Siya Ke Ram 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram hearing Hanuman chanting Jai Shri Ram. Ram says who is doing my name’s Jaap. He goes and sees Hanuman doing the Jaap. He calls out Kesari Nandan. Hanuman opens his eyes and sees Ram. He says Ram…… and gladly greets Ram.

Ram asks why were you doing my name’s Jaap, Hanuman. Hanuman folds his feet and says this name is within me. Ram says get up and holds him. Hanuman says its like my inner heart always echoed this name, I failed to hear that sound, till I have met you, I got the motive of my life, now you are my Prabhu/Lord, my Aradhya/worship. Ram asks why are you saying this. Hanuman asks are you testing me, you are not identifying your bhakt/devotee and Sevak/servant, come with me. He gets Ram to the top of the mountain and says when I did not meet you, when

I did not know about you, I made this drawings. Ram sees his drawing. Hanuman says but after meeting you, I have no doubt that this is you. Ram looks at him. Mahadev and Devi Parvati look on and smile. Ram asks but Hanuman, how is this possible, you made this without meeting me.

Hanuman says before sun rises, the light ends darkness, same way your image has lightened my identity, I have seen this image even in my dreams, I used to make the drawings on these stones, I used to get happy and excited with devotional feelings, you are my Guru, I was waiting to meet you, so to calm my heart, I left my everything and came to this mountain, I started waiting for you, I was sure you will surely come to this jungle one day to meet your devotee, now my waiting is over, now accept me as your sevak and make my life’s aim completed. He holds his feet. Mahadev says Hanuman has given Prabhu’s place to Ram and founded Lord Vishnu’s status in the world, Hanuman’s love, dedication and selfless service for Ram will set up Ram’s status as Lord in the world. Ram says seeing you Hanuman, I thought of my younger brother Bharat, I got away from him because of vanvaas, but you have taken his place, you are like my brother Bharat, and brother’s place is not in feet, but in heart. He hugs Hanuman and smiles.

Kaikesi meets Sita and says Lankesh loved many women, but its first time that I came to meet one of those women, think its your good luck that I m standing infront of you, I came to give you such chance, after which Mandodari will also become your Daasi. Sita says you made this Samrajya/empire by dedicating your entire life, listen to me carefully, you gave me a chance, now I m giving you a chance, to save this Samrajya, if you don’t listen, then all of this will shatter into a shred, there is still time, explain your son. Kaikesi says I m Raj mata of Asur kul, no one had courage to talk to me like this, I wish to punish you and show your crime. Sita asks why are you hesitant, I m standing infront of me, punish me if you want. Kaikesi fumes and shouts foolish woman…. She walks to Sita angrily. She stops seeing the fire protecting Sita. She gets shocked seeing Sita’s powerful avatar and goes back.

Sugreev tells Ram that he is ready to battle with Bali. Ram says Sugreev, remember that I will kill Bali just to install Dharm and justice, my arrow will pierce Bali’s chest, but he will get punished by you, you are not punishing your brother, but a culprit, if revenge is in heart, the burden can’t get off from heart, don’t miss this chance and fight with your total powers, without getting afraid, you have to fail Bali, you are going to punish Bali for his crimes, you are with Dharm, and Dharm is with you, have this belief. Sugreev says this time, I won’t return getting scared or failing, I will come back alive and by winning, I promise you. Hanuman says Jai Shri Ram, and gives a garland to Ram. Ram makes Sugreev wear it. Ram says this is not just a garland, this is the garland of your victory, I will not have any illusion in identifying you and Bali. Sugreev says Jai Shri Ram along with others, and asks Ram to permit him to go for the battle. Ram nods. Sugreev leaves. Ram looks on.

Vibhishan is praying to Lord. Mandodari comes there and sits there crying, recalling Sita’s words. Vibhishan hears her cry and stops his prayers. He turns to see. He goes to Mandodari and asks her what happened. She says supporting injustice and crime is also a type of crime, Lankesh is walking on the path of Adharm, knowing this, I always tried to protect him, you have alerted me many times, but I did not listen, I have placed Amrit kalash in his navel and safeguarded him forever. He asks whats the matter, tell me clearly. She says I met Sita today, she is not an ordinary woman, after meeting her, I felt like I was blindfolded till now, now I can see complete truth, its first time I m regretting for my crimes. He says its good sign to realize the mistakes, because after realizing mistake, there is possibility to rectify the mistake. She says now I know what I have to do, Stree Dharm is imp than Patni Dharm, I will sacrifice anything to fulfill Stree Dharm, I would also go against my husband if needed. He looks on.

Sugreev goes to the palace and calls out Bali, challenging him for the battle. He says you think you will stay here happily after snatching my wife and everything, come out, I will punish you for your sins. Bali comes and says its good you came here yourself, I will kill you before you reach Rishi Parbat. Sugreev runs. Bali shouts coward, stop. Sugreev says I will punish you such that you did not imagine. Bali shouts to him asking him to stop. Sugreev asks him to come. Ram and Laxman hide behind tree and look on. Sugreev says you were like a father for me, than elder brother, I loved you like a son, and respected you, I accepted all the punishments given by you, today you are more than an enemy for me, you did big Adharm, even if I die today in this battle, I will free Kishkindha from your Adharm, get ready for your death Bali. Ram aims at Bali……

Ram aims, and kills Bali. Bali says Ram, I heard you are righteous. Ram says you had to pay for your bad deeds. Bali tells Ram that whatever you do, your life will never get rid of my stain of killing me.

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  1. SKR fan

    Nice episode. Only vibhishan left from sita’s Darshan. Bali will be killed tomorrow.
    What happened to surpnakha? How she spent her rest of the life?

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      I’ve replied this qn of urs already in much detail.. Here’s in short,,
      Wen she’ll come 2 know of siya’s banishment she’ll go forest n meet her expecting to see her tears and get happiness bt unfortunately siya will talk to her calmly.. Surpankha will ask her how her insult b revenge siya reply that ram lakshman already gt their punishment(bt siya seperated) she’ll give her berries and calmly explain her. Furious surpankha goes back to Lanka n lives with vibhishan
      Years later she’ll perish with her half sister kumbini in the ocean… She spent her rest life furiously and praying that she her ram as husband in next birth(when she realises that it’s no use cheating siya) n Brahma gives her boon.. She’ll b one of Krishna’s wives later,,

  2. SKR fan

    Siya ke ram telecast timing will be changed soon. As from 2nd July dance plus 2 will be aired at 8:00 pm. Hope they don’t delay it much.

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      No no no no bhai… Dance + 2 only Saturday Sunday,. Skr five days on a week ??

  3. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Awesome epi… Twinkle glad that u r back.. Puju dear u’ll hv to register fr dp
    Priya di I think u’ll post ur pov on fathers tmrw as tmrw as fathers day.. Just a guess. Even I love edkv n krpkab.. Suchi where r u sis tmrw Sunday pls comment.. Bhagyashri okay I’m glad u liked my explanation,. Guys if u see these replies pls reply
    Now Bali will give Sri ram curse that he’ll b cause of death in his next birth… Booop…
    N as I predicted, Bali will die in Sunday.,
    Dears I’ll post part 2 of Lakshmila ff tmrw I hope u wont mind d delay dears.. ?

  4. twinkle

    Hello everyone 🙂 how are you all ? hope you all remember me 🙂 well now I am back I will try to be regular 🙂

    well welcome all the newcomers from twinkle 🙂

    please introduce yourselves 🙂

    I am twinkle from hyderabad studying in class 8th 🙂

    Well now coming to the episode it was good 🙂

  5. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Next in siya ke ram part 21

    Mahabharata ff
    Part 15

    Part 16

    Next parts Monday.. I hope u’ll enjoy these ff n if so pls comment.. Criticism also welcome

    Precap nice one..
    By the way dears this epi confused me ?.. According to my knowledge, Hanuman was Sri ram’s childhood friend.. So y he wont know ram’s face as ram asked ⁉⁉⁉ pls remove confusion dearies.. I hope u’ll help me na.. One more thing y skr NT shown sulochana? N where’s surpankha??
    WW di I saw ur comment on 16 June.. Di v r fyn u say na.. Missin u alot ??
    Love u ?.. Mandodri is sad I’m feelin bad ?
    Y did vishrava marry this evil kaikesi?? Anyone knows???

    • gopu

      she changed herself into a beautiful lady and behaved as a very good manners with rushi….when ravan was born immediately after some minutes he changed into a big boy then rushi doubted her….

  6. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Part 5 of samudra manthan ff
    Part 5
    Recap-lord Vishnu gives all the plans to churn out the Amrit. Indra meets Bali.

    ‘SILENCE!’ Bali roared and the minster abruptly stopped talking. Bali angrily eyed the minister and then turned to Indra, and smile ? ‘We need each other. We do this together.’ He nodded his head curtly and dismissed Indra. Indra left with Vayu and Agni happy that the first part of the plan went well.
    Indra then alone went to the Vasuki – the king of snakes.

    Indra saluted Vasuki and told him about the Devas and the Asuras planned to churn the ocean and that they needed a rope.

    Vasuki realized immediately his role and said hissing, ‘Well it is a tough job, but I agree. I assume, I will get part of the nectar when the churning is done?’
    Indra nodded his head. Vasuki nodded his head satisfied. Being the king of snakes and a God, he could get away from all the stretching and pulling without getting hurt too much.
    Soon the big day arrived, the Devas and the Asuras went to the Mount Mandara. They prayed to Mount Mandara and set about breaking the mountain, to carry it to the ocean. Mount Mandara was a heavy mountain and with every single Deva and Asura breaking the mountain, it was still a tough job.

    Finally, the mountain was free, the Devas and the Asuras all of them together lifted the mountain. They carried the mountain for a few feet, when the Devas and the Asuras staggered. Mount Mandara was beyond even their combined capabilities. The mountain fell down and crushed many Devas and Asuras carrying the mountain. They shouted n fell unconscious.

    Indra tired from his exertion and the death of so many of the other Gods, sat under a tree, cursing himself for the fate of the other Gods. Oh Lord, what are we to do now. We cannot even get the mountain to the ocean let alone churn it…Please help us…He thought drying his ? eyes..
    That was when he suddenly smelled a whiff of fresh air, so powerful and strong, Indra felt so strong that he could lift Mount Mandara all by himself. He had had this feeling once before. He turned and saw Lord Vishnu near him. Lord Vishnu smiled and pointed Indra to look at Mount Mandara once more. ?
    Indra got up to his feet forgetting all his tiredness and saw Lord Vishnu single handed lift the mountain and place it on Garuda – Vishnu’s vehicle. Garuda, the king of the birds, lifted the mountain as if it was no weight at all. Vishnu spelled out a mantra and sprinkled some water on the Devas and the Asuras lying under Mounta Mandara. The Devas and the Asuras woke up, as they had been asleep.

    Indra overjoyed threw himself at his friend’s arms, seeing them alive. ‘Vayu!’ he cried, almost sobbing, ‘you are alive!’
    Vayu looked strangely at Indra, ‘What happened? I remember lifting Mount Mandara, and then nothing… Indra smiles

    Bali was meanwhile looking after his colleagues and making sure they were ok. He looked at Vishnu and thanked Vishnu.
    Indra explained to Vayu and the other Gods about how they were crushed under the Mountain. All the Devas and the Asuras fell at Lord Vishnu’s feet and thanked him. Vishnu smiled and he carried Mount Mandara on Garuda’s back and placed it near the ocean and turned to Garuda, ‘Friend, it is best you do not come to this place again. Vasuki the king of serpents would never come as long as you are here.’ Garuda nodded. Birds and snakes were natural enemies… Garuda flew off. Lord Vishnu also vanished.

    the Devas and the Asuras feeling happy now, went near the ocean to place Mount Mandara inside the ocean.
    That was when they had another problem.
    Precap-lord Vishnu turns himself into a tortoise. He goes inside ocean.

  7. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    No one should abandon duties because he sees defects in them. Every action, every activity, is surrounded by defects as a fire is surrounded by smoke.

    Have a nice night ?

  8. Rajat

    This is the only show i watch on SP n unfortunately that also comes to the end..;( feeling broken.. ;(

    Siya ke Ram will be replaced by Chandragupta Maurya, Rajat Tokas leading the characterThe star plus’ popular show Siya Ke Ram will come to an end soon and will be replacedby the new show Chandragupta Maurya.Siya Ke Ram is a popular historical show which has taken the concept from Ramayana which highlights the story through Sita’s eyes.In Star Parivar Awards 2016, this show won many awards.Chandaragupta Maurya is an upcoming historical drama fiction whose premiere is scheduled in June 2016.This show will start from August 2016.Rajat Tokas will play the role of Chandragupta MauryaParidhi Sharma will play the character of Helena and Shweta Basu Prasad as Nandini.Manoj Kolhatkar as Chanakyaand Arpit Ranka will play the role of Ranantha Padmanabhan.Vimash Roshan will play the character of mmaurya Nath and Alexx O’Nell as Alexander.Papiya Sengupta will play the role of Chandragupt’s mother.This show will be produced by Balaji Productions.

    • riya

      Yeah even i heard will they show luv-kush’s part in such a short time?? There r many kore serials in star plus which trp’s r less dn skr.dn why da will air iff only skr?

      • Vanshika crazy fr skr

        No no I cnt c this end so soon…
        Mny bad show lyk mam mst go off air soon… Wnt Dey shw sita banishment in detail is one main part of the story na… August 2016!!! Ravan was to die on dusshera na… N wts d need 2 end so soon.. No promos of d upcoming show also… Hw ll v cht aftr skr over tell???…. No no this isn’t possible ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.. Cnt Dey delay d release

  9. SKR fan

    Selfie time. Ashish and Karan.
    Tired of shooting. Ashish and Karan resting in open.
    200 episodes celebration party.
    Lanka family and sita celebrated 200 episodes by drinking lemon juice. Sita, raavan, sulochana and mandodari.
    Danish is so tall that when he takes selfie everyone looks so small. Hanuman, meghnad and sita.
    200 episodes celebration rain dance. Sita, raavan, mandodari, sulochana and meghnad.
    Mumbai calling. Ashish and Karan
    Siya ke ram team again shooting in Mumbai.

  10. Malvi

    Hi every1. As I was having a lots and lots of homework I couldn’t comment yesterday. I’ve not watched skr for 5-6 weeks & I can understand nothing. As it is a different version it still more becomes tough in understanding. But anyway will surely watch when I’m free and I’ll comment too. 9th is like hell & it was not like 8th was. So it is so difficult to comment regularly. SO I THOT OF LEAVING TU GROUP FOREVER. ???????
    But the amount of love & caring I get from this group is unbeatable yet I’ll try my best bcoz this group have become my stressbuster ! 🙂 but I’ll try my best in not leaving. Once skr ends we all won’t be in touch. 🙁

    But I know some of your name here

    Vanshika, Priya di, sanjana di, padmaja di, sita di, joy, anil ( sorry if u are older than me 🙂 ) , silpa di, thanmathi di, twinkle di, Skr fan and sooooo on….. I’m sorry if I’ve not included some of your names. But your names are always in my heart. But I’m damn sure I’ll comment in today’s episode with a super duper unknown story from Ramayana. 🙂

    • twinkle

      will miss you malvi di 🙂 please try to come on skr page 🙂 love you 🙂 and di you are elder than me so please don’t call me di 🙂 🙂 love you 🙂

      • Malvi

        So sweet of u twinkle darlu. I’ll try my best to comment but as its is free day for me I will chat all tym haha. Love u too sweet ! :*

    • Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hi dears it’s okay..u comment wen ever possible cutie di,,di twinkle isn’t elder than u,, she’s equal to me..really is 9th like hell?????? I dnt want to go in 9th.., we’ll miss u ????????

      N Anil bhaiyya is older than us..
      B bck di love u. ? ? ? ? ?

      • Malvi

        I’m back vanshu girly. So sweet of u and according 2 me 9th is hard but atb fr ur 8th.

        Ohh then sabka bhaiyaa
        ÀNIL bhiaiyaa !! 😀

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      @padma ……dear if u go to menu u l see members column……click it and search a member whom u want to chat with…if u open their page u l see a message box click it u can send a pm to that member……

    • Padmaja


      |Registered Member

      No malvi dear pls be atleast in touch .. We r going to miss u a lot dear and all the best for ur studies….

  11. Sara

    Is it true that SKR will be replaced by CGM from August ??? How come within such a short period of time Siye Ke Ram team wrap up the war as well as return to Ayodha? This is not fair, .
    SKR is a wonderful show . Only show I watch . Only show worth watching
    And yes – in original version of Valmiki’s Ramayan – Suparnakha lived in Lanka after Vibishan became the King and died in few years . She never met Devi Sita after the death of Ravan.
    But recent addition Devdutt Patayak makes Suparnakha meet Sita during her second exile . It is not real -all his imagination.
    Secondly – Shri Krishna -the next incarnation of Ram had only 2 wives- Devi Rukmini and Satyavama as per the original version of Ved Vyas ‘s Mahabharat , initially known as Jaya not Mahabharat. The later versions added all these imaginative stories. Lord’s wife can be only the Devi-the pure and loving heart -with full of compassion and enlightened with Dharma ,not a heart with vengeance , impurities, complexities .

  12. Rani

    CGM is being produced by Balaji as per the news – whatever they make -become grand . Even Trash serials get award made by Balaji.
    So even if it is shocking news . Siye Ke Ram ( Good serial ) has to make way for Balaji production.
    And I don’t think -SKR will telecast Uttar Kand of Ramayan- as there is of controversy related to it . And yes, Valmiki wrote it later on . And then many later versions added imaginative stories like fight between Ram & his sons.
    Actually Lov & Kush sang the whole Ramayan during the Ashwamegd Yagna written by Valmiki. The twin brothers started singing on the streets of Ayodha first then brought to Rajsabha / King’s court . They were asked to be present before Ram and there , Lov& Kush sang the Valmiki Ramayan .And then Valmiki revealed their identity in Ram’s Rajya Sabha .

  13. Sanjana


    Ashish Sharma who stars in the hit show Siya Ke Ram which airs in starplus. He has had a complete transformation not only that he is celebrating the fact that the show has been into 200 eps.I still remember talking to him when the show was about to launch.Now we are in 200 eps, here he is again.Ashish Sharma joins me live on the radio.
    Hello welcome back to drive time. How are you?
    I am very good Raj.Good to speak to you back again

    When I first spoke to you , the show was just about to launch. Now 200 eps in.The show has been going great. How has the experience been for you?
    It’s been tremendous, it’s been excruciating yet it’s being wonderful , like every time u learn a lot, explore so many things but yes on the whole it’s been tremendous. Specially for the love that I have got for this role.

    Ashish, like I said your image has undergone complete transformation, your hair, your body, the way you look everything has changed, Offcourse to get into the character of the show. So it’s a lot of hardwork, not just the delivery of the dialogue and what you are saying in the image portrayal as well
    I think the whole handwork the physical transformation and voice modulation are all naturally you can work on, but to get to psyche of the character…I always insist on this ,to get the psyche is the most difficult part and specially… from what I portrayed before this and portraying this is a completely, drastically different from that, so yes and specially if you play somebody like Ram in India, you know he is so deeply into our roots, completely , our culture derives so much from him, so you need to be absolutely correct with that, you cannot default anywhere, there is no scope for errors, yes that was absolutely difficult but little hard work and dedication gets you there

    Playing a role like Lord Ram.There is a lot of pressure as well. Because you have to play it correctly, you have to say things right As an actor what was the most challenging part for you?
    The most challenging part has been that it comes with lots of responsibility. One shouldn’t affect people’s faith, they shouldn’t get hurt because people believe so deeply in Ram.So that is the most difficult part to take care of that and see, a difficult part for any actor who plays Ram is that you can’t express and yet you have to express everything. That’s the most difficult part to get right.

    Would you say that your life has been changed since you been playing the character? Have people come up to you and treat you any different to what you are playing in the show?
    Yes, yes absolutely. I think that comes along with playing any Mythological Character related to God. Yes people’s perception towards me changes, they react to you completely changes. Earlier they used to greet you, they used to be excited to meet you, but now they have that look on their face, it’s like very devotional thing that you see in them. So it’s is different and weird to me but, I don’t know how to handle it, when they come and they just approach you in a way which is different. It just gives you goose bumps when you meet all these people but still time you learn to handle it.

    Once I was talking to an MB actor he said the same and you are saying the same thing people have that perception that the character played and the actor is the same. It’s good thing but it’s sometimes misleading as well?
    Yes, specially you have take care of their feelings. when they approach you with that sort of feelings you need to take care of their feelings. you should treat them right you should speak to them nicely because, it’s not that the actor that they are meeting but the character they see onscreen. They have that image in their head. That’s what they have come to see. You need to maintain that thin line, but yes with time it comes.

    Questions from the fans.Need to tell you there are so many questions, we just mention your name and so many questions come.

    Question from Roop. what emotions are going through you as an actor when you play Ram?
    This is Roop right.Thank you Roop for the question first of all.There’s lot of things that run in your head but at the end of the day you need to clear your mind, you need to be absolutely cluster free in your head, that is the only mental situation or mental status where you can portray somebody like Ram because he is absolutely clear in his head, so I have to be cluster free, peaceful from within when I am performing. So that’s what I feel, nothing more nothing less

    Team Ashishians are asking how easy or how difficult that this journey 200 eps has been and what is the most memorable sequence for you?
    Team Ashishians thank you so much. Yes it has been tremendous journey. I think after the Sagars Ramayan, this is the Ramayana that people have actually looked upto and it’s actually a huge feat in itself .Because to break or even to remodel that approach of people/audience belief is a huge task because lots of people have tried Ramayan after that, has not been able to do that.Since “Siya Ke Ram” has been able to modify that approach or that belief in some little way it has, is a huge feat and it has been a tremendous journey for me. I have seen so many people coming up to me and telling me that “after Mr.Arul Govil , we look upto you as Ram”.If I am able to create that sort of a little bit of impact with myself…they don’t see me and see Ram there, then it’s tremendous.

    What’s the most memorable sequence for you?
    So many of them, one of them definitely the swayamvar sequence because we shot in very excruciating situations, long hours of shoot, the whole impact was such. I think swayamvar was one of my favorites, then…lot of, lot of.. I think that is the best.

    What do u like about playing Ram, what makes you angry or upset?
    Well, while I am playing Ram nothing actually makes me angry or upset other than being unprofessional. That’s the only thing that upsets me, if you are unprofessional but other than

    Does playing Lord Ram change your characteristics in any way because Lord Ram is very kind of humble, sensitive and quiet character person? Tell us how does that make you feel as an actor what it has changed inside you?
    Every character ever being you play leaves certain amount of that character in you as an actor. So yes every character that you play changes something in you .This definitely has made me more polite which I already was, I don’t know where I will go from here. It has made me, I would say hmm…I introspect a lot now, before saying things. so that, I shouldn’t hurt other people’s feelings through whatever comes out of my mouth. It has made me more patient I suppose

    Pree is asking have u reduced your exercise hours post Sita Haran to give that slim look. Are u working on your body less, lately. Going to change the physical way?
    ha.. ha .. It’s a funny question, but yes a relevant question as well .See what I try as an actor, I try to portray my mental condition and the physical condition the way it is, the way it is supposed to be, So I try..but in television you don’t get that much time to prepare, so you have little time to prepare to do all this physical modulations. I try… vanvas is difficult and it has different stages so you will see different body structures in different stages of Ram, that’s what I try to do.But don’t know if I am succeeding in it or not, because of the time crunch. Yes it is deliberate and you will see different, different things at different stages.

    Pree is asking with whom do you spend most the time on sets apart from Karan?
    Actually, nobody. Only we two shoot together these days so nobody else (laughs)

    Ria asks, do you know all the fans of SKR call ourselves wanar sena?
    Yes I am aware of that and I absolutely love that.

    Amanda asks what’s your favorite pass time on the sets of SKR?
    It’s reading. I read a lot. That’s the only thing we get to do. we hardly get time to pass, but if we get any, I read.

    Priyanka is asking, hope your back doesn’t hurt you now.Do u have back issues doing this show?
    I have lost of issues, my whole body is injured, I have learnt to live with it. Not a day goes by when I am not feeling any pain.The days I don’t feel pain, I feel uncomfortable and I feel weird “today something is wrong with me, I am not feeling any pain”. So it’s alright, I have learn to live with it. It’s ok.

    Arab Ashishians are asking what kind of scenes are the most demanding for you?
    I think the scenes where I need to be absolutely composite and not emote at all. Those are the scenes which are demanding because, where you need you connect with the audience with emotions yet you cannot show any emotion on your face.I think those are the most demanding scenes.

    Sweta is asking “you said we will see a different you in naya adhyay , are we going to see a change of costumes as well ,a new look to your character” ?

    Look cannot change. I think, Ram’s look is a very calendar look, it cannot change.As per the calendar look we have to go and the look is written in the books. It’s described in Ramayan so you cannot change that you have to play along with it. We have taken little liberty to show the impact of vanvas when the bun actually is loose , but then it will again come back to the same bun because we cannot go away from the traditional look of Ram that much. Just to leave a little impact we have tried to improvise it a little bit. That’s it

    Question from AshishsharmaFC , what changes do you see in yourself in this journey from Ep 25 to 200 up until now ?
    Oh! I see a lot of changes. I think the best one I have seen in myself is that I have become a family man. I already was but, it has kind of connected me with my family, with my parents a lot.When you portray these things everyday, when you are portraying same emotions everyday, it’s strikes you somewhere in the end in your heart. That’s what has happened. I have become more close to my family.

    Doing a show 7 days a week will take toll on actors but doing emotional scenes might take a toll on you. How do you manage to do so many kind of emotional scenes, how does it affect you as a person when you come switching off from the show?
    It affects you because; psychologically it completely effects you as an actor. we were trained to switch-on and switch-off in our classes which we did. So that’s where the training comes in handy. You know how to switch on and off. You device your own thing. I usually use music as my device.when I have to get into the mood I play songs according to mood, when I have to get out of it, I listen to something peppy to completely change the state of my mind, I am in that point of time.So yes music helps me a lot.

    Maria from Hyderabad is asking,”since you have been staying for so long in Hyderabad. Have you had any offers of movies or any other kind of work in south? Would you like to take any of them up?
    You have answered yourself.7 days a week in a year. How can you do anything else .I have no time to do anything at all. Nothing till SKR is on air.

    What about future. Would you like something that you would take up in the south?
    Oh! I would love to. I have met couple of technicians here because we keep shooting here in Ramoji .I have had lot of amusing conversations with them. Yes,I would love to.I have always been a fan of south cinema.Film makers here are completely way ahead of times.why not?

    We have heard that show will be shot all across India.Is there any plans of shooting other than Darjeeling, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Any other place they going to be shooting in India?
    We wanted to go and shoot in Ooty, couple of days ago for Ram and Hanuman Milan, but because of rains we couldn’t go there. Yes for special sequences we try to go out, in future also if something comes up, we are still looking out for different locations. If it happens it happens.

    We talked about responsibility involved in playing Ram. Neelum is asking, would you like to be involved in Ram and his teachings if there is some kind of discussions or some kind of talk going on, would you go and give some kind of talk on Lord Ram?
    No absolutely not. I am happy with portraying it. I am an actor; I will stick to onscreen portrayal of Ram and nothing more than that.

    Maya is asking. Are we going to see you in Luv Kush episodes till Sita Bhoomi pravesh in SKR?
    As far as we know the story right now, uttar Ramayan is in the pipeline and it is going to happen.But you know, I cannot say it’s too far stretched. But as far as I know, when I sighed the show the whole story was locked. As far as I know yes we are going to do the Ramayan which is about the Luv and Kush. Let’s hope so, it happens.

    You are saying this phase would be of 150 episodes as it is a finite series isn’t it ?
    Ya, yes about that still left
    Question from Anandi, she loves Rudra, Now Ram a different character you are playing. what you are like in real,I mean intensity wise Rudra or Ram ?
    They both came out of me,I think I am an amalgamation of both of them.

    Can you say a favorite scene of SKR?
    Couple of sequences. One was when kaikayi asks me for vanvas and I say “bas itni si baat maa”.I think it was one of the fantastic moments, I have played there.Again when I get to hear my father’s (Dashrat’s) death news when everybody comes there.These two sequences have really really been special.

    Course of doing a show like SKR, it’s quiet serious isn’t it? How much fun do you have in the sets of the show? Do you get much time to do any of them?
    No, not actually because most of the times the environment and the whole ambiance of the show is different there. We stick to our work here because show requires that. The environment and ambiance of the show is eased out .But not in a excitedly funny masti majaak zone.

    Ashish before I continue, to think about your one thing I love about getting you in the radio is that,I can ask you a million question and you be fine with that and you kind of always get it in time, because your answer is so like to the point. Thank you very much for that.
    Now a quick Rapid fire from your fans.
    What’s the name of your favorite romantic novel, if you have recently?
    Recently? Recently no. But all time favorite would be Charulatha

    One world to describe Ashish Sharma?

    A role that you would like to do if you are given a chance.Any kind of role may be a Hollywood or Bollywood role ?
    Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption

    What should be the Title of the book if it’s written on you?
    OMG ha..ha.. hmmm…it’s a difficult one.but I would say…hmmm…
    Very difficult ya.It’s not a rapid fire,I need to think for it.(laughs)

    What is one thing that turns off Ashish, one thing you detest?
    Fakeness and unprofessionalism completely

    How did you find this rapid fire? That’s the question from the fans (laughs)
    Aaa… it’s nice(Laughs)

    Ashish you know it has been wonderful having you here.Let’s celebrate the fact it’s 200 eps of the show of SKR.Well done to you .I remember when it first started, we spoke about it the, I knew it was going to be a success but the success that it has seen in the ratings has been brilliant. Congratulations on that and to the team of SKR.Do u have any message for the fans out there.
    Thank you so much everybody specially for everybody who has sent in the questions. Thank you so much for your questions. It’s always a pleasure to answer all your questions.Me and Raj always try to accommodate as many questions as possible, in the small amount of time but yes thank you some much to all the fans and specially to all the Arabic and Turkish fans, I think you kind of feel that I don’t love you, but I love all my fans equally. Thank you so much for all your love, sending me so much of love and for accepting me as Ram.Thank you so much.

    Ashish so glad you said that because at the moment while we are talking there are so many retweets coming in from all the Arab fans and also your fans everywhere. Fans from Pakistan, Srilanka, Malasiya, Turkey, Algeria , US, offcourse UK, Singapore around the world there are so many of them.Lots of love from all of them to you.
    Thank u so much

    Ashish before you leave quickly, have you ever thought it ,I am sure you must be getting lots of offers for shows and producers. Have you been in right frame of mind to think about it on future projects?
    No, I haven’t thought about it as in right now

    Thank you so much, we will catch you very soon and wish you all the best for SKR. Ashish look after yourself I will catch you soon.
    Thank you so much Raj.

    Credit to Mano from indiaforums
    Thank u so much for this
    Loads of love
    Guys P.S credit solely and rights of update belong to Mano a beloved Skr fan and ashish fan

    Absolutely and tremendous are repeatedly used in the interview by ashish
    Good interview especially what he detests is fakeness
    and unprofessionalism is my fav answer in interview
    Skr fan do read and comment bro
    And congrats guys on a double century
    Have not read any comment since I quit and will never read as I don’t have time but wanted to share this with u
    P.S I won’t be visiting again except if I have some titbit to share
    Love u all
    God bless u all
    Pray for me too that I may always do my duty without dereliction
    Vali will get killed today and waiting too see Rams reply to valis words in precap.
    Guys whatever u do, do it with ur heart and soul
    Wish u all the very best
    Signing off for 6 months

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    One msg for all SKR fan……skr will go off soon..(( its a rumour)))…… the team of SKR confirmed that skr show all thing of Ramayan…but not in short days… may takes 7 or 8 months….its the confirmed news………plz cmmt guys……..

  16. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    guys s siya ke ram going to end???hw can be possible..just nw s Lanka seen s going on nd hw will dey complete it..pls say its a fake news or a real news…my fav show s going to end.. no it shouldn’t!!!

  17. Vanshika crazy fr skr

    Pls someone conform of cgm will air place of skr…. D doubt will soon b unveiled,,, if there’s promo cgm then will confirm if skr end of not..í if it ll end then what’ll I watch??? Luv ashmad

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    .sure….it may 7 or 8 month to end….also ashish sharma talk about this at his interview….plz look his interview carefully(( sanjana posted it))…..i also herad a news that SKR will be at least 350 or higher epi…………plz cmmnt guys…………..

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      Hope I cleared doubt
      . There send pm…

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    In user name don’t give ur own name….. if u have 2 names like sree ram then dont give space…. n try to have shout name…. then ur username will be correct…..

    Guys for dehleez there is another serial to get replaced….. but skr cant end….. same way we have tamana to get end…. mamy serials are in list to get end i think so….. dont worry….

    Twinkle back to mood na??? Pls keep yhe page active…. i m busy with mu exams… from trmw exams so i cant even reply but pls all keep the standard of our comments…… ok bye all…. tc…. missing u all

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