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Siya Ke Ram 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram coming to Sita. He says I need to talk to you. Sita says sure. Ram says there are many attacks by Rakshaks here, the people are scared of them, its Kshatriya Dharm to protect people, I feel we should move that way, where Rakshaks have scared the Rishis and other people, before any decision, I want to know Laxman and Sita’s opinion. Sita says without any doubt, you are right, I m always with you. Laxman says even I m with you. Ram recalls Rishi Atri’s words. He says seeing the terror of Rakshaks, maharishi Atri has advised me that Sita should stay here in ashram itself. Sita asks what do you wish. Ram says my decision is always same, I can’t think of going ahead without you. Sita says its possible that Laxman may feel I m burden in the journey. Laxman says no, I can’t

imagine going ahead without you both, you are our guiding light, you have taught me a lot, wherever we go, we will go with you. They smile.

Shatrughan tells Shruthkirti that you are right, I want some happiness to come again in Raj bhavan, so that mothers smile again, what can we do to change the situation. She asks shall I say what I thought. He says sure. She tells something in his ears. He smiles and asks what was the need to say in ears. She says if walls hear this, what will be the joy of surprise then. He hugs her and they smile.

They go to everyone. Shruthkirti asks them to come, where is Kaikeyi, I will call her. Mandvi says Kaikeyi wants to be alone, we should give her time. Kaushalya says the same. Shatrughan asks them to come.

Mata Anusuya tells Sita that she wants to give her something before her departure. The lady brings a saree and hands over to Sita. Mata Anusuya asks Sita to wear these clothes, it will always remain pure and will protect you in van too. Sita smiles and touches the clothes. Mata Anusuya says the life of vanvaas you chose is dangerous. Sita says I m ready to face any obstacle. Mata Anusuya says no doubt in it, I know you are not a problem in Ram’s journey, but there can be time when Ram and Laxman are not with you, you have to struggle yourself. Sita asks her does she sense anything wrong to happen. Mata Anusuya says no, but I know Asurs’ thoughts, they feel everyone in the van are their food or enemy.

Sita says I m thankful for your best wishes, I will always behave such way that I get saved from danger, and save my husband and Devar too, I m sure till Ram and Laxman are with us, no danger can touch me, I have always used my knowledge and thoughts. Mata Anusuya says you are dear to Ram more than his life, the way he is dear to you, such love is hard to define, but its definite that ladies will serve their husband and do their duty by your example. Bhoomija….plays………. Sita touches her feet and hugs her.

Later, Sita in different attire (Gifted by Mata Anusuya) comes to Ram. He asks her to sit. She asks why are women regarded weak, when nature has made men and women equal, why do they feel that woman always needs protection, why is she seen as burden always. He asks is she talking about Maharishi Atri’s words. She says not just that, even Laxman and Matas have these thoughts, they did not get sure that a woman can protect herself, I feel I m capable of protecting and taking care of myself. Ram says no need to show your capabilities to anyone, everyone knows this, you saved my life from Rakshaks that day, there is no comparison. She says I m saying about women in common. She tells how a female bird saves herself, her child and does her all work alone without taking any help from male bird, then why does human society not equal men and women. Ram looks on.

Ram explains her that with time, rules should be changed, but nothing can change in one day, but you made a start, you have kept a foundation for change, you chose extra ordinary life, you will be an inspiration for coming generations, the women will get strength knowing about you, men are emotionally weak and we men try to make ourselves tough to cover up our emotions, but the truth is men always depend on women emotionally, but men think women are weak, then its their bad fate. Sita says you have always respected me by respecting my thoughts. Ram says man-woman, husband-wife and any other relation, is always based on love and respect, there is no peace and happiness without love and respect in any relation. She hugs him. They look at the stars.

Bharat gets some woods. He turns and sees his family. He gets glad and smiles. He says Maa and they all walk to him. He greets and hugs Kaushalya and Sumitra. Mandvi looks on. Kaushalya says we could not celebrate Ram’s birthday, but you are infront of us, we can celebrate your birthday. Sumitra says yes, we came to celebrate your birthday and see how you are taking care of yourself, as you used to depend on others before, we are glad seeing you managing so well, its tough for anyone to live like this. Shruthkirti says I will make food for everyone, then we all will have food together. Bharat asks them to come.

Laxman thanks Rishi Atri. Rishi Atri says we should thank you for coming. He gives good wishes for journey. Ram thanks them for good wishes and says now allow us to leave. Raghu tells Sita that he will leave with her. Sita says your mother needs you here. Raghu says I know you are going to fight with bad Rakshakhs, I will come along. Sita calls him brave and asks him to stay here in ashram, and protect everyone. Raghu looks at his mum and says you are saying true Didi, I should stay here and protect them. Sita asks him to take care of his mother and sends him. Ram, Sita and Laxman greet them and turn to leave. Maryada Purshottam Ram….plays………

Hanuman greets Guru Dev. Guru Dev says you promised me to protect Sugreev, but I feel Sugreev will fall in some big problem, go to him soon. Hanuman apologizes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. The epi was meaningfull

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  4. nice episode as usual 🙂

  5. Veronica crouze

    ram told that sita saved him frm rakshas…which incident is he talking about?

    1. Ya same question guys….actually I’m watching only since Siam wedding so maybe I missed it in beginning episodes…

    2. he meant the incident of the sanke attack….. remember before their marriage??? Ravan would send a snake to destroy Maitheli…… during only sita will predict the unnatural change and ram will get ready to face the big wave understanding its a magic or maya………..when the snake attacks 2nd time lakshmila’s love story starts……

      1. Oh ohk….thx a lot….actually I haven’t seen those episodes so…

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  8. Awesome episode. And then Sita celebrates Ram’s birthday with a special surprise.She makes idols of all the three matas and brothers and even her sisters with the mud.Ram,Sita and Lakshman celebrates his birthday.Waiting for that episode.

    1. hi i m new to the group but a silent reader….. what u had stated had been shown in yesterday’s episode….. pls check it out

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  10. Ram and Sita’s words are worth truthful for life.

  11. The epi was really I loved the answer of ram for sita’s question jai siya ram

    1. It was awesome dear….

  12. Silpa k sivadasan

    Missd urmila today
    V hav to wait to complete 13 yr vanvaas 1yr sita apgrahan searchng 4 sita lankadahan ram ravan war ram sita laxman return to c her again


    1. Hmm yes….. The Siya ke Ram team has already given farewell to her…..I m gonna miss her badly…..

  13. रामायण के कुछ रोचक बातें।
    We have visited many temples where Sri ram and Devi siya are the mainmain, whoawho are worshipped although Hanuman and Lakshman stand beside them. even we can’t see a temple having Bharat and Shatrughan’s idol. Do you?
    Do you think there will be a temple for
    our great sacrificed pair Lakshman & Urmila? If u say no then u r wrong !!

    There is a Lakshmila temple situated in the heart of the city, Bharatpur where Lakshman & Urmila are the main idols !! This temple is actually 400 years old.
    This was built by Maharaja Baldev Singh in 1870! There is also idols of Ram, Hanuman , Bharat & Shatrughan ! All these idols are of ashtadhatu.

    Wishing to visit soon ! ☺☺??

    1. Tqs for the info malvi dear even I wish to visit their soon

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  15. Rules should be changed…but nothing is change in one day…..very good answer by RAM about sita’s question… Nice episode as usual..

    1. yes very true bro

  16. Hats off for writing update in breif way

  17. such an inspirational episode……

    ram,’s and sita’s bonding is really pure……..

    sita’s talk was so motivational….

    after a long time saw shrusha bonding…….

    directors please give some jewels to the matas…. like in mahabharat………and in ndtv ramayana……

    hi guys i m a silent reader…..i had reading all the comment regularly….. ur bonding is really good…… can i also join this family?????

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    Dear in kerala there r temples of all 4 brthrs
    Ram resides in thripayar as thripayar thevar
    Lakshaman in moozhikulam
    Bharat in koodalmanikyam
    Sathrughnan in payyamal

    4 temples r vry holy & imptnt in kerala
    It is believd that if v visit all the 4 temples in order( ram bharat lakshman sathrughnan)
    During the mnth of karkidaka (mid july to mid august , aadi mnth 4 tamilans) It wil clear al our sins
    This is called naalambaLA dharsanam


    1. Thanks 4 sharing di ?

      1. Wow di thank you !!! Awesome !!! :)/

  19. Hi everyone. Today ‘s episode was good. The boy was really brave to accompany ram siya and laxman. No Hanuman’s scene today. Siya asked a really meaningful question and ram had a really good answer . it was a really good idea to visit and cheer up Bharat and nice shutkriti and shatrugan scene. I think the members of skr fan club is decreasing . today the page is really dull. OK guys anyways good night . and I am missing them already

    1. S dear Episode was nice…….don’t worry joshna……… they will be back soon…..

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  21. Siya ke ram spoilers:

    Ram, Sita and Laxman have reached the Atri ashram. Mata Anusuya gives some clothes to Sita. Sita and Ram will be blessed by Mata Anusuya, who is a pious lady. Ram gets Mata Anusuya’s son, whom they got in the jungle. Mata Anusuya stays with her husband Rishi Atri in the ashram, which is home for many devotees. Mata Anusuya gets glad seeing her son back and hugs him. Ram and everyone are crossing the hurdles coming in the jungle. Mata Anusuya is blessed with magical powers by her pure devotion. Mata Anusuya gets equally glad meeting Janak’s daughter Sita. Mata Anusuya gives a pure saree to Sita, which will not be stained ever and also preserve Sita’s beauty.

    Sita says Ram will be protecting me, but who will be acting as shield to Ram. Her question gets answered in the form of Hanuman. Hanuman and Ram’s meeting will be very unique. Hanuman will be making a heroic entry. The kids play and spot Hanuman. They ask him to make them fly in the sky. Hanuman lifts the kids and flies in the air. Hanuman will be the biggest devotee of Shri Ram since childhood and would be dreaming to meet him some day. His dream comes true when he meets Ram, and takes Ram’s permission to serve Ram in his vanvaas.

    1. Thanks for spoiler

      1. i think no thanks is allowed here…..

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  34. Dey r jus dragging the plot making it vry boring!!
    Plz take a leap so dat the show can be watchable again or else it wud gain vry low trps..
    Very boring episodes nwadays???

    1. No dear it’s not dragging. ..

    2. maybe u feel like that… but its Indian’s mind sight…. we dont like fights…. they we had fought a lot but when it comes war people are not interested thats why Mahatama Ghandhi choose non-violence……… all these minute things are must….. sorry if i had hurt………. just told my point of view…………

      1. Perhaps!! But it actually becms boring..
        Wish it cud get its charm again?

    3. No aashna it’s not dragging………………Sry dear if I hurted U ………..
      It is perfectly good going …………….

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