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Siya Ke Ram 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanuman asking Ram and Laxman to get up. Sita sits chanting. The Mayavi effect from Ram and Laxman get away. Ram and Laxman open eyes and see each other. Ram says Hanuman… Laxman asks Ram where are we. Ram says it seems Pataal lok. Hanuman says yes.

Laxman asks how did we come here. Hanuman says Raavan’s brother Ahiravan got you both here to sacrifice you to please Dev Pataalika. Ram asks is vanar sena safe. Hanuman says yes, they are waiting for you, we will leave now. Ram asks how will we go. Hanuman says Jai Shri Ram and gets into giant size. He asks them to come, and sit on his shoulders. Ram and Laxman sit on his shoulders. Hanuman flies. Sankat mochan naam tiharo…………..plays………….

Sugreev says why is Hanuman taking much time to come. Vibhishan

says its not easy to fail Ahiravan, he is big Mayavi and tantric, that’s why hanuman is getting late. Hanuman comes there and gets Ram and Laxman along. Vibhishan says Ram and Laxman… Sugreev says its good Vibhishan knew of Ahiravan and your kidnapping. Vibhishan thanks Hanuman for serving Ram and Laxman. Ram says if anyone’s well wisher is Hanuman, such person’s life can never fall in problem, I m lucky to get a weel wisher like Hanuman.

He tells Hanuman that you got info about Sita, and then got Sanjeevani plant to save Laxman’s life, and today you saved me and Laxman, and ended Ahiravan, no one else can do this except you, you did many favors on me, I can’t get free of this favors all my life, you are with me and this is my life’s biggest achievement, Raghukul will be thankful to you always. Hanuman cries and says you don’t say this to change devotee’s life motive. Ram says no.

Hanuman says my life’s motive is to serve you, my life has no existence without you, if you thank me for my service, then what will be meaning of my service, its my first most duty to serve you, everyone see vanar with bad sight, if anyone takes vanar’s name at night, they don’t get happiness by food, I m happy to serve you. Ram smiles. Hanuman says I just request you, that you always keep your devotee along with you. Meri mann me Ram….plays………. Ram hugs him.

Trijata goes to Sita and gives good news. She says Hanuman got Ram and Laxman safe from Pataal lok. Sita smiles and thanks yogmata for reviving Ram and Laxman from that Mayavi powers. She says my suhaag is alive because of you and thanks yogmata. She tells Trijata that the time has come when Adharmi Raavan will die.

Raavan chants standing in fire, and some weapon get inside his body. Raavan gets totally armored by weapons and laughs. Vishravas and Kaikesi do the yagya. Some light appears. She smiles. He says its just one phase completed, we need more time to get a power like Sahastya Raavan.

Raavan tells soldiers that its not personal rivalry war, but for Asur clan and values, its not just mine, but your war too, its war to protect coming Asur generations, we have to win this war, else Asur clan will end, Lanka’s name will end forever.

Vibhishan tells Ram about Raavan’s weapons, his protective shield, no one can break his arrows. Laxman says let him come in battle ground once, he won’t get time to lift weapons. Raavan tells his army that its time to get glory for Lanka, we have to win and the winning flag should be raised in Lanka. Ram says we should not underestimate enemy, his capabilities will be seen in war ground, we will see Raavan tomorrow, he is not just a great warrior, but also a Gyaani and Vidvaan, we should respect Raavan, such combo in any human is not an ordinary man, Raavan is exceptional.

Sugreev asks are you praising Raavan. Ram says yes, sin and Adharm are his deeds, we will punish him in war, but it does not mean we don’t respect Raavan’s gyaan which he got by his upasna and Aradhna. He asks Nar and Nir to protect Vibhishan in war tomorrow. Vibhishan asks why, I don’t fight with anyone. Ram says we declared you as Lanka’s future king, till the war ends, its our duty to protect you till war ends.

Mandodari goes to do tilak to Raavan and he stops her. He says intentions towards the warrior and trust are imp than this aarti, trust that warrior succeeds and come, where there is no trust, aarti has no meaning. He leaves. The asur soldiers play shank. Raavan comes out in his chariot, guarded by his army.

Hanuman and vanar sena chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan goes ahead. Pratishot ki agni me jalkar…………plays…………… Raavan thinks Vishnu had to do human leela to kill me, I made Vishnu helpless to roam in jungle, I kidnapped Rams wife and he could not fo anything, and today he has come and stood in battle ground with this weak vanar sena, I m really great and all Devtas have bowed down their heads. He tells Ram that he won’t let this war go on till sunset, I won’t give you chance to go, sun will set after seeing yours and entire vanar sena’s death. Ram prays and pulls the bow string. He leaves the bow string and it created a sound. Sita says this is Ram’s Dhanush’s sound, it means that Dharm yudh between ram and Raavan started. Ram and Raavan ask their armies to attack.

Raavan aims at Ram and shoots. He laughs. Laxman shoots at a devil. Raavan says Ram, you had to die by Raavan’s hands, your time on earth got over. Ram and Raavan shoot arrows at each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hanuman’s dialogues about ram and ram’s dialogues about hanuman were good . actually i am a bakt of hanuman becausei think lord hanuman always helps meand i am very happy that in skr lord hanuman’s character is potrayed well

  2. Vanshika

    Ravan your death’s nearing,,…

  3. Vanshika

    Ravan, you had to die by ram’s hands, your time on earth got over.

  4. wow war between ram and ravan started now i am very excited for tmrw’s episode . tmrw’s war will be grand . i think tmrw ravan will die if not he will die on monday , it will be great to see ravan die . siyaram milan is fast approaching , very excited for that too

  5. Vanshika

    Vaanar sena is more than stronger than your army of cowards, ravan….

    1. yes vanshu vanar sena is 100 times strong than the coward ravan’s sena

  6. Vanshika

    The time has come when Adharmi Raavan will die.

    1. yes vanshika ravan’s death is nearing and am so excited for that

  7. Anushya

    Wow…. mahayudhh is super…. very nice episode…. Priya di hope you are fully alright now?… I just admire the beautiful relationship between ram and hanuman…. their friendship is so great….

  8. wow first to comment

  9. Padmaja

    Wow loved ram hanuman scene… And adharmi ravan ur time has only came to leave the earth not ram’s??… And ur coward sena is not even equal to vanar sena…. Wow the war has started really excited for tmrws epi… I hope the war will be fabulous… Ravan u r going to die ???..

  10. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    wondrful epi…I really luvd it….guyzz anyone saw d pic of ashma first it was lik a edit but wen I commented as its a edit madi replied as it was not a edit nd its a real pic

  11. Vanshika

    These pics r of the superb actress whose name you’ll get on unscrambling the letters..
    Armasidhk…. Hehe lol ?
    Don’t forget to watch
    Feeling super ..

    1. Vanshika

      Oops already were posted above hehe ?? sry,..

  12. Fab episode………..precap was very much interesting. …

    Hi guys how r u all …..I hope u remember me? ?……I missed u all very much ….heard about well wisher that she will come on tu on last episode. …so sad… many new commenters I welcome u all….first I give my intro…I’m zara I’m from gorakhpur UP. ..just now studing in 11th standers PCB. …..where r all old commenter of tu sara Haripriya malvi jay di a iqra Haripriya brinda skr bro…nupur di ..reshma di and many other…..ok bye …good night

    1. Priya15

      Hey Zara. How r u?? ? Forgot me na? No mails nothing… Do u remember me.. Priya from TN..

    2. hi di , i am belle from tn and i am from class 9 . i am a new member here . nice meeting u

    3. Hey zara I remember you.even I wish you happy raksha bandhan in yesterday’s you remember me?

  13. Nice episode , loved the conversation between Ram and Hanuman eagerly waiting for tmrw’s epi

    1. i too loved the conversation between ram and hanuman

  14. gokul krishnan

    Hi everyone happy to comment after a long time ! Its time for war between the good and evil! We always know that finally the good one wins! Ravans inner heart is filled with fear and devotion to god Vishnu! But he didn’t show that!

  15. Stuti27

    Me too loved the conversation of ram and hanuman….. awesome epi ….. waiting fr the upcoming epi …. ravan ur death is very close to u be prepared.Me

  16. Stuti27

    Hey guys check out yesterday’s page comments reached up to 100+ we should continue this ….

    1. yes dear yesterday’s comments reached 100+ after so many days we should keep it up

  17. Nice episode…… More action coming…. Wait for it…… Not share pic bcoz busy in imp work…… Waiting for tomorrow….. ??

  18. Yay ram vs raavan!!!!I am waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    1. Yes preethi .me too eagerly waiting for todays epi?

  19. guys those who have problem in getting registered see this link ,may be this will help u .

    1. Belle di I registered in telly updates

      1. ??

  20. good morning friends . how many of u r very very very much excited to watch todays episode and ravans death ? i am very very very much excited

    1. I am too excited to watch today episode.

    2. i am super excited to watch todays episode

  21. U r right belle. I am very much excited to see adharm death and dharm establishment.

  22. Happy to see some action on the battelfield .
    At last that egoistic Ravan is going to die -but I think it will be shown on Monday and not today.
    And yes, GOOD to watch the bravery of Hanuman .
    SKR has not highlighted enough the bravery of both HANUMAN and Laxman. Without these two great warriors -RAM & Ravan’s war would have taken different angle.

  23. Liked the role of Hanuman -at least SKR showed something of Hanuman’ s role apart from bringing Sanjeveeni buti.
    I agree with you Rani- Role of both Hanuman & Laxman was cut short. Truly speaking without these 2 warriors -Ram could not have won the war. Laxman-Meghnad war went on for 3 days and all powerful arrows – here they showed sword !!!! DISGUSTING.
    SKR focused on LANKA GOSSIP-most of it became intolerable for me as most of it were NON-REAL and never ever happened . How could they change the real RAMAYAN ????
    AGAIN what Kaykesi & Sage Vishiraga doing ?? It never happened .
    SO waiting for this LANKA Kand to get over . ONLY WAITING for RAM-SIYA MIlan -but it may take some time-may be Ravan’s death with happen on coming WED_ Friday. In between I am pretty sure -we have to tolerate some unreal melodrama especially of RAVAN+ Lanka side .

  24. I am glad to note Ravan’s death is coming near. Sooner the better . but it may be happen next week and not today .
    Completely agree with you both : Rani& Veena- SKR has changed the original version of Ramayan.
    Seeing Ramayan from SIta’s perspective is one aspect and changing the whole concept Ramayan is another aspect. By doing so, Sita’s Character has become questionable in SKR.
    One side , sita hides behind her husband when Suparnakha attacks her whereas the same sita fight with arrow with dino, doing japa etc . Actually Sita did nothing of that sort . She was in a pathetic condition in Lanka and a captive too but still she remained determined to die or live for RAM and only Ram.
    She never stopped Sulochana from becoming sati -how could she ? She was in Ashok Vatika for a year , she herself was a prisoner . And Trijata was her well-wisher . She gave her hopes . And Mandoodari helped her too by saving her from getting beheaded by Ravan .
    Therefore , I too like to see the end of Lanka Kand soon because it is totally an adulterated version -full of variations . Not even close to YUDHA KAND -the real.
    I would have stopped watching Siya ke ram long ago because of these unreal stories but I must admit all actors and actress are superb, they are doing the best . All the cast -fantastic job.
    It is their acting that makes me watch SIYE KE RAM. Eagerly waiting for Ram-SITA getting united

    1. Vanshika

      Yup… If rishi valmiki were alive at this time he would hv gt heart attack on seeing this sooo much variations in the story….

      1. U r right dear ??

  25. nice episode

  26. Swastika

    Loved the episode very very much hanuman lifting ram lax man was awesome bhakta and bhagwaan talk was great … waiting eagerly for today’s episode …. Egoistic raavan or time is over

  27. Swastika

    How is my new dp guys

    1. nice dp swastika

  28. piyali munsi all in white
    see this guys :

  29. when ram said ” we will see Raavan tomorrow, he is not just a great warrior, but also a Gyaani and Vidvaan, we should respect Raavan, such combo in any human is not an ordinary man, Raavan is exceptional ” . it was wonderful . ravan being his enemy also ram respects him .i think all people should learn from this dialogue

    1. Yeah I too loved that dialogue

  30. Stuti27

    Yes belle even I agree with you completely …

  31. Stuti27

    *agree sry no even ..

  32. Stuti27

    Sahastya ravan made by vishrava and kaikesi will be killed by sita in maa kali’s form ….. am I right?S

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