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Siya Ke Ram 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita stopping the horse. She caresses the horse. Bhoomija ja janak………….plays………. She asks the horse did he eat or drink anything, or just running, now have water peacefully, I got plenty of it. The horse drinks. She says this is Mithila’s water, its sweet and full of vitamins. Minister Vijay asks her does she know the tradition of Ashwamedha yagya, did she not see the Raghuvansh sign on it. she says I have seen the horse, he needs rest, come with me, my father has arranged the food for you all. He asks who is your father. She says King Janak. He says you are Janak’s daughter. She says I m his eldest daughter Sita. He apologizes and says its sure that you are Sita, we are lucky to get invited by Janak. Sita asks them to come.

Dasharath tells his sons

that the horse will return from the yagya, I want this function to be memorable till many decades. Ram says its my duty to fulfill your wish. Sumantra asks Dasharath not to worry, Ram will manage. Janak does the farming along with people. Sita calls him and he turns to see. Vijay says Janak is farming in fields. Janak welcomes them. Vijay greets him, and says they all are shocked seeing you work in fields. Janak laughs and says its best way to stay united with my people and land, when I work here, I realize their contribution in my Rajya.

Sita takes care of the horse. Janak says don’t worry about horse, when Sita takes any duty, she fulfills it. Sita feeds the horse and says you are running since long for Rajvanshi’s tradition, you can’t even say you are tired, you can share your problems with me, I will not judge your capabilities by it. She sees his leg wounded and says it looks old wound, you were still running, I will apply herbs to it. She does the aid. Shitija bhoomi…………….plays……………… Sita says this will be fine soon. She looks at the horse and caresses him. She says I know what will happen when you return back to Ayodhya, someone in your Rajya should be there who see you as human being, someone should understand your pain. She says the same lines as Ram. She hugs the horse.

Ram puts the gold in the fire to make horse’s idol. Ram Ram……..plays…………….The workers ask Ram why is he here at such hot temperature, they will do the work, Dasharath will be angry knowing this. Ram says I have to do this work myself, I will call you if I need you all, go. Laxman looks on and asks Ram to think of the consequences. Ram asks when is that horse returning.

Mantra rushes to Kaikeyi and tells her that Ram…. Kaikeyi worries and asks what happened to Ram. Mantra says nothing, Ram is fine, he is doing something to stop Ashwa’s sacrifice in the yagya. Kaikeyi asks how will the yagya get completed then. Mantra says yes, he is going against Raghukul. Kaikeyi says I m glad, let traditions break, if one breaks, other traditions also have to break, like eldest son becoming the heir.

Kaushalya asks Sumitra where is Kaikeyi. Sumitra says she might be busy. Kaushalya says we meet here every week. She says I see a change in Kaikeyi, since few years, I feel Kaikeyi got away from us, its possible maybe because of Bharat’s absence. Sumitra says possible. Kaushalya says no, Kaikeyi has sent him, if she worried for Bharat, she would have called him, its something else, which has bounded Kaikeyi’s Mamta. Sumitra says I don’t know whats the matter, but I know you will manage, no one has patience and mature sense like you.

The horse runs back to Ayodhya, along with the soldiers. Ram asks Guru to come. Guru says result is not important, the attempt is important, I could have presented this step as my command but I want it to be accepted by heart, everyone will understand this if you are true. Ram smiles.

The horse returns to Ayodhya. Everyone smile. Ram holds the horse. The pandit asks Ram to get the horse to the yagya puja. Ram brings the horse idol. Dasharath asks what is this Ram. Ram says sorry, but can we sacrifice this horse idol instead this living being. Everyone say this can’t happen. Dasharath asks what are you saying, what will everyone say. Pandit says sacrificing the horse is necessary. Jabali walks in and laughs, saying I have told this. They all say Rishi Jabali. Dasharath says Ram, this is not the time to bring change, this is our tradition and according to Shastra, we are not the one to bring change and why.

Ram says we are giving importance to tradition which will sacrifice a living being, I have also done arrangements for sacrifice, but the one who does not have any violence. Pandit says if this tradition is changed, Ram will be cursed by Lords, this can’t happen. Everyone protest and oppose it.

Ram asks is this right to sacrifice any living being, and keeps his suggestion of sacrificing any idol. They all look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Superb epi. Today i saw the siya ke ram dubbed in tamil version telecasted by vijay tv. The promo of tamil sithaiyin ram superb. I hope Every tamil skr. audience enjoyed to watch tamil version. Whatever i really enjoyed it. I eagerly waiting for that.

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