for d last 2 days as i was with my studies….i may not be able to comment anymore bcoz of my entrance xams but definitely read ur comments everyday….but i promise ll come back in d first week of June or b4 than that…not sure…

    Sanjana n Brindha n Nidhi come back soon….
    Has WW n Nippy left?Pls cn anyone tell me….

    I hope no one else leaves d family now n hope the other missing members like Akanksha,Ishita,Reshma di,Sumi,Nita n all d others return soon…don’t leave us…it’s a request….

    Hope u all in good health….Keep smiling n tkcr???
    I ll come back soon n pls all those who r in fb give me ur account name n if u know any other family member’s name too give me so that i cn send friend request….

    1. hello nupur di even i felt strange about the the leap . and yes di come back soon 🙂

    2. Veronica crouze

      Yes…as it’s frm sita’s perspective they h to focus more on her kidnapping & her staying in lanka..dat’s why they r going fast…bt i dn’t think we’ll see lakshmilla scene before November… Bcz d vanvas won’t be finished so easily….they will show lanka’s detail story….

      1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

        Di I thnk nvmbr is 2 late , bt I dnt wnna c kdnp so soon wnt Siam 2 enjoy?

    3. Ok di I’ll wait for u….All the best for ur entrance exam

    4. Come book soon di. Don’t worry surely lakshmila scenes are on the way !! 😉
      All the beat fr ur entrance examinations ! Take care do well !!
      Will never leave this group never worry 🙂

    5. Haii Nupur……….Pls come back soon dear…Will miss U ….All the Best

    6. all the best nupur

      1. Thanks Twinkle,Zara,Malvi,Jay di n Priya for understanding…I ll definitely come back soon…how cn I leave such a sweet n caring family???
        Jay di n Zara u in fb na?Cn u give me ur account name so tht i cn send u a request…n if u know any other member’s name too cn u pls tell me…

    7. my id in fb is jay suriya..also sent a message dear so i can Recognize U

  10. Wow unexpected leap !! Good episode ! 🙂

    Didi’s like sanju di, and many other di’s are leaving this group 🙁 pls come back soon. Donno how Nidhi di is hope u r good ! ^O^:'(

    1. yes agree with you ! everyone is leaving one by one hope they come back soon

      1. Nothing can be done ! 🙁

    2. True malvi….unexpected leave……please u don’t leave ?

      1. True unexpected ! Lol ! I won’t di don’t worry !!

    3. Sarayu(honey)

      Yes malvi, everyone is leaving one by one

    4. Hope for the best dear…They will be back soon…
      The episode was good & leap was unexpected

      1. Yeah !! Okay ! 🙂

    5. Ha malvi leap was unexpected and I too hope sanju ,ww, bhoomi,brindha all come back dear but we should not loose hope

  11. Never knew abt Roma Sugreev love story…

  12. oh leap of 10 yrs .. only 4 yrs to finish d vanvas .. and d sita’s abduction going to take place soon.. oh no.. after abduction ,,,, ram and sita separation was hard to bear.. and after victory again sita get separated from ram in a pregnant state.. cant imagine those scenes..

    1. Ya shavi. ….ya but in last year ravana will abduct sita. ….I also can’t imagine those scene

    2. Can’t Imagine ram & sita Seperation …but we cant change it so enjoy till that….

    3. Shavi but sita will be abducted only for 10 months. I think so.and ya can’t imagine the separation of sita from ram in pregnant state??

  13. Hey guys how r u all. The episode was good. And loved mandvi and Bharat scene didn’t expect leap but it was good. The episode is becoming better day by day ….

    1. Hi joshna. …I’m fine. ….I also loved bharat and mandvi conversation. ….and leap was unexpected

    2. Sarayu(honey)

      I am good joshna dhi, how about you?

    3. Haii Joshna Fine dear… the episode was super …. mandvi & bharat were good…

  14. Can anyone tell me. …who is Roma

    1. I don’t know di, srry…but Sanjana di requested u to to join the fan club site

      1. Ok….I all members of that group

    2. roma is sugriva’s beloved wife……………

      refer this

      1. Ohh………so sweet of u

      2. Tnks Krishnai.for the link………..

      3. jay akka no thanks………… i just shared the answer……….

  15. Hi Zara dr hw r u…happy to c ur cmmnt n ths page …as I am pprng for my xam so I have signed out frm ths page …it means I stopped giving comments …but I really mssd evryne a lot …hw s ur health dr….wat happnd to sanju….s she went f…nd hw s everyone ….hw r u all my dr frnds…I hope u didn’t forget me …K let me introduce myself f u forget me…I’m yazhini I m frm villupuram ,Tamil Nadu …I have just completed my 12 th xm…nd pprng fr entrance….nw everyone culd u rrmbr me…nd f there s any new cmer to our family I heartily welcome u all…nd hw s ur hldys gng n….nw a days cmnds r vry less…I hope evrne busy n njoy hlydys…kk guys tdy eps des really awsome nce to c ….but nt like the episode where the 4 sis were together….k my dr frnds gud n8 Tc sd …..c u snn….I vilu visit here tmrw…miss u all…

    1. Hi di….I’m fine…how r ??..missing you alot….I’ll never forgot u di….sanju left this page because she wants to concentrate in her studies……I hope u will come back soon….Al the best for your exams. ..

    2. We won’t forget you di…all the best on your exams…come back soon

    3. Haii Yazhini….All the best for ur exam….Miss U too… Come back soon…

    4. hi yazhini Akka. I m new here I completed my 10th boards and waiting for results even I m from villupuram ,Tamil nadu akka and all the best for ur entrance xm

    5. Supreetha (Soups)

      Hi Yazhini! I’m Soups..I joined about a month ago and I’m of your age 🙂

  16. Sarayu(honey)

    Ha yazni dhi, episode is really good, are you taking MPC or BiPC? I am studying in 9th grade in America. But I am from andra pradesh.

    1. Hi Sarayu…im in 9th grade, from America as well(California)…which state r u from?

      1. Sarayu(honey)

        Srinidhi, from Indiana state.

  17. Veronica crouze

    Guys can anyone clearly tell me that did sita left palace voluntarily when people gossiped or she was exiled by ram??? Which is correct?

    1. she voluntarily wentveronica dear . bcoz if she stays there after that gossip it will affect ram’s rajdharm. so that she went from there but ram doesn’t want to but he accepted it as raja but not as an husband

  18. Sanjana di said she’ll post a final analysis…Ishita di and Zara di, she also told you guys to check your email…and if u aren’t a member of the fan club site, she asked u to join it Zara di…i don’t know if anyone saw my earlier comments… just letting u know …

  19. Great, Viradh Rakshas captured Sita. the entire chapter is missing. Visiting Sharbhang and Sutikshan rishi is missing.

    When there was no need, they put unnecessary and unauthentic (not written in spirituals) stories. Yes the show is from SITA perspective. Ohh…How sita can tell that she was captured by Viradha just after leaving Atri ashram. Because in show Sita is so rebellious (even Valmiki will be surprised to see new avtar of his character). Every time she urged that I am not burden and always put Rama in dilemma in between herself and Laxaman.

    Valmiki SIta also has voice but she has great sense of understanding too. Her only heated argument was with Laxaman in Panchvati and for this she regret whole heartily all the time in Ashak Vatika.

    1. She will not regret as she wanted this to happen and ram is not in a dilemma
      Ram does not have to choose between them
      It was just laxmans opinion now it is changed

      1. In Valimiki Ramayan Sita regret for her past deed particularly harsh words to Laxaman (character allegation on him) in front of Hanuman. First viradha rakshas and second time Ravan kidnapped Sita against her wish. If Sita was kidnapped by her own wish then the entire war was fake.
        But this show Siya ke Rama has all right to change main story line. And please under stand in entire Ramayan, Laxaman has never given any option for Sita. Actually the merely one strong talk happned in Panchvati. And also Laxaman Rekha is a fake idea by present days writers. Valmiki has never written it.

        इच्छसि त्वम् विनश्यन्तम् रामम् लक्ष्मण मत् कृते || ३-४५-६
        लोभात् तु मत् कृतम् नूनम् न अनुगच्छसि राघवम् |

        “Because of me you wish Rama to be completely destroyed, and only because of your cupidity for me you are not following up on Raghava. It is definite. [3-45-6b, 7a]

        सुदुष्टः त्वम् वने रामम् एकम् एको अनुगच्छसि |
        मम हेतोः प्रतिच्छन्नः प्रयुक्तो भरतेन वा || ३-४५-२४

        “You are verily maleficent for you have singly and covertly followed Rama, who started to forests all alone, or instigated by Bharata, only because of me. [3-45-24]

        इति उक्तः परुषम् वाक्यम् सीतया रोमहर्षणम् || ३-४५-२७
        अब्रवीत् लक्ष्मणः सीताम् प्रांजलिः विजितेन्द्रियः |

        When that self-mortified Lakshmana is addressed in this way with hair-raising and acerbic words by Seetha, he spoke to her suppliantly adjoining his palm-fold. [3-45-27b, 28a]

  20. Hey everyone . I can’t be without u all and I will be reading all ur comments and may comment rarely here. Those who r in Twitter and fb , I will chat with u all.

    1. Haiii Dear……We too miss U ……..Thnk for Commenting …..

      1. No thanks di

      2. Hai jay di I am new here And I completed my 10th board xmz and waiting for results and I think u r elder than me can u pls tell me r u elder or younger to me?

  21. Thnk god the show took a leap?
    Hope nw it wud be interesting!!
    The episode seemed okay?

  22. Haii Priya…………Welcome to the family……… Iam elder than U………..

    Iam from tamilnadu dear ….Whr R u from ??

  23. Haiii Priya……….Welcome to SKR Family……….Iam elder to you Iam from tamilnadu…….Whr R U from ????

    1. Even I m from Tamil nadu di my native is villupuram but I m staying in chennai for my studies

  24. ?????? episode
    Missing u sanjana brindha ww. ………..
    I’m sure u will come back 1 day

  25. Veronica crouze

    if she had left d palace voluntarily dn why didn’t she gave agnipariksha voluntarily in ayodhya like she gave in lanka at her own wish??dn she could stop d gossips & lived d rest of life with respect….i thought dat ram sent her to exile…i didn’t know she went voluntarily… i was angry with RAM’s decision.. bt yesterday i saw ndtv Ramayana… frm there I came 2 know she left at her own wish…dn why people say that ram banished sita even without informing her…???

    1. Veronica I don’t know it clearly but I heared it from my dadi that siya didnt do agnipariksha in ayodhya bcoz doing agnipariksha twice for proving her purity will be like apman for it? So that she don’t want to do that. But I couldn’t understand ur last question.

    2. As of I know she don’t left the palace voluntarily…RAM sent sita to exile without informing her…

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