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Siya Ke Ram 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita performing on the stage as Goddess. She holds Trishul and fights with the evil. Janak and Sunaina look on and smile. Everyone greet Sita seeing her powerful avatar. Sita stands to bless them. Janak wipes his tears. The girls come down and hug their parents. Sunaina says it was great. The sisters say Sita’s role was really close to her real identity. Urmila gets sad. Sita praises her acting and makes her smile.

Janak says it was really very good. Urmila thanks and hugs him. Janak tells Sita that seeing her as Devi, he felt she is indeed a Devi. She says yes, I m a Devi. He gets stunned. She says you taught me that we are Lord’s Ansh, so I will also have Devi’s ansh. He smiles and hugs her. Dasharath is on the way and goes to Guru Vashisht’s ashram. He stops

seeing the fence and says Guru Vashisht will be angry seeing me, he did not permit me to come. His minister asks will you return without meeting your sons. Dasharath says I have come after many years, I have this right. He gets dressed as an ordinary man. Minsiter says we will wait for you here, you meet your sons. Dasharath walks inside the fence.

Guru Vashisht talk to Dasharath and tells the strength of love, love is selfless and his inclination is selfish. He tells the difference of Moh and Prem. Dasharath apologizes and says I knew you won’t be happy seeing me here, but I could not stop myself, that bad dream again, which wakes me up from sleep, it makes me helpless. He recalls the incident.

FB shows… Dasharath is in some jungle and hunting a deer. He shots arrows at the deer. The deer races ahead and he looks around. He closes eyes and hears the sound of movement. He sees the deer and shoots the arrow. He hears a man’s scream and goes to see. He gets shocked seeing there. A man lies dead, as the arrow has struck him, instead the dear. Dasharath cries and regrets.

He hears someone calling out Shravan. He goes to see a blind couple sitting in wooden weighs. The blind couple hear the footsteps and assumes Dasharath to be Shravan. The man asks Shravan to make him have water. Dasharath gives him water and feeds. The old lady says she is lucky to get an ideal son, who has taken their weights on his shoulder and making them do yatra. She blesses her son. Dasharath feeds water to the lady. The old man asks what was that sound like something fell, I was worried for you, why don’t you say anything Shravan….

Dasharath stays silent. The old man and old lady ask him who is he, where is their son. Dasharath says he is Kaushal Naresh Dasharath. The old lady greets him and asks about her son. Dasharath says your son got killed. The old couple cries in grief. Dasharath feels guilty. He says he did not do this intentionally, he thought there was a deer, forgive me.

He says he is ready to bear any punishment. The old man says what will we punish you, one day you will know the pain of losing a son, that day you will understand our pain. Dasharath gets shocked. The old man says Maharaj, that pain will be punishment for you. FB ends….. Dasharath says that’s the curse which does not leave me, I m worried for all four sons, but why do I get afraid for Ram, I feel if anything happens to Ram….

Guru Vashisht says I can just say, Ram has long life blessing, nothing will happen. Student’s tests will be conducted today, I want to see that, you can meet them, but don’t come again. Dasharath says just 6 months left now, it will pass soon. Guru Vashisht says I have seen you since your sons were born, I know you will put tents outside and wait for them. Dasharath says he will not come, he will wait in Ayodhya, he promises. Guru says you should not promise such, you can fall in problem.

Dasharath comes with Guru to see his sons and says how will I identify them. Guru says you won’t have difficulty in identifying the ones who are your life. Dasharath names Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan. He thinks where is Ram. He gets relieved seeing Ram and smiles. Ram jumps infront of his brothers and fights with other students, in mock test, with a wooden sword. Guru nods to Dasharath. Dasharath smiles….

Dasharath says he is assured nothing will happen to him, till he is with him, Ram asks what is the matter, why is he saying so. Sita makes a clay model, and shows Sunaina. Her aunt tells her about her like for soil, it shows that… Sita looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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