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Siya Ke Ram 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavan going in Shiv temple. He says this Shiv Dhanush will be in Lanka in your biggest devotee’s Lanka. He says he will honor this Dhanush, by gold string. He boasts about himself and says I m great and can everything possible even without your blessings, I need you and you need me more, world knows you by my devotion. It thunders as Raavan talks of his pride. He says Janak is fool, he does not know your place, I will string this Dhanush in Swayamvar, it won’t be my devotion test, it will be your test, don’t let me down.

Ram ploughs the field and an old lady guides him. She says that’s ox, sign him and explain. A man comes there and says Sita’s Swayamvar started, I did not wish to come from there. She says I can’t go there, but my heart says just the lucky

person will get our Sita. The man says you are right and goes. Ram continues ploughing. The lady asks him to leave it now, and shouts. The man sees Ram and says Rajkumar. Ram says I will try again Maai.

Shiv Dhanush is brought by many men, pulling the board ahead with all their strength possible. The man calls the people to come and listen. He says that’s same prince who has come with Vishwamitra. The other man says yes, he is the one. They wonder why is the prince ploughing the field, Maai does not know this. They go and ask the lady do you know him. The lady says no, the guy asked shall I help and I said okay, he said he wants to learn and I allowed him. The man says he is Ayodhya’s prince. She says no, he can’t be. The man says he is the prince who killed Tadaka and blessed Ahilya. She says no, he can’t be prince, I m not fool to believe this, why will he plough field here. Laxman comes there and says Bhaiya ji… Ram smiles.

The lady realizes he is really prince Ram. Ram asks what happened Laxman. Laxman asks what are you doing. Ram says I m helping Maai by learning plough. Ram Ram………..plays………… The lady and the group run to Ram and Laxman. Mangale bhavane………plays…….. The lady apologizes to him as she could not identify him. Ram holds her hand and says no Maai, you are equal to my mum, you should just bless me, this is the land where king has taken rest with the farmers, then why to get shocked seeing me. Laxman says Gurudev called you. Ram says I will leave now, I will come again to learn ploughing. The lady says I will wait. They all greet Ram. Ram and Laxman leave.

Malyavaan tells Raavan about Kushadwaj wishing to meet him, he is Janak’s younger brother. Raavan shows attitude and then agrees to meet him. Kushadwaj greets Raavan and Malyavaan. He says I want to know do you wish anything less here. Raavan says you all did not do any special thing for me here. Kushadwaj asks him to command and he will try his best to make him satisfied. Raavan says my servant has biggest room than this, I m not bearing this insult to beat Sita, I m doing this to get Shiv Dhanush, after marriage, I will modify Mithila, tell Janak to mend Mithila according to me. Kushadwaj apologizes to him and leaves. Malyavaan says Swayamvar is going to start now. Raavan says I m going to rest. Malyavaan asks won’t you take part in Swayamvar. Raavan says I will come late, I will win first if I go now, let all the princes try to lift the Dhanush, let them fail, I will make late entry and string the Dhanush, everyone will cheer for me. He laughs.

Swayamvar starts and all the princes greet Janak with respect. Janak welcomes them in Sita’s Swayamvar and asks them to get seated. He sees Raavan’s seat vacant and asks Kushadwaj where is Lankapati Raavan. Malyavaan greets Janak and says Raavan is resting, he asked you to start this competition, he will come when he wills, because whenever he comes here, the competition will end, you called all princes here, let them try and enjoy, he will come and end this, this is example of his greatness. Janak asks him to sit.

Janak signs Shathanand. Shathanand says Janak and Sunaina’s daughter Sita is coming, and welcomes her. Everyone smile seeing Sita. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga bring Sita. Mandvi asks where is Raavan, and Urmila asks where is Ram. Sita greets the Dhanush. Janak recalls Sita lifting the dhanush with one finger, while she was a little baby. Sita is sure that Ram will come.

Malyavaan says see Janak, no one is able to lift the Dhanush, just Raavan can string it. Raavan comes with pride and proceed to the Dhanush. He tries hard to lift Dhanush.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode sita’s hope is super but waiting for poor ravan ‘s downfall and ram’s entry in swayamvar may be im first

  2. Mouni Godavari

    According to valmiki ramayana ravana tries hard to lift shiva danush But it falls on him and his front theeth brokes & starts bleeding all other rajkumar will lough loudly by this ravana feels insulted & leves for lanka I hope they will show these all in show


    2. I just hope that it happens that way !!!!!

  3. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Loved it… waiting for the all four pairs to get married……

    1. Me too I hope you saw the episode

      1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

        yes buddy i saw……….

  4. But I don’t like the character of Mandavi.. Y is she so interested in getting Sita married to the wicked Raavan… Quite strange

    1. Yes, mandavi behaving like Sita enemy.

      1. don’t believe everything they show

    2. Agree she thinks raavan is better than ram that’s why she teases sita

      1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan


  5. Nice episode. . Sita’s look was awesome. . Waiting for ram’s entry..

  6. waiting for tomorrow episode

    1. Are you tamil?

  7. Superb ep waiting for tomorrow excitedly because of Rama’s entry in swayamvar…..

  8. Excited to see marriage of four rajkumar

  9. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Ravan’s insult and ram’s entry.

  10. really very beautiful and grand opening of swayamvar saptah………………… just waiting for ram that when he will come and string the bow!!!!!!

  11. Am dying to see sita getting married to ram?

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