Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram and everyone arriving at Valmiki ashram. Rishi does his aarti and welcomes Ram in Valmiki ashram. He says its our good luck that you came with your family. Ram says Valmiki is not here. Rishi says he has gone for Tapasya, but we will welcome you well. He asks Ayodhya Praja to come. Lav and Kush hide and see Ram. Ram sees them. They hide. Ram asks everyone to go inside. He goes to see Lav and Kush. Lav and Kush go. Hanuman says they both are naughty, stay here, I will get them. Ram says no Hanuman, father has to go infront of sons today.

Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti go to Sita. Urmila says that moment has come today, Sita and Ram will unite again. Mandvi says even this time Raghukul Praja tried to stop Ram, but he has broken all worldly bounds for Sita, why are

you silent, come, its time to meet Ram. Urmila asks her to come. Sita says no Mandvi, I can’t go infront of Ram now. Mandvi asks what are you saying. Urmila says Ram has come to take you. Sita says Ram has abandoned Sita, and if a man abandons wife once, you know what it means, all my rights have ended along it, how shall I go infront of him, and by what rights…. They cry.

Ram goes to find Lav and Kush. He calls them out and asks where are you two hiding. He sees them hiding behind the bushes. They try to leave and Ram comes infront of them. He asks what happened sons, why did you turn away, see I m standing infronf of you. Kush says we don’t want to meet you, did you not miss us, you never came to meet us. Ram says don’t say this, I have missed you a lot, I m unlucky father, I did not know my child is son or daughter, how would I come to meet if I did not know anything, its my fault, I came to rectify my mistakes. Ram sits and folds hands. He asks will you not forgive your father and cries. Lav and Kush cry. Lav says Pita shri, we got sorrow because of you, we are not annoyed, but Mata had to face many troubles and sorrows, when she had to be in Rajbhavan, she was wandering in jungle, we are annoyed with this.

Ram says being a king, I could not stop that from happening, but I always tried to keep Sita in Ayodhya with happiness, but because of Rajya dharm and Praja’s decision, I had to leave Sita, but its also true that Ram did not leave Sita from his heart and life, my eyes are witness of this, from that moment, I have been living in separation sorrow, guilt burden and repentance, will you not give a chance to me, I m culprit of three of you, till both of you don’t forgive me, I can’t go infront of Sita, I won’t have courage, forgive your father. He opens his arms for them. Lav and Kush run and hug Ram. Ram cries. Hanuman looks on and smiles. Lav says we tried to know our father’s name from Mata, but she did not tell us ever. Ram says I m responsible for this, I did not give any right to Sita, you could not understand her dilemma, but now I came to apologize for all my crimes. He asks them to come and meet their Pitamai. Hanuman says like Ram and sons united, I wish Ram and Sita also unite.

Kaikeyi says when I heard two boys made Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan lose, I was sure that they are Raghuvanshi, as no one else can fail Raghuvanshis. Ram gets Lav and Kush there. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra hug them. Ram smiles and says I have to go to Sita now. Hanuman says come, I will take you to Sita’s hut. Ram says I have crossed many hurdles in life, but this journey is difficulty, I have to cross this distance myself. Ram walks to Sita’s hut.

He calls how he has taken decision to leave Sita. Doshi mai hun siya tumhara………..plays…………He recalls Sita’s words and reaches the hut. Sita senses him, and runs towards the door. She stops herself. It thunders. They stand at the either side of the door and cry. The storm breaks open the door. Ram sees Sita standing behind the door and forwards hand. They cry. Ram says my crime is very big, I did big injustice with you, I can’t even apologize to you, I want you that world hates me forever, and even you don’t forgive me, I don’t deserve it Sita.

He says since 12 years, I was waiting for this moment, I always thought that when I come infront of you, how much will I talk, how and what will I say, but when I m infront of you today, I don’t have any words, I met my sons, there was no moment in 12 years when your thoughts, presence and worry was not with me, I always thought how are you and where. Sita says 12years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think anything, yes, sometimes, I felt helpless when our sons Lav and Kush asked their father’s name. They both cry.

Ram asks Sita to punish him, not Ayodhya. She says the fate is Ram and Sita can’t unite in this birth. Kush says no, either you both will unite, else we both will get away from your life forever.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cynthia

    Emotional epi… Can someone please tell me which show is replacing skr?
    And a big hello to all skr family members!!!

    1. A show called pardes Mein hai mera dil is replacing skr . Drashti dhami and Arjun bijlani r the leads

  2. This is ending on 04/11/16. Pardes mein hai mera dil taking its place.

  3. Oh! Wow for the first time Ram got called ‘Pitaji’. That scene of Ram apologizing to Luv-Kush was very emotional. And that Pita-Putra hug was simply fantastic.
    Please stop the episodes for a few days otherwise there will be flood of tears.
    Why? Why? Why so much emotional scenes? Yeah very good Luv-Kush stop your Mata and please unite Siyaram in this life only.


    1. Jayani

      Wow! That’s awesum n r u sure that skr will get over on 4/11/2016

      1. Vry bad abt t ….but sure v vil visit tht day….until Nov 4 bye my Dr brother nd sissy’s….c u n Nov 4 ….hve a nce day…vry emotional episode tdy ….

    2. Ok done…..good thought

  5. Some of the earliest pics of Siya ke Ram starcasts together. Launch party dated 17/11/2015. Sita, Urmila, Shrutkirti and teenage Lakshman. Soon we will get farewell party pics also.
    Teenage Lakshman with Madirakshi. Launch party pic.
    Sampada Vaze aka maharani Sumitra and Samarth Mishra. Launch party.
    Okay. Now identify them. Teenage Ayodhya princes. Start from left.
    Fun moments of shanta, maharani kaushalya and the four princes( first meet).
    Teenage Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughn
    with dalip tahil aka maharaj dashrath when he went to meet them in the gurukul. Fun offscreen. Unseen pics.

    1. Anushya

      nice links bro

  6. What an episode!!!!!!!!!!!
    The best episode till date……….. Emotional…………………….. Crying…………………
    After see this episode I am very emotionally from heart………………..
    Hats off to entire SKR team.. ASHISH AND MADIRAKSHI….. What I say about them…… Siya ke ram best show of world……… Today again proved..
    After see the crying and emotional episode… Now I share one link…… Don’t cry too much………. Siya ke ram last episode will telecast 4TH NOVEMBER………………………
    One request…. Don’t miss any episode……. Only 14 episode remaining………….. Cmmnt

    1. Anushya

      by reading this articlle i think we will get a happy ending… small consolation

  7. super duper episode .I am.speechless

    I beg to SKR team please give us a happy ending….. Ram siya unit…………
    Otherwise there will be flood of crying water………………….
    One request if you want to cry plz see the last 14 episode if SKR………..

  9. omg sskr is ending on 4th november not fair

  10. Jayani

    I guess dis decision of Kush will unite Ram n Sita (I hope so…). I can’t watch in d night so I hav 2 wait till tomorrow afternoon… I can’t wait for tomorrow… Excited after reading today’s precap… Waiting for tomorrow’s episode… N can’t control myself from crying after hearing that d shooting is over n that 2 so soon… Every good thing ends sum day.

    Jai Siua Ram

  11. loved todays episode siam milan and ram -sons milan was amazing loved their hug.waiting for tomorrow

  12. Jayani

    I guess dis decision of Kush will unite Ram n Sita (I hope so…). I can’t watch in d night so I hav 2 wait till tomorrow afternoon… I can’t wait for tomorrow… Excited after reading today’s precap… Waiting for tomorrow’s episode… N can’t control myself from crying after hearing that d shooting is over n that 2 so soon… Every good thing ends sum day.

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      N sry for sending it twice

  13. Vanshika

    Skr last date in finalised.. 4 November.. I’m crying ? now.. There’ll be a flood of tears.. It has been 6 months since I’m here..!! Precap super hit I’m waiting..!!

  14. Vanshika

    The magical moment which is unforgettable.. Siam first meet
    Some videos which will put u back in tym, or give sum nyc memories

    Madi in a gorgeous green saree..

    Last moments of SiRa

    Sooooo cute, anyone remembers this moment, eh..?

    Our sita is the sweetest

    Radha Krishna eternal love 13

    Jahan ram hai wahin Janki second epi

    I’ve posted that bring Mahabharata back poll guys, will give links when it gets posted ?? so that we can get Mb after skr hw nice if it comes true ?
    N leave a comment if u lyk the pics ?

  15. Vanshika

    Sum Lakshmila videos to make ur day (night) a nice one
    I think I’ve one more

    Look at this pic.. Serious #Lakshmila
    Leave a reply plz dears.. ?

    1. Anushya

      very nice vanshu

  16. Vanshika

    Guys I’m confused cos skr is ending in two weeks n all readers of my fanfics r from this page only (except one) So should I stop my fanfics after skr ends cos there’ll be no reader..?? Plzzzz reply me soon.. ?

    1. Anushya

      no no vanshu…. lets keep in touvh through your awesome ffs as there are many members who dont watch any other serial 9like me) so they cant keep in touch that way

    2. No no dearie . We will definitely continue commenting on ur ff . This will also be a way to Stay connected right ? . So please don’t stop writing and continue . We will surely comment even after skr ends ?

    3. NABANITA626

      I will be very angry on you vanshu of you stop it?
      And after ending the serial ff can be continued…….we will surely comment in your ff my sweetie☺???

  17. Vanshika

    OMG I can’t imagine I’ve to b seperated from the family which I’ve been an integral part from last 6 months.. Oh my god..4 November Siam seperated skr family seperated.. ?????

    1. Thanmathi

      No vanshi it won’t we have to do something anyone have any plans plzz say can’t bear to stay away from my siblings even the thinking is unbearable.

  18. Supreetha (Soups)

    Ram – Sita conversation was so emotional! Great acting by the cast! I hope nobody has forgotten me 🙁

    1. NABANITA626

      No soups,how can we forget you?
      One request to you,the silent readers and the old members plz plz plz plz comment regularly in last days updates and specially the last episode………..
      I don’t know how I comment in the last day????
      But still…………….

      1. Supreetha (Soups)

        Will do Naba

    2. Jayani

      Siam conversation was d best of d whole episode… Ram’s acting was awesum today… M just waiting for today’s episode… N vanshu just don’t stop ur ffs coz that is d only way in which v all can stay connected.

      Jai Siya Ram

  19. Awesome episode . Loved ther father-son hug . Omg skr is going off air on fourth November . Noooo ?? this cant happen but this has to happen one day ?

  20. THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Tommorow
    Sita is going to punish everyone by going back to her mother

  21. Padmaja

    Really really it is an emotional epi.. Just their acting was out of words. Really a great job. And skr gonna end soon ????????????. Really this has become a part of my life, so suddenly I cannot able to bear the ending. Will miss this family a lot ????.

    1. Jayani

      V all will miss u 2 padma akka

  22. Anushya

    set maza ashish and madi

    emotional epi… the update felt kind of short to me, idk why…. i think i will go crazy or something after skr ends…. im so depressed thinking of it only, what if it happens…. loved pita putra hug…. super episode… so sad that only 14 remaining…

    1. Dear Anushya…don’t be depressed bcoz of ending of show as everything comes to an end and also I can understand the love of maa sita and Shri Rama is like that by seeing the Ramayana we feel like a part of the family so it’s obvious that one may feel depressed but we have memories to cherish so be happy bcoz after the ending Maa SITA and Shri Rama will unite in heaven and all sorrows will end…hope for the best

    2. Jayani

      S akka, even I felt that mainly d conversation of siam… It was not as it was shown

  23. very emotional episode…
    hello I am back here after a long time I think many of u have forgotten me…I am missing some members like well wisher(ww)…where is she…

    1. Vanshika

      Hi Maithili dii missed u so so much.. Nope I’ve not forgotten you.. WW di is busy with studies she’ll comment in last day of skr..

    2. NABANITA626

      Hellow mathali di……..
      Happy to see you back again…..and ww now don’t comment here regularly..but she promised us that she will surely comment in last episode update….

  24. How badly I will miss show and you guys ??????

  25. ?????????????????????? this family has become a part of my daily life . I will miss skr and this family a lot . Guys let us stay connected through private messages and ffs that u all write . I think many of u watch chandranandini . We can meet there .

    1. Vanshika

      Yup akka. I watch Chandra Nandini n I’ll never ever leave this site .. Happy you hear this from u.. We’ll stay connected .. Omg now I got some happiness ?

    2. NABANITA626

      Yea varshini this skr seeing and commenting on this page is a part of my regular routine… we will realy miss you all??????
      Socho to hume itna dukh ho raha hai to pure skr unit ko kitna dukh ho raha hoga…..they pass their 12-16 hours in a day on the set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. varshu i watch chandra nandini so u, vanshu and naba di can stay in touch

      i am going to miss all of u soooooo much. i got so used to commenting on the episodes every day . and after 4th nov , i wont be able to meet all of u but one thing is for sure on the last episode everyone is going to cry and there will many comments…

    4. Jayani

      I don’t c chandra namdini but I read d written update everyday so v can stay in touch there… I just don’t want november 2 cum??

    5. Supreetha (Soups)

      Yes Varshu! We can keep in touch through Chandra Nandini 🙂

  26. Hold up everyone. I thought that skr was replaced by chandra nandini

    1. Anushya

      no…. skr will be replaced by pardes mein hai mera dil

  27. Really emotional episode…ram and luv Kush hug is heart touching…hats off to skr team for superb acting…skr is ending 4th November….omg only 14 episodes…will miss my sweet skr family..although it is a short time that I have become a member of this family you all became so close to my heart..?

    1. Vanshika

      Yes tharu di.. Now imagine I’m part of this family from 6-7 months and what I would b feeling.. Totally devastated ???

    2. NABANITA626

      I am also part of this family from April last when vanshu commented in the name “vanshika creazy for skr”

    3. Anushya

      yes di… i have been an officialpart of this serial from may…. but only started commenting in aug

      1. i have been a silent reader since 16th november basically from the first episode but joined in august

      2. Jayani

        I had been a silent reader from june but I joined only in september

  28. Siya ke Ram did bring out the best serials and the whole scene possible took place because it was from valmiki book. Sita was taken away by Mother earth at valmiki Ashram and not in Ayodtha,
    I must say it is beautiful act from all the actors and hats off to siya and ram and others who play briilantlly. This team should be win all the awards in near future . I love it very much.

    chandra nandini is just a fairy tale story and 100% imaginination from ekta kapoor and
    some of the scenecs is similar to jodba akbar . We are from malaysia and lucky we have some records from Jain , greek history about chandagupta maurya and at least we knew
    the actual history. We really appreciate Ekta kapoor for brillant serial jodba akbar as both padrini sharma and Rajat tokas real an class actor and most of the scenes did actully took place at Agra because we have records from Arkbarnama and other records.

    I real hope at least the entry of Helena ( the wife of chandragupta mauray) will be actual event.

  29. Richu

    Uwwaaaaahhhh uwaaahhhhh jus crying crying crying…..
    U cannot believe my face expressions were
    Goddd got some relief when luv kush said the words……..

    Siam’s POV..
    Ek daur who that mujhse Bhai zyada unko fikar this meriiii an toh gairo we near haal pucha jata hai yahi dardddd e dil mere dil ki rulata hai…

    Rams POV…
    Merit ashiqui ye ran ke havale ruthe yaar ko bas koi mana le…

    Sita POV..
    Much batein aisi hoti hai jinko bayan karna lavzoon mein namumkin hota hai..
    Jab vaafa mei vafa hoti hai
    Koi na koi vajah hoti hai…
    Kyu faaslon mei nazdeekiya hai..
    Kyu zindagi meiiii tabdeeeliya…
    Kyu tanha dil ye mera mujhse kahe..
    Ye silsila BA’s yuhi chalta raheeee……

    Do listen to this song beautifully sung by neeti and arjit…wafa he bevafai…from tera suroor…….

    Moreover.. U can share..luv Kush’s POV…etc….

    Do forgive me if this song has hurt u

    1. Richu

      Wafa ne bewafaai**

    2. wow richu it’s superb

      1. Richu

        Glad u liked it?

  30. Nice episode . Superb acting -very emotional .
    Hope it happened in real but not .Because I am sure if in reality Ram had requested to Sita to return to Ayodha and asked for forgiveness the way it is SHOWN in SKR , – SIta would have done that .If whole Ayodha had come to seek forgiveness from SITA , in reality Sita would have done that .
    Because Sita is a symbol immense patience and unconditional love .
    It is true Uttarkand Ramayan is not a part of Ramayan and written later on -so many variations are there .
    But Sita was asked for Second AGNIPARIKHSA and she gave that test to prove her chastity and after that she went to Mother Earth , sacrificing her life to make sure that her sons get the proper place in Society .
    In a way , this is justified on the part of SIta to take that stance to go back to Mother Earth
    But in SKR – it is shown SIta had already made up her mind not to return to AYODHA .
    This is in a way disrespecting the image of SITA and making RAM -GREAT . SHpw must be shown from SIta’s perspective and not protecting the image of Ram -What Ram did -he did and it is known to all.

  31. Richu

    AshMa are mind blowing actors….I thou ght they were crying really……. Hats offfff…
    Their acting…expressions..voice…beauty…everything

    1. I agree with you

    2. Anushya

      ikr Ashish sir rocked the pita putra hug part

    3. Richu

      Anushya not only the hug..I luv everything of them……

    4. Jayani

      D pita – putra scene was just simply awesum but d best part was when Ram talks 2 Sita… His dailoges, expressions were simply awesum… Can’t believe that m saying this… after cing yesterday’s episode I just started luving Ram’s acting

  32. @Sara – In real anything could have happened, like praja might not have felt sorry and wanted sita to prove Luv, Kush to be Ram’s son (or) could be they are stood together with Ram in realization of their fault and guilt. I both the situation, as far I understood Sita’s character, she would not have the mind set to go back to Ayodhya..She already lost all her happiness and utmost dead the moment when Ram abandoned her. It is only her duty conscience of bring up the kids makes her live further. She no more has any wish to hold hands with Ram. All that she wants is to surrender her sons to Ram with dignity such that there are no more doubts or pain caused to her sons or Ram..Either ways she would have wanted to end her life here.. Just imagine the pain of bearing punishment for being so true and genuine. Her heart has already pierced into pieces and can no way be compromised. He mind is shattered out of any happiness, hopes or expectations from anyone. When she believed everything to be positive, an unbelievable incident happened in her life which she wont have even imagined. After such an experience, it is natural for anyone to have only negative hopes. SKR s trying to bring out this mindset of hers. I hope they make this to be clearly understood in upcoming epics. Her only focus is bringing up her kids in the best way. As a single women, she had went through enough pain and takes a clear decision to end her life after all her job gets over. Even at this point, her decision was not emotional but well balanced, clear and sensible.

  33. I saw one or 2 episode of Chandra Nandini………its graphics like we see 2nd edition of joda akbar or nagin…….. Or asoka………….. fully fairy tale and much drama…………… No compare with SKR…………… SKR graphics and visual effects are 1000 times better than Chandra Nandini………….. SKR is best all over……….

  34. Hey guys…..I cannot stop myself from commenting today coz I I best scene ever made by skr till date…..nd iam surely gonna miss u all nd I want everyone to do a favour……coz till date we didn’t get any asma selfie…….so I thought to what na on the last day of skr we should comment along with #hashtag we want asma selfie…….so what guys?nd I don’t know ? many here nd many of here don’t know me… I want everyone to alert this idea to all tha members of our skr family by rplying to everyone’s comment….plzzzz inform this to all our members here to do this on last day of skr……its a request for my elders nd order for my little dearies……nd iam ur nippy only guys……

  35. Noooooooo???skr ending on 4th ! How will we guys be in touch with each other after Sir ends??? I’ll miss Skr and all of u sooooo much

  36. So in the Actual Ramayan, Seeta went into mother earth. so no union of Ram and Seeta again. pls don’t keep ur hopes up. that’s how she has to go, she will not go back to Ayodha wth Ram.
    sorry this show is ending,

  37. VIDHYA – SITA was a strong woman and never gave up in her life. She had unconditional love for Ram and where true love is there , there cannot be any negative feelings .
    True love is where one should rise above all not fall as is misunderstood today’s world
    True love gives you the strength to fight against odds and also to forgive and forget.
    Sita underwent many difficulties but never gave up .She never taught any negative things against Ram to her kids .
    In SKR -story is shown completely from Ram’s perspective. Kindly read books before commenting -GOOD BOOKS or ORIGINAL -Valmiki or Great Sages or scholar .
    IF REALLY RAM HAD come to take SITA back the way it is shown -ENDING OF RAMAYAN would have different .

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